Mind Over Management Ch. 04

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I was balls deep inside Cheryl, with Jess sucking my balls and Jamie rimming Cheryl’s ass, when Jen came through the door from work and immediately started to disrobe. Before I knew it, Jen’s cunt was in Cheryl’s face, and the blonde went to town on her snatch, licking away like nobody’s business. We fucked for several more minutes, while Cheryl sucked Jen’s clit and invaded her folds with her tongue, causing Jen to cum mere seconds before Cheryl did. The fact that the camcorder was set up again was another turn-on, so it wasn’t long before I unloaded in Cheryl’s sweet slit for what I was worth, which turned out to be quite a bit.

That was when the phone rang and Jen picked it up. There was an audible intake of breath, and I could sense something different about Jen when she heard whatever it was.

“Alright, I’ll hand him the phone,” Jen said as she turned it over to me.

“Jack, this is Pam. I still need to bring over the family medical history for Jen’s unborn baby. Is that alright? I also have to tell you that I’m worried about Garth. I know, you don’t want to hear about him much. He’s not your favorite person, I know, but he’s my son and I love him. May I bring him over? It’s been a month since you arranged his life for him, and it’s worked out great for me, but sadly he’s depressed. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t sleep. He fucks me pretty well as I’ve trained him, but he’s wasting away and I’m not sure how to help him. I’m his mother and now his lover, but I can’t get through to him. Can we please sit down and talk?” Pam begged me.

“Alright, we can talk it over, but be damned sure to bring those medical documents, too. I’ll find out what’s at the root of it. We all will,” I said, though I suspected that the guy took a major blow to his ego that I hadn’t anticipated, given how submissive he seemed to be.

“Thank you, Jack. You won’t regret it,” Pam hung up the phone.

“So, Garth is now depressed and because I was forced to intervene in his life once, now I must again. Jupiter! I thought that we were well rid of your ex, Jen, but he just keeps popping back into your life. Sorry about that. I know how he’s made you feel, how unhappy and all,” I assured her.

“Well, actually, I’ve softened a bit in my feelings about him. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still resent what he did and how much it hurt me, but it’s much more in the past now that he has had a sort of attitude adjustment and has given me space for a month now to work out my anger. Maybe he should be in her life, too, just not as the father. You know, like Uncle Garth or something like that. That would let Pam be involved as well. Maybe that’s what eating at him, the guilt and the knowledge that he is forbidden any contact or connection to his flesh and blood. Maybe he’s discovering that our daughter matters to him after all,” Jen explained.

“Whatever it is, we’ll get to the bottom of it, I assure you of that,” I declared confidently.

“Maybe he misses your cock up his ass. He really seemed to enjoy it,” Jess snickered.

“That wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll bet that Pam hungers for a taste of it herself,” Jamie laughed as she kissed me.

“Can you blame her? She saw how much it turned her son on, too, and how good of a fucker Jack here really is. I saw Garth in action and compared it to you, and guess who came up short? He did, of course. Oh, he wasn’t horrible, but I can see that Jen traded up in the sex department as well as in love. He’s the beta male, you’re the alpha. Not that I wouldn’t fuck him under normal conditions, because I would. Only the whole baggage of him being Jen’s ex and a jerk would stop me,” Cheryl remarked.

“Well, he is kind of cute. Why do you think that I was drawn to him in the first place? It’s just that he’s such a wimp in some ways, unwilling to step up and be the man. Oh, and I’m convinced that he was letting men fuck his ass the whole time that we dated. I was faithful and loyal as could be, while he got his rocks off with other men, and possibly other women, too. I suspected it at the time, but I let it slide because he was a guy and I’ve frankly never been the jealous type. I just never suspected the same-sex part. I saw the condoms and assumed that he was fucking some other chick. Still, the injustice of it all nags at me, but not as much as it once did,” Jen declared.

“Speak of the devil,” I said, as I saw Pam and Garth through the window, walking to the front door.

I opened the door myself and let the couple in, clearly seeing for myself the hang-dog look on Garth’s face. His eyes were bloodshot, his breath smelled of tequila, and he rushed to the washroom within seconds of entering my apartment. Several minutes of flushing later, I could guess what his hangover brought on.

“You’ve been drinking, a lot, haven’t you?” I confronted Garth as I took the papers from Pam.

