Mark’s Family Ch. 02

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Please read the first story, as this is a continuing storyline. I appreciate all the feedback I received. Based on some of them, I am going to preface this one by saying that if sexual acts that are, shall we say, beyond reality, aren’t up your alley, don’t bother going further. This is a purposely over the top story, since that is what I want to write 🙂 I will write one a bit more down to earth later. Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming! And here are our players:

Mother, 43: Danni Ashe

Oldest sister Shyla, 25: Shyla Stylez

Younger sister Lindsey, 20: Lindsey Lohan (Mean Girls Era)

Youngest sister Bryce, 19: Bryce Dallas Howard


So, there I was, lying in bed with my youngest sister having just had mind blowing sex with her. As the fog of lust lifted, I asked her how in the heck this had happened. She just smirked at me, and started her story.

“Well, I have always been kind of sweet on you Mark. We’ve always been close. And I think by now you may have noticed that most women seem to have a soft spot for you. But this” she said as she grabbed my deflated cock “all started about a year ago when Lindsey talked mom into getting her a new computer, and I inherited her old one. I was messing around with it, and found a file someone had tried to delete but forgot to clean out the recycle bin. It was a video, of you, masturbating.”

She grinned at the puzzled look on my face. “I’ve never made a video of myself doing that!”

“Oh, I know you didn’t make it. I am pretty sure Lindsey did. It looks like she hid in your closet when you last visited home and took the video then.” She could see me start to ask more questions, but she cut me off. “Let me finish and you can ask questions later. So, I had this video of you stroking that huge piece of meat and then blowing a load all over your bed. You have no idea how many times I have got off while watching that video. I think I have always been a size queen, and I knew from how the doctor had responded that my vagina was larger than normal. I hadn’t found any guys that really did anything for me in that area. But when I saw you, I knew I had to have you. Finally a cock that looked to be able to really stretch me.” I could see her eyes sparkle as she remembered back.

“So, I decided that when you next came home, I was going to get you. I got online and ordered novelty dildos and toys to work myself up to size. And I lured as many guys back here as I could for practice. I had to make sure that your first time with me would be special. I knew by the time you came back that some other girl would have figured out what a stud you were, and took you for herself…if not more than one girl.” She winked at me and I blushed. It was funny how easily we went from animal sex back to brother and sister.

“I even had plans for if you tried to resist. One way or the other, you were getting fucked!” And we laughed.

“Don’t worry sis, there was no way I could resist you.”

“I was actually a bit worried.” She said, her tone changing to a more serious one. “I mean, I know I am cute and all, but I am definitely not as hot as Shyla or mom, so I didn’t know if you had ever looked at me sexually. I am sure any family fantasies were dominated by those two. And I figured you probably had your share of European hotties. I didn’t know if I would stack up.”

Wow, as confident as she had been, I would have never guessed how insecure she felt inside. I moved closer and pulled her in and hugged her. Then I kissed her sweetly on the lips. She was back to being my cute little sister.

“You’ve always been my favorite sister. You know that. And I hadn’t ever really thought of any of you like that. Besides, my God, you sure know how to be sexy. When you locked those eyes on me, I was done. And you are far and away the best lay I have had! As your brother, I am a bit disturbed at how many guys you must have screwed to get that good.” We laughed, and she hugged me again.

“Thanks Mark. I just hope I stay your favorite once we get home.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked the confusion obvious on my face.

“Oh, come on Mark. The door is open. I could feel it when you got off the plane. You used to simply make women like you, now you practically exude sex! I know Shyla will crack. And I think Lindsey has always had a crush on you.”

“Lindsey? No way! She is always such a bitch to me.” Shyla I could see. She was definitely a party gal. But Lindsey had treated me like crap since I could remember.

“Silly boy, that’s WHY she has treated you like that. Remember, she took the video of you. I think she has had a thing for you for years, and to help deal with it, she treats you like crap. Besides, she’s bitchy to everyone. Anyway, I think Mom is one you really need to do. If nothing else, to cure her of dad.”

I was shocked. Not about the dad part. None of us liked him. He didn’t care about any of us, and he was never home. Worst of all, he treated mom like dirt. No, I was shocked about mom. Aside from her hotness, my mom was practically kadıköy escort June Cleaver. She actually wore an apron while she worked in the kitchen. No way could I think of her jumping me.

