Louise, Adam and Friends

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For Louise… with love.

Louise, 35, slim, brunette and, in most people’s view, more than a little pretty, lay in the bed slowly coming around. She felt a little hungover, a little tired and very frustrated. The previous night’s party had been fun but she had again drawn a blank when it came to progress with Steve, who hadn’t even attended as he was stuck in some European airport or other. 

The 2am taxi ride home had been long and Erin, her flatmate, hadn’t helped by telling her that she and her latest boyfriend, Mark, had coped with his having to go to work straight from the party at 10pm by having a quick stood-up fuck in the bathroom.

Louise got herself a coffee and got back in bed, thinking about her options for the day. Steve wouldn’t be back in the country until the following day, and given that they’d not had a first date yet she knew she was being a bit presumptuous in thinking he could solve her sexual frustration.

She knew where her mind would land, and who she would be texting, within 2 minutes of waking up, but convinced herself it wasn’t a foregone conclusion and went through a charade with herself of considering other options before picking up the phone and searching her contacts. Adam.

Adam looked after her apartment and 20 or so others in her block, and the two blocks next to it. Any jobs, whether electrical, manual or whatever, were within his skillset. He was a bit of a throwback, all very ‘alright love’ and ‘cheers darling’ but his physique, oral skills and looks let her forgive him for that. Louise and her flatmate Erin, a dark-skinned beauty with a string of boyfriends, often simultaneously, had shared their mutual appreciation of Adam before Louise had started sleeping with him. Once she did get to ‘know’ him, Erin had demanded all of the details.

It started when Louise had asked Adam to come to check the window of her bedroom, which refused to close properly. Her text had generated a typical Adam response, something involving ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ and confirming he would be around that morning. She had dressed and showered, tidied her room, for one moment considering leaving out the rabbit that had brought her 2 orgasms the previous morning but deciding against it. She had heard Erin leave, no doubt to meet Mark when he finished his shift.

He duly arrived a couple of hours later and asked her what the problem was. She took him into her room, conscious of him being behind her and how tight her gym leggings were. He made some jokey comment about being in a lady’s bedroom, which she giggled at, and she started to show him the window problem.

As they stood at the window and examining the lock, facing another similar block 30 yards away,  she was the first to notice the couple fucking. They were perhaps one floor lower and naked. She was leant forward, leaning against the window of the flat, palms pressed against the glass. Her head was pulled back by his hand gripping her pony tail and her pleasure was obvious. The guy fucking her was old, at least 50, whereas she looked to be in her 20s. He repeatedly slapped her arse cheeks and she clearly enjoyed that too.

She felt her clit tingling, even if she had been getting it regularly this would have been a turn on but in her current state it had her transfixed.

She became aware of Adam talking but wasn’t paying attention.

Adam loved his job. He looked after 3 blocks of luxury flats and his work was varied and interesting and most of the punters were good sorts. He was single but rarely frustrated by that, and his work had brought him a fair few perks. He kept a tally of his sexual successes at work, which currently stood at 19 after 3 years. A few one-offs, a fair few revisits;  a few single women, a few bored of their boyfriends. There’d also been one  threesome and one ‘almost getting caught’ scenario. All in all not a bad return. The 19 didn’t include the blow job he had received as a thank you from a tenant whose electrics he had repaired after she overloaded a plug, or the sales director of the building’s carpet supplier who had discovered just how soft her carpets were on the knees, or his ex-boss who he had fucked in 7 of the flats during the final sales push.

He had done a couple of jobs in this place. He liked them both, Louise and Erin. He had wondered if they were gay but he doubted it.  He liked coming here and found it easy to chat to them both, though it was Louise he knew better.  He estimated his chances with Louise as about 30%. She never flirted, or looked at him that way that some women did. But she also wasn’t rude or dismissive of him, the way some of the tenants were, especially the guys, one of whom had called him ‘boy’ to his face as he repaired the shower. The guy’s girlfriend looked mortified with embarrassment with her boyfriend’s behaviour.  The next few weeks saw Adam put a lot of effort into getting into the girlfriend’s knickers, which he knew was his attempt at revenge. It turned out they were a black lace pair.

Adam knew he was attractive tuzla escort to most women, worked out and was able to hold his own in any conversation. He wasn’t at all big headed, wasn’t full of himself and NEVER made the first move. He flirted for sure but at the first sign of it not being welcome he’d back off.  He was always honest, always making it clear he wasn’t interested in a relationship (with the single ones) or in causing any problems for those with a boyfriend or husband.

