Master Swimmer Ch. 02

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Rob went home after the wonderful long afternoon of sex with Sue, the woman he had dreamed about being with for years. He was very happy with the outcome of Sue’s first day of training and planned out her next visit with her coach and master.

Rob gathered up a few things that he felt he would need and use on her in the morning. And if she came early at 8AM instead of 9AM when swim practice started, he would know Sue wanted more of what he had provided to her today. She would want him to provide more training to her in the art of BDSM. God his cock was hard just thinking about what might become a daily meeting with the woman of his dreams.

Rob packed a blindfold, bindings and handcuffs, which would be used to secure her so he could work on her beautiful young body as he pleased.

Next he added the leather strap that would be used to give her ass, thighs and back some pain to develop her obedience. He would use the strap to inflict pain as his cock gave her pleasure.

He then added a new toy. The electric probe that at different levels of currents would provide a rush of pain, excitement and stimulation when touched directly against certain parts of Sue’s sweet body.

He had also picked the two-headed 15-inch vibrator, which would fuck Sue’s tight little ass and pussy at the same time. This long double shaft not only rotated 180 degrees it pumped back and forth too providing a length of about 5-6 inches as it pumped back and forth. He would use that toy when and if he tiered. It would continue to fuck her so he could rest his cock, hands mouth and tongue. And, it would give her the fucking of her young life! Yes, he just might need it even if he didn’t tire. He smiled when he imagined the 15 inches fucking her small young tight body. If she was there at 8AM, her coaching of swimming might just have to be held up until they both tired of the longer sexual M&S and BDSM training that would come first.

Rob showered and got dinner ready. As he ate as he worked up a practice routine for her and then made up a swim routine for her too. It always pays to be prepared. Rob was! He then relaxed and watched some of the ball game before going on line to check out his favorite sites of pain and pleasure and BDSM.

He was soon into chatting with two women who lived together. They discussed what the two women had been doing with each other’s body. He always liked to get new and creative ideas. They sent pictures of them as they enjoyed their favorite pastime, bondage with electrical stimulation.

His cock was hard as hell and he was about to jerk off. But, then Rob decided to hold off and keep all his lust and needs until tomorrow. Tomorrow sweet little Sue would be with him and she could help him relieve himself. He knew on Sunday no one would be at the pool until well after lunchtime when there was a lap class and a life guard class. He would have at least 3 or 4 hours to work on Sue before anyone would be there.

He would invite her back to his house after they were done. Then if she would agree to go home with him, he was seriously thinking about hanging her from the support he had created in the rafters of his bedroom. He would suspending her lovely body in the air completely while he took away her senses, like sight by using a blindfold and hearing by using the special set of headphones that blocked out almost all sounds except for high pitched ones like whistles, and horns. He would tape her mouth after he bided her limbs and kept her legs and arms spread and away from her body. She would be truly suspended in the air if she agreed.

He wondered how she would feel as he stimulated her beautiful young body more and more with most if not all of her senses blocked. If she agreed he would find out. He would never hurt her only to the point that she enjoyed it. And he would explain the stop word to her incase things got too intense for her. But if she was in agreement like he felt she would be, he was going to drive this young lovely woman crazy with lust, passion and desire to be controlled and worship him.

The lust for him would come as she began to love his control and his mastery over her. He loved the submission part of this type of sex. He loved to be the dominant one. And to have Sue the sub was more than he ever could dream of. God she was so beautiful and sexy! He would work hard to get her to worship him. She would give him her sole before they were done. He would have her every way he had dreamed of over these many years. And the great part about all this was she came to him. She tried to seduce him. She wanted him! He smiled to himself, tomorrow would tell him a great deal about his new sex slave and their relationship. This was going to be such fun for both of them.

As he lay in his bed he closed his eyes and remembered how Sue’s beautiful hard swimmer’s body looked handcuffed and spread eagle on his cot as he pumped down into her tight wet and very warm pussy with his cock! The pure sexual pleasure she gave him made his cock so kartal escort hard it hurt now. But Rob held off stroking it, because he knew that once he started he would not be able to stop until he shot his load. A load he wanted to pump into one of Sue’s holes. God she had such a wonderful body and that mouth was fuck great. He could hardly wait for her to suck his cock again.