“Yeah, I have. Why not? Mom’s drunk with power, I’m drunk with liquor. Sorry, Mom, but it’s true. You’ve gotten way out of hand with this antalya escort D/s stuff. What’s next, a cock cage or chastity belt for me, too? Am I just there to eat you out and have your lover fuck my throat before using your cunt? Am I just your whipping boy, Mom?” he snarled.

“Okay, now, that’s enough of this! Don’t talk to your mother that way! Sit down, both of you! I want to find out what the fuck has been going on! Couch, both of you! The loveseat is for my girls and me. It seems that we’re due for some couples’ counseling, courtesy of yours truly here, though I will certainly take input from everyone here,” I informed them.

Pam had a very worried and pained look on her face, as if horrified by what she just heard from her son. It was the look of someone who thought herself misunderstood by a loved one and unfairly despised for something that she hadn’t done. However, there was also a tinge of guilt to her, as if she thought that perhaps Garth was at least a little right.

“Okay now, from the beginning. What has been going on? Garth, you’ve made some accusations. Please explain what your mother has done to you that has been so terrible and apparently made you resent her,” I allowed him a moment to speak.

“Well, first of all, Mom’s been very diligent in the search for the other guy. So much so that she brings home a few men every week, who all get to fuck my mouth and ass, as well as her pussy and throat. You’d be proud of her there, I guess. Any guy who isn’t bi or acts disgusted by incest she sends home right then. The problem is that I haven’t gotten to fuck the guys at all myself.

“They’ve all fucked me, but I haven’t had a chance to pound their butts or mouths. I haven’t gotten a moment to DP Mom together with the other guy, either. It’s all been the man fucking both of us. The guys that she brings home all have huge cocks and they all want to humiliate me. I don’t know if Mom knows or even cares that I’ve been humiliated, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She will sometimes assert herself when they try to boss her around, but she lets them bully me as much as they like,” Garth stated, to which Pam reacted with visible concern on her face.

“Pam, your turn,” I allowed her to speak then.

“Well, I’ve been exploring my options, yes. Weeding out the chaff, but obviously, I haven’t been thorough enough in terms of eliminating abusive pricks who see this ménage a trois as an excuse to mistreat my son. I can assure you that if I had realized that the guys were getting this out of hand, I would have nipped it in the bud. How exactly are they bullying you, Garth?” she asked him.

“They keep calling me names, slapping my ass, threatening to shave my balls and my butt so I can be more of a sissy for them. That kind of thing. You hadn’t noticed, Mom? They do it while you’re in the room most of the time,” Garth complained.

“Not really. Well, I saw the slapping, but I assumed that this was playful, such as when I slap your butt. I certainly don’t mean that to be a bully or cruel, you know. I hadn’t heard everything that they said, only the shaving bit, which I didn’t think was out of line. Your skin is wonderful, but the image of you completely hairless, smooth, and ready to be licked from head to toe makes me drool. Forgive a mother’s fantasies a little? I want badly to caress your skin, too, to feel that contact of your flesh on mine.

“As for the other part, I think that they got the wrong idea about you from how we have both behaved of late. I put on a dominant front with them, but I think that they see through it, though they don’t realize that it’s due to being commanded to take charge. I do my bit, but when it comes to the actual fucking, I’m pretty much at their feet.

“Sorry, Jack, but I just don’t have what it takes to dominate most men. Garth here, yes, but not most of these guys. I’m a switch, I think, but I’m far more submissive than I originally thought. Anyway, I hadn’t heard them say that, but they probably taunted you with it when I was busy sucking their balls or something else that would keep my attention.

“Garth, I suppose that I have perhaps pushed you into more of a subservient role than I intended, and because of how I’ve had you act around these partners of ours, I can see where they would get the wrong idea. That’s unfortunate, because I don’t want to mistreat or humiliate you, or to attract the wrong sort of men. You’re not perfect, but you’re my son and I would kill any man who I realized was truly hurting you.

“Please let me be clear about something, baby. Mommy doesn’t want to deny you pleasure, not in principle. I have more or less been trying to hoard your cum for one purpose only: to knock me up. It’s worked, too. I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father and a brother at once.

“Maybe that was your problem, being an only child. It has not been about keeping you from fucking sweet young men in the ass, I promise you that. It’s been about making sure that I carry kepez escort your love child in my womb. Does that explain where I come from on this? I suppose that this has reinforced the impression of being submissive to the other men, however, which is rather undesirable,” Pam clarified.

“You never told me that part, Mom,” Garth objected.

