Mandy From The Bar’s Back Story.

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Mandy From The Bar’s Back Story.
Ahh Yes, Mandy… She was a really strange one.

I ran into her at the bar pretty early on in my bartending days… She was in college, and would come to the bar most Tuesdays with some friends for whatever the Tuesday night special was.

She caught my eye pretty much on arrival. I don’t remember exactly why, but some girls had a look or a vibe that I would pick up on right away Shy, Awkward, Different, I don’t know, but anyway I went for it.

I noticed that very first night that she was the shy one in the group, always avoiding the drunken frat boys that wandered from table to table trying to get their dicks wet. She just didn’t fit in. If everyone was wearing shorts, she’d be the one in a 80’s dress. I can’t quite describe it, but she was awkward, both socially and in her mannerisms. For some reason these were the girls that caught my attention. This was all the info I needed. I wanted her, so I set out to add her to the list. I don’t know if there is any truth to it or not, but I always felt that these types of girls were easier to get.
I made sure to make some small talk with the girls at her table and certainly made sure to give her extra attention when ever chatting with the group. This is a kind of subliminal signal that chicks pick up on. I don’t know if it worked, but for the next few visits I made sure to repeat the task. Each time she came in with her friends, I chatted them up a little more, and of course her a little more as well. I gave them a free round from time to time and the magic started to work.

One night she and her two friends sat at the bar, The first time they had ever done so. I saw this good fortune as my opportunity to really lay it on strong. I knew that this was likely my best chance to bone this “Nice Jewish girl” I’d been getting to know, so I started to talk with her. I don’t really remember that much about the conversation, or for that matter her back story, but I do remember that I didn’t get her home that night. In fact, she turned out to be quite a tuff nut to crack. It took 2 more months of trying and prying. Each visit working up to the next level of bullshit full of listening and applying what where pickup lines I has learned at the time.
After what felt like the better part of the spring, I finally convinced her to stick around till closing.

And that’s exactly what she did. Her friends peeled off about 11pm like they usually did, but on this fateful night, Shy little Mandy finally stuck around. I’d been feeding her group free drinks and had been laying on the charm as hard as I could, and it had finally payed off. They left her, giving her the “nod of approval” that these girl groups often did when they knew there would be hooking up in the near future.

The moment they left, Mandy got super shy. She clammed up and wouldn’t even make eye contact. I blew this off and continued to act the part. She had to be wasted, as she must have had 4 drinks before her friends left at 11, and I know I served her at least another 3 before we closed shop at 1:30am. Even with all that booze, she still seemed timid and shy. Normally a girl would be shirtless and screaming for attention with that many drinks in her, but not Mandy. She stuck around till 2am for me to get off, and After working up to the big moment, I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place and hang out She said yes, and I knew the night was already won. Strangely the ride home was nearly silent. I’d talk, and she’d giggle or offer a work or two, but the conversation was almost nonexistent. Usually once a girl was headed to the house after a pickup, they would nervously chat up a storm, but not Mandy. She for the most part fidgeted a bit and was silent.

Anyway, after all the weeks and months of working on her, I finally fucked her that night, and got it on tape. My pervert of a Indian roommate was in the living room watching the whole thing on the TV as it recorded. Once I had pealed her out of her now almost summer cloths, I found That She sporting far less of a set of tits than her bra had led me to believe. I mean it, she had little fried egg tits! We are talking B cup at best. It was a surprise as I was sure they were illegal bahis siteleri a large C, but regardless, I had them in my had and was sucking on them as soon as she let me. I remember how hard it was to get her naked with the lights still on. And how timid she was in bed that first night. As this was early on, I took what I could get and only fucked her for about 20 minutes that night. What I found that first night was what is still the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. I mean it. It was almost harder to get my cock in her pussy that it was to get it in her ass, but more on that later. Surprisingly she never asked me about a condom, and I never offered. I fucked her missionary that night, much to the dismay of my roommate, but I did pull out and cum on her tits and neck, with just a little splash making it to her chin. Her reaction was priceless and I heard a muffled laugh from down the hall from my roommate as it all went down.

So the next morning I take her to her dorm and drop her off. From that point on it was a pretty regular fuck fest for the next month or so. She’d come to work, or I’d pick her up at the Dorms and we’d hook up. Every time we hooked up, I’d get her to do more and more. It turned out she had only been with one other guy, and they had only done missionary. It explained a lot, and As the fuck sessions got longer I convinced her to do more things. Cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl, side fucking, shower fucking, public fucking. But she consistently refused to suck cock and it drove me nuts. She really truthfully hated all of it I think, preferring to sick with missionary, but that was just not enough to get me off after that first night. I was banging Laura the MILF and at least one other girl so I needed more.

