Lockdown with Bhabhi

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Bhabhi in lockdown,

Hi friends, I live in India and I am going to tell a true incident happened in my life that I had sex with my bhabhi in lockdown.

I was 20years old last year when everything happened and my bhabhi (sister-in-law or brother’s wife) is the same aged of 21years with a great lusty figure.

I was in my 2nd year of engineering, but because of lockdown; I was in my village in Maharashtra.

My big brother lives in goa for the job. Before the lockdown, my bhabhi and brother came to the village, but they got stuck. But my brother had to go for the job so he went alone because of the unavailability of tickets on the train. Also, he doesn’t want to take risks for his wife.

So, In our family, we had my father who used to be on the farm the whole day, my mother who had her leg broken and always on wheelchairs, and my bhabhi would do all the housework. I would play with her child the whole day.

I always had a lust for her but never had confidence. But in this lockdown, I wanted to have sex with my bhabhi but it was tough as she was 1 year elder to me. She had a sexy figure I used to stare at her breasts secretly. I used to touch her hands on her back (like accidentally) whenever I would get a chance. She never got angry. My mother and bhabhi used to sleep in one room and my father in another.

One day, I insisted my mother to sleep beside her. In the village, we to sleep on the floor.

So zonguldak escort that night I slept beside my mom, and at one hand distance, there was my bhabhi. Her hand often used to be on her chest.

That night, I saw her sleeping peacefully. I stared at her curvy blouse covering boobs. They were amazing. I wanted to touch them, but I couldn’t. Because it was summer and the weather was hot, she unbuttoned her