Mom on Top Ch. 05

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Finding myself momentarily disconnected, I got up, took a leak and washed quickly, coming back to lie close behind Mother as she lay on her side, watching John and Jenna. Mom was sucking on her lower lip, one hand between her legs, slowly twisting on it.

“You’re doin’ just great, honey,” she said to Jenna. “How’s her ass feel to you, John? Is it nice and tight? Does she squeeze and squirm like she means it? Do you think Sissy’s a good ass-fuck?”

“Not too bad, Mother, not too bad… ohhhhhhhhhhhh… that’s so gooood, Jenna… God, you’re beautiful… and such a nasty slut of a sister, too…”

My cock had gotten hard as soon as it lay between Mother’s ass-cheeks, and she threw her leg back over me so she could reach it more easily with her hand; her fingers closed around it and stroked it.

“Pick a hole, any hole,” she said quietly as she twisted her head back toward me. “I don’t care… I need a cock in me, baby… I just really need a man to fuck me right now…”

I rolled Mother over to face me, brushing her hair back, looking in her eyes. Her mouth was slightly open, eyes dilated, her gaze one of longing and lust. I kissed her, my tongue driving into her throat, and she responded with a groan, her body pressing and writhing against mine as she grabbed my head and thrust with her own tongue.

I broke the kiss and slid up the bed so her head was at my hips, grabbing her hair with one hand as I directed the head of my cock to her open lips with the other. She sucked it in voraciously, moaning, and in seconds had deep-throated me. Her hands held both my cheeks as she groaned out her lust and I slowly, gently fucked her face, mouth and throat.

“Suck me, Mother… you’re the most beautiful cock-sucker in the world, Mother… I love you, Mother… I love you, you beautiful fucking whore… suck me, Mother… suck my cock… I love my cock in your throat, Mother… and I’m gonna fuck you real slow-like until I come… Mmmmmmmm… you do that so well… you love sucking cock, don’t you, Mama? Here you go… here’s some come for my whore… Are you ready, Mother? I’m gonna pull it out just a little… and then I’ll give back just enough so you can taste it, okay?”

I pulled out and she looked up into my eyes.

“Ohhh… sweet baby… come in my mouth… do it, do it… use my mouth with that beautiful fucking cock… Use me, use me, baby… use your whore… Come in my mouth, come in my mmmmmmmmmmmm…”

I held her head with both hands, keeping the head of my cock in the back of her mouth, barely moving my hips: I came and she sucked, moaning and whimpering, pumping the bottom of my cock with her tongue, milking the base with her hand and working her lips on the shaft until I pulled her up to my face and kissed her, licking away what was left in her mouth.

As soon as we broke the kiss, I slid down her body, suddenly driven by a need to put my face between those soft thighs. With a moan, I pulled them around my head, parting her pussy lips with my tongue and nose, nuzzling them and sucking on her button. Her hands came down and pulled my head tighter against her as she did a slow twist with her hips.

“Baby… I know you just came and all,” she said softly, “but let me have your cock in my mouth again, okay? I don’t care if it’s not hard, baby… I just need it- please? Is that okay? Here… let me turn around for you…”

It took about ten seconds of her expert mouth’s work for my cock to stand up again; I wrapped both arms around her waist, putting my hands on her firm globes and pressing her cunt against my face. She deep-throated me again, groaning and writhing against me as both hands kneaded my asscheeks.

We held each other like that for awhile, sucking and licking, until I pulled away and turned back around. I rolled her over with her ass against me, facing John and Jenna; she raised her thigh for me as I slid my cock into her slick cunt.

“I love you, sweet Mama,” I whispered in her ear, sucking on the lobe. “You’ll always be my first girl…”

“I- I can’t reach you like this,” she said as she tried to turn her head and kiss me. “Roll over on your back, baby, please?” she said. I obeyed, and in no time she was settling down on my cock, our eyes locked like they’d been the first time we fucked.

“Ride ‘im, cowgirl,” I said, as she leaned forward to kiss me. She held my head as her body squirmed on mine, her nipples brushing my chest, her hips rolling, rising and falling on my cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… FUCK… MY… AAASS!” Jenna screamed, making us turn to look. John had pulled out of her and re-lubed them both while Mother and I were changing positions. When he re-entered, he drove into Jenna with long thrusts, skin slapping as his hips hit her asscheeks.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… illegal bahis Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jenna’s head thrashed from side to side as John fucked her like that for a minute or so, stopping only for a couple of seconds every now and then, finally burying his cock in her and pulling her thighs back tight against him. She was gasping for breath when he stopped, her cheeks flushed a bright red as she stared up at him, a look of wonder on her face.

