Lovely Lisa

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I am writing you in regard to one of my dreams that have come true. I have finally found my match in my obsession with anal sex perversities. My girlfriend, Lisa, a 5 foot 11, honey colored complexioned sexpot, has got me whipped because of our almost totally all anal sex relationship. She has smallish breasts with long brown nipples and an unusually long and large set of pussy lips that you could probably tie into a knot. They dangled between her legs about a half and inch or so. She’s also got a totally clean shaven pussy and she’s got the nicest ass I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s slim and very beautiful. She could be a model if she wanted to, but she’s kind of lazy and not quite the required height or attitude. Lisa attends college. She’s 21 years old now and told me that she taught her sexual “techniques” by watching the X-rated videos that her brother stashed in his closet and by “practicing” on his friends.

During our very first sexual encounter while going down on her, fingering her pussy, she guided my finger to her asshole and stuck it in. Later that night she told me that she liked “anal stuff.” And was definitely into it. One drunken night, after downing a bottle of champagne while sitting on the couch and watching TV, Lisa stripped off her clothes, stood on the couch and stuck her ass in my face and spread her cheeks wide. Her ass was clean shaven as well, not a nick of hair any where. I immediately took my tongue and licked slowly around her puckered anus. She moaned. I got really into it and began to stick my tongue in deeper and deeper, until I had my entire tongue up in her ass hole. Then wrapped my lips around her entire hole and suck on it. She loved it so much that she came hard and loud. This went on for 30 minutes, me sucking on her ass hole, forcing wads of saliva up in her hole then letting it drip out onto my tongue.

Suddenly Lisa spun around and started licking the juices from my face. She said that she wanted to taste it too. While doing this, she began lowering her herself down to my cock. Suddenly I was inside of her wet and warm body. My cock slid nice and easy and I was ready to fuck. I grabbed both of her ataşehir escort ass cheeks and began pumping away. She moaned so loud that she scared me at first. I moved my finger over to put it in her ass, only to realize that my cock was already in her juicy ass hole. I opened my eyes to look at her. Lisa’s eyes were shut and she looked like she was in a trance. I asked her if she was o. k and if I was hurting her. She told me to “Shut up and fuck her ass!” The champagne put her in a new state of mind and she started to hump on my cock wildly. I got so excited that I immediately came inside of her warm and wet ass hole. My dick started to lose its erection. She moaned and said that she wanted more.

She slid slowly off of my cock and kneeled before it, watching it as it lost its erection. My cock was extremely wet with white globs of my come that clung below my cock’s head. It was also dripping with a clear sticky liquid. It had no smell. I realized it was her ass juice that was all over my shaft, balls and thighs. She slowly began to lick the remaining wads of come gently from my cock. When she was done with that, she noticed the clear liquid glistening on my cock. She tasted it, moaned, then started licking it up as if it were syrup. She started slurping up the pool of ass juice on my thighs. I stared at her thinking, “Damn! She’s so fucking’ nasty!”. This sight made my dick leap back to attention which is what she wanted. She grabbed my dick and faced towards the mirror across from the couch. Then she slid her well lubed ass hole down onto my cock and began humping up and down screaming “Fuck My Ass!”.

I looked down at my large cock stretching her hole. There were traces of my come spilling out from the sides, along with her ass juice. This sight alone made me lose control again, and I blew my load up in her again. She moaned and said “I want more!”. She hoped off of my cock, which made a popping sound as it came out of her ass hole. My dick was so wet with come and ass juice that I felt embarrassed. I reached over to grab some tissues. She stopped me and said “No I’ll clean it up.” She dropped to her knees and started licking kadıköy escort bayan off the come and ass juice like it was ice cream. I was feeling dizzy from my orgasm, and said “enough.” She said “Shut up!” and continued to lick up all of the juices. I never saw her act like this before. She said “I just love the taste of my ass juice, especially when it’s mixed with your hot come!” It felt like I was in an X-rated film. She wined, “I want more juice!” as she suck on my now flaccid cock. “I said I’m sorry but I’m all out.” She pouted, then grabbed a half empty glass of champagne and drank it down in one gulp. She then squatted and started fingering her ass hole, pushing her two fingers in and out making a squishy sound. Cum started to drip onto the floor. She took the glass and held it under her hole, catching all of the come and ass juice that poured from her anus. She then held the glass up and inspected it. It was full of a clear liquid, thick like syrup and globs of my sperm. She looked at me and then drank it all down in one gulp. I stared at her in amazement. She just laughed. A few minutes later, we passed out on the couch and woke up with major hangovers. After that night, our sex habits switched over to almost all anal sex. That’s the only way that she could come now. That’s fine for me because my fetish dreams had finally come true.

I never knew that one could get off so much from getting fucked in the ass. I really thought that it was an occasional thing that women did, I guess I was wrong. I guess she’s one of a kind. But I’m glad that she enjoys it or I wouldn’t want to subject her to the pain/pleasure combo of anal sex.

When I brought her a butt plug from the store, she opened the package, sucked on the smallish sized dildo, lifted her skirt and shoved it up her ass hole. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and left for her classes. She said she came 12 times during her first class and had no problem walking around with it up her butt. She told me that when she went in the bathroom in between classes to suck on the dildo so she could taste her own cum. This went on for a month. She wore it almost every escort maltepe day and she got used to it.

One afternoon on her day off, I came home early to find her in the kitchen, naked and on the floor with ass in the air. There was a squeeze bottle of butter on the floor next to her. She had a new butt plug. It was huge, about 5 inches thick at the thickest part and about 8 inches long. She was trying to stuff this monster in her ass hole, struggling to get it in. She grunted because it was not sliding in like the little one that I bought for her. She managed to get it in around the 3 inch section of the plug, but that wasn’t enough. She pulled it out. Her hole remained open about 2 inches round. I was shocked. She must have been doing this for a while because I’ve never seen an anus remain open that long before. I pulled out my dick and slowly began to stroke it. She took the bottle of butter and placed it at her opening of her crater. Her hole was so big now that the bottle’s nozzle and top never even touched the rim of her ass hole. She squeezed the bottle and filled her hole with butter. She didn’t stop until her entire anal cavity was filled to the rim with butter, which immediately started to melt and drip out of her ass hole and onto the floor.

She grabbed the plug and slowly inserted it in to her ass hole. The butter began to squish out onto the floor as the butt plug filled up her hole. It went all the way in past the fattest part of the dildo. She started moaning and wiggling her ass around. After a minute she began to pull it out and put it back it. Letting the widest part of the dildo stretch out her hole. She kept doing this, moaning louder and louder. Suddenly she pulled it out and the melted butter poured out of her ass and onto the floor. She watched. Then put the plug back in her hole. It slid in and out so easily, leaving her anus wide open. At least 3 inches wide. She knew I was there jerking off. I didn’t want to fuck her and neither did she.

I walk over to her placed my throbbing cock right over her gaping ass hole. I stroked 5 times and came, shooting my load down into her wide open ass hole. I walked back to my corner of the room, as she shoved the butt plug back up her ass. She then pulled it back out, spilling my come, her juice and the butter onto the floor. She laughed at the mess that she made and ran into the shower. It took me a half of an hour to clean it up. But that’s O.K.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32