Me And My Daddy Again

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I was so excited, a long weekend home from college. I had missed Doug, my new daddy so bad and couldn’t wait to see him. I couldn’t wait for a repeat of what we had shared on our camping trip. Just the thought of it made my pussy weep inside of my panties.

This would be the first time I was home in three months and I really needed a hard cock in my pussy and I knew he would let me have my way. I had also decided “daddy” and I needed to explore anal sex. I had tried it a few times with other boys and was disappointed but I knew Doug would be up for anything when I got home.

While I was away at college we had talked daily. Most of the time when my mom wasn’t around it was phone sex, just the sound of his voice telling me how to touch myself brought on incredible orgasms.

As I pulled up in front of the house I could see “daddy” and my mom standing on the front porch waiting for me. My mom looked so happy waving, for a moment I felt the stirrings of guilt. Then when I saw the blatant sexual desire etched on Doug’s face I forgot all about the guilt I knew I should be feeling. I wanted his cock in me so bad I hurt.

As I got out of the car I was immediately wrapped in arms, loving hugs by the two people who love me most in the world. My mom was crying, “Oh honey, I’ve missed you so much, I’m so glad you are home.”

Doug squeezed me tight in a bear hug and whispered in my ear, “I want to cum in your tight little daddy’s ass right now.”

I was so turned on by what he said I almost came right there in front of my mother. She looked at us hugging and just beamed with happiness. “I am so glad the two of you have gotten so close, it makes me so happy.” If she only knew how close it would destroy her.

All of us went inside, I decided I had better take a shower and freshen up from my long drive. I went upstairs to my room. I unpacked my clothes first then went and got in the shower. As I was washing off I closed my eyes and began rubbing my clit thinking of Doug doing it for me. I thought about his huge hard cock pounding my tiny ass until he came deep in me. I came so hard while imagining it I had to sit down in the shower to recover.

I got out of the shower a few minutes later sated for the moment. I was wrapping a fluffy towel around my long blond hair when I heard a mutlukent escort soft knock on my bedroom door. “Come in,” I said.

The door opened and it was Doug who came quickly into my room. He locked the door and turned to look at me.

“I need to make you cum right now Dani, I can’t wait.” He came over too me and tore off the towel I had wrapped around my body and threw it across the room. His eyes seemed to feast on my young pert body for a few moments. My high breasts with hard nipples and then lower to my young shaved slit. He threw me back onto my bed. “I need to eat that pussy Dani.”

I laid back on the bed, spread my long thin thighs, and opened my wet pussy for him. I rubbed my aching clit for a few moments while he watched, open need apparent on his face. “Come and eat this daddy’s pussy,” I said with a smile. He fell to the bed between my open thighs and began stroking my clit with his tongue, harder and faster he rubbed my tiny nub with his skilled tongue. I came very quickly and very hard. My juices pouring over his face and down his chin.

He raised his sexy shaved head from between my thighs and smiled at me. I smiled back because we both knew we would continue later. He wiped off his face on a towel and gave me a lingering kiss then unlocked the door and left my room. I laid on the bed for several moments, legs open wide, wishing he would come back in and fuck me like a naughty little “daddy’s whore”, but I knew I had to get dressed and go down for dinner.

I got up and picked up the outfit I had chosen to wear. It was a tiny little mini skirt that barely covered my butt and a sexy halter top that showed off more cleavage than is decent. I decided not to wearing any panties either.

As I went downstairs for dinner I knew I looked absolutely hot. My long blond hair curled perfectly so it framed my young beautiful face, my pert breasts high and proud, and my long tan legs encased in silky hose. I went into the dining room and mom and Doug were waiting for me already.

“Oh honey, you look beautiful,” my mom said. “Doesn’t she look beautiful Doug?”

“Yes, very beautiful,” Doug said smiling at me with hunger in his eyes that had nothing to do with the meal on the table. I took my chair across the table from Doug. As tuzla escort we ate mom asked me questions about college and my trip home. I answered them not really caring about anything but the incredibly sexy guy sitting across from me.