“No, I didn’t, because it was supposed to be a surprise. Still, I can see why it would be humiliating for you, and for that I am very sorry, dear. Now, what was this nonsense about D/s and stuff? Sure, I’ve spanked you, but nothing that kinky has happened, right? Oh, I’ve looked at some very D/s sites, but mostly to see what is out there and what would or wouldn’t appeal to us. I have no plans to make you give me such direct control of your cock and balls. Chastity is just such a waste of perfectly good cock, if you ask me,” Pam explained more.

“What about the no jerking off rule, then, Mom?” Garth probed.

“Oh, that was just while I was trying to save up your seed for the baby. Now you can jerk off as you please, provided that you don’t neglect your mother and lover. Oh, and please call me ‘Mommy’, not ‘Mom’. I love to be called ‘Mommy’, because it makes me really feel those nurturing, maternal instincts that make our love and our bond much more special. I want us to be close. Please stop drinking so much, too. I understand why now, but since we are dealing with our issues, shouldn’t you cut back now? You don’t have reason to be so upset, do you?” Pam encouraged her son.

“If I might interject now, perhaps Garth has other issues, too, such as the feelings of loss and guilt from no longer being able to raise Jen’s baby. Perhaps I also need to amend my commands to each of you. I’ve decided that whatever Garth’s transgressions, his sentence was a little too harsh. In fact, I have a solution. It will require some trickery, but it will work, I think.

“My sister has just been served with divorce papers, though admittedly it was partly her fault. Her name is Roxanne. She’s a great woman, just a little too horny at times. She does have kids, however. She’s a real MILF, my sister, but I don’t love her that way. What I propose is that Garth take my sister to bed now that Pam has conceived. He will keep sleeping with Pam as well. Roxanne is very submissive. She will fit in better with you, Pam. You’ll find topping her a lot easier than trying to dominate these men.

“I will bring her over and you two will fuck her until she’s ready to drop. We’ll wait until her kids are with their dad, of course. As for other men, Pam, you will now only have those men that I assign to you. That will include Garth, me, Roxanne’s husband, whom if I have my way, and I will, is going to reconcile with her and move in with you… and possibly some others that I choose for you. You will submit to all these men but Garth, since he’s still very much under your thumb. You will also dominate Roxanne, as I said. I will fuck Roxanne as well. She’s been eager for it for some time now, I know. Now that I can make her marriage something other than monogamous, it’s the golden chance to tap her ass.

“You will also fuck all of my girls except Jen, until or unless she is comfortable with fucking you. Then even that rule would be dropped. Jen, what do you think?” I gave her a chance to speak up.

“I’m actually okay now with fucking Garth again, provided that he knows his place and agrees to let you fuck him in the ass,” Jen smiled at us seductively.

“That’s fine with me. Sounds like we have the basis of a nice little sex club, in fact. Might as well keep up our shape. Seems that Jen has bounced back as well. Just don’t mistreat her anymore, Garth. I won’t like it if you did and you won’t like how I will react,” I warned him.

“Oh, my son will behave very well in the future, won’t you?” Pam nudged him.

“Yes, of course, Mommy. Very sorry about how badly I’ve behaved. I’ll slow down on the drinking, too, but I hope that I don’t have to quit completely,” he answered.

“No need for that, young man. Just know your place, as Jen said. Oh, and it goes without saying what will happen if you mistreat my sister,” I gave him a warning glare, which made Garth shiver.

“Very well, then. Garth, fuck Cheryl. She’s just been fucked by me, so she’s a buttered bun, so to speak. Still, I think that you’ll enjoy my sloppy seconds, won’t you?” I commanded him.

“Yes, sir,” Garth smiled as he lined up behind Cheryl to pound that juicy twat that he had only tasted before on his mother’s lips.

“God, yes, fuck me, you horny motherfucker! I love getting fucked by a guy nasty enough to do his own mommy,” Cheryl urged him to pound away at her.

“Alright, Pam, here it goes. Suck my cock,” I ordered Garth’s mom.

“With pleasure,” Pam winked as she knelt to put her lips around my dick.

“So, about Roxanne… can Jess and I DP her with strap-ons someday?” Jamie pleaded.

“Sure, manavgat escort but you must also agree to give her hubby, Carl, a good old-fashioned threesome!” I chuckled.

I now began screwing Pam’s ass, which was nice and ready thanks to Garth’s fingers, which had been sneaking their way up her tush. She was very wet, too.

“Oh, fuck me… yes, right up my ass!” Pam egged me on.