“I keep forgetting how out of the loop you are. Us girls have been talking about this for a long time. Years ago, Shyla overhead a conversation mom had on the phone with someone. Apparently dad had cheated on her, the little shit, and she was defending why she stayed with him. She said something about dad having a ‘big’ ten inch cock and she couldn’t lose that. It seems that being a size queen runs in the family.” She squeezed my dick again. “So, I am betting that one look at your third leg, and dad will be a single man. If nothing else, you need to give mom that.”

I was reeling. I had never really thought of my mother sexually, and now my sister had me imagining what it would be like to ‘cure’ her of my shitty father. Suddenly my mind started filling with thoughts of my mother…the round bottom, soft lips, and enormous breasts. Oh how my life had changed!

“It seems that my big brother likes the idea of fucking our mom.” Bryce said jokingly, bringing me out of my thoughts by stroking my inflating dick. “A less secure girl might get jealous.”

“So, seriously, you think I should bone the whole family?” My brain was like one of those cartoons where a devil and angel appears on each shoulder. But in my case, even my angel was enticed by the idea of having sex with my sisters and mother.

“Yes I do. You’ve already added a whole other level to our relationship, you could rid us all of dad, un-bitch Lindsey, and finally give Shyla the fucking she has been searching for. Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to get some sleep, and let my poor pounded pussy rest for tomorrow.”

“Wait, you’re going to just leave it like that! You can’t just roll over and go to sleep after all of this.”

Bryce gave me a short kiss and did, in fact, roll over, and quickly fell asleep. And here I was mind adrift with so many thoughts. In one fell swoop, Bryce had changed my family from four women I adored to four women I wanted to hear screaming my name. Actually, that was what was weirdest of all…I now saw them as both. Since my awakening, women had turned into objects. Just things I used to get myself off. But my family…I actually cared about them. And if Bryce was any indication, they would be more than just sex. These thoughts kept me up for more than an hour, despite the combination of jet lag and exhaustion from what had happened with Bryce. But I did eventually drift off.

When I awoke, the sun was just coming up. Bryce was still asleep next to me. In the morning light, she looked angelic. And for some reason, this reminded me that I was still covered in dried sweat from the night before. I didn’t deserve to lie next to her like this. I eased myself out of bed, making sure not to wake my sister, and headed for the shower. The hot water felt good. I let myself go, as it washed over me, my mind blanking. Ignoring the thoughts of yesterday’s revelations. I’m not sure how long I was in there before Bryce jerking open the shower curtain snapped me out of it. She stepped into the tub and under the spray without a word. Only a wry smile let me know that she was planning more than a simple shower. It took almost a full minute before the part of my brain that was a stud stepped up and smacked me into action.

My sister stood there, the spray wetting her down, facing away from me. I came up behind her and ran my hands up and down her body. Her smooth skin, slick from the shower, felt amazing. I reached around and cupped her firm breasts, her nipples becoming hard immediately.

“Hmmmm…Somehow I knew this was going to be a better shower than I am used to.” She said as she arched her back, pushing her tight little ass into my crotch. As my cock rose to the occasion, I moved one hand down from her breast to her pussy, causing her to spread her legs. My cock rose up between them, nestling along her pussy and jutting out the front. My sister began swiveling her hips forward and back, running her cunt along my shaft. I could even feel the hard numb of her clit as it ran along my length.

“Ahhh…that feels good, big brother. But I have some bad news. That wonderful piece of meat you have did more of a number on my poor vagina than I thought. It’s still sore.” How could she come in here and get me worked up like this, and then try and back out?

“But I also have some good news.” She said, as she squirted some conditioner on the five or so inches of my cock that were sticking out the front, and began to rub it in. “My pussy and throat aren’t the only parts of me I have been stretching out for you.” She turned her head to look at me; the wicked smile on her face was beginning to become familiar.

My eyes went wide. Was she suggesting what I think she was? Of my many conquests, none had been able to take me up their ass. Most wouldn’t even let me try, and the ones that did couldn’t even kartal escort get the head in. And here was my little sister, looking at me with a look that said ‘Yes, big brother, I can take that big cock of yours up my ass.’

