Marie – Adventures of a Cumslut Ch. 10 – Back Home

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“Hello people, finally I finished the latest chapter. I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!”

Chapter 10: Back Home

It must have been past the afternoon when Marie woke up. Her whole body was sore with focus points on her pussy, ass and jaw. She was alone on the sperm stained mattress. The skin on her face, neck, tits and other parts of her body felt dry and itchy. Suddenly she remembered why. She never cleaned herself of all the cum from last night. She had fallen asleep straight away.

“Fuck!” she thought.

She was aroused again.

Right then Peter entered the room. He was naked and seemed like he had just got out of bed.

“Good morning Marie! Slept well?” he asked and chuckled.

“Morning! Fuck! Last night was unbelievable! I can’t believe we really did it!” she said.

Peter took a good look at Marie. The girl was a mess. Her face, as most of her body, was covered with white crusty sperm that was starting to chip off. Her make-up and mascara was smudged on her face. Her hair was messy and stuck together with cum at various points. Near her waist, on the mattress, there was a big, round, still wet stain from all the cum that had dripped from her pussy and ass. Her pussy was still red and wet from last night.

Anyone else would be grossed out by this used cum rag that looked like Marie, but not Peter. He started getting hard again.

“Yeah you were outstanding last night Marie! The guys couldn’t believe it. You looked like the best pornstar I’ve ever seen!” he said in awe.

Marie blushed.

“Really? Should I be proud or embarrassed of this?” she asked.

“Are you crazy? A man could kill to have a chance to spend a night with you! I know I would!” he said and sat next to her on the dirty mattress.

He started caressing Marie’s cum stained hair and neck leaning in for a kiss.

“Peter, no! I’m dirty! Let me take a shower first.” Marie said.

“No, I wanna fuck you like that, used by a dozen men like a cum rag.” he said.

Marie let him kiss her. She was really dirty. Dirtier than ever before, and she liked it. He kept pushing her boundaries.

Marie broke up the kiss and went for Peter’s now hard and pulsating cock. She engulfed it in her watering mouth and started sucking with all her technique and passion. After a while she was on all fours and Peter was fucking her pussy doggy style. In a sudden flash of inspiration she grabbed her phone turned on the selfie camera and started recording herself as Peter was fucking her. She made close ups of her sperm stained face and hair and on her cum soaked pussy that was being fucked. After that and while Peter was still fucking her in a steady pace Marie started talking.

“Cumslut Diary January 1” she said with little moans breaking her sentence.

“Last night Peter here, that’s fucking my dirty little pussy right now gave me the best present of all time. He helped me arrange my first massive gangbang.”

Peter smiled with a mischievous grin.

“Yes, that’s right 17 guys fucked me raw last night, filled me and covered me with their cum. And then, I drank every last drop of their delicious sperm mixed with champagne.”

“Hey slut, do you think Mateo would approve of this?” Peter asked impaling Marie.

Marie brought her hand in front of her mouth in a fake expression of surprise.

“Oops, I think I cheated on him again. I hope he likes this because there is no way back now. This little slut needs lots of cocks and cum to be satisfied! Hihi” she said, blew a kiss on the camera and ended the video.

“Oh fuck Marie, you such a fucking whore! Fuck, so hot! I’m gonna cum in your fucking pussy again!” Peter said.

Marie instantly reached for her clit and started rubbing it. She wanted to orgasm along with Peter.

“Yes, cum in my used pussy! Empty your balls inside me!” she said as she reached her orgasm.

Peter picked up the pace and finally impaled his cock in Marie’s pussy cumming hard and groaning.

Marie also reached her orgasm a few moments after as Peter’s dick was pushing the last drops of his load in her.

After that Marie felt ready and full of energy to go about on her day. But first, she sent the short video she filmed to Peter.

“That’s for the days that I’m gonna be away!” she said and winked at Peter.

She grabbed her g-string from the floor, it was full of crusted cum. Guys must have used it to wipe their dicks off last night. She put it on and the fresh cum started slowly dripping on the crust. She went to the bathroom to clean her face a bit. Her appearance terrified her when she took a first look of herself in the mirror. She washed her face and chest with water and soap and scrubbed well to make sure any trace of dry cum was left. Unfortunately she couldn’t wash her hair. She came up with a clever way to make her hair in a messy high bun that hid the crusted sperm dreadlocks on her hair.

