Mom Seems So Frustrated?

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When I graduated College and landed a job in the city things seemed great for me. I had a nice furnished apartment, a hot girlfriend and a nice career going. Then after a year things began to unravel. My company was sold and I was laid off. My girlfriend and I broke up and I had to find a new job fast I would have to move back home.

I was unable to find a new job and bills were high so I asked my parents if I could move back home till I found a new job. My Mom welcomed me with open arms but my Dad was not to happy with me, having to move back home at 24 years old. I spent my money as fast as I made it and had little to no savings.

I swallowed my pride and moved back home with my Mom, Dad and 19 year old sister. My Dad is 48, works a lot and had put on a lot of weight. My Mom Beverly is 42, she still looked good but seemed angry with my Dad all the time. My Sister Ashley, is 19 years old and going to the local Jr. College. My beautiful sister is always on the go and had a boyfriend she spent all her free time with.

So most of the days at my parents place were spent applying for jobs online and exercising to relieve stress. I wanted to get a new job and move out as soon as possible. After a few weeks of this, I wasn’t getting any positive responses to all my applications. I was feeling stuck at home and it wasn’t very fun when my Dad was around. Most of the time it was me and Mom home alone during the day.

Mom was always busy working around the house, exercising or shopping. She was the only reason I could stand being in that house for long periods of time. She took go care of me and tended to my every need. She made me most of my meals, did my laundry and always encouraged me. I really appreciated all she did for me and showed her my appreciation as much as I could.

What I did notice about Mom was she dressed herself in yoga pants and sports bra’s during the day but dressed way down before Dad got home from work. Dad was unhappy most of the time and I did my best to avoid him. He ate huge dinners and drank liquor almost every night. Mom seemed to tolerate him and Dad took her for granted, never showing any signs of affection or love. I felt bad for my Mom and angry with my Dad. It was not a good situation to be around and I was determined to get a job and move out soon.

My Mom is pretty hot for her age. She is average height brunette with a very pretty face. Her eyes are especially sexy when she smiles and is the kind of woman you could kiss all day and night, given the chance. She has nice big tit’s and just a few extra sexy pounds in her ass. Mom was definitely a MILF and always treated me like a king.

I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat the next day, when I heard my Mom speaking with one of her friends on the phone. I stopped and listened around the corner as she spoke with her friend. She complained about my Dad and how they haven’t had sex forever. She sounded very upset as she discussed her marriage. Then she began to speak of me being back home and it caught me off guard. She said that it was wonderful having me back home and that I was so handsome and sincere. It was the best thing to happen to her dull life all year. She sounded so pleased when she spoke of me, it was nice to hear.

I peeked around the corner and saw my Mom sitting there at the kitchen table with her hand between her legs. She continued to speak of me with such happiness and I was frozen and dipped back around the corner before she saw me. I swear she was rubbing her crotch in her yoga pants. It was tantalizing and shocking at first. I quietly went back to my room with the door open and waited for Mom to get off the phone. The conversation finally ended and I went down for lunch and saw my Mom washing dishes.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Mike, you hungry for lunch?”

“Yes I am, would you care to join me?”

“Oh Honey, I’m on a diet. I’ll make you a sandwich though.”

“I can do it Mom, you do enough for me already.”

“It’s no problem Honey, I got it.”

Mom seemed enjoy making me lunch, as I sat at the table and watched her sexy body maneuver around the kitchen. I began to notice my Mom more at this time and felt a strange new attraction to her. I had not been laid in a while and Mom obviously had not either, according to her phone call. If she wasn’t my Mom I would love to take her all the way, she had me thinking differently about her now. I decided at that moment, I was going to seduce my Mom and see what happens. I had a feeling she wouldn’t get mad at me if I made a move on her, the worst that could happen would be a kind rejection. Besides I will be moving out soon, so time would eventually wash away the uneasiness.

“Mom you look great, your diet is working as far as I can see. Have you lost much weight?”

“Thank you Mike, I started this about a month ago and I have lost a few pounds.”

“How much Mom?”

“I think about seven pounds or more.”

“Well it shows, you look hot Mom.”

“Really Honey, I don’t think I’ve changed bahis firmaları that much.”

“Keep it up Mom, you’re doing fantastic!”