“That was better (gasp) than any orgasm I’ve ever had!” Jenna said to him. “Ohhhhhh, John… never stop fuckin’ me… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… with that lonnnng fucking cock! Ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“John, honey,” Mother said when he started moving in Jenna’s ass again, “I want to watch your sister get her mouth fucked, too- you know, as sort of her initiation to my personal club… Why don’t you get her up on her knees with that cute little ass in the air so Emil can fuck her mouth? How does that sound, Jenna?”

Jenna’s eyes brightened and she turned her head and smiled at me. “Ooooohhh,” she said, “I want it, Emil… I doooo…”

John pulled out of her, got her up on her knees and re-lubed them both again; Mother climbed off me, and I got up and knelt in front of Jenna.

“You’ll like the taste, sweetie,” Mother said softly as she lay down on her side with her head close to Jenna’s. “It’s got fresh cunt-juice all over it, so it’s extra hot and nasty…”

Jenna moaned and began to lick and suck on the head, looking up into my eyes. John put his cockhead inside her ass and drove the shaft all the way in with one long thrust, making her groan and her eyes roll back before she looked up at me again. For half a dozen strokes afterwards, we’d lose eye contact whenever he went in deep, but then she dropped her gaze entirely and pulled the head of my cock to the back of her mouth, stroking the base with one hand as she sucked and made soft cooing and moaning sounds.

“That’s what I want to see, Jenna,” Mother said in her ear. “I want to watch you slip into that zone, getting slut-fucked in both ends…” She reached under Jenna with one hand, fingers going into Jenna’s cunt. “Come for us, baby… come while your brothers are fucking their slut-sister… come, and show us how much you love those nice big cocks… move that cute little ass for Johnny, now…”

Jenna started trembling, losing the rhythm we’d begun, then suddenly squealed around my cock as her hips churned and bucked on Mother’s hand. John held her tightly by the waist, slamming into her ass again and again as Jenna whimpered, mewled and gasped, holding tight to the base of my cock with her hand.

“Oooooh… that was a good come, wasn’t it baby?” Mother said. “I loved doing that for you… you’re absolutely lovely when you come… I love how you look with Emil’s cock in your mouth, too, baby… You’re so dedicated to it… Are you in the zone yet, honey? You know what I mean… That place you can go where there’s nothin’ else in the world but those cocks… slidin’ in and out… That place where you let them use you… where you just let go and turn into a fuck-toy, baby…”

Jenna moaned and mewled softly, her ass squirming on John’s cock as she held my ass-cheeks with both hands and I fucked her face in time with John’s slow, deep thrusts. Mother pressed her face up against my hip, her arm around my thigh, watching Jenna’s mouth work from inches away as she sucked me. Then Mom got up on her knees and pressed her body against me, tonguing and sucking on my ear while her hands moved over my body.

“There’s something I’d like you to do, baby,” she said in my ear. “How ’bout puttin’ on a show for your mother?”

She looked up at John, who was already watching us.

“John, honey, you wouldn’t mind fucking your brother’s cute little ass for me, would you? You know, let him get on his knees right next to Jenna, and you just pull out of her and fuck him, okay? I’d reeeally like to see that… it would be so hot…”

John smiled as he looked in my eyes. “I’d do that anytime, baby bro’,” he said.

Jenna and I separated, a lost look suddenly in her eyes as my cock slipped out of her mouth. I knelt beside her, kissing her and tasting my cock’s scent on her lips as Mother began to work her fingers into my ass, opening me for John.

She slipped a ‘lube tube’ inside me, shooting cool stuff out of it; then I heard her tell John it was time. He immediately pulled out of Jenna, re-lubed his cock, and slid it into me, the whole length going in easily. I melted, releasing Jenna’s mouth, moaning and gasping as the sensations deep inside once again overwhelmed everything else.

“How’s that feel, baby?” Mother whispered. All I could do was moan.

