Mom Massages Son after Practice Ch. 02

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This is a work of fantasy. Author and all characters are over 18 and is intended and written for an adult audience. It is incest themed and contains mild dubcon. If such themes offend you, it may not be for you.

Let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

Neil woke up early on the morning of his big game. There was a lot of pressure on him to perform well today, but that was always part and parcel of being quarterback. His team was facing the area’s rival school and the excitement was felt all over town.

The pressure he was under ahead of today’s game cost him some sleep and it took a toll on him. He sat up on his bed and looked at his jersey his Mom had hung on the door. He looked nervously at it before he exhaled and acknowledged that while this was going to be an important game, especially when it came to college scouts and scholarships, he was confident to rise up to the challenge.

He got up, changed into a pair of tracksuit pants and a loose t-shirt then gave his gear a quick look over to make sure everything was there. He fixed himself up in the mirror, quickly running his hands through his blonde hair to ensure he was somewhat presentable. The smell of bacon had awakened his senses and all plans of appearing presentable went out the window as he grinned and rushed downstairs to greet his Mom.

His Mom was standing by the stove, cooking the bacon strips under the grill and the eggs in the pan. She had her jet-black hair tied in a ponytail, something she only really did for important days in work. She must have woken up later than usual as she wore a loose pair of jogging shorts and light pink t-shirt. Over that, she wore an apron while cooking.

Neil entered the kitchen, but caught himself staring at his Mom. Something about the way her hair was tied up and the way those jogging shorts exposed her long, slender legs, it just captured Neil’s attention. Maybe it was his lack of sleep or something to do with the massage she gave him the other day. But he stood there by the kitchen table, admiring her looks, her body and her all-round sexiness. He looked at his Mom in a way he never did before, in a way a son never should.

Kate caught onto this as she turned around to see her son. She saw his unfocused stare and smiled at him, unsure of how she could interrupt her son looking at her in such a way. After a moment, she composed herself.

“Hey, Neil. Good morning, Sweetie.” The breakfast was nearly ready so she placed the eggs, bacon, fruit and fresh bread on the table — everything an athlete needs. As soon as her hands were free, she wrapped them around Neil, hugging him. “How’s my superstar quarterback this morning? You ready for the game?”

“Mom, please. You know I don’t like talking about games on the morning of. It helps me stay focussed.” Neil started helping himself to the feast that his Mom had made for him, there was still a few hours till the game.

Kate acknowledged the fact that her son was on edge at the moment. She leaned over him and loosely wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her face very close to his and with her bright blue eyes, she looked straight into his.

“Well then, Mr. Cranky. How is my favourite son this morning?”

This was a tried and tested method his Mother used to get him to smile. She’d always tease him in some silly way to get a smile out of him. A little smirk appeared on his face in response, as if he admitted that it worked so soon. He looked down at his food, his view of the plate slightly blocked by the arm his Mom wrapped around him. He was taken by surprise when his mother planted a playful kiss on his cheek. He looked towards his Mom.

“Neil, I’m just going to keep giving you kisses until you I get a big smile or a laugh from you. Come on, son. You should be excited, not nervous.” Kate proceed to give her son little pecks on the cheek, making sure she made elaborate kissing noises. Between each kiss, she moved away to look at him in the eyes, attempting to elicit some sort of response.

This was causing a lot of blood to rush down to Neil’s crotch. The way his mother was looking at him, kissing him and teasing him, provoked a rock-hard erection. He was thankful that he was sitting down, but he started going slightly red in the face too.

“Mom, come on. You know this doesn’t really work on me anymore.” Neil was now doing his best to resist his Mother’s attempts to make him smile. He pretended to focus on his food. His dick growing hard didn’t help matters either; his mind was all over the place enough as it is.

“Well, it worked when you were a kid. Do I have to speak to you like you’re a child to get you to smile?” She looked at him with smile and raised eyebrows. “I mean, your breakfast is getting cold, so you better make it happen soon.”

Neil nodded and tempted to pick up a piece of bacon. He barely had the fork in his hand and he was being bombarded with his mother’s kisses. This time she was going faster, pressing trabzon escort her lips into his face slightly harder.

