Mira Ch. 02

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I woke up in my bed at home, with no memory of getting back. Vague images and thoughts ran out of my mind like water through my fingers. After a minute of concentration, it came to me. Everything that had happened yesterday.

Lying in bed, I tried to reason with myself. It was in the game. It wasn’t real. Nobody could prove it had happened. But that didn’t change the fact that it did happen.

Nor did it change how good it had felt.

I tried to be normal, going through the motions like I would on any other day. Go downstairs, have breakfast, have some kind of talk from mum, ignore mum, go back upstairs, boot up my computer. When I logged into ROSE on instinct without even noticing is when I couldn’t pretend any more. There was a new message in my inbox.

“Hi Amy! We noticed you tried out our new feature yesterday. Was it as good as we hope it was? We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Simply reply to this message with any comments, even just to tell us you liked it! Have a great time on ROSE today!”

I swallowed hard. Should I tell them? Did they realise what had happened there yesterday? If it was still being trialled, surely they would keep watch on the players. My mouse hovered over the reply button, wondering what to do. Eventually though, I just sighed. There was no way I could put it into words. And then there was the embarrassment of sharing such a thing with strangers over the internet. Instead I closed my browser and fell back down onto my bed.

I had to go back. I knew it was eventually going to happen, that my curiosity and memory of the pleasure would override every sensible part of me, making me march out of the door and into that world. The only question was when. I felt myself tense up, worried about my lack of self-control. Sinister, whispering parts of my mind tried to justify going back.

“It won’t necessarily be like the last time. You can act like you’re just playing ROSE, but in this amazing virtual world! You can find out what they’ve done with it, what you can do. You are one of the very first humans to be part of a virtual reality. Why aren’t you taking this opportunity?

“Even if history does repeat itself, what’s so bad about that? You enjoyed it last time, and you were resisting. Imagine just how good it will feel when you give in. You’re going to do it anyway, why not now?”

I tried taking a deep breath. It took me a couple of seconds, but I got there. My mind was made up.

Since I was so nervous, everything went past me in a blur. Before I knew it, I had got dressed in clothes suitable for going out, made my excuses to my mum, got on the bus and ended up outside the internet café. Walking in, I saw the woman who had helped me yesterday. She noticed me too and smiled widely, walking towards me.

“You’re back! I was hoping you would be. Follow me, I have something for you.” She led me to a desk and stepped behind it, reaching underneath to pull out a small envelope.

“This is your card. It only arrived this morning so I couldn’t give it to you yesterday, but this will let you get in without needing to be escorted. Of course, if you do need help of any kind, stop me and I’ll be right on it.”

Throughout all of this she kept smiling, and I tried to reciprocate. The ball of tension in my belly was too much for me to overcome however, and I probably just looked like I was ill. She looked a little worried, and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“I’m serious,” she spoke calmly. “Anything you need, come straight to me. Whatever it is.” I told her that I was fine, and after a second she nodded.

“Have a nice day.”

Before getting in the leather chair this time I walked around it, looking for the equipment that allowed my mind to enter a computer. There was no evidence of anything under the chair, or even on the ceiling where the lights that had made me pass out came from. I resigned myself to not knowing, then took a couple of breaths to steel myself. Ready for what was to come, I got in the chair.

This time when I had recovered, I found myself in my room. Not my real bedroom, but a perfect recreation of the pendik escort bedroom I had made in ROSE. The wallpaper was designed by me, but all the bed linen and furnishings were basic ones from the shop. I looked around, astounded by how real everything was. The entire room had been lifted from the cartoonish style of ROSE I was used to, and had become indistinguishable from Earth.

I was in the dress I had received yesterday, but a quick check of my panties revealed that there was nothing in my ass. I looked it up on the menu, and somehow the plug had become separated from the rest of my outfit. I could recombine it if I wanted to, but with a shiver I closed the menu again.

While I was thinking about what to do, a message popped up in front of me, telling me that for logging in I had received 5000 points. This was confusing to me. It was normal to get points for logging in – once a day you received 1000 points – but it had never been 5000. 1000 was about enough to get you a small accessory. If you wanted anything bigger you had to save, work or gamble. With my new-found wealth in hand, I decided the item shop would be the best place to call upon first.

The first thing I saw upon stepping into the shop was the clerk. He looked the same as yesterday, smiling obliviously, and I felt all of my nerves suddenly build up inside of me again. I closed my eyes tightly to steady myself, then walked up to him when I was ready.