“Jenna, baby, now you lie down on your back so Emil can eat illegal bahis siteleri you… Yeah, just like that with your knees up… Now, lift your hips…”

She put a couple of pillows under the small of Jenna’s back before slipping the ‘lube tube’ into her ass and emptying it; then she lubed the dong and slid it into Jenna’s open hole. Jenna sighed and smiled at her, then moaned, closing her eyes and squirming on the rubber shaft.

Mother fucked her gently with it as she lay down beside her and slipped her other arm under Jenna’s head; still on my knees, I lowered my face into Jenna’s delectable cunt and began to lick and suck as John’s long cock moved in my ass. I looked up to see Mom kissing Jenna, Jenna’s hand holding her head. Jenna’s hips rolled between my mouth and the thrusts of the dong as Mother drove it slowly in and out of her ass.

John’s cock began to move faster in mine, with longer strokes, his hands tightening around my waist.

“It’s so hot to watch you guys!” he said. “I can’t hold it anymore, Emil… I’m gonna… ohhhhhhyeahhhhhhh…”

He slammed into my hips, pulling me back tight as his cock pulsed and shot deep in my ass; I spread my knees even wider and squirmed on it, squeezing with my sphincter as I pulled slightly forward, releasing it as I pushed back, mewling and moaning.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Emil… you’re so slick… and so tight!” he said through clenched teeth. After a moment I felt his hands slowly begin to relax on my waist, and he pulled out and lay down on Jenna’s other side. He and Mother took turns kissing her for awhile, but then he looked down at me.

“I need your cock, Emil,” he said. “It’s the only one… Think you can let Jenna go for awhile?”

As I raised up, John immediately sucked my half-hard cock into his mouth, pushing me onto my back while he held onto it. Kneeling between my legs, he looked up at me, moaning as he sucked and stroked me, bringing me to another full erection in seconds.

“I want you to fuck me, Emil,” he said as he let me go. “I’ve never been really fucked… Like Jenna said, it always hurt too much before… Only a couple of guys even tried it with me, and I don’t think they were into it… They were really just there to fuck Jenna…”

“Well, they were ignorant, blind, and in too much of a hurry… you smooth, delicious piece of ass,” I said. “They should have seen that you’re every bit as delectably fuckable as your sister… Anyway, John- back to the situation at hand: You need the dong treatment first. I could just shove my cock in there, but it would probably hurt like a motherfucker, and it wouldn’t feel all that good to me, either… So, roll over on your side…” I filled up the syringe, then gave him the lube and the dong. “Cock your leg…”

I slid the syringe into him and emptied it while he slathered lube on the dong; I helped as he began to push it against his slowly relaxing hole until the head finally went in. When the expected gasp and stinging passed, his eyes opened, widening in surprise as the shaft began to disappear into him.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I never thought it would feel like this… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I got him onto his back, knees up, his ass in the air a little, and he easily worked the dong in the rest of the way. His eyes closed in ecstasy as he began to slowly slide it in and out.

“How’s it goin’, Johnny?” I asked gently.

A moan was the only sound that came out. I pressed up against his side and reached under his thigh, replacing the hand that held the dong with mine. John turned his head to look at me, and I kissed him, thrusting gently with the dong at the same time. He whimpered and kissed me back, mewling and squealing as our tongues thrust in each other’s mouths for the first time ever. We were both gasping from excitement when we broke the kiss.

“Fuck me, little brother,” he said. “Fuck my ass… Suck my cock… Fuck my face… Fuck me however you fucking want to…”

“On your knees, Johnny.”

He immediately took out the dong and got into position. I put the head of my cock between his round, hairless cheeks, thrusting gently forward, feeling the head go into his open anus; he gasped.

“Ahh… Ohhh… Don’t stop now, Emil… Fuck me…”

I thrust forward again, this time with a little more force, and the shaft went several inches inside, making him gasp again. He pushed back against me, making my cock sink deeper and deeper between his cheeks as he alternated between whimpering and moaning.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Oh, God, I’ve needed this… for so lonnnng… I never knewwww… fuck me, Emil… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me… fuck me… fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

I put both hands on his narrow waist and pulled him back as I thrust forward. canlı bahis siteleri My cock went in all the way, our thighs pressing together, his asscheeks flattening against me as I flexed inside him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… so gooood… so deep… stay deep, Emil, stay deep… fuck me deep and slow… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… oh, God, it’s sooo incredible! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Look, baby,” I heard Mother saying to Jenna. “John’s gettin’ fucked… John, honey, look over here so we can watch you- we want to look in your eyes while you’re feelin’ that first cock inside you…”

John and I shifted slightly so his head was next to their’s. They took turns kissing him and watching his face as I kept thrusting deep in him.