“Now if only your Dad would make an effort, he’s getting on my nerves lately.”

“Yeah, what’s his problem, he has a nice home a beautiful wife and acts like a grump all the time?”

“I don’t know honey, he’s been that way for a while now. I thought if I worked out and looked my best, he’d take more interest in me than his booze.”

“I can’t stand to be around him for very long Mom, he’s such a jerk sometimes.”

“I’m frustrated to, I am loosing patience with him. I don’t know if I can do this for much longer.”

“Mom, you don’t have to stay married to him for me and Ashley, we will understand.”

I got up from the table and reached for my Mom’s hand. She accepted my hand and I pulled her up and hugged her long and strong. She hugged me back and squeezed me hard. I put my hand right above her ass and held her for a minute. When I broke away, she was slightly blushing and almost tearing up.

“Mom, are you OK?”

“Well I am now, thanks for the hug I needed that.”

I stepped closer, hugged her again and kissed her cheek, my cock was coming to life and she had to feel it growing. I put one hand on her ass cheek and the other on her lower back. She pressed into me and it was magical. We held on like this for a while as I massaged her ass a little more. She didn’t resist or pull away, she just held on.

We broke the embrace and she was obviously blushing. I kissed her again lightly on the lips and she smiled.

“Mom, you can do much better than Dad, don’t stress about it. You have a long life ahead of you, don’t waste your time being disappointed anymore.”

“Thank you son, I will try. I think Mommy needs a shower, I’ll clean that up for you when I’m done.”

“Mom, go enjoy your shower, I’ve got this.”

She kissed me back softly on the lips and went to take her shower. As she walked away I was checking out her nice ass. Mom looked fucking sexy as her buns moved in her tight pants, I wanted run after her and make love to her right then.

“Mom, you do look hot!”

“Thank you Honey.” She said as she as she looked back at me with a big smile.

Mom went upstairs to her room and undressed for her shower. I was hard as a rock and horny for my hot mom. I followed her quietly to her room and watched her close the door. I listened to the sounds of my mom sliding off her yoga pants and top. I wanted to see her naked but resisted the temptation and went to my room.

I had a major hard on that needed attention. I grabbed some lotion and began to work the lotion into my hard cock. I got a naughty idea and went to Mom’s room and found her yoga outfit in the hamper. I brought it back to my room and saw a wet spot on the crotch of her panties. I began to whack my meat like crazy, in no time I felt a strong orgasm coming. I blasted the biggest load of cum all over her yoga pants. I was surprised by the size of my load and how fast I came.

Then the shower shut off and I was in a panic. I wiped the load off my Mom’s pants with some tissues and ran into my Mom’s room naked and put her outfit back in the hamper. I was able to get everything back before she stepped into her room. I made it to my room and shut the door. My heart was racing and I dressed quickly. Then I remembered that my Mom’s panties were wet and I might have caused that, I was turned on by this and very determined to get into my Mom’s panties for real. I was not going to back off my Mom, if anything I was going to try harder to make her wet again.

That night my Mom and Dad had a big fight about his attitude and she left the house. I went to my room and my sister went to talk to my Dad. I didn’t know what to do, then I decided to go support my sister and see about Dad. He was complaining about his job and my sister and I tried to console him. He went for the Crown Royal and proceeded to get hammered. I couldn’t stand anymore and decided to go for a drive.

I didn’t know where I was going so I just drove around and thought about Mom and Dad. Especially about Mom, she was hot horny and beautiful. She has needs like we all do and Dad wasn’t treating her right. I wanted Mom get divorced from my Dad and start enjoying her life again. I also wanted to feel Mom’s body close to mine again, it felt so hot holding her close. Her sexy smooth body had been denied for so long, she needed release, even more than me.

The next morning things were back to normal. Dad was at work, Ashley was at Jr. College and I was job hunting on my computer. I had been home for almost 3 weeks at this point and was loosing confidence in my job search. Then it happened, I received an e-mail from one of my applications and was offered a good position for a company downtown. They wanted me to start in two weeks. I accepted the offer and ran down to tell my Mom the good news.

“Mom, guess what?”

She was doing yoga in the living room in front to the TV, kaçak iddaa looking hot as ever. She was bent down with her ass facing me, it looked so dam sexy. My eyes were glued to her ass. She turned around to face me and saw me staring at her ass briefly.

