Mom in the Movies

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Being a nerd is not so bad sometimes. It meant I could do a lot of things that other guys couldn’t. Because I read a lot and because I was good with technology. That was how I helped my mother get the goods on my father.

He had been cheating on her for many years. My name is Edgar. I was short but my cock was long and my body was in great shape. I had been bullied as a child. That would never happen again.

I was now in my mid-twenties. I had installed a closed-circuit television camera in my parent’s bedroom. It was for my mother. She knew that my father was having sex in her bedroom when she was away at work. You see, my dad was an “artist.” I put that in quotes because I don’t really think he was that good.

He only sold a few pieces of sculpture. He did what he called “found art.” That means it was made of crap, mostly, that he found in the trash or in the dumpsters outside of stores.

Anyway, that left him plenty of time to fuck around at home. My mom knew it and so did I. I lived at home. I always had except when I went away to tech school to learn programming and technical stuff. I was very marketable. I made good money as a consultant for companies who knew, or thought they knew, that their employees were ripping them off someway, especially after hours.

I was a wiz at installing CCTV cameras in places that no one could find them. Many office buildings in my town were full of my cameras. I made good money, but I wanted to stay at home. I gave my parents plenty of money to stay there. I was not that good with people in social situations. And I had a massive thing for my mom.

See, my mom was a blond. Her name is Winona. She had great tits that had only begun to sag. In her late forties, she was still beautiful. Her legs were perfect, so long and curvy and she was voluptuous. I loved women with meat on them. Sexy meat. Her ass was wiggly. I mean, when she walked it did a little dance for you, if you were watching, and I always did watch.

So my mom came to me to help her. She wanted a divorce so she could get on with her life. My camera in her bedroom did the trick. I was able to record hours of my dad fucking everyone from the next door neighbor to an Avon lady who felt the need for some random dick. My mom used those recordings to get a divorce.

She just threatened dad with losing everything and he buckled. He left her the house and just took a few thousand in savings to get started again in another state.

I had the actual television showing what was going on in her room in an armoire in my room. I kept it locked. And I left the camera in place, even though I told mom I took it out. I wanted more out of this than the pleasure of helping mom. I wanted to watch her. And I liked watching the guys too. I guess I was a little bisexual.

My mom was so fucking sexy. I had not had a lot of sex in my life. Most nerds don’t. But when some of my female nerd friends did condescend to have sex with me they were always pleased. You see, I could hold off on cumming for a long, long time.

And my cock was plenty big enough to fill up any cunt that I had fucked. Actually I had only fucked five girls. And two guys had sucked my cock, complaining that it took too long to bring me off. The girls had not complained. They loved fucking for hours. All had wanted more. I even got a vasectomy so I could have sex anytime I wanted.

After mom got her divorce I would spend hours in the evenings watching her. Often she was alone and I would just jerk off as she undressed and walked around her room with nothing on. But other times men would join her and she would get the fucking she deserved. The fucking I wanted to give her.

I was recording all of this, you know. I didn’t keep the copies in my room. Oh no. I made them, and copied them, and put the copies in a safe place at one of the companies I worked for. A home security firm that had vaults I had access to.

I liked watching mom get fucked. I loved jacking off when she was moaning and groaning from the humping she was getting from the studs she brought home. I had, of course, installed sound with my system. I was no dummy.

On illegal bahis night I was in my room watching, waiting for mom to come home. She came up the stairs and she was with an old classmate of mine. It was Jeff. He had bullied me for years in school. Now he was going to get some of the pussy I had always wanted. I couldn’t help but watch. But I could also plan a little revenge. Oh yes.

Jeff stripped mom of all her clothes and then just started licking her all over. He finally forced her to get on her knees and he fed her his fat cock. She choked on it but she had always loved sucking dick. I had hours of her doing just that.

So she took it all and sucked him as hard as she could while he fucked her face. He had grabbed her pretty, blond hair and was jerking her into his cock as he rammed it into her mouth. As I expected he shot his wad in about two minutes. He was finished. He was also married. I knew that.

Two days later I called Jeff and told him what I had recorded. He panicked. He worked for his wife’s dad. The stupid dick had never had anything going for him but his looks. That had got him his wife and his job. I told him to come over now. Tell his boss he was sick and come to my house. He knew where that was.

When he arrived he started his begging routine, but I ignored it and told him to come up to my room. When we got there I played a recording of him getting a blow job from my mom. I told him a copy would be sent to his father-in-law and wife, unless.

The “unless” was that he suck my dick. He begged some more and pleaded and it was all wasted. I had already stripped off my pants, my cock was hard, and he was in for a face fucking. Maybe a little payback for the bullying in school.