“You like it up there, don’t you?” I grinned as my cock went deeper into her bottom.

“Oh… God! Yes! I’ve even planned to let Garth fuck my ass soon, once he knocked me up!” Pam admitted before she started to moan.

“Jess, Jamie, you’re next. I plan to fuck you girls into next year. I want to really give it to you up the butt, of course. I know how much you love to be fucked in the ass,” I informed them.

“Jen, while I ram Jess and Jamie, I want you to use Pam’s face for your pleasure. Pam, you will rim Jen’s ass and eat her pussy until she screams and begs for you to stop,” I instructed Pam as I withdrew from her butt and entered Jamie’s.

“Jess, for now, focus on finger-fucking Pam’s asshole. Get it very prepared for Garth’s dick. I want to see him sodomize Mommy right in front of us. Garth, don’t you dare cum in Cheryl’s pussy. You’re going to cum in your mother’s booty instead,” I urged her as I know really gave it hard to a very wet and happy Jamie.

Cheryl let out a real squeal of delight as she felt Garth still fucking her, all the more forceful on his part due to the frustration that he felt about not being allowed to cum just yet. He was very much on the edge and we all knew it, but I was going to make him really earn his release this time.

“Alright, Garth, switch to Pam’s butt. Jess, your turn for my cock up your ass. Jamie and you will keep taking turns with it until I say otherwise. Jen, fist Cheryl the best you can in her horny cunt,” I ordered them.

Pam went completely wild at this point, having her own son ramrod her asshole with his cock. She clearly loved him, in spite of his faults, and I had to admit that she was starting to have a positive influence on him again. Now that he was past his fears and feelings of humiliation, Garth would be a lot better man than he was.

It took several more minutes of edging before it became unbearable for each of us, and I shot off my spunk in Jamie’s ass on our next round.

“You, too, Garth. Cum in your mother’s ass!” I demanded of him.

Pam came yet again as her son’s load shot out of his cock and balls into her bottom. I loved the sight of her tight, much toned butt, which while not as womanly as Cheryl’s or Jen’s, was still very well shaped. I kissed Jen on the mouth, while her hands wandered to my dick to stroke it back to hardness, after which I locked lips with Cheryl, tangled my tongue with those of Jess and Jamie, and planted a very steamy kiss on Pam’s lips.

“So, Garth, do you still think that your mother is out to get you?” Pam grinned at Garth.

“No,” he gulped.

“Oh, but I am. Just not in the way that you thought. I want to keep your balls nice and drained as they should be. What’s next, Jack?” Pam inquired.

“Well, I’ll look at these papers soon. Thank you very much. I don’t plan for all of us to live together. In fact, the more I think of it, the less I like the idea of you and Roxanne shacking up. However, you will be very involved in things now. Garth and you will certainly have plenty of time in the sack with her, of course. I expect that you will let Carl fuck you whenever he likes, same as with me. I will definitely fuck Roxanne a lot, as will Carl once he has reconciled with her. It’s about time that we all face up to what’s going on here. You ladies are sluts. We men are lechers. Plain and simple. We deserve each other. Oh, and Carl will fuck Garth, too, as will I. Everyone in this little family will fuck everyone else,” I announced.

“Sounds great, but what about right now?” Jen played footsie with me to make her intentions clear.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, while Pam, Jess, and Jamie have a nice, lesbian threesome, and Garth fucks Cheryl’s tits. She’s longer overdue for a titty fuck, don’t you agree?” I smiled at the group present in the apartment.

“But first, supper… to give me plenty of calories to burn while you wear me out, my horny pregnant love slave!” I added.

“Let me cook, please. I want to serve you however I can,” Pam begged us.

“Fine with me. Cheryl, horny much? Your tits seem ready for a cock, aren’t they? I can smell your wet pussy from here, too. Garth, get another taste of it. Keep Cheryl busy until you can fuck her tits. Eat her out!” I ordered Garth, who dove in so fast for a sampling of her cunt that I doubt that he heard the entire command.

“Okay, new house rules. Everyone goes naked or bottomless at all times indoors. Tops are optional. It will just make things so much simpler,” I smiled as Pam cooked in nothing but her T-shirt and we watched Garth all but devour Cheryl’s snatch, bringing on a few orgasms already.

If he minded the taste of my cum in her twat, he certainly didn’t say so. Then again, he was going to fuck her tits soon, after all. He might not be in charge, but he was definitely having a good time… we all were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32