I stepped back, my cock sliding along her eliciting another moan. She reached around with the hand that had been lubing my cock and applied some to her little rosebud. Then she bent over, and used her other arm to brace herself against the wall. My cock quivered in anticipation, as I watched my sister work her whole fist into her ass, lubing it as she went. Eventually she pulled her hand free, and placed her other arm against the wall. She didn’t say a word; she just shook her tight little ass sexily.

I placed the bulbous head of my cock against her entrance, reached forward grabbing her hips, and pushed forward while pulling her back. Her hole slowly stretched, and then suddenly the head popped in. Despite just having her fist up there, Bryce couldn’t have been ready for the feelings shooting through her over stuffed ass.

“Ooooooh, ssssshit! Your fucking cock is splitting me in half!” She screamed. I was afraid I had hurt her, and began to pull back. But rather than recoil, she kept pushing back into me. “No, give me more…I want more of your cock!” Jeez my sister was such a cock slut! I continued to work my cock into her. In and out, stretching her…splitting her open. She moaned and grunted, continuing to push back and meet my thrusts. It took me about ten minutes to get about half my dick in her. At that point she let out a wail.

“Fuuuuck yes! Huh-huh-huh.” She cried out as she wriggled on my dick. I felt her pussy juice spray my ball sack. “Mark, you bull dicked stud! Enough going easy on me. Let me have it!” I decided to tease her, and continued giving her slow small thrusts. She tried to pound back into me, but I was able to hold her tiny frame still. It was about time for me to take control and let her know who the stud really was. I reached out and grabbed her by her red locks, pulling her upright, eight inches of cock still up her ass.

“You want this cock? You want all of the orgasms that will come from me fucking you for the next half hour?” I asked, whispering in her ear. “Then beg me for it. Beg me for my cock.”

She needed no further prodding. “I need you to fuck me with that massive cock, Big Brother! I need that big piece of me to stretch me like no one else can.” She shouted, still trying to wiggle deeper onto my dick. “I need you to slam that thing into me over and over. Break me in! Show your little sister-cock-slut who’s boss. Punish my poor little ass!”

Damn, the mouth on her! Before the last few days, I had never heard most of the words coming out of her mouth. Hearing them spurred me on to new heights. I pushed her back down, dug my fingers in the flesh of her hips and ass, and really started fucking. In and out, with deep strokes, I increased the power of my thrusts as I went. She continued to stretch out, and more of my cock was able to bury inside her. Minutes continued to pass. She had orgasm after orgasm. I was amazed that her little ass was taking more of my cock than most girls pussy’s could.

“Damn Bryce, you are built for big dick.” I said, as I continued to hammer into her. She sobbed and wailed through yet another powerful orgasm, before turning her head towards me. “I’m built for YOUR big dick, Mark…ah-ahhh.” She was interrupted as a small orgasm passed through her. Her ass muscled clutched at my member. “I’m coming almost the whole time that thing is inside of me.” Then she shivered through another orgasm.

Speaking of coming, I was starting to get close. I could feel my cock start to swell as it approached its impending release. Bryce felt it too and quickly pulled herself off and swung around to her knees, ready to take my load. She slid my cock along the side of her face, jerking it with one hand, the other gently squeezing my bloated nuts. My cum slit widened, ready to unleash, and it wept pre-cum that Bryce wiped around her mouth.

“Please Mark. Promise me I will always be your favorite. Promise!” She looked at me, her face flushed and full of adoration and also fear. My own face contorted, as I grimaced, seeking release. Bryce was gripping the base of my cock tightly. Her hand struggling to keep me from blowing until I answered her.

“I promise! Now take my load, my favorite little cum slut!” I yelled, and she quickly jammed the tip of my head past her lips. My first blast surged forward as she released the base. The dam burst, and the backed up cum made yesterday’s blast seem tiny. Her cheeks bulged, and she couldn’t swallow it all before the next equally large blast came. Some sprayed and dribbled out of the sides of her mouth, but she redoubled her efforts. Her throat worked furiously on each subsequent volley. For almost a full minute I pumped, and as the torrent finally subsided, Bryce pulled away, coughing and catching her breath. Panting, she looked up at me.

“Guess kurtköy escort I won’t be needing breakfast.” She grinned, patting her now slightly swollen belly. A burp escaped her lips.