“Hello Mira, lovely to see you again! I trust you are having a pleasant day? What can this shop provide for you?” I asked him about the 5000 points, the first thing that came to my head.

“Well, we want to encourage people who have access to this world to use it! For that reason, for the time being, every person who logs into ROSE through virtual reality will receive 5 times the normal daily points. Now, I understand you must have cash to burn what with your sudden windfall, so might I recommend a new item?”

I nodded slowly, wondering what it might be. Reaching under the counter, he said:

“It is called the pink butterfly. I believe it may be to your liking.” He placed something on the counter, then stood back so I could examine it.

It appeared to be a smooth cylinder, like a bullet round at both ends. It was about an inch long and a little over a centimetre in diameter. Out of one end came a wire which led to a larger square with a dial on it. It was all coloured bright pink.

“What is this? What do you use it for?”

The clerk looked puzzled for a moment before chuckling. “For your ass of course. This item is intended to bring you pleasure like you have never felt before.”

I froze, eyes wide. Again? He was trying to get me to have something in my butt again? A voice in the back of my mind told me I shouldn’t really be so surprised, but I didn’t listen to it.

“No, sorry, I- I can’t.” I stuttered, walking backwards towards the door. “That – not again, no -“

He interrupted me softly. “Mira, I know yesterday may have been startling for you. But trust me, please. All I am trying to do is help you realise a way to be happy. Yesterday I had to be forceful so that you could experience it once, but today I hope you can make the decision to do it again, at your own pace. You can take this butterfly away for just 3000 points, try it out, and then see why you should be listening to your body right now. Your body wants this, Mira. You just need to let your mind out of the way.”

I felt like slumping to the ground. My body did want it, I was sure of that. But this wasn’t the sort of thing a person should enjoy. I was still a virgin, yet this shopkeeper was trying to sell me toys to stick in my asshole. It was all too much.

“I’ll… I’ll take it.” My voice surprised me somewhat, but I walked back over to the counter, palm out. The clerk smiled and put the butterfly in my hand. I turned away and almost ran through the door, a scared little girl escaping a situation she couldn’t handle.

Back in my room, I chucked the pink device onto my bed. I could barely believe that I had just bought it, or what I was intending to do with it, but I couldn’t deny tuzla escort what my body was telling me. I knew before I checked that the front of my panties was damp.

I turned away and took a few steps. I nodded slightly, trying to get the will to carry on, then slowly pulled my panties off and chucked them to the side. I debated whether to take off my dress, but I felt more confident in it somehow, since I had been wearing it yesterday during my first experience. Besides, with the skirt being so short and light it wouldn’t get in the way at all.

I spun around on my heel and walked towards the bed. Reaching down to pick up the butterfly, I noticed a small pink tube next to it, labelled “personal lotion” and I realised it must have come with the toy to use as lube. Before I could change my mind I sat down and squeezed a generous amount onto my fingers. Despite this the tube didn’t seem to have any less in – the game must be replenishing it for me.

I lay down, lifted my bum up to pull the skirt under it, and reached towards my asshole with the fingers I had dumped lube onto. I didn’t know exactly what to do; this wasn’t the sort of thing normally talked about in sex ed, so I just smeared a load around my hole. The cold surprised me and I flinched, but my fingers kept rubbing and it gradually warmed up, relaxing me.

I kept rubbing softly, wondering what to do next. Should I go straight for the toy? Or should I try with a finger first to get a little lube inside me? I decided to go with the latter, to make sure I was fully prepared. The butterfly was about the thickness of my finger, so I knew that if I could get one inside, I was ready.

I got a little more lube on my finger first, then pressed it firmly against my tight hole. My flesh yielded a little, but my finger didn’t go inside. I pushed slowly, not trying to force it, when suddenly I felt my hole open to the intruder and my finger slid in to the first knuckle. Pulling it out to make sure it wasn’t stuck or anything, I collected more lube that had been smeared over my ass and went again.

This time my finger slid in on the first push. Once inside, I didn’t stop. My finger slid almost without resistance right down to the base, and I gasped at the sensation. There was no pain whatsoever, instead all I felt was a slight fullness and a warmth in my belly. The pleasure I remembered from yesterday wasn’t there – at least until I started moving.

When I pulled my finger out I was just meaning to get it out of the way, since I had decided I was ready for the toy. However, what I didn’t count on was the pleasure of something sliding out of my asshole. A shiver of joy ran up my spine and I started breathing more heavily. I could feel the moisture in my crotch grow until a couple of drips ran down my pelvis. I didn’t want to wait for the toy anymore, instead pushing my finger back inside so I could slowly pull it out again. My eyes closed as I let out my first moan.