Whilst he never took things for granted, it was fair to say he’d never struggled to attract women. 3 years ago his 2 year relationship with his only serious girlfriend had finished, he’d lost his job and was at a low ebb, but he got this opportunity through a friend and hadn’t looked back. More money, better hours, far more convenient and more interesting, he’d really fell on his feet.

When within the space of 3 days he started fucking his boss, had been propositioned by one of the early tenants (the offer only not accepted because of the punishing demands his boss had made on his cock 2 hours earlier) and then slept with a new tenant on her first night in the building, he knew this was the place for him.

He was asking Louise how long the window had been jamming when he noticed she was staring avidly out of the next window along. He followed her gaze and immediately picked out the rampant couple across the way. In his surprise 3 things instantly went through his mind; firstly he wondered if this would help him make progress with Louise, secondly he recognised the woman as one he’d got absolutely nowhere with and finally he considered how many people were watching the sex show.

‘Is that a common sight?’ Adam asked Louise.

‘Ha ha, not that I’ve noticed’ Louise replied.

They both continued to look, not saying anything. The couple were still at it in the same position, and the guy appeared to be slowing his pace, then holding his position still.

Adam wondered if the guy was just holding the end of his cock inside her, teasing her. Then he wondered if he was doing it to try and delay coming, but he looked calm enough so Adam doubted that.

‘Do you think he’s just got the end of his dick in her? Trying to tease her kind of thing?’ said Louise.

‘I was thinking the same thing.’ replied Adam.

Their question was answered when a moment later the woman began to quiver, her legs shaking and her upper body moving spasmodically. He’d clearly teased her to a massive orgasm.

‘Wow’ was all Louise could say.

‘Fuck me’ was Adam’s reply.

Adam’s reply was a typical one for him. Not really flirty, but leaving the door open to be construed as flirty. It could be seen as a request but also could be claimed as not being one at all. It was a deliberate ploy and he waited for a response. He didn’t get one.

Their attention was still held by the couple, and they watched as her orgasm subsided. They saw her turn around and drop to her knees and, in doing so, saw the size of the guy’s cock.

Louise gasped, ‘Oh my God will you look at that!’

It was at least 8 inches and thick as could be. Even Adam was impressed, but also he was aware that this was his chance to get into his fellow voyeur.

‘This is a right fucking turn on’ he said.

‘No shit’ replied Louise ironically. ‘If you weren’t here I’d be very busy right now, if you know what I mean.’

‘Ditto.’ said Adam, his voice husky.

‘You’d be wanking in my flat?’ Louise sounded incredulous but actually loved the idea. ‘I bet that wouldn’t be the first time you mucky pup!’

Adam laughed ‘I’m not answering that!’ he said, laughing.

‘You just have!’ was Louise’s response.

They were both still watching the woman give the guy’s big cock a blow job.  She was clearly skilled, able to take his full length and hold it in her throat.  He was straining, holding her head.

‘What do you think, will she swallow?’ Louise asked.

‘No’ said Adam. ‘I think he’ll come on those tits.’

‘That what you’d do?’

‘Probably’ he laughed.

‘Want a bet on it?’ Louise asked.

‘Ok’ he said, intrigued.

‘I think she’ll swallow, you think he’ll come on her. If I’m right you go down on me. If you’re right I’ll suck that dick I can see straining your pants. Deal?’

‘No lose situation’ he said. ‘Course it’s a deal’.

They watched for a minute or two more, watching as her mouth glided up and down the shaft of the guy’s cock. They made occasional comments; ‘If I win this bet you’ll be blowing me for about a minute and I’ll be done I’m so fucking turned on’ said Adam.

‘I hope not’ replied Louise. I’ll be wanting to get off with my fingers while I’m working on you’ Louise replied, matter of factly.

The woman across the way stood up and walked away. They both were intrigued, the guy hadn’t come they were sure, and his hard on showed no sign of abating. She returned a moment later with something in her hand. She fiddled with tuzla escort bayan it, then appeared to squeeze it against her fingers. Then she bent over and moved the hand she’d just squeezed the object against behind herself, in between the cheeks of her arse.

‘It’s lube’ said Adam.

‘He’s going to fuck her up the bum’ Louise agreed.