He continued to think back about her young tight body with those full around breasts and long hard red nipples pointing and begging to be sucked. She had even asked him to suck them! He remembered the sliminess of her stomach. God! It was as hard as any woman he had ever known. She had a six pack and she was very tight and extremely solid. All good swimmers had great stomach muscles.

In his mind he ran his eyes down her body remembering how her round and shapely hips looked along with that great ass that was enhanced by her small stomach and hips. The look of her body would make any man hard. He wondered if her father or brother looked at her like he did, like all men did? Her ass sat up high and firm hardly wiggling as she walked. She would make it sway just to look sexy, but it didn’t giggle much at all.

Sue was very strong and had worked very hard to be a good swimmer. And, that kept her body hard and beautiful. She was short maybe 5’1” and therefore her legs, while very shapely and tight with swimmers long muscles, were not real long. But Rob remembered how it felt to have them wrapped around him tight as he pumped his cock into her and she thrust up into him. She loved to fuck that was for sure.

She was beautiful with long hair that was almost black, just like her eyes, which seem to shin with her lust every time she looked at you. Her full lips looked so sexy especially when she wrapped them around Rob’s swollen hard cock just a few hours ago. And the best part about Sue was she loved sex. She loved to fuck and she loved to suck. Sue was a slut just like the rumors said she was.

And, he loved the way she sucked and sucked on his cock until he shot his load. He remembered how she looked up into his eyes as she took every dam drop of his cum. Yes, Sue had been worth waiting for all those years until she was legal and a woman.

He could only imagine what it would have been like, to be one of those boys or men that she had been with when she was younger than 19, much younger. He had first heard about her when she was only 14. God, that would have been truly something to get Sue when she was younger. Sue was always so beautiful! And her body!! It made him search for the words to describe it. There were none that could really tell you how lovely she is.

Sue was spectacular and she was a slut! He knew that before she came to him today. He knew she had fucked many guys on the team, in her school and many others. But now he knew after today, she was not only a full-fledged slut, but she loved to be told what to do. Sue was very submissive. She liked to be dominated and he was just the man to dominate her. He would train her in the skills of a sub like no other man she had ever been with. Rob was a master in BDSM and since she wanted to be trained, he would train her to do his bidding and his will.

Sue: Sue got home and showered for a long, long time while she rubbed her body enjoying it as much as the men she had in her life. She cleaned her hard body making sure she got all the chlorine from the pool off her body and all the cum she had gotten from her coach out of her pussy. She threw on her robe and went down to dinner.

She was starving! The sexual exercise she had received from Rob gave her such an appetite. She sat with her sister Terri who was a year older than she was but had no where near the experience with sex or men as Sue. Sue had always told her she didn’t know what she was missing. That she could have all the guys and get fucked as often as she wanted. The girls were both so lovely their parents put them on birth control at age twelve.

But at 20 years of age, Terri was going to college and working towards a degree and carrier in Finance. While she was no where near as well built as her younger sister Sue, Terri was in her own way a very sexy lady.

She stood at 5 foot even and was very petit and extremely pretty. Her breasts were smaller than Sue’s maybe 32B. But then she was smaller everywhere. Her ass was smaller but sat up just as high and was just as round and solid. Her hips were not as wide but complemented her size. Her eyes and hair were the same color as her sister Sue but Terri’s hair was longer. Terri was more open and mature. She had a much better personality and sweetness about her that Sue didn’t have.

Terri was full of fun and while she enjoyed Sue’s tales of sex, she didn’t have a reputation. Terri lost her cherry at 18 to a boy her own age. Since then she had only one other lover. He was 24 years old and his name was Fred. He had a long hard cock and used it to teach her about sex every day and/or kurtköy escort night for the 7 months they were together. But when she told him she wanted a more serious relationship he split. That had been 3 or 4 months ago and Terri had not had sex since them except when she masturbated. But Fred had broke her in and taught her more about hr body and sex than anyone else except her sister. Her sister had given her details of what she was doing with men and all the things two people could do with their bodies. She didn’t hate her sister but she did envy her and her free spirit and lack of prudence. Sue would fuck most any place with anybody and not think anything of it. Terri was much more conservative in her sexual dealings.