“How’s Mommy’s favourite son today?” She started laughing at her own amusement. “Mommy just wants her boy to be happy and to smile for her?” She started to kiss him all over his face now. “Can you do that for Mommy? Come on, give Mommy a smile. Remember, you’re Mommy’s favourite.” She leaned in closer to him, pressed her lips close to his ear and whispered. “Mommy will make it worth your while.”

Neil gave in. A smile broke out soon after his Mom started talking to him like she did when he was younger, but something about it was so erotic, so flirtatious and taboo. Out of need to get prepared for the game, he admitted defeat and let out a little chuckle which he had been holding in for quite some time. He responded with what he always did to this.

“Mom, you know I’m you’re only son, right?”

“See.” She let go of him and stood up, proud of her achievement. “I wouldn’t be a good mother if I wasn’t able to make my son happy, would I?” She moved her hands behind her back to untie her apron. She lifted it over her head and hung it over the back over her chair.

The kissing had made her slightly aroused too and Neil now noticed two things about his Mother. The first was that through the thin top she was wearing, her nipples were hard and the second was that it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. This did not help with is erection. He could even see her areolas through the top if he looked hard enough, which he was doing.

Kate sat down and ate. The fun and the novelty died down as they filled themselves up for the day. As they finished eating, Kate looked towards her son. She felt absolutely terrible about missing today’s game. It really made her feel bad, but she had an idea to make it up to him. She went to talk, but noticed her son was staring at her chest.

“Ahem.” She gave a deliberate, gentle cough. “My eyes are up here, Neil. Come on now, I want to talk with you.”

“Oh. Sorry. Um. I’m just tired and nervous, Mom. That’s all.” He broke out of his lustful stare and made an extra special effort to look his Mom in the eyes.”

“Sure, Sweetie.” She gave him a quick cheeky smile, as if to say she knew what he was staring at and why, before adopting an apologetic look. She moved her plate to the side and with both hands, she took hold of his right hand. She caressed it as she prepared to speak.

“What is it, Mom? It’s just, I’ve to get ready and leave soon.” He liked how caring his Mom was towards him, how her hands felt holding his and the caring, loving look she gave him. He was really lucky to have her as a mother.

“Listen. I hope you’re not too annoyed that I can’t come to your game today. I feel really, really bad for missing it, Neil.” She took one of her hands and started rubbing it up and down his forearm.

“Mom. Don’t worry about it, seriously. As you said yesterday, your boss is coming in and the spa is short staffed. I’m telling you, don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, Sweetie. Thanks for being so understanding.” She rearranged how she held hand his hand, but continued to slowly, softly graze his arm. “I want to make it up to you. So, I paid for a massage with your name on the booking. Just pop into work and I’ll give you a real massage, unlike the one a few days ago. It’s my way of making it up to you so you’re not allowed to say no.”

Neil thought about the massage he had gotten from his Mom a few days earlier. He had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it felt great to get a massage. It was a relaxing massage which turned strangely erotic. It felt weird too, wrong more than anything – to be sexually aroused and relieved by his mother, not forgetting that she gave him a hand job which they both seemed to enjoy. But the idea of getting a normal, genuine massage piqued his curiosity; he was interested.

“Okay, Mom. I’ll gladly take you up on that. See you there, after the game.”

“Fantastic. I’m so glad I can make it up to you. Plus, it’ll make up for the massage I gave you a few days go.” She now started to feel happier, her confidence returned.

“Um. What do you mean it’ll make up for the last massage? It was unexpected, and even more unusual and weird, but I enjoyed it in the end. We both did, no?” Neil looked at his Mom, puzzled.

“Oh! Don’t get me wrong. That massage, it was good and I really enjoyed it too…” She paused for a moment to think back on it. “…But, I’m pretty great at what I do and I’m proud of my work. With that in mind, I know that massage wasn’t my best work, at all. My emotions were all over the place, I was aroused and conflicted at the same time. And despite what I said, looking back on it now it was a half-assed massage. It was rushed too. Just humour me.”

“Oh. Okay.” He watched as his mother got up from the table and started clearing the dishes, glancing at his mother’s tits any chance he trabzon escort bayan could.