They watched the guy manoeuvre his cock to her arse and slowly push in, and saw the woman start to rub her clit, clearly enjoying the forbidden sensation.

‘I’ve tried anal and it’s kind of a turn on but I wouldn’t fancy a dick as big as his doing it’ Louise said.

‘Do you like watching it?’ asked Adam.

‘Yes. A lot’ was the brief reply he got from Louise.

The guy speeded up and they both realised what was about to happen.

‘Looks like we’re both wrong’ said Louise.

‘So who wins the bet?’ Adam asked.

‘Nobody of course, it was a fair bet and  we can’t pretend otherwise.’

They carried on watching and saw the guy grab the woman by the hair and thrust at an incredible speed into her arse. The ecstacy was clear on both their faces and Adam heard a moan of pleasure from Louise. He looked to his left to see she had slipped a hand down the front of her tight leggings.

‘Is that allowed?’ he said.

‘My flat my rules’ was Louise’s distracted reply, her breath now heavy.

The guy jerked and thrust again and it was clear he was coming. Judging by the way the woman shook she was coming also.  Adam was now rubbing his cock through his pants and Louise was leaning her head against her left arm and that arm against the window as and continued to stroke herself. 

‘You think I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?’ said Louise.

‘It had crossed my mind’ Adam replied.

‘You think I’m going to get down on my knees and pull your hard cock out and kiss and lick it before I suck it, don’t you?’ Louise had turned to face him but still had her hand down the front of her leggings as she spoke the words.

‘You’re probably even thinking that I want you to taste me’. As Louise said this she pulled her hand from her leggings and slowly pushed the middle finger, glistening and wet, into her mouth. ‘That I want you to taste this gorgeous wetness.’

‘Fuck’ was all Adam could say, his eyes staring as she sucked her finger.

‘Do you want that?’


‘How much do you want your cock inside me?’

Adam spoke, his voice husky with lust; ‘I’m desperate to fuck you.’

‘That’s good’ replied Louise. ‘I really want to be fucked right now. I want to be kissed hard while being fingered. I want mouth on my wet pussy, tongue on my clit, and I want a hard cock in me. I want fucking like a dirty bitch and then I want cum all over my face. ‘

‘You’re going to suck my cock first.’ Adam instructed.

‘I like doing that. I like sucking a big hard cock. I like to play with my clit while I’m doing it too.’  Louise replied, now staring at the bulging lump of constrained cock in Adam’s pants. ‘Let’s go to my bedroom’ she added.

‘Not yet’ said Adam, with a forcefulness to his voice that sent a tingle to Louise’s clit. ‘First we owe your neighbours a little thank you. ‘

Louise looked down at the neighbours, who she almost forgotten about in her lust. The couple were lounging on a sofa, looking spent but also staring up at her.

‘Show them your tits’ Adam said.

Louise didn’t do much as pause. She just stared at Adam and raised her top over her head. Her bra was flimsy, holding her small breasts. She unclipped it and let it drop to the floor. Adam admired her pale skin, her areola almost the same shade but her nipples a dark red. She turned to face the couple, who were clapping and smiling.

In the bedroom a few minutes later. Both naked; kissing and stroking each other, slowly and gently, despite their searing passion.

Louise was sat on top of Adam, naked except for a red lace thong. Adam’s cock pressed against her, hard and insistent. A few moments earlier, when she’d pulled down his boxers and seen his cock, she’d whispered ‘oh my fuck’ at the size of it.

Adam knew it was 8 inches, because it had been measured by an ex, and he knew it was thick, and that the end of his cock was much bigger than average, because he’d been told so repeatedly by many different women.

Louise was kissing Adam’s chest and nipples, slowly working her way down. She had now gripped his dick in her hand, stunned at both its size and how hard it was. She was squeezing and slowly wanking it, enjoying the moans that escaped from his lips. When her mouth reached it she immediately licked its sensitive underside, causing him to moan louder, but then moved down to his balls, which she took into her mouth one by one. Only when they were soaked with her saliva did she move back up and engulf his cock end into her mouth. It felt like she was eating a whole apple, such as its size, but she got used to it and started to take more of it.

Adam watched escort tuzla Louise’s mouth strain to take him in, and felt the sensations in his cock. ‘Tell me what you like’ he said.

‘I’m your bitch’ was her simple reply. ‘Treat me like that.’

