Midday Surprise

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Legs Open

“So are you going to tell me what has you in such high spirits today?” Joan asks putting the coffee cup down onto the table.

I smile and say, “It’s Jonathan. He’s so amazing.”

“So you keep telling me, but you don’t give any details.”

“Are you sure you’d like to know?” I ask hoping she’ll say yes.

She smiles at me. “Are you fucking kidding me? I want to hear it all.”

“Well okay,” I say pretending to only be half interested in letting her in on the secret. “He often comes home when the kids are at school and I’m alone. When he comes in I can just tell he wants to ravage me.”

“By his look?” she asks intently.

“His look?” I say. “Oh please. It’s not just his look, it’s the way he grabs you.”

“When was the last time?”

“Yesterday,” I say smiling big.

I was in the middle of vacuuming the floor when I felt a pair of hands wrap around both shoulders and spin me around. For a moment I was a bit taken back and then he kissed me. Not just something simple or even hurriedly, but he had passion and desire behind it. We kissed for minutes, just passing our tongues into each other mouths. Then he broke away, grabbed my hands and started pulling toward the stairs. We made it to the top, naked with our clothes strewn down the steps.

He pushes me onto the floor and starts kissing me again. His hands gently stroked my sides as we kissed. His hands moved to my breasts and he softly pinched my nipples and I moaned each time. I got louder once he put his lips to them. It felt incredible like I was on fire, so I grabbed his hair and pushed him hard into my breasts.

As Jonathan did his magic with his tongue and teeth his hand worked my pussy as he gently rubbed it, sliding a finger in between my lips and over my clit, back and forth. I could feel my pussy was wet escort ataşehir as his finger easily slipped between and over again and again.

Then as suddenly as it started, his hand stopped. I was curious and began to lift my head up when he suddenly lay gently on top of me, being sure to hold his weight off of me with his arms. He kissed me deeply, passionately and I could feel his cock lay on top of my pussy, pushing on my clit. Automatically I felt myself pushing up against him as we kissed and he began rubbing himself slowly against me. I wanted as badly as he did.

After a few more minutes of our deep kissing, he started to move down with his body and kisses. I guessed he had something else in mind right then. First his kisses went to my neck. I felt the head of his cock slide down the front of my pussy. First my clit and then for a split second it sat at the entrance to my pussy. I wanted him in me so badly, but he kept moving. His kisses got back to my breasts and then down my stomach. I felt him push my legs apart and suddenly jis whole mouth enveloped my pussy and his tongue deep inside me. I couldn’t make a noise, I just gasped with the feeling of his tongue flicking all around inside me.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming. As it hit, I grabbed handfuls of Jonathan’s hair and every bit of my body shook. Each wave was bigger than the last and lasted for what felt like eternity. I eventually had to pull Jonathan off because my body couldn’t take anymore. He slowly came back up the middle of my body, kissing all the way and when he reached my neck his cock was resting against my pussy again. I looked into Jonathan’s eyes and kissed him. Long and passionately we kissed and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me.

I was so wet from his licking me kadıköy escort bayan combined with my cum that he just slide right in. His big cock stretched me open and I dug my nails into his ass, pulling him in more. It felt so fantastic I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. He pushed until he could go no further. I held him in feeling his cock buried deep within me then I kissed him deeply. When I pulled away I said, ‘Make love to me Jonathan.’

He started slowly and my pussy felt so full and sensitive. He got faster and faster and I started moaning with another orgasm building. About the same time my orgasm broke, Jonathan began shooting loads of cum, one after another into my pussy. I screamed with pleasure as he emptied himself in me, but he wasn’t done, not yet.

He pulled out of me and slide up, putting his cock in my face. I was more than happy to take it. I opened my mouth to swallow his massive cock and started sucking the cum from the head of his cock. Oh how I love the taste of it. I don’t know what he did to make it taste sweet, but it is fantastic. As I worked my tongue around it, making sure to get all my juices licked from it, I pushed my breasts up around his thick shaft.

Jonathan got the hint and started pumping my breasts as if it were my pussy. Precum dripped from his head and I shot my tongue out quickly to collect it. I needed every drop and I wasn’t going to let any go to waste. I could feel his balls slapping the underside of my breasts and from his grunts I knew he was going to explode. And explode he did, with ample supply. I opened my mouth just as he released another load. It shot straight to the back of my throat and I swallowed as quickly as I could.

Spent he rolled off to lay next to me. We lay together for minutes, holding hands when I told him escort bostancı I was going to take a shower. I wasn’t in there for thirty seconds when he came in, hard as a rock and ready for more. I could feel his cock pressed against my pussy so I slowly pushed back taking hi whole cock into me just before pulling back off. Then suddenly I pushed back hard against him. Jonathan moans with me as I kept pulling off only to slam back against his pelvis. I couldn’t get enough of his cock no matter how much I told myself I could.

Soon he pushes back against me and squishes my swaying breasts against the glass. He then begins thrusting his cock into me. He grabs hold of my hips so that he could ram me harder. My whole body shook with every thrust. I reached back with one hand to lightly play with his balls, cupping and gently rolling them around. Jonathan let out a moan and wrapped his hand around to rub my clit. I too let out a deep moan.

‘Please go faster Jonathan,’ I pleaded. ‘I want you to fuck me harder!’

Jonathan obeyed and quickened his pace thrusting hard and fast into me. I was shaking even more with each thrust. My pussy gripped his cock as water flowed down my back and over his balls. Combined with my hand playing with them, it wasn’t long before he was cumming again and so was I.

‘I’m cumming again!’ I yelled.

My body went rigid, my back arched and my pussy clenched around his big cock. I felt Jonathan feverishly thrust in and out, grinding his finger against my clit. Then he unleashed a torrent of cum into my pussy. I moaned hard again as my orgasm gained force and his hot cum coated my pussy, filling me so much that I could feel it leak out. As we both came down off our shared orgasm I felt him pop out. As I turned around I noticed his cock was still hard.

“He just doesn’t stop,” I say. “Now let me tell you about what happened after the shower.”

“Okay, okay,” she says waving her hands. “You can stop now. Good lord woman.”

“I was just getting to the best part,” I say.

“Yeah, well I need to go change my underwear.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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