Happy with all of that she walked back to the living room to gather the rest of her muş escort stuff. While she was getting dressed a huge burp escaped her mouth filling her taste buds with the taste of cum again. She was sure that last night she set a record for the most cum she had swallowed in a single night. The one thing she was sure about is that she had sucked and fucked 74 guys in a single night. Right now, it doesn’t seem that much. 74 men sounds scary but she handled it like a champ. Maybe she could even have a hundred in a night or more, she thought.

When she was ready, Peter and Marie walked out of the apartment and took the elevator to the ground floor. Peter walked Marie to the bus station while they were discussing the events of last night. Marie took the bus home alone, because Peter had some stuff to attend to in that part of the city that they were.

While in the bus she put on her headphones to listen to some music, discovering that she had dry crusted sperm even in her ears. She wandered looking out of the bus window when she felt someone sitting next to her. She turned her head and couldn’t believe in her eyes. It was the same hobo that had creeped her out some months ago. She tried not to panic. The man was smiling at her.

Marie averted her eyes from his to break the awkward moment and looked at her exposed thighs. That wasn’t a good dress to have on while a pervert was sitting next to you. Memories of the dirty bum stroking his dick and cumming all over the bus seats while she was masturbating looking at him came to her mind. She was aroused and disgusted at the same time, nervously turning her gaze from the window to her thighs and the crotch of the bum. His leg was touching hers. Marie felt the dirty, coarse fabric scratching on her fishnet stockings.

Suddenly, as she turned her head to look at the man’s crotch she saw a dick popping out of his jeans. He was stroking it hard and firmly. It was dirty, veiny, with a generous amount of smegma build up below the head and lots of pubic hair. It even smelled like a dead fish. Marie found the smell similar to some of her most gloryhole-used clothes.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” she thought.

Why couldn’t she take her eyes away from this disgusting stranger’s dick. She felt her pussy getting wet as fuck again. Cum along with her juices started to pour out and wet her thong.

Suddenly the guy stopped stroking and left it loose, pulsing in the air. Marie could feel his gaze on her.

Not able to do anything else, she looked up to meet his gaze. Aphex twin’s ageispolis was playing in her headphones. They looked at each other for a couple of moments. Unconsciously Marie’s hand was already stroking the bum’s cock. Her other hand had reached her clit and was rubbing it fast. Her mini skirt was pulled up and her underwear were visible. Marie looked at the cock while masturbating it, still unable to believe what she was doing.

The guy was swerving on his seat now. A couple of minutes had gone by and he was close to cumming. Marie, pushed by how depraved her actions were, was reaching her climax too. Her orgasm hit first. She closed her eyes and pushed her back in the seat while still trying not to stop wanking the hobo. Moments later, the guy was cumming hard. Warm sperm was flying in all directions; most of it ended up in Marie’s dress near her crotch, on her thong and on her thighs. One or two globs reached up to her chin and chest and of course her hand was drenched on it. Her smartphone, lying on her lap, had large splooges on it and the headphone cable too.

“Fuck” she wispered.

The guy put his dick back in his pants, took a last look at Marie, smiled and mouthed the words

‘Thank you’ and left to get out at the next stop. Marie was left alone in a bus seat with her clothes covered in a bum’s sperm. This was a nice and expensive dress and now it was soaked with smelly bum sperm. Marie as an automatic reflex brought her hand in her mouth to lick the sperm. Only the smell was enough to repulse her. This wasn’t going to taste good. Instead, she wiped her hand on the bus seat next to her and hurriedly stood up to get off at the next stop.

Fortunately, the bus was almost empty. A couple was waiting to get on the bus while Marie was getting out. The guy checked Marie out thoroughly while his girlfriend didn’t look. Marie smiled at him and continued on her way.