He let her suck him some more, occasionally issuing demands like ‘lick it’ and ‘take more’. She asked him if she was allowed to touch herself and he said she wasn’t, but then added ‘I’ll be licking you in a minute’ in a calm voice. She moaned in response and redoubled her efforts to take as much cock into her mouth as she could.

Adam looked down as Louise sucked his cock, enjoying her lips, tongue and mouth on him. He loved oral, especially giving it and although she was doing a fantastic job on his cock, he wanted to taste her, and told her to move around. A moment later his face was inches from her pussy, as he lay on his back with Louise on top of him, her legs open.

He started with his tongue on her lips, gently stroking the delicate area and enjoying the taste of her excitement. He then reached her clit and her moan was loud and filled with lust. The firm little bud of her sex felt hot on his tongue and he concentrated on it for a long time, feeling her excitement rise.

Louise lay back and let go of any remaining inhibitions, succumbing to the absolute pleasure Adam’s tongue was giving her. She heard herself panting and moaning and felt her back arching and was aware of a finger sliding into her and of the tongue that was controlling these sensations and then she felt her legs being lifted as Adam started to fuck her with his tongue. He pushed it in and out of her and she felt her orgasm start and gave herself over to the waves of pleasure.  She had never experienced anything like it.

Half an hour later she’d cum twice more, been fucked in so many positions she’d lost count, had beautifully sore nipples and red hand prints all over her arse cheeks. She was lay on top of Adam, her pussy still full of him as he slowly, very slowly, slid his cock in and out of her. She was teetering on the edge of another orgasm, he somehow knew the exact speed to go at to keep her on the edge, but she also knew that he too was incredibly close to coming.

‘Tell me your secret fantasy’ he said. ‘The one you don’t tell your friends.’

Louise loved men’s cum. Absolutely loved it. The taste, the warmth, the feel of it landing on her body. Hot cum firing down her throat or splashing on her tits or spurting in her pussy could all make her cum but the one she loved most was a guy finishing off on her face. The thought of it was always the thing to tip her over the edge when she played with herself, it was her favourite porn topic and she’d always wanted to be be filmed as it happened.

‘I want your spunk on my face. Wank yourself and cover my face in cum. And video it on my phone for me.’

‘You sexy little fucker’ said Adam. He was so close to coming and her answer had almost tipped him over the edge.

She got off him, passed him her phone and knelt while he stood next to her, his thick, veiny cock with its giggle purple end held in his right fist while he held her mobile with the video function running in the other.

‘I’m going to play with my clit while you do it. I’m going to cum while you’re shooting your fucking load all over my face’ said Louise, her voice breaking with excitement.

‘Get your tongue on my cock’ was Adam’s only response.

He filmed her as she licked all over his cock, which he wanked at the same time. Her moans got louder and he knew her hand was busy between her legs. He let the pleasure build and then felt his balls tighten.

‘I’m going to cum’ he moaned.

‘Do it. Fucking give it to me’ replied Louise, who then added ‘I’m coming’ as her fingers brought her clit to climax again.

Adam felt the rise of his cum and then shook as a thick rope of cum spurted from his cock onto Louise’s face, followed by another and then two more. Louise had her mouth open and got to taste some but her face was a mask of semen as her orgasm subsided. Adam still slowly stroked his cock, smaller spurts still being emitted from its end. Louise took the end back into her mouth and he carried on filming as she used her tongue to get every last drop of cum, her face liberally coated with it.

Louise finished her coffee, her recollection of that first fuck with Adam doing nothing at all to reduce her need, and grabbed her phone. Her text was very quick and simple:

‘You free? Now?’

Adam lay in bed and considered his next move. Next to him, Laura snored gently. He had read Louise’s text and knew what she wanted. Despite the fact that he was in bed with Laura, they hadn’t had sex. He didn’t actually know why she was next to him, he had had friends over and, as planned, 3 of them had stayed over. Laura had been meant to share the double bed in the spare room with Molly, and Ollie was meant to be on the sofa. He had gone to bed at 3am and his guests had been where they’d planned to be, but when he woke half an hour ago he’d found Laura next to him.

Feeling a bit like a teenager he’d peeked under the covers, discovering that Laura wore only a pair of knickers.

His mind was foggy and he ran through the options of what had happened to get Laura to come to his bed. There are 3 that were possibles:

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