Mom , Me Ch. 10

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An Afternoon With Jennifer

The final bell of the day rang and I gathered my notebooks from under my desk, got up and ran into Jane as I left the classroom.

“Hello there, stranger! said Jane. Where have you been hiding?”

“Hello Jane, I’m so glad to see you. What’s new with you?”

“Nothing much, but I haven’t seen you since you and your new girlfriend came into Mike’s Diner? Are you still hooked up with her?’

“Yes, I am, and I’m planning to take her to our Fall Dance. Are you going to the dance Jane?”

“I will if someone asks me.”

“I hope you’ll come even if you don’t have a date. I promise I’ll dance with you twice if you’ll come.”

“Well, I’m sure that won’t go over big with Virginia, that her name isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s her name, but she likes to be called Ginny. Yes, we like to dance together, but we also like to dance with other people. She’s already has Harry’s name written on her dance card.”

“So while she’s dancing with Harry who will you ask to dance with?” Jennifer?

“Yes, I plan to dance with Jennifer a couple of times, and I would like for you to pencil me in on you’re dance card too. I’m going to ask my counselor, Mrs. Wilson to dance with me too.”

“You are? What are you going to say or do if she declines your invitation?”

“I’ll just scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the center of the dance floor and start dancing with her!”

Jane, laughed. “I would come just to see that!

“No I’m serious.”

“Are you seriously thinking of asking Mrs. Wilson to dance with you?”

“Not only serious, but she’s already told me she would dance with me.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal Billy boy, I will come to the dance even if I don’t have a date just to dance with you, and to watch you dance with Mrs. Wilson. That should be a hoot!”

“Good! I’m already looking forward to seeing you, and dancing with you Jane.”

“Me too, Billy. I’ve got to run. If I hurry I might make it to work on time. I’ll talk with you later Billy. Can’t wait to tell everybody you’ve going to dance with Mrs. Wilson at the Harvest Dance. People who don’t normally attend these school dances might even come to see that performance.” And off she went to work.

As I left the building, Jennifer saw me and yelled out to me. “Billy! Billy! Wait, I want to walk with you!” She began walking quickly toward me.

“What’s up Jennifer?”

“Nothing Billy, I just want to be with you. I miss you terribly. I suppose you have to hurry off to be with Ginny, don’t you?”

“No, not today. She’s told me she was going to drive over to Springtown this afternoon and spend some time with an old friend of hers and she told me she wouldn’t be home until late this evening.”

“Really? Is this old friend of hers a female or male?” She looked up at me smiling.

“I don’t know Jennifer. Are you planting a seed of doubt in my mind?”

“No, I was just curious. So you’re free to do whatever you want this afternoon. Is that correct?”

“I suppose you could say that. Do you have something in mine?”

“Of course.” She smiled that mischievous grin of hers.

“So what is your proposal?”

“I want to invite you to come home with me. I made some of your most favorite chocolate chip cookies, the ones with big chunks of chocolate melted into the dough.”

“Well, I certainly can’t say no to that invitation.”

“You’ll come? Really? You’re not teasing me Billy?”

“No, I’ve missed being with you too, Jennifer, and if you really have a plate of chocolate chip cookies, well who could resist that?”

She hugged me unexpectedly and I dropped my notebooks on the sidewalk. She quickly bent down and picked them up for me. She held my hand, looking up into my eyes and said, “Thank you Billy. You’ve made my day!”

She took hold of my hand and we walked toward her house. “Is your mom home today, Jennifer?”

“No, Billy. This is the day she works all night. She doesn’t get off until eight in the morning. Don’t worry Billy, I won’t rape you.”

“She put my notebooks on a table near the front door and turned around and faced me.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I am!”

“Good! I’m hungry for a kiss right now.” She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down, and our lips blended together, and she inserted her playful tongue inside of my mouth, and our tongues played happily together.”

After a couple minutes passed, she looked up at me and said, “Oh, Billy, I need you so much. I need the love only you can give me. I love you so much! She put her head against my chest and I held her tightly to my body. I could hear her soft cooing sounds that she releases when she is feeling loved. I rubbed her back and I could feel my penis enlarging as she pressed her body against mine. I cupped my hands around her firm ass and pulled it toward me. My penis fethiye escort was now hard and I know she felt it pressing against her body. “She continued to moan with increased pleasure of me poking her with my penis.