Finally Marie was in her room. She had to start packing her clothes in a suitcase. Tomorrow she was flying home for a few days. Back to her hometown to visit her parents and her little sister. Her sister, Fran, was 3 years younger than Marie. In fact she would have turned 18 at the end of January. After she was done with packing, she had a nice warm bath to clean her body of all the dried up semen that was still on her, ordered a pizza and sat down on her laptop to play one of her favorite games. A few months had gone by since Marie was able to think something else than sex or how to deal with extremely muş escort bayan weird circumstances. But, today was like a day off from all this pressure.


Marie hasn’t been home since before the summer. She had to work her ass off in the pub to gather some money to pay for University. But now she doesn’t have to worry about money, her new line of work provided her with plenty of it. She already had 5000 in her account and 10000 more in a safebox as Peter instructed her. If her account suddenly had more than 10k in a few weeks it would be suspicious. Now she could afford everything she wanted, as long as she kept working in the gloryhole. It turned out that whoring was paying well.

She was on a flight back to her hometown. She would have to be a good little architecture student again. To play that role for her parents. She would have to tell them how good the school was going and what great progress she made and that they didn’t need to worry about her and how she combines work and study and be able to afford life in London. She was wearing a bit more conservative clothes now. Plus, it was January and it got really cold. Tight black yoga pants that showed her perfect peach ass shape and a hint of her g-string. A white knit turtleneck sweater and a black knit beanie. Dark brown leather calf high boots and her new purple North face windbreaker.

Of course her buttplug was always inside her rectum making her feel stuffed and ready.

Her father was waiting at the airport to pick her up. Alex, was his name, was 45 years old and was still rocking a great body for his age. He was working as a contractor engineer and was running his own business. However, with the recent economic crisis small businesses like his weren’t faring very well. His wife, Lena, was 39 years old and was working as a barista in a local cafe. Although Marie’s mother must have changed a hundred jobs over the years. They were very young when Lena got pregnant with Marie. Lena was in her first year of college studying literature and dropped out and Alex had just set up his own business. They weren’t bummed about the happy accident though, they wanted to get married and have children at some point in the future.

Marie was feeling very sentimental about seeing her family again, especially under all the rough stuff they were going through. They had spent a large amount of their savings for her grandfather who died of cancer a couple of years ago. Since then Alex and Lena had a difficult time standing up financially. Now, things were harder than ever, with her sister ready to leave for university too.


Marie stepped off the escalator and went through the airport’s exit. There he was, her daddy. He was smoking and talking on his cell phone in a heated conversation. Marie approached quietly and sat next to him. Her father took a couple of seconds to recognize her. He just hung up the phone and embraced his beloved daughter, kissing her again and again on her cheeks.

“Honey! I can’t believe you’re finally here! We’ve missed you so much!” her father said.

“I know daddy, I missed you too! I’m so happy to be back home, even if it is for no more than a couple of days.” Marie said.

“Hey! That’s better than nothing!” Alex said.

“Come on! Let’s go! It’s freezing out here! Get in the car.” he said and pointed to a blue clunker.

“Dad? Is this yours?” Marie asked.

“Oh, oh, yep. I had to sell the other one, it got too expensive to maintain. I needed to be practical about this and have a car that can get me to my work and back. Nobody needs a BMW for that.” he said, smiling awkwardly.

Marie could see the sadness in his eyes.

On the road home they talked and laughed exchanging news and making cheeky jokes. He asked her how school was going and confessed how proud he was of her, managing to survive all on her own. Marie tried not to think how she was achieving that in the past semester. If her father somehow became aware that his innocent, architecture studying daughter was currently whoring out herself, sucking and fucking strangers in sleazy booths, he would lose it. Nobody was ready for that. Not even Marie, she was just starting to come to terms with this new reality and new self. While thinking about that, images of dicks in the gloryhole flooded her mind. How she sucked them and fucked them and all the cum she swallowed in there. Oh, what a dirty slut she was, she wondered.

“Are there any places with a gloryhole in this town?” she silently wondered.

The family reunion dinner was especially joyful that night. They were all very happy to be all together as a family once again. Marie noticed that Fran was now looking like a young woman and not the girl she was last time Marie was home. Fran was already adopting her sister’s looks. She was wearing her old punk band t-shirts and had a nose piercing. She had also dyed her hair blue. Something her parents weren’t very fond of, but they understood it escort muş was just a teenager phase.