He realized his situation finally and got on his knees.

“Lick it good. I haven’t washed it in days. It needs some good cleaning.”

Slowly but surely he started licking it. Then he grabbed it with a hand and started stroking it. I knew it. Jeff was a closet bisexual. He was fondling my balls and sucking for all he was worth. I began ramming my dick into his open mouth and he took it all.

“Please, Edgar, can I jack off while I suck you? I love cock. Please.”

I nodded. I was getting ready to ram his mouth harder. He could do as he wanted as long as I got what I wanted. I fucked his mouth for over half an hour. He had shot his wad on the floor in less than five minutes. At last I took pity on the bastard and filled his mouth with my spunk.

“Drink every fucking drop, you ass hole.”

He did. At last I allowed him to slink off. Now I had been sucked off by three guys.

But this was not my main goal by any means. I wanted my mom’s cunt. I wanted it badly. And if she was giving it to dicks like Jeff she could sure as hell give some to me.

I waited one evening for mom to come home from work. We pretty much spent separate lives. I could cook well enough and she often ate out. But tonight when she got home I told her I wanted to show her something. She was curious. I took her up to my room, opened the armoire and turned on the TV. She could see that she was looking at her own room.

“What’s this, Eddie? I thought you took out that camera when dad left.”

Then it dawned on her. If I could record dad with this equipment I could record her.

She looked at me and said, “Eddie, have you been watching me? Why?”

“Because I love you Mom. Because I love seeing you get fucked. Because I love seeing you suck dick. Because I want some too.”

“Eddie, that’s just crazy. I can’t do that. It’s wrong. You’re my son. It’s just wrong.”

All the while she had been talking I had been loading a recording into the machine. Now she could see what I had seen. Now she could understand why I wanted some of her pussy. She could see how beautiful and tempting she was. She was fascinated to watch herself.

In this scene she was taking it up the ass from one of her colleagues at work. He rammed her for about five minutes and then filled her with his seed. All the while she was finger fucking herself, trying to get off as much as possible.

My mom was a slut.

“Honey, illegal bahis siteleri this is not right. You should not do this. I can’t help you.”

I took her hand, placed it on my cock which had got hard as stone sticking out of my robe, and her slut character took over. Here was a long, hard cock just waiting to be used. I knew I had her when she began stroking me. Then she gave a tentative smile. She was hooked.

“Let’s go into your room Mom. It’s got a bigger bed.”

I also wanted to record this session. As she was moving towards the door I hit the record button. I could afford to lose the recording in the machine right now.

“You know this will be recorded don’t you Mom?”

“Of course, Eddie. You’ve been doing it for months now. Why stop now. It’ll be fun to remember the first time with my big boy.”

When we got into her bedroom I took my time. I had waited for a long time to have some mommy pussy. And everything else she had. I loved my mom. I fucking adored her body and what she could do with it.

“Please, Mom. Just undress as slowly as you can. I want to watch the woman I love more than anything in the world. I want to see you up close and I want to be able to smell you and taste you. I want you Mom. I’ll make you very, very happy.”

She smiled at me. She had always been the only one to really care about me. And she had trusted me to help her get rid of dad. Now she trusted me to give her what she always needed and, I think, had never got enough of.

She now began to strip for her young son. I had seen her do this before on camera, but this was different. I could see up close the wetness of her waxed pussy lips. I could see her large clit protruding from its hood. I could see her nipples like little erasers sticking out to be sucked. I could she her white flesh waiting to be kissed and loved with my mouth and my cum.

My clothes slipped off quickly. I had anticipated this and had worn only a robe and slippers. I stood there with my long dick hard and dripping pre-cum. She smiled as she saw that. She was down to her bra and thong and her bra popped off releasing her scrumptious tits, waiting to be gobbled by me. And her thong was the last to come off. She stood proud and straight, a MILF in her prime, waiting for the fucking I knew she had never received before.

I wanted my mom the traditional way first. I say first because this was going to be a long night. We took hands and I leaned in and kissed Mom on the lips. Slowly and tenderly. She returned the kiss and reached down and stroked my cock in long strokes. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. I reached under and rammed two fingers into her greasy pussy. I found her G-spot and made her cum for the first time of the night. I felt her shudder and she bit my lip as she was kissing me.

My mom was tiny. She was only five feet tall. But her tits were large and still had plenty of perk. The nipples were like rubies now. Hard and red. I knew her cunt was wet and juicy. Her hair smelled of jasmine as I nuzzled her neck and she stroked my prick into even greater hardness. I picked her up by her ass, held her with one hand and arm and inserted my cock into her pussy with the other.