“You’re really, finally gettin’ fucked, aren’t you, baby?” Jenna said. “And it feels so good, doesn’t it? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Yeah, I know… See? Look over here, John- Mother’s fuckin’ my ass, too… fuck me, Mother… keep on fuckin’ me… ohhhhhhhhhh…

“Fuck him, Emil… he’s wanted this so bad for so long… it’s so hot to watch him gettin’ what he neeeeds… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… and he’s gettin’ it from you! Oh, God! This is so sick… and it’s so hot! Fuck me, Mother, fuck meeee…”

I moved my hands down from John’s waist to where the tops of his thighs joined his pelvis, driving my cock even deeper as I raised him off his knees. He opened them wider, relaxing muscles and joints, letting me use him like a limp doll.

“I need you to do one more thing, lover,” Jenna said softly to John. “You need to finish what Emil started… ohhhhhhhhhgahhhhhhd… Mother, that’s incredible… ohhhhhhhhhhhh… John, get over here and eat me while you’re gettin’ fucked… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

John and I slid across the sheets without disconnecting; he wrapped his arms around Jenna’s open thighs and pushed his face into her cunt with a moan.

“Look up at me, John,” Jenna said softly. “I want to see your eyes while Emil fucks you… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I want to watch him fuckin’ your sweet little ass… ohhhhhhh… while I come… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… and here it comes, baby… eat your lovin’ sister, darlin’… eat your sister’s cunt… ohhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhohhhhhhhhh… ohh, I love you, John, I love you, John, I love you…”

Jenna’s moan became almost a howl as she came, her hips rolling slowly as her orgasm swelled into full flower. She held John’s head with both hands, somehow keeping her eyes on his as Mother kept slowly fucking her ass just below his head with the dong. He kept his mouth on her cunt, sucking, licking…

“I love you, you sicko,” she said to him, moaning softly as Mother kept the dong sliding in and out of her ass. John laid his head down on Jenna’s stomach, both arms still around her thighs; I pulled his yielding ass back onto my cock, making him moan and grip her legs tighter.

“I never dreamed that something this hot would happen with all of us,” Mother said. “John, how do you like gettin’ your ass-cherry popped by your little brother?”

He moaned, a deep, soulful sound that answered the question without words, but finally raised up to look at her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhh… he’s not that little, Mother… ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Emil… fuck me all fuckin’ night…”

I fucked him a long time. His ass was perfect, round and full, and he was slender, his waist almost as small as Mom’s and Jenna’s; the long hair made it seem almost like I was fucking myself…

Mother kept driving the dong in Jenna’s ass the whole time, kissing her and holding her close with one arm around her shoulders as Jenna lay on her back. Jenna returned the kisses, sometimes rolling over to press her body against Mother’s and pull her close. Mother soon turned around; she and Jenna buried their faces between each other’s thighs once more, only this time Mother’s hands were busy with the dildo in her daughter’s ass.

I had John move to the edge of the bed and get on his back. I stood on the floor, re-lubed myself and slid back into him; he moaned and grabbed my hips, pulling me deep into him as he looked into my eyes. I leaned forward, lowering myself onto him as he opened his knees and rolled his hips upwards; my hands held onto his smooth, round ass, driving my cock deep into him as he held my head for a tongue-searching, soulful kiss.

“You’re a sweet little bitch,” I whispered when we broke the kiss. “Will you marry me?”

He smiled. “Only if you promise to never stop fuckin’ me…”

“Then we’ll ask Mom to do the ceremony… just as soon as I come,” I said. “I’m gonna come in your ass, now, slut-boy…”

“Ohhhhh… please, daddy, please come in my ass… please shoot your come in my ass, daddy…”

I shoved my tongue into his throat again as my cock pulsed and shot deep into him, my orgasm rushing, peaking and spreading from my hips and cock and out through my senses to my toes, fingers, and scalp; I held onto his body, sucking on his mouth and tongue until my cock finally softened and slipped out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32