“What is it Honey?”

“I finally landed a new job downtown.”

“Wow, congratulations Son. I knew you’d find a job soon.”

She looked a little sad after she said that.

“I start in two weeks so I need to get a place soon.”

“Oh that soon, well I’m proud of you Honey.”

I walked over to her and hugged her again and lightly rubbed her back. She hugged me back and wouldn’t let go. I continued to massage her back and slid my hands down to her ass and hold her close. I kissed her cheek as we held each other.

“Mom.” I said into her ear. “Would you like to go to the city today and help me find a place?”

“Sure Honey, that sounds like fun. I’d love to help you pick out a place.”

“OK great, Let’s get ready and go soon OK?”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Ok Mom give me a few minutes to get all my necessary paperwork for the applications.”

“Ok, this will be fun.”

I gathered everything I needed for apartment hunting and grabbed my Mom. We took off in my car and headed for the city. My Mom was still wearing her yoga outfit and looked hot as ever. As we drove on the open road I held my Mom’s hand and she held on tight. She said was thinking of divorcing my Dad and couldn’t take anymore crap from him. She didn’t know what else to do. His drinking was wearing on her and it was like living with a drunk roommate.

“Mike, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Yes Mom, you are totally gorgeous!”

“Then why doesn’t your father ever want me anymore?”

“I don’t know Mom, maybe he’s just way out of shape and blind to your beauty.”

“Somethings very wrong, I give up! I don’t want him anyways. He’s fat, mean and ugly.”

“I see your point Mom, maybe you need some time alone from each other.”

“I think your right, we need time away from each other to sort this out.”

“Mom, here is the first place I want to check out. There are two more after this OK?”

“Sure Honey, whatever you say.” She pulled off her wedding ring and tossed it on the floor of my car.

We parked and went in to meet the manager. The manager was a attractive woman a little younger than my Mom. She showed us around after I filled out the application and gave her my ID. The manager asked if the place was for me and my girlfriend or just myself.

“Oh, this place is just for me, my girlfriend might come over on the weekends if that’s OK?”

“Of course, how long have you two been dating?”

“A few months, we met after she divorced her husband and we’ve been having a lot of fun since!”

My Mom lightly smacked my arm without the manager seeing and gave me a funny smile.

“That’s nice to hear, I divorced a few years back and never looked back.”

We toured the place and I liked what I saw, it was perfect and close to my new job. The manager said she would get back to me in a few days about the approval. We left the office and headed for the next two places.

“Mike why did you tell her I was your girlfriend?”

“I was just playing around, it was fun pretending wasn’t it?”

“It was, but I’m way older than you, she had to know.”

“See Mom, you are very attractive. We look like a couple to her and if you ever visit me she won’t think anything of it, if you stay over.”

“Thank you son, I might just show up to get a break from your father.”

I opened her door and helped her in my car. We drove to the next few places and we pretended to be a couple for the rest of the afternoon. Mom seemed to like this roll playing as much as I did. I held her hand, put my arm around her several times and treated her like the girl of my dreams. She was enjoying herself and her frustration seemed to slip away. We had a nice lunch together downtown after we finished apartment hunting and we continued to be very affectionate.

“Mom, I hate to leave you alone with Dad after I move out. I will give you a key to my place and you can stay with me as much as you want.”

“That would be very nice son, you don’t have to do that for me.”

“Mom it would be great to see you when I get home, I’m doing it for me and you.”

“Well son, I’m at the end of my ropes with your Dad. I might surprise you and spend a few weekends with you if things get any worse with your father.”

“You better, we can have a lot of fun together downtown.”

We had a wonderful afternoon together and decided to head back home. On the way I put my hand on her leg and massaged her warm thighs. She even spread her legs a little for me, as I slid my hand all over her smooth thighs. My cock was hard the whole time and she had glanced at my crotch on the way home a few times and blushed. When we arrived nobody was there yet and I escorted my Mom inside, still treating her like a girlfriend.

“Honey, kaçak bahis you don’t have to keep treating me so nice, although I love it!”

“Mom you deserve so much more, I just like seeing you happy.”