After dinner when their mother had gone into the living room and the girls did the dishes and cleaned off the table, Sue whispered: “Guess what Terri? Guess who I was with this afternoon? Oh hell you’ll never guess in a million years! But try. Try and guess who fucked me crazy.”

Terri said: “Hell Sue it could be anybody! You’ll fuck a dog if it wanted you!”

Sue said: “Hey don’t be such a cunt! I pick who I want to fuck and I don’t fuck anyone I don’t want. Now guess.”

Terri said: “No! I don’t want to talk about this with you tonight. I miss Fred and while you can get fucked every dam day and night by some stranger, I can’t! I’m horny and want my pussy licked and fucked! So go away.”

Sue smiled and said: “No Terri. No you don’t understand. You’ll die when I tell you who did me all afternoon. And God what we did! It was fantastic.”

Terri said: “No I told you I don’t want to hear about you getting fucked, when I didn’t!”

Teri left and went to her room. About an hour later Sue came up and knocked on her door. Terri said: “Go away Sue!”

Sue opened the door and came into Terri’s room and sat on her bed. She watched her sister working on a problem she had from school. After a few minutes Sue said: “It’s Rob. You know, Ron my coach. He did me for 3 hours this afternoon, or I should say I have him do me for 3 hours. Oh Terri he is so good looking and so much older and the things he knows and did to me drove me wild.”

Terri looked at her sister and asked: “Your coach? You fucked your swim coach? You fucked Rob? GOD Sue! See you would fuck a dog!”

Terri started to cry she was so unset, not with her sister but with her sister’s freedom of guilt. She would love to be like Sue and pick up a guy and fuck his balls off for one or two nights and move on to someone else. But Terri was more of a relationship first and sex was second type of woman. She tried to be a slut like Sue but just couldn’t pull it off. She would go so far and the back off leaving the guy with blue balls and a very hard cock. She missed Fred and need to have an orgasm or two. She turned around and looked at her sister. She said: “I know I’m going to be sorry I asked you this, but what did he do that you haven’t had done to you before?”

Sue smiled and patted the bed. Terri came over and sat on the bed next to Sue. Sue bent in and whispered: “He tied me up and then drove me wild with need and wild with lust before he got me off. And God! When he did it was the best creamy I have ever had. In fact it was multiple creamies! I had so many fucking orgasms I lost count Sue.

Terri said: “But he’s what 40 or 45 or maybe older?”

Sue said: “I don’t know and I don’t care. If he makes me cum like I did this afternoon, I don’t care if he’s 50! GOD! He drove me crazy Terri he really knows what he’s doing! And WOW did he get me off. It’s like I do exactly what he tells me and he rewards me with the hardest and longest orgasms of my life.”

Terri said: “Hell Sue you’re only 19 I hope you have a longer life than that. So OK! What did he do the get you off so good?”

Sue moved around and sat crossed legged on Terri’s bed facing her. Terri sat the same way facing Sue. Sue bent forward and began talk in a very low voice to her older sister telling her what she and Rob did in his office all afternoon. Sue had on a pair of thin white and very short gym shorts. It just covered her pussy, but when she moved the corners of her pussy lips actually were showing and just about hanging out the left leg opening. Her tee shirt left little to the imagination and with no bra on, Sue’s breasts pushed hard against the cloth. Her nipples were growing hard with her excitement as she began to tell her sister what she and Rob did together.

Terri only had her bikini panties on and a tee shirt cut off just under her breasts. As she sat there listening to her sister’s tale of sex, her pussy began to get very wet and then it started to leak. Her nipples were getting hard too and pressing against the tee shirt. Terri was getting hot hearing about her sister being fucked by this older man in a bunch of different ways all dam afternoon. She began to shift and squirm with excitement as Sue described Rob’s cock and what he did to her with his pendik escort tongue.

Terri was showing her excitement as her panties began to show a stain that was growing directly in the center of them. She used her fingers along the sides of her leg openings to pull the material away from her pussy and give her cunt some air. She used her fingers to hold the material away from her wetness about an inch as her thumbs ran up and down her slit. She felt like yelling and finger fucking herself into a coma! But her sister was there and Terri didn’t have the same freedom with her attitude as Sue. She slowly ran her thumbs up and down pleasing herself. But she was doing it so Sue didn’t realize she was doing it.