“Oh! Billy! I love feeling your cock pressing against me. Does it make you feel good, Billy? I need you Billy. I need your love. You are the only one that I want in my life.”

I kept holding her, but I didn’t know what to say.

Billy, I don’t care if you stay with Ginny. It’s ok! But, Billy, I need you too. I want you to fuck me. I’m not asking for you to give up fucking Ginny. I just want what she wants. I want your cock deep inside of me. I need that Billy. Not every day, but on a regular basis. If that is what I need to do to have you sometimes, I will do it. Will you fuck me Billy. I’m not asking for you to leave Ginny. I’m just asking you to fuck me when we can be alone.”

She squeezed me tightly. “Billy there is only four fabrics separating us from being one…together… Then I felt her removing her hands from around my neck and she began to loosen my belt buckle and then her fingers pulled the zipper of my pants down. I relented. I gave in. I decided to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to feel my penis expand inside of her pussy. I lifted her sweater over her head. My hands quickly, and skillfully removed the latch holding her bra. Her perky books looked awesome in the declining afternoon light. She freed herself of the bra, and slung it somewhere. Then she pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. She skillfully tucked her thumb between my briefs and my skin and slid my underwear down to the floor and I stepped out of them. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt and I wiggled out of it, and it dropped to the floor. Then she helped me remove my undershirt. Then I pulled her skirt down and she stepped out of it. I fell to my knees and pulled her panties down and she step out of them. I buried my face in her patch of pubic hairs. I picked up her moisten panties and pressed them to my mouth and nose. “Oh, Jennifer! You smell and taste delicious!”

Then take me Billy! Fuck me! I’m your bitch forever! I want you! I need to feel your body pressing against me! I need your cock deep inside of my pussy, I need it now! Fuck me Billy! Fuck me now!

I scoop her up, holding her naked body in both arms and said, “Where?”

“Take me to my bedroom Billy! I want your cum to drip all over my sheets and I want to lay on my cum-filled sheets until you come back to me again.”

I carried her into her bedroom and she stood next to me as I pulled her bedspread back and she jump onto her bed and kneeled with her head down facing the headboard of her bed, and her beautiful ass raised ready to receive my enlarged hard dick. “Fuck your bitch, Billy. Fuck me hard!”

I got up onto her bed and placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was really wet! She was eager! She wanted it now! I took my hand and rubbed her pussy slit with my hand and I took the fluid she was expelling and rubbed it all over my cock. She yelled again. “Billy, for god sakes, push your cock into my pussy!

I pushed my mushroom in and I heard a deep sigh come from her mouth! Then I pushed hard and my cock went in all the way and my balls were clanging against her pussy on each stroke. She was moaning and groaning and telling me how wonderful it was to feel my big cock fucking her again. Then we didn’t say much. We could hear each other breathing hard and grunting from time to time, but we were focused on having an orgasm together. I was pumping her hard and she was moaning happily as I increased the strokes. Her bed moved too and we were definitely engaged. She finally said, “Billy, I’m ready!”

“I’m there too baby! Do it anytime Jenny!”

Then I released a load into her pussy. “She gasped! Oh, my god Billy! That felt so good and I had an orgasm a second before you released your load. Then I released another load into her pussy. She said, “It feels so wonderful to feel your cum enter my pussy baby. I loved how you loved me. And I shot another load into her pussy. And I heard her laugh with joy! Keep loading me up with cum honey. I love it! I feel one with you again Billy. Your cock feels so wonderful inside of me. And I had another release and I was through. “Oh Billy your cock filled my pussy completely. I’ve never had anyone fuck me like you fuck me. You’re the best! I love you so much. You’re the only man I ever want to fuck me again. It’s either you or no one. She turned and kissed my lips hard. My sticky salty cum was still pouring out of her pussy while she continued to kiss me passionately. Then she said, “Lay with me for a few minutes while I catch my breath. I have never had so much cum inside of me before! You really were full. Didn’t you fuck Ginny last night?”

Jenny, I don’t want to talk escort fethiye about Ginny right now, or anytime we’re making love together. I only want it to be about us.”