I collapsed down into the tub, exhausted, satisfied, and laughing. She laughed too, and crawled against me, lying together in the warm spray of the shower. We lay there until the hot water started to run out, and then quickly finished cleaning up.

The rest of the week was a weird but wonderful mix of raw animal sex and sibling love. On more than one occasion did I pound her through so many orgasms that she would literally pass out. Only to later see us sitting around joking and flirting. I helped her study for her final at the end of the week. Not that she needed it. Bryce was the smartest of us, she was going to ace this class. If she didn’t, it was going to be from lack of sleep and brain cells killed by too many orgasms. I was grateful that her roommates had both finished the semester early, and would be gone until after the summer, so she and I didn’t have to sneak around. We only wore clothes when we left the apartment.

Friday finally came, Bryce took her exam, finished in record time, and we were headed down the road. On our way home. And my mind was increasingly filled with thoughts of what was to come. The drive home took longer than normal. We had to pull over at a rest stop and push the shock absorbers to their limits. Another time we ran off the road during an intense orgasm that was the culmination of my sister’s oral ministrations. Finally, we did make it home and pulled into our driveway.

Now, our house was very nice. Not because dad made much money. No, it was from mom. Or at least her side of the family. My grandmother was very well off. And by that I mean she had millions. We rarely saw her, since she was always traveling the globe. When we were young, Grandma had left a trust fund to my mother. It was specifically meant only for my mom and us kids. Anything purchased with it could not be left to my dad in the event of divorce. So, mom had used some to buy a very nice house. Two stories, with a huge basement, big yard, and pool. As nice as it was, my mom kept it simple and clean. It was nothing like my Aunt Nicole’s mansion (more on her later). But it was home.

Bryce ran into the house with me trailing, toting all of our bags. When I got inside and dropped the luggage, there was Bryce hugging my mom. Her hair was up in a bun and sure enough she had her apron on. The house smelled of wonderful food. And I noticed happily that dad was nowhere to be found.

“Bryce, you’re glowing! What’s gotten into you? Did you find a boyfriend?” My mom asked, holding her youngest at arm’s length. Bryce grinned and looked at me. “I think it’s from having our wonderful Mark back.” We exchanged a knowing look.

My mother finally turned her attention to me. And much like when I met Bryce in the airport, my mother responded oddly. There was a brief look that passed across her face, only to be quickly swallowed by motherly love. A look of pure passion. Had Bryce been right about mom?

“Oh, Mark! You look so handsome!” She rushed over to me and pulled me down into a hug (she being considerably shorter than I). I couldn’t help but think about the feeling of her enormous breasts pressing into me. I looked over at my sister, while my mother continued her crushing hug. Bryce had that glint in her eye. She too was thinking about more than a happy family reunion. Mom pulled back, her eyes glistening with held back tears.

“It’s been so long since my little boy has been home!” Bryce giggled at the absurdity of calling me little in any way. “Don’t make fun of me young lady. I can’t help it if I have missed my only boy.” My mom defended, misunderstanding Bryce’s giggle.

“He’s not much of a boy anymore mother.”

“Oh, he’ll always be my little boy.” Under her breath, my sister muttered “We’ll see about that.”

“Now Mark, take your bags downstairs. Your room is ready and waiting for you.” And she shoved me towards the basement. “Dinner is almost ready!” She called as I headed down

I had been given the basement as my room early on, to give me some privacy from a house full of females. I headed down the stairs, and there it was. A mix of a bedroom and a large living room. Big bed, big couch, and a big TV. I even had a door that led directly outside, again so I didn’t have to deal with the all female world upstairs. Although now I wouldn’t want to be avoiding it anymore. I was already pondering how to sneak up and bone my sister.

As I unpacked and hung up my clothes in the closet, I couldn’t help but think about my pill of a sister Lindsey huddled in there and taping me. I already had some ideas about how to pay her back for that. I was broken out of my thoughts as my mother called down, reminding me about dinner.

Upstairs a wonderful meal waited. It had been years since I last had a good home cooked meal. We all talked and laughed and ate. My mother was positively charmed by Bryce and me. We were the smart and clever ones. Our banter had my mother in stitches, and often blushing when it turned risqué. She listened in rapt attention as I regaled stories of Europe. Although, my stories paused a few times, when I would jump from Bryce’s foot caressing my crotch across the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32