And then this happened.

While all this was going on, Mandy thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I just decided to let her go on believing that. Like I said she was inexperienced, and had never given anyone head, or done anal, or had even fucked other than missionary! It was strange. I know I fucked my first girlfriend every way I could think of and that defiantly included anal and blowjobs! Anyway after like a month of fucking her, (and a few others also! ) and letting her spend maybe 1 night a week at the apartment, I was bored with her, and started thinking of just blowing her off unless I need to blow a load.

About the time I was done with her, already plotting to send her firmly to the side lines, she comes over and she asks if she’s going to get to move in! Guys, I didn’t want to run her off altogether, but I was really bored with her.
I listened to her vent about wanting to get more serious and I’m pretty damn sure she even talked about having k**s, but the whole time I’m mostly tuning her out, again plotting to send her down the road. Then I got an Idea….
Instead of kicking her out, I decide to play along. I talk to her about how much I like her as well, but that I’m frustrated. I tell her that no live-in girlfriend is going to be a one hole girl. She didn’t get it! So I explained the whole Blowjob/Anal thing, and said everyone else that I had dated gave it all up, but since she was so sweet, and I “really liked her” if she really wanted to get serious with me, and to live with me she’d have to do at least one of them, and on a fairly regular basis.. I just couldn’t see myself with some one that didn’t do more than just plain old sex.

This is the moment that changed me. This is the single moment that made me a bartending freak.

Mandy said nothing, but after a moment sat down. I thought she was going to flip out and leave, but after what felt like a full minute, she tells me “I just can’t imagine putting a dick in my mouth, but if you want me to have anal sex, I will”

I shit you not, can you fucking believe it? Who would choose an Ass pounding over a little cumshot in the mouth??? I was fucking stunned! Every time I had fucked a girl’s ass prior to this, it had taken a LOT of drinking and a lot of trying to get it done. But not Mandy. She was like “OK, Fuck My Ass… Boyfriend.” This girl really started the whole Anal thing going for me. From this moment of my life on, it was Ass fucking all tipobet güvenilir mi the way.

As she was already at the apartment when we had this conversation, I had her in bed in less than 2 minutes.

I couldn’t even contain myself. Not more than 10 minutes ago I was done with this chick, and now I wanted her worse than anything. I didn’t beat around the bush and watch TV with her or talk about anything after that statement. All I said was “Ok, let’s do it.” I stood up, she stood up, and I grabbed her hand and walked her down the hall into my bedroom. I really thought I was just going to call her bluff and maybe and up with some head before dumping her, but she wasn’t bluffing.

I had her clothes off, and mine, in another minute all the while explaining that it might hurt a little. Her average body and b cup tits suddenly looked great, and as I put her on the bed in the ass up doggy style position, I realized this was going to be fucking awesome. I sat there for a moment and soaked it all in. I grabbed her thighs and spread her knees apart so she was in the perfect spot, and told her to hang on.
Guys, I tried to spit in my hand to lube up my cock a bit, but I was so stunned, by the turn of events I could hardly get any spit. What little came out of my mouth missed my hand and landed on her ass cheek. It sat their glistening as I tried to work up some more, but it was hopeless. So, I took one finger, and tried to scoop it up, that was all I could get, and it barely got the tip of my dick wet, I remember swirling my finger tip around the tip of my cock trying to get it wet enough to go in. It was useless, but I was fucking going for it! I took one hand and grabbed my shaft, and the other to hold her ass in place, and pushed…. and pushed. I know I should have fucked her pussy a bit to get things wet, but NO FUCKING WAY. I was going straight to that ass. The lack of lube might have made it hard to break her ass open, but it gave way to me insanely rock-hard cock.
Although I told her relax, her ass felt as tight as a virgin ass should be.

Once it was in, I stopped at about 1/2 way, and let it sit there for a moment, asking her if she was ok. Like a trooper, she just said “Its Ok”. I knew she was lying, but I couldn’t hold back. From that moment on, a tiger could have been chewing on my leg and I wouldn’t have been able to stop. My cock was rock hard, and it was ready to play.

I started fucking her ass. 1/2 way in at first as I could feel her body tense up in my hands with every stroke. But then after less than a minute I couldn’t hold back. I felt the need to really fuck her. I pushed my cock in until it hit a turn inside her and then pushed past it. She jumped back a little, and it made me even crazier. I started to ram my cock in and out of her ass like it was the last day of my life. Fucking her at a speed and pace that only a young man can sustain, I jack hammered away at her ass slamming myself in as deep as I could and then I’d back it all the way out a few inches then slam it back in until it was “balls deep”. It would miss the hole at times when fucking at that pace, either popping up or slamming into her vagina. I didn’t care, I was going full throttle. She never said a word or made a sound, but with every stroke I could feel her body that was clasped between my hands on her hips tense up and then release, tense up, and release as I pounded her virgin ass time after time. This went on for at least 10 minutes until the first time I had to stop.