“Oh, Billy, that’s wonderful to hear. I’m sorry. I won’t bring Ginny up any more when we’re together. I’m sorry Billy.”

“It’s ok. But when I’m with you, you’re my focus. It’s you I want to please and be with or I wouldn’t be here at all.”

“I understand Billy, and I thank you! You don’t know how much I appreciate what you just said to me! To know that your focus is on me, and only on me, and that you’re only thinking of me when you are fucking me is so wonderful to hear. I love you Billy so very much, and I would do anything for you.”

We lay next to one another and I massage and sucked her boobs and she played and held my testicles in her hand She sighed and cooed and was so content to be laying in my arms. “Billy, I liked how you fucked me just now. I felt your full penis inside of me and I could feel the pressure of each of your strokes. It was so awesome! And the cum! You were full baby! You just kept filling my pussy. I loved it. I love laying in your cum with you right now. My sheets are soaked with my precious Billy’s cum. I’m not changing them. I want to lay on top of your dried cum until you come again. Just give me a day’s notice Billy when you are free to play with your Jenny’s pussy. I’m yours. I’ll always be here for you baby!”

“I appreciate that Jenny. I love you too. Be patient with me sweetie. I think I’m in love with too many people.”

“Too many people? Who else do you love Billy besides Ginny and me?”

“I have fantasies about certain women and what it would be like to have sex with them. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in love with them, but I look at them Jenny and I want to have sex with them. I visualize it in my mind. I’m really screwed up Jenny. Maybe you are making a big mistake wanting me.”

Jenny turned toward me and pressed her lips onto mine and parted my lips with her tongue and kissed me passionately for several minutes. My penis was immediately hard again, and I heard her sexy voice whisper, “Honey if your fantasies help you to perform like you just did, I urge you to continue. What girls do you enjoy fantasying over Billy? Would you share some of their names with me. I won’t get upset.”

“Jenny, you and Ginny are the only two girls I’ve ever fucked. But I have fantasied about fucking Jane.”


“Yes, she’s a senior in our class Jenny.”

“What’s her last name?”

“I don’t know. I met her at Mike’s Café. She a waitress there.”

“You want to fuck her and you don’t even know her last name? You probably don’t even know where she lives?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Do you fantasies fucking her when you are masturbating Billy?”

“Sometimes, but lately I’ve been visualizing fucking you when I masturbate.”

“Well, I’m glad I’m one of your fantasies. Is that why you came home with me today, because you were horny and needed to fuck someone, or did you come home with me with the intention of fucking me.”

“I wanted you. You’ve been on my mind for weeks now. I know I shouldn’t have desires for other girls, but I do. I know it isn’t right. But, Jenny, I love you. I want you all the time, but I have a dilemma.”

“I can’t tell you right now what it is, but I’m sure you will be surprised when you find out.”

“Ok, Billy, I won’t press you. Who else do you fantasizes about?”

“I will tell you but you must promise never, ever say a word to anyone about what I share with you?”

“I promise Billy.”

“I’ve fantasied about fucking Mrs. Wilson.”

“Are you serious? Mrs. Wilson, your counselor?”

“Yes, she so beautiful and sexy. She drives me wild. She crosses her legs, then uncrosses them and when she catches me trying to get a glimpse of her panties, she just smiles at me. She has beautiful long shapely legs, and wears short skirts, and loose-fitting tops. Once she leaned forward to show me something and her boobs fell forward against her blouse and I saw her boobs. And she knew I saw them and she just gave me a cute grin.”

“Is that why you’ve spent so much time in her office lately, trying to catch a view of her pussy or boobs?”

“Not really Jenny, but she knows how to smile, and sit, and stir the emotions of a horny guy like me.”

“I would like to be a fly on the wall Billy, watching you and her flirting with one another. It must be hilarious!”

“Probably is, but I’ve had to hide my hard penis a couple of times from her.”

“No Billy, I don’t think Mrs. Wilson missed the bulge in your pants. She’s just having a lot of fun at your expense.”

“Well, she has helped me understand some things and shown me how to study more effectively. She’s a wonderful lady and I like her a lot.”

“So, tell me Billy boy, have you fethiye escort bayan fantasies over any of the other faculty members?”

“Miss Nicholas.”

“Miss Nicholas, Our counseling secretary? Why Miss Nicholas?”

