Meeting My Internet Crush Pt. 02

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I couldn’t believe it when it was happening. Brian, the one guy I thought I may never get, currently has his thick, veiny cock completely buried inside me. It’s so hard to keep quiet when your dream white boy’s rod bulldozes through your pussy and crawls through your walls, as you feel yourself tighten along it. He pulled back out slowly and I felt the head of it remain. There was a sharp, blunt thrust that had my ass give a thunderous clap when his pelvis collided with me.

He followed it with another one, and another, and another; each captivating me more than the last. Before you know it, I could feel my satisfaction emulating out of min the forms of moans, hums and squeals.

“Harder. Harder!!” I managed to command during it all. He put more power into his thrusts to the point I was getting sore, but didn’t want it to stop. I tucked my head between my extended arms, biting at the pillow beneath me as I could now feel the warmth of the impacts travelling all through me. Each thrust did more than a thousand ‘I Love You’s could do.

He stopped with the thrusts and pulled out of me. I fell flat on my stomach, both us breathing heavily. I could hear his over mine easily, so clearly, he was taxed from it.

“Hey, you wanna switch?” he asked. You could hear the exhaustion in his request, so I had no choice. I agreed and he untied me from the bed, followed by the shirt around my eyes. I looked at him, head to toe, drenched in sweat. The natural light from the window glistened off him, passing through his blonde, spiked hair like a field of wheat on hop of his skull. His body was so heavenly. That dick of his will do wonders if I get control of him.

Brian laid on the bed as I stood to gather myself. After a few deep breaths, I crawled on top of him, through his legs, as low as I could go. His dick was just on my nose as I gave it a lick progressing upward. It ran on my chin, down my throat, between my tits, straight down to my crotch. I looked at him, deep in those skyblue eyes of his. We were practically talking to each other using only sight, before the stare was broken as I moved down to kiss him yet again.

There was so much passion in this one compared to the first one we shared. I held both sides of his face as his hands ran through my braids, along my back and exploring the curvature of my body. I could feel the twitching of his erection just tapping against my clit, ready to continue what we started. illegal bahis The dead silence around us allowed me to hear or lips macking together in unison so sweetly. At this point, we were going beyond just sex. This felt like love to me. I put my hands on his chest and straightened myself, still kneeling on the bed with his cock just behind me, between my ass cheeks. I grinded my hips backwards to get his cock in front of me, just passing on my undercarriage. I felt chills just doing that.

“Yea, baby. Keep that going” he told me. I’m not one to say no, especially when I’m enjoying it as much as he is. I shifted my hips forward, just savouring every inch of it all. Back, forth, back, forth. The friction started building to the point I could feel myself getting warmer, and not just from the previous pounding. When I stopped, I rose off his body to get some love within me. You could tell I was a little nervous still by how hard it was to put his dick inside my own parts. I

hit my ass, went too far forward and almost sodomize myself. How do guys control this thing?

“You need help?” Brian inquired, with a little snicker at the end. I could only imagine how dumb I looked showing my bad aim. Embarrassment like this may never be topped so long as I live. I just said “I-I’m fine, babe.” It just hit me. Did I call him babe? What is he going to think of that? Are we dating? Will he pick up and run because he’s afraid of commitment? Am I overthinking this?

“Babe? I like it” he told me. I blushed a little and completely forgot I’m supposed to be riding him right now. “Let me help” as he properly guided his shaft within me. It’s all down to me from here. I slowly made my way back down to his pelvis. I wanted to work my way up to straight out slamming myself into him. Back up I went, then down again. The light sacks of my ass meshing with his crotch was music to my ears. He put both hands on my hips as I went to my knees to help. He guided me upwards to take some of the work off me. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh” is all I could muster to get out my mouth. I just relaxed myself and my upper body fell onto him gently. My hips were still going, like this is what they were made to do. Brian opened my ass cheeks just a bit and it really helped. I could slide along him much easier as I lay my head on his chest. I rose my head to look at him once more; my braids falling to both sides of his head. An intimate look feel on him, illegal bahis siteleri like he wanted to love me, mind, body and soul.