I closed the door and put my paperwork down. I grabbed my Mom by the hand and spun her back around towards me. I pulled her in, hugged her and held on tight. I lightly teased her ear with my lips and started to tongue the outside. She held me close against her body and my cock grinded into her stomach. I moved my face to hers and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back cautiously and nervously. I slowly opened my mouth to kiss her more passionately and stuck my tongue between her lips, she opened her lips for me and we began to kiss with our tongues for the first time. Gently our tongues touched and we began to make out for real. She slid her hand down to my ass and pulled me hard. I slid my hand under the back of her yoga pants and felt her bare ass, I caressed her soft buns with care and lust. She didn’t stop me, she seemed to enjoy this and let out a cute sexy little sigh. Then I slid my hand up the side of her sports bra and massaged the side of her breast. Her breasts felt wonderful to the touch and her nipples hardened as I rubbed them. We were lost in lust for each other and continued to kiss for five minutes like this. Then we heard a car pull up and we saw my Sister getting out of her car.

“Beverly, you’re so beautiful and sexy, I had the best time today.”

“Mike, it’s nice to be wanted again. It’s been so long since anyone has kissed me like that. We better cool it though.”

“OK, I understand. I really love kissing you like that Mom and I wish we could do this all day.”

“Love you to honey, we better talk about this tomorrow.”

“Ok Mom.”

I left my Mom standing there by the front door and bolted to my room. I dropped my stuff on my desk and took a took a deep breath. My cock was hard as a rock from kissing my Mom and feeling her sexy body. I worked on my computer till dinner time and went down to eat.

My Dad was drinking booze, watching the news and being obnoxious. My Sister was sitting at the dining room table, talking on the phone with her boyfriend. Mom was standing in the kitchen cleaning up, wearing a loose unflattering outfit. My Mom looked over at me and gave me a sexy innocent smile. I winked at her and smiled back.

“Hi Mom what’s for dinner, I ordered a few pizza’s, I didn’t feel like cooking tonight. The pizza guy should be here any minute.”

“Sounds great Mom, hey Dad I landed a new job and start in a few weeks.”

“Yeah your Mother just told me, good for you Mike, I knew you’d find something soon.”

“Yeah and I found a place to live near work. I’m moving out at the end of the month.”

“That’s great Mike, although you can stay as long as you like.”

“Thanks Dad, the commute would be too much, I had to find a place.”

The pizza’s arrived and we got set for dinner. I had dinner at the table with my Mom and Sister, my Dad ate on the couch. I kept secretly making eye contact with my Mom as we ate. She was acting bashful and it was so cute to see her acting this way. After dinner I excused myself and took off in my car for a ride to chill out. What was my Mom wanting to talk about, my mind was considering all the possibilities. I was worried that she would want to put a stop to our kissing and flirting. I was hoping it wouldn’t end, I wanted to do even more with my sexy Mom. Kissing her was so erotic and exciting, I knew having sex with my Mom would be unbelievably hot.

The next morning I went down for breakfast and it was just me and my Mom alone at last again. She was standing in the kitchen drinking coffee and greeted me with a sad smile. She was wearing tiny sexy shorts and a sports bra and looked as hot as ever. We sat down across from each other at the kitchen table and began to talk.

“Good morning Mom, how are you doing?”

“I’m OK Mike, I want to speak with you about yesterday.”


“Son I had a lot of fun kissing you and wish it could go on. I’m worried that if we continue to do this it could destroy our relationship as Mother and Son.”

“I see your point Mom.”

“Son you are a very handsome young man and you make me feel attractive again. I’m worried if we keep this up, it will escalate out of control. Years from now you might loose respect for me and feel uncomfortable around me. I don’t want that to happen, you understand son, don’t you?”

“Mom, I see your point but I still want to kiss you and I will always love you. If we did anything I would love you even more. Don’t think for a second I would ever feel uncomfortable around you. I seriously feel the strongest attraction to you Mom. Please don’t deny our love for one another. I can handle it, I promise I will never let you down or hurt you.”

“Mike, I just don’t know, are you sure about this. I am a woman with needs like anybody else. I can’t deny my attraction and desire for you either. It’s just…”

“What Mom?”

“It’s just something I never imagined before. It’s all so new to me.”

“Anything else bothering you?”

“Well, I think we might like it too much and loose control of ourselves.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32