Marie slept in her childhood room that night after she took some time going through some of her old stuff that brought back memories of her high school years. She went through some old pictures of her. A petite ginger goth looking teenager back then, with an acme problem. Thank god, she had made a huge progress since then, at least on her looks.

She went to bed and searched through her playlist on one of the porn sites she visited frequently and after she found a nice gangbang video, she masturbated as silently as she could and finally fell asleep.

Marie woke up not remembering anything after her climax. She was really tired from the trip and just must have fallen asleep as soon as she came. Her phone was on the floor next to her, hopefully she had closed the open tab that was playing hardcore porn. But, no it was still there playing her huge playlist almost out of charge. Marie prayed that nobody in her family walked in the room earlier or she would be totally embarrassed.

She got up, went to the bathroom to pee and wash her face. Her buttplug was still inside her. She was taking out only to empty her bowels and then it went back in. This is what she did again this morning only she added a small enema to the procedure to have a cleaner ass. She had made a habit of having almost daily enemas since her introduction to anal sex.

The breakfast was delicious, her mother was working a shift later in the afternoon and made her and her sister pancakes and omelette. That’s what they used to eat when they were younger and it reminded Marie of those days again.

The next two days went by almost in the same way. Getting up late, eating home cooked food and spending the day with her sister taking strolls, riding their bikes around the town or drinking coffee/beers and catching up with old friends. Marie had lost some of her high school or family friends since she moved away for studies. She remembered Tommy, a highschool crush of hers. He was now working as a DJ in a local bar. He was super excited to see her again. More excited than he ever was before. Tommy was ignoring Marie in all of her highschool years, but now he seemed eager to talk to her. He insisted for her to stay after he ended his shift to have a beer and catch up.

Marie knew what was going on. Tommy wanted a piece of her ass. She was hot now, no one could deny that. Thankfully for Tommy, Marie needed a fuck really bad and her high school crush was a good candidate. She told her sister to go home without her and that she would come after she had a beer with Tommy. Fran wasn’t stupid, she knew what that meant, but decided to play dumb and didn’t ask any questions.

Half an hour later Marie was kissing mouth to mouth with Tommy on a bar stool. This led to a trip to the bathrooms where Marie fucked Tommy’s brains out. First she sucked his cock and made him cum in her mouth in just a couple of minutes. Then after she played with his cum in her mouth while softly wanking him and showing him how slutty she could be, she began to suck him again to make him hard so he would fuck her. Tommy had no clue of the sexual beast Marie had become. He fucked Marie in her pussy and ass until she finally made him cum deep inside her. Tommy couldn’t believe that the sweet little nerdy Marie he knew had turned into such a huge slut. She fucked, sucked and acted like an AAA grade pornstar. Her old schoolmate was left looking dumbfounded after everything was over. They enjoyed another drink together at the bar and then he dropped her off at her house. He was living a couple of streets further. After exchanging a deep kiss he invited her for another date after his shift tomorrow night and Marie accepted.

Marie went into her room and shot another short video for Peter.

‘Cumslut Diary. January 5th. I fucked an old classmate of mine tonight. I took him to the bathroom stalls and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. I swallowed everything and then let him fuck my pussy bareback and cum deep inside me.’

She put her panties on the side and pushed her pussy while holding it open with two fingers. Fresh cum started gushing out of it. Marie then scooped it and licked all the cum from her fingers, smiled at the camera and ended the video with a kiss on the lens.

Peter watched the lewd video early in the morning and had a morning wank on it.

The next day started with Marie receiving a link from Peter to a download site. The file was zipped and quite large. After it finally finished downloading on her laptop she unzipped it and pushed play. Obviously Peter had received all the videos the guys were shooting in her NYE gangbang and edited them in a 20-minute video of her acting like the sluttiest pornstar on earth. It even had some angled from above showing the crowd of guys that banged her that night. Marie had guessed that the apartment had security cameras that were recording while they fucked. The video ended with her ludicrous cum drinking exhibition. Of course, Marie locked the door to her room and masturbated to the hot gangbang porn featuring her. After she had orgasmed a couple of times and while still out of breath she called Peter.

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