As Sue talked she said: “And when he sucked my entire pussy into his mouth and started humming Terri! OH GOD! I went nuts! Oh dam sis I’m getting so worked up just talking about it! God he did things to me no one has ever done before. He tired me up and fucked me!” She was rubbing her pussy with her hand as she talked. Terri was listening and watching Sue play with herself.

Terri moved her hand between her legs and pulled her panties further away from her wet pussy. Her hand was soaked with her juice. She said: “ You are getting me all worked up to Sue. God it sounds so good! I haven’t had a guy fuck me in months!”

Sue said: “Months! God Terri! I would be going crazy if I didn’t have someone get me at least once a week. And Rob is now there for me everyday I want him. Hell I’ll see him twice a day when I start training for Masters!”

Terri now had both hands under her leg opening of her panties and she was working her swollen pussy with all her fingers. She didn’t care if Sue was there now. Hell sue was fingering her pussy and didn’t care. Why should she care in her sister fingered hers? As sue continued she told Terri how Rob had drilled her pussy better than any “boy” could ever do. She looked at Terri and saw her rubbing her pussy like a madman. Sue said: “Bad huh?”

Terri shook her head yes and said: “Especially when my sister tells me about how she was fucked and sucked and licked all afternoon! Yes I’m bad off Sue!”

Terri was rubbing her pussy now out in the open. She had her leg spread wide and her panties pulled to the side as her small thin fingers were pumping away on her pussy with a nice steady motion.

Sue could see her sister’s pussy almost dripping with her wetness. She said: “You really need to get fucked girl! Hey! I know why don’t you join us. I’m sure old Rob would be more than happy to fuck you too if you want to. Hell Terri what guy would turn you down? You’re so dam beautiful. You just have to chill out and loosen up some. Come with me tomorrow morning Sue and we’ll seduce him together. I know old Rob will be hard as hell and ready to fuck in minutes if we strip for him!”

Sue watched her sister fingering her own pussy and Sue put her hands on her sister’s breast. She began to cup and squeeze them. Then she pulled on her sister’s nipples as she lifted Terri’s half shirt up over her breasts exposing both of them. Terri’s eyes got huge and she asked: “What the hell are you doing?”

Sue smiled and said: “Helping! Just relax for God sakes! I’m a girl too. Just lay back and let me help you a little I can see how wet you are and how bad you want to cum!”

Terri was stunned! She said: “No! Get off of me Sue. You are unbelievable! Get you hands off my tits!”

Sue smiled and grabbed Sue’s hand and held it against her pussy. She rubbed it up and down as Terri struggled and before they knew it both girls were wresting with each other on Terri’s bed. Sue was trying to feel Sue up and Sue was trying to stop her. Sue had pulled her down and was holding her with her legs wrapped around her. She had held her tight with her athletic legs. Terri struggled but could not break Sue’s hold. Sue moved over her sister and was now sitting on her holding Terri’s arms down on the bed.

Terri was yelling: “Get off! Get off! Dam it Sue eave me alone! Get the fuck off of me!”

Sue was smiling as she held Terri down and bent her head to suck her older sister’s nipples. They were hard. Sue made love to them just like she liked her own nipples sucked and licked. Terri was fighting hard and finally got an arm free. She grabbed Sue’s hair and pulled it bring Sue’s head off her nipples and back. As Sue’s head bent back, Terri lifted and Sue fell on her back. Terri jumped up and got on top of her. Sue grabbed her sister’s face and said: “I’m not a slut like you Sue. I don’t fuck just anyone. Got it! So don’t touch me. I’m not into that!”

Sue smiled and said: “Don’t give me that shit Terri, I see how hard your nipples are and I saw how wet your pussy was when I was telling you about the sex I had today! So don’t give me that bullshit you don’t do it. You do it! Hell we all do it. All I wanted to do is help you get off, help you cum. If you don’t want a man or you can’t get one I told you I’m sure Rob would do you in a heart beat! So give me that shit you don’t do it!”

Terri let go of Sue and moved off of her. Sue saw her stomach wet with her sister’s pussy juice. She was wet as hell and when she sat on her sister’s stomach she left a wet spot. Sue said: “Look! Look dam it! Look how wet you are!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32