Towards the end of the meal I felt a foot touch my silky leg and run up to my crotch. Oh my god, I thought. I could feel his toes stroking my clit and was lost in the sensation.

“Dani, honey, you don’t mind do you?” I heard my mother say.

“Oh I’m sorry mom, I was lost in thought. Mind what?”

“I need to go into town and play bingo at the church tonight with the girls, I promised them before I knew you were coming home, Doug will be here though.”

“No, I don’t mind, you go ahead.” I said. “I’m pretty tired form my trip anyway and planned to go to bed early tonight.”

Later Doug and I stood on the porch waving to mom as she left. As she drove out of site we turned and went back in the house. We barely had the door closed before we began tearing at each others clothes. “Oh daddy, I need to feel your hard daddy cock in my pussy right now, I want you to fuck me so bad.” I reached my hand down and began stroking his hard cock.

He was sucking on my hard little nipples and fingering my dripping cunt. “Lets go upstairs Dani, so daddy can take care of you.”

We went up to their room, they had a king size bed so we would have more room. We laid down on the bed and continued to touch and stroke each others bodies for several moments. His fingers were buried deep in my pussy stoking hard but I wanted his big cock in me. “I need your cock, now daddy, fuck me with that hard daddy cock,” I moaned.

He flipped me over on my hands and knees and rubbed that big cock up and down my wet slit, then shoved in to the hilt. He began fucking me wildly slamming his cock in my tight wet pussy. I was writhing in ecstasy. “You want daddy to fuck you little girl, you want daddy to make you cum?”

“Oh my god yes, fuck me daddy, fuck my wet little pussy and make me cum, shove your big hard daddy dick in my tight pussy,” I screamed. He was fucking me so hard the headboard of the bed was pounding on the wall. I came hard and juices spilled out of my slit and over his cock and down his thighs.

I realised he hadn’t anadolu yakası escort came yet and asked him about it. He looked at me and smiled. “I am going to spill my seed in your tight little ass.” He got up off of the bed and went over to the dresser where he grabbed a bottle of lube. I was so excited, I was finally going to get his cock in my tight little ass. He laid me on my back so I could see what he was doing to me, opened the bottle of lube rubbed some on his fingers.

I could see him reach his hand down towards my ass, then I could feel him rubbing the lube on my tight hole. He gently stroked one finger into my wanting hole, seeing that was okay, he introduced another. “Rub your sweet little clit for me baby,” he said.

I began rubbing my clit as he was finger fucking my tight asshole with two of his fingers, it felt incredible. “Tell daddy you want his cock in your tight little ass Dani.”

“Oh daddy please, will you fuck my tight little ass with your big hard cock?” “I need to feel your big daddy cock slamming my little asshole, please daddy,” I begged.

Doug smiled, then climbed between my long legs and raised both of my thighs onto his shoulders. I could see his throbbing cock was ready. He took some more lube and stroked it up and down his cock. Then he put the head of his tool at the entrance to my asshole. “I am going to fuck you tight little ass good and hard Dani, are you ready for me?”

“Please daddy, fuck my ass hard, please fuck me hard,” I screamed as I felt his huge monster cock rip open my ass. He pounded my tight hole relentlessly. I could feel his big cock pulsing in my ass, and I began to rub my little clit hard. While he was pounding my ass with his cock he slipped three fingers in my aching cunt and pounded my pussy as well. The sensation I was feeling was out of this world. I had never felt so filled up in my life. The harder he pounded the more I wanted.

I writhed up off the bed towards him as my orgasm overtook me. My cunt clenched around his fingers and my ass around his cock. I could feel his cock begin to pulsate and knew he was close to orgasm too so I moaned, “Oh yes daddy, please cum deep in my little girl ass.” That sent him right over the edge and I could feel his hot seed splashing against my insides as he shoved his cock deep in my ass. It was an incredible feeling.

He pulled his cock from my asshole and laid down beside me. “Oh Dani, that was incredible, I love you so much, you are always going to be daddy’s little girl.” I smiled and kissed him, knowing what he said was true, and that our naughty adventures were far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32