I was lost in the moment. The building could have come down, but I wouldn’t have noticed. I was SO focused on watching my dick slam in and out of her ass, and I savored that moment too. For every time I felt as I was going to cum, I’d ram my cock in as deep as I could go and stop. Letting the throbbing in my balls and shaft subside before starting the process again. It took over 20 minutes before I began to feel her loosen up. The writhing in my hands started to settle out, and she just began to take it like a champ. I knew it was finally time to cum. If it was even possible, I managed to fuck her even faster, the bed shaking rapidly as I built up for the final time.

Now Mandy wasn’t perabet on any birth control, so I always had to pull out when I fucked her. But not this time. As the throbbing in my balls and the tightness of my cock reached critical mass, I rammed myself as deep as I could and blew a hefty load right in her ass pumping load after load of hot jizz deep in her. It felt as though I had built up a gallon of cum while fucking her, and it was one of the best orgasms I ever had.

That was it. The moment had passed, and my brain started to return to normal when I was finished. I pushed off of her, and asked her if she wanted to shower. She could hardly speak, but was as nice as someone that just got a hundred-dollar tip. She hobbled to the bath room with me and we showered, with me telling her how great it was, and how I couldn’t wait to do it again! She just stood there stunned, looking at the shower floor.
When we were done, we crawled back into bed, and passed out. The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on, and a smile on my face.
All I could think about was her Ass.

Hell maybe she was right to choose Anal over Blowjobs…. I never remembered the blowjob from last night as greatest, only that I came. But this…This was nice. I remember every ass I fuck, and every time I fucked it. the way the girls responded the feel of it, the tightness, the heat. Mostly I remember the start of it. Like opening a can of beer, the first plunge. That was it.

I woke her up, and after some sweet talk, I was back in that ass for a quickie. She just laid there on her side as I stuck it in her pussy to get it wet, and then switched to her ass for a little side fucking till I came, and when I came it was deep in her ass again. After a few minutes of sweet talk, she got dressed, and then it was off to class for her, with a load of cum in her ass, and a nap for me.

Now guys, I never let her move in, but I delayed “dumping” her for at least 90 days, Mandy had given me a reason to be her “boyfriend”. Her virgin ass! I don’t know how she put up with it. I never took her out, never did much of anything, she’d just come over after work or school and after some very brief small talk or some TV time, I’d look at her and say “you ready?” She took it like a champ too. Never complained, never stopped me. I would sometimes go straight to it, never even telling her I was about to fuck her ass, just sliding it In and fucking it start to finish, but most times, since she let me, I’d fuck her pussy, then switch to ass, then back to pussy, and then finish off in her ass. She must have hated to be on the rag as I would always end up having a LOT of free time when she was on the rag, using it as an excuse to fuck her ass daily skipping her pussy altogether. It was great. And I always came in her ass.
I even managed to fuck her ass at the Sears where she worked. I came and visited her one night and ended up with her cornered in a small cleaning closet right next to the break room. I k**s you not, I dropped her jeans just enough, slid her panties to the side and gave her what she thought was going to be a quickie. It was, but It was an anal quickie! I spit a little, and gave it one hell of a jam, pop! She’s taking a load in her ass at work. It was so great to help her quickly pull up her pants and get back to work with a load in her ass. It became a somewhat classic move of mine that started with Laura the MILF vaginally, but spread to Mandy’s ass as well as April’s and Kim’s. There was something so hot about watching Mandy working the register while puckering up to hold in my jizz, or watching April as she waddled around the bar serving drinks just moments after taking a load in her ass upstairs in the paper closet.


That was it, a girl who was 60 seconds away from being dumped became the best fuck of my life. After plowing her Ass that night and every time afterwards I was a changed man. Anal was something to have with every girl I slept with. Eventually I still had to dump Mandy, as she really cut into my free time with the other bar girls, but I held on for 3 months, putting up with her boyfriend girlfriend shit, and letting her sleep over way too many times. Letting her live her dream while I lived mine.
In the end, I tried to keep her around as some side pussy , but she told me she wasn’t that kind of girl…

So that’s the story of Mandy. PLEASE Comment. I Love to hear what people think of Mandy, her body, her tits, bush, and everything else.

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