Brian turned me to the other side of the bed and laid me on my back. He gave me yet another deep, breathtaking kiss as he took his time to penetrate me. Both of my pairs of lips were occupied as my internet lover was between my legs, giving me the time of my life. I latched onto his back and prepared myself. The thrusts were more than just attempts to get to orgasm. I could tell now he wants to connect with me, love me, feel me, become one with me. The kiss ceased as now he looked not just at my eyes, but I felt his soul enter me.

Sweat found its way from his face, towards his chin and just tested for a moment before falling on my face. It wasn’t the bodily fluid I planned to get on my face but I was sure in due time, he would give it to me. He straightened his torso, grabbing onto each leg and placing it on his shoulders. The strokes continued, each filling me with passion and love. Before you know it, I had this feeling in my core; like a tingling feeling. I was feeling my entire body just loosen and relax itself. My eyes closed on me and I just let whatever that would naturally happen, happen. I found myself letting out short sounds with each stroke now. Then, it finally happened. A surge of electricity ran its way from my chest, consuming my entire torso, running through my arms. I gripped the sheets beside me. My hips jerked forward as my pussy loosened as tightened itself into Brian’s cock. My breathing intensified as this went on for several seconds, almost 30. It’s been so long since I’ve had one, I almost didn’t recognise the signs I was having an orgasm.

I laid motionless as Brian stopped to ask, “You all right? It seemed like you blacked out for a second.”

“I’m fine” I replied. “That just happens when I cum.” He seemed accomplished when I said that by the smile he had. There was no feeling like it so he should have felt proud of himself. But, I wasn’t done with just one of that. No, no. He has to leave me as shattered remains of a woman, doused in bodily fluid, unable to walk for the day.

“You can keep going. We’re far from done here.” I said after recuperating. I think he took it as a challenge to see how far he can go as he just dove back into it without a thought. It caught me off guard so my orgasm face was back for a moment. When I gathered myself, canlı bahis siteleri I saw he straightened his legs, on his toes, just drilling into me. My head just tested on the pillow as I felt and enjoyed every stroke on every inch of my pink insides.

“Choke me, baby!! Choke me!!” I ordered. Given we did the whole tied up thing, I didn’t think this would scare him away. And it didn’t; he wrapped his hand around my throat and held on tight. The pressure on my throat got higher and higher as I found it harder to breathe as he went on. His thrusts didn’t match the intensity of his grip, but I may have been blacking out since it didn’t bother me too much.

He let go of me and wanted me know all fours again. I was curious as to what he was going to do since he already did me in this position. The same shirt I wore as a blindfold came over my head and found its way around my throat. This was a curious, but sexy experiment he was trying. He held on to both ends with both hands and got back inside me. I was pulled back strongly with my head tilted upwards. It was quite a bit of ingenuity on his part. The choking was harder, he could pound me into a paste and I get to be as freaky as I can with him.

There were no sounds except the collision of our bodies as he did all he can to fuck me into oblivion. I couldn’t moan or yell since I was restrained and he was too focused on keeping this tight conceal on my throat. It ironically felt so freeing to be restrained the way I was.

“I think I’m cumming” Brian warned. The big moment was finally here. Lucky thing too because I was feeling like I was about lose consciousness. He released his grip and my body fell to the bed. I flipped myself over and saw him, dick in hand, pointing it right down my path. It was like staring down the barrel of a gun. His load shout out with such power; seems as though he hasn’t done it in a while.

His white frosting shot right to my head as he sighed of relief, dropping on the side of my nose, some on my lips and on the corner of my mouth. There were streaks running up my chest as the rest just dropped from his tip onto the bed. It was thick but still ran when I sat up.

“White frosting on your chocolate cake” I joked. We both laughed a little, despite knowing that wasn’t one of my best. He lay next to me, completely drained while I just stared at his dick as it went into hibernation.

“We’re not done so I hope your soldier can go again” I said.

“Are you crazy? I might need an energy drink and 10 minutes to be able to go again” Brian replied. Since he was too exhausted from marking me as his property, it was up to me to kill the time till he can get back into action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32