The feeling was incredible, like nothing I had ever felt before. It was completely different to the pleasure I got fingering my front. My eyes were closed, but my spare hand clumsily groped the bed around me, looking for the butterfly. The tips of my fingers caught onto the wire and I grabbed it and pulled it down to my ass. All this time my finger was still sliding in and out of my tight hole, the ring of muscle at the edge relaxing with every shuddering breath I took.

I didn’t want to go a second without the pleasure I was feeling, so as fast as possible I grabbed the bullet end of the butterfly, took my finger out of my ass and slid the toy in in its place. I may have been a bit overzealous in pushing the butterfly in, since with a quiet pop it went right the way into my ass, pink wire hanging out now the only way remove it.

The feeling wasn’t there though, I realised. What had been so great before wasn’t just having something in my ass, not that that wasn’t nice, but the movement of something inside me, stretching my entrance and rubbing sensitive spots I didn’t know existed. It was then I remembered the remote. I picked it up and carefully moved the dial by one notch.

The kartal escort butterfly started vibrating, and I dropped the remote as the feeling swept over me. The vibrations spread across my entire body, reverberating in my ears and running down my arms and legs, but most important was what it was doing to my ass. The tingling massage was probably the best thing I had ever felt in my life, a golden glow of pure pleasure coming from inside me. I could feel my hole clench and unclench as my breaths got shorter and more desperate, becoming moans and screams of joy.

My first orgasm of the day swept over me shortly after, filling my head with white light. I arched my back and screamed from the sensations, shivers running everywhere through my body, and I felt a rush of juice coming out of my pussy. It wasn’t a proper squirt, just a lot dribbling out of me, but nothing like that had ever happened. It was the best orgasm of my life, the scary part being that I wanted more.

The musk of my own vagina crept up my nostrils, and fingers from both hands scrabbled to reach my back door. My right hand got there first, rubbing its middle finger around the hole before plunging into the slick entrance, sending another rush down my body. My left hand closed around the remote, and slid the dial up several more notches. I cried out as the buzzing from inside me got louder, and the feelings from inside me got more intense.

The butterfly was acting oddly. I didn’t notice at first, preoccupied as I was with the fingers passing in and out of my asshole, but it seemed to be inching deeper into me. The vibrations were getting more and more pleasurable the further it went and all of this overwhelming bliss was stopping my normal nervous response. Instead of getting worried, I basked in my steadily increasing feelings and readied a second finger to try and get into my ass. I removed the first completely, then lined them up at the entrance before taking as deep a breath as I could.

I was on the cusp of a second orgasm and didn’t have time to be worried about whether they would both fit, so instead I just shoved them as fast as I could. The sensation drove me over the edge, and they started pistoning in and out of me of their own accord while my eyes rode up into the back of my head. My screams reached higher pitches than I thought possible, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was the pleasure, the feeling of my fingers inside my dirtiest hole, the sensation of a vibrating toy deep in my ass. The dampness around my pussy had become a stream, a constant flow of sticky juice going down into my asscrack and helping to lube my still moving fingers.

I don’t know how long I might have carried on, but my left hand still held the remote and turned off the butterfly. As my body relaxed my right hand fell to the mattress, the fingers finally stopping moving. For several minutes I lay there, getting my breath back and enjoying the afterglow of the strongest orgasms I had ever had.

The toy was still in my ass, and the only way to get it out was to pull on the cord connecting it to the remote. The feeling of it sliding through me made me gasp again, but what truly stunned me was the length of wire that came out. It must have been at least 12 inches, meaning that the butterfly had crept its way over a foot through my ass.

Reaching up to pull sweaty hair off my face, I wondered what to do. I had meant to wander around the world today, exploring this virtual place, but now it would feel odd. Both times I had been here my experience had gone from an amazing new video game to… Well, to what had happened. Anyway, I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if I stayed today. I logged out of the game and woke up in the internet café.

Yet again there was no evidence that anything had been going into my ass. What there was however, was a lot of sweat. The leather chair had beads of salty water all over it, and the back of my shirt and trousers were damp to the touch. Clearly my real body had reacted to what was happening in the virtual world. Again my panties were soaked, but luckily had not left a mark on my trousers. I didn’t know how I would explain that.

It was with unsteady legs that I made my way out of the café and back to the bus station, but it was also with a smile on my face. I would go back tomorrow I decided. What I would do there was flexible.

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