I began fucking her standing up, with her legs wrapped about my waist and moaning with lust as I continued to make out with her. I sucked on her ear lobes as I thrust into her cunt. I felt her boobs pressing into my chest muscles. Finally I laid her down on her bed and rammed into her as hard as I could. She whimpered and moaned and called my name.

“Oh fuck, Eddie, fuck mommy. Oh jesus you made me cum already. God, your cock is so long and hard. Please fuck me harder and deeper baby.”

Hell, do you think I had a problem with that? I was jamming all the cock I had into her cooze and she could barely take it all. I was so fucking deep into her cunt that I thought I could see my cock bouncing inside her belly. And I could keep this up all night if I wanted. She was getting the fuck treat she had always been searching for, and it had been here all the time.

I spread her legs wide apart with my hands. They were sticking straight canlı bahis siteleri up into the air as I thrust my prick faster and faster, making her cum for me over and over again. I was getting what I had wanted ever since I got out of tech school and realized that she was the most beautiful, fuckable woman in town. I rammed and rammed and she kept shuddering with orgasms, her tits shaking with lust and passion.

Tonight was going to be much different for her. Usually her men just fucked her fast and hard and left. Or they crammed their dick into her mouth or ass and had a quick orgasm. I had always believed she had never been fully satisfied.

That was why she spent hours after they left ramming her fingers into her cunt and jamming a dildo up her ass. In fact, she spent more time with her toys than she did with actual men. That was going to change.

Knowing how much she loved it in her pucker hole I pulled out. I knew she had been satisfied with the fucking. She was going to get more.

“Lick my cock, Mom. Then I’m going to give you a rim job and screw your ass hole.”

Eagerly she scrambled onto her knees on the bed as I stood and offered my cock to her. She licked it and sucked on it and got it all lubed up for me. Then I twirled her around and got on my knees as she did the same. I stuck my tongue into her little ass hole and fucked it with my tongue. Then I licked all around it, getting it wet and juiced up.

Standing up I pushed the head of my cock into her hole. She pushed back, moaning and begging for more.

“Dammit, Eddie. You cock is so hard. Oh damn, you’re a great fucker. Why did mommy not know?”

With one hard push I was fully into her ass and she screamed with passion and pleasure. Screwing her ass for the first time was as good as screwing her pussy for the first time. I was not going to cum in her though. I had plans for my spunk. But I was fucking and fucking her ass and she was already cumming and it was running down her thighs. I could smell her sex musk and it just made me ram her harder.

I slowed down a little so I could reach around and pinch her clit. Again she moaned and kept cumming. Then I mauled her tits with my hands until she squealed and begged for more fucking and more twisting of her nipples. I complied. I used my fingernails to make her nipples tingle and grow even harder. All the time my cock was thrusting into her ass and reaming it out good.

After about a half hour of fucking her ass and her cumming for all of that time I knew I was wearing her out. Now I needed the last thing. I pulled slowly out and left her there on the bed.

“Oh god, Eddie that was so good! I want more when I can get it.”

She didn’t understand. It was not over. I went into her bathroom and washed my cock off. Then I returned and found her reclining on her back with her legs spread. She was slowly massaging her tits and pussy and relishing what she had just received.

“We’re not through, Mom. Now we get to eat each other. I want you to suck my cock while I eat all that cum out of your cunt.”

And I straddled her with my cock pointing down to her wide open mouth. My face quickly descended and my tongue was licking all of her pussy cum. I nipped her clit and more cream came out of her pussy. I licked it all up. While I was doing this she had grabbed my dick with her hand and was jacking it and sucking on the head.

She kept cumming and cumming but I could tell she was almost used up. Now it was finally time for some of my cum to feed mommy. I left her cunt, hopped up and away from her mouth, straddled her again with my cock pointing at her face as she sat up. I rammed my cock into her tempting mouth and soon I was ready to cum for my mommy.

“Keep your mouth open, Mom. Keep it open and take what I’ve got to give.”

I started shooting long strings of spunk into mommy’s mouth and onto her face and down onto those still red nipples. I had been saving this seed for a long time, just for this occasion. I hosed her down and she sucked up what she could. Wiping the cum into her tits she then licked her hand and grabbed my cock. She sucked on it hard. I thought she would make it burst. But she wanted more cum. Finally I was dry.

I had received the best this world has to offer. My Mom gave me her cunt, and her ass hole, and her mouth. I had given her dozens of cums.

I would give her many more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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