“Because I think she thinks Mrs. Wilson is hitting on me. She said the other day in her unique, inquisitive, sensual voice that she wondered why I needed to be counseled on two consecutive days for two periods? I think she thinks something fishy is going on. She also saw what Mrs. Wilson was wearing the second day when I was called into her office.”

“What was she wearing Billy, a G-string?

“No, but her shirt was short and loose, and her blouse was transparent and so was her bra. I could see the nipples on her boob. I think she wore it to see what my reaction would be?”

“And what was your reaction?”

“I couldn’t keep from looking at her boobs or keep my eye from trying to see the color of her panties?”

“Were you successful?”

“I saw her black panties once!”

“What did Mrs. Wilson do?”

“She’d smiles at me every time she catches me looking.”

“Did you get hard?”

“Oh, yes, I was very hard during most of the time I was in her office.”

“Did she notice your hardness?

“If she didn’t she must be blind, but she didn’t draw attention to it. I was pre-cumming and I noticed a wet spot on the front of my pants. I’m sure she noticed it even though I tried to conceal it. She was sweet, but we did get a lot accomplished during the session. When I came out of her office, Miss Nicholas teased me by rolling her tongue sensually over her teeth, biting the tips of her fingers as she leaned on her elbows looking up into my eyes. She was trying to figure out what I was thinking. She even asked me if I like the outfit Mrs. Wilson was wearing today. I told her that Mrs. Wilson look very nice and professional in her outfit today. Before I walked out the door she asked if I was returning for another session tomorrow. I told her only if I’m called to the office. You should have seen the expression on her face Jenny.”

“Well. I don’t know about Mrs. Wilson, but I think Miss Nicholas would like to have your dick deep inside of her pussy. You’re a sexy guy Billy, and you’re an excellent flirt. Why don’t you start complementing Miss Nicholas every time you go to the counseling office or see her walking around campus. Why don’t you take her a gift, a bouquet of flowers, or something, and see how she reacts, and see if she starts changes the type of clothing she wears to work.”

“All these fantasies of yours are making me want to make love to you again. I see you are hard again. I will assume it’s because you want me.”

“You’re right sweetie. Let’s make passionate love.

Jenny rolled over on top of me and slid down the length of my body and took a hold of my very hard penis. She put it into her open mouth and looked at me! I love the size and shape of your penis Billy! It’s so yummy. I’m going to give you a good blowjob this afternoon. One where you won’t have to fantasies about Jane, Miss Nicholas, or Mrs. Wilson tonight.”

She squeezed the tip of my mushroom, rolled her tongue around it and swallowed my cock all the way to my balls. She moved up and down my shaft, increasing the speed of her strokes, then she wrapped her tongue around the shaft and sucked on my mushroom. Then she stroked the shaft with her hand and used her other hand to lift my balls off the sheet and she sucked on them. She sucked and licked both of my nuts and told me how nice they felt inside her mouth. Then she began to work on my cock again increasing the speed of each stroke, but also increasing the pressure on my cock too. It finally built up to the point of orgasm and I shot a wad into Jenny’s mouth. She didn’t lose contact with my penis and she was ready for the second and third shot of cum inside of her mouth. She took it all and when I was finished, she began to lick all the cum that still was on my penis and balls. She said, “Billy, your cum is so nice and salty. I love the taste of your creamy cum. You’re my yummy Cock man! Fuck whoever you want, Billy but please find a way to fuck me at least once a week, more if you can. Because when we become one again I want you to know that I’m the one who satisfies you the most.”

“Thanks Jenny. It was wonderful. I loved how you use your tongue, lips, and make me feel so loved and wanted. I want to fuck you as often as possible.”

“Thank you Billy. I will fuck you as often as you like. I mean it, fuck all the girls and women you fantasize over, because when you finally choose me to be your one and only girl, I will know that I’m the one that satisfies you the most. You better get on home and clean up so Cindy doesn’t smell all this cum juice on you. Throw everything into the washing machine if you can before Ginny gets back to your place. And take this bag of chocolate chip cookies with you and enjoy them.”

“Thank Jenny.” I kissed her passionately and hugged her saying, “Jenny, I love you.”

“I love you too, Billy. I’ll see you in the morning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32