“See, the thing is, Neil.” She bent over to clean the table, providing him a good view of her cleavage. “My massages are not your average massage.” She moved closer to him, her tits now jiggling, swaying side to side in her loose top as she wiped the table down.

“What do you mean?” Neil’s eyes followed them back and forth, back and forth. He barely noticed his Mom moved right up close to him again.

“Well.” She leaned over to look her son in the eyes with her alluring stare, only this time she was more seductive. “You will soon find out, my dear son, that my massages are not like other massages, for one reason and one reason alone.” She slowly leaned in towards him, as if she was going to kiss him. She licked her lips, but leaned into his ear and whispered “My massages are fucking experiences.”

She slowly moved back and became amused at how red her son’s face at become. She bit her lip. It turned her on to know the effect she had on her son. She saw that his eyes lost focus again, lost in a daydream, in a fantasy of figuring out what exactly she meant.

She stayed there for a moment, to let things linger. That was until Neil snapped out of it and noticed the time.

“Oh, crap! I ‘ve got to leave, Mom.” He looked at his mother with concern as he was reluctant to stand up with the raging hard-on he had for her. But he had to accept his fate. He got up from the seat and attempted to rush to his room, but his Mom caught him by the wrist.

“You’re not going to leave without saying goodbye to your mother, are you? Plus, I want to wish you good luck.”

Neil panicked a little, he was pitching a tent in his pants and his Mom was standing right next to him.

Kate moved in a little closer to her son, pressing her body against his. She felt his hard dick pressing against her. She looked at her son in the eyes, raised her eyebrows then with her hand, then cupped his cock and balls.

“Well. Looks like a smile wasn’t the only effect I had on you…” She raised her hands and caressed his face. She always worried before these games. Football was such a dangerous sport. “Best of luck in the game today, Neil.” She leaned into him and with her soft, luscious lips, she gave him a long kiss on the lips. “I’ll be thinking of you.”

When the kiss ended, Neil didn’t really know what to do. He was a bit caught off guard after all his Mom’s antics this morning.

“Neil! Get going. You’re going to be late!”


It was the final few seconds of the game. They needed was a touchdown to win. They were far from the end zone. It would take a Hail Mary, one of the longest throws he’d ever have to do. The ball was passed back and he caught it, then raised his arm in preparation. He gripped the ball and moved to launch it into the air.

Next thing he knew, he was tackled to the ground. He screamed in pain and was holding his leg. Fortunately, it was just a bad muscle cramp

The game ended and Neil accepted defeat. After they finished up in the changing rooms and he recovered, he left to call his mother.


At the spa, his mother was just saying goodbye to her boss. He was the owner and Kate was his favourite masseuse. She was glad to finally see him leave. He was a horrible boss, especially to the other girls.

The only reason he was nice to her was that one, she gave the best handjobs and two, was responsible for so many repeat customers. This wasn’t spoken about as it was a huge risk to such an establishment that did everything to appear legit, but each girl did their own thing. Kate liked to do extras and the girls were jealous of her success.

Happy he was gone, she now thought of her son and how he got on at his game. Coincidentally, her phone rang. She let the girls know her son was calling and went into one of the rooms to answer it.

“Hey, Neil. How was the game, Sweetie?” She covered her mouth with her hand as she could hear the sadness and frustration in his voice. A wave of guilt came over her and she told herself that she should have been at the game. She felt so bad at a time when her son needed her love, her support.

“Listen to me, Neil. Everything is going to be just fine. Don’t you worry. Just come to me and let me give you a massage. You promised you would.” She was relieved to hear that he was on his way. “Oh yeah! When you arrive, just say you have an appointment with Sasha, don’t mention that I’m your Mom or anything, it’ll just be too weird. Trust me.”


Neil arrived at the spa his Mom worked at. He saw through the window that there were people getting their nails done on one side, others getting their hair done on the other and further down there were people getting pedicures and footbaths. He opened the door only to be greeted by an attractive woman at reception.

“Hi, I’ve got an appointment with, um, Sasha.” He looked around and wondered escort trabzon where the massage tables were, there were none to be seen.

The attractive lady at the reception welcomed Neil and advised him to take a seat. She left to walk to the end of the room and disappeared through a door at the back of the spa, presumably to get his Mom.

Kate was in her massage room, making sure that everything was in order. She made sure the temperature of the room was just warm enough and the lighting, dim enough. She smoothened out the sheets over the massage table, ensuring they were evenly spread out. Made sure the ambient, relaxing music was playing and lastly, that the oil was heating up. She heard a knock on the door.

“Sasha, your 3pm is here. He’s just waiting at reception.”

“Thanks, Mariah. I’ll be out in a second.” She took one last look at the room. She wanted everything to be perfect for her son, especially after the result of the game she wasn’t there to see. She embraced herself, took a deep breath and walked out to greet her son.

“Hey, you must be Neil. I’m Sasha, your massage therapist. Please, follow me.” She held out her hand to show him the direction in which they’ll be walking.

Neil nodded his head. He was a bit taken aback by his Mom calling herself Sasha. But he also couldn’t keep his eyes off her; he couldn’t help but check her out. He looked his Mom up and down.

Kate was wearing just a black sports bra, yoga pants and casual running shoes. She gave her son a weird look as he stared at her with his mouth slightly open. The sports bra looked a size too small for her as it strained at the seams, struggling to contain her large breasts. It was a low-cut top so it showed off her cleavage a lot. She had a lot more bust to show than the other girls.

She matched the top with black yoga pants which were very tight fitting. She noticed Neil gulped as he noticed her camel toe was protruding through them, her pussy lips could clearly be made out.

“Excuse me, Sir. Could you follow me please?” She remained professional at all times; she was used to men lusting after her when they came in. She decided to walk towards the back, towards the massage rooms.

Neil was already starting to get hard. Seeing his own Mom wear such enticing, revealing clothing had him growing hard as he followed her through the crowded spa. He took of his sweater and held in such a way to conceal the tent he was pitching; afraid the other customers will notice.

When he entered the room, he was greeted by the pleasant smell of the massage oils and the relaxing sounds of the music. This brought him calm after the day that he had.

His mother closed the door and didn’t hesitate to launch into a hug, wrapping her arms tightly around his body. Neil fell back into the wall, but it didn’t stop Kate pressing her body into her son’s, pushing him into the wall.

“It’s so good to see you, Sweetie.” She let go of him, kissed him on the cheek a couple of times and started rubbing his arms. “Let’s not talk about the game, okay? Wait till we’re both at home.” She was interrupted by him, who looked confused by the whole ordeal.

“Mom, why did I have to call you Sasha? Also, why aren’t you wearing your masseuse’s scrubs? I’m confused.”

Kate pressed a finger against her son’s lips. “Shh. Be quiet, Honey.” She leaned into him and whispered. “The reason why I go by Sasha in here… and wear these sexy clothes is… Well, let’s just say, the massage you’re going to get; it’s no ordinary massage. Understand?” She looked at her son for clarification.

“You mean… like last time?”

She winked at him in response. Then advised him to take off his clothes as she stepped outside to give him privacy.

A few minutes later, she knocked on the door and entered the room. Her son was lying face down and the small towel, which was a little too small, barely covered his ass. Everything was ready on her side, she just wanted to check in with Neil before she began.

“Are you ready, Sweetie?” From the tips of his toes and with one hand, she slowly and lightly trickled her fingers along his leg, over the towel, up the length of his back, right up to his neck.

“Yes, Mom.” The sensation of feeling her fingers and fingernails tickling him, being dragged the length of his body, sent shivers everywhere around his body.

“Are you sure? Because the massage I gave you at home… that was nothing. Let’s just say, this massage is going to be something special.” She moved around to his front and now with both hands, grazed her fingers around his shoulders first and then moved them around in circles on his back.

“Mom, that feels so good.” Neil’s hard dick was already making him feel uncomfortable, even though his Mom had barely started. He had to adjust his legs a little more, to allow more space for his throbbing hard cock. As his mother continued to circle her nails and soft hands around his back, the erotic, tingling sensation caused him to close his eyes, shiver and exhale.

Kate sensed that her son was starting to ease into the experience. She knew exactly how she was making him feel. She got a thrill out of being responsible for all her clients’ erections and orgasms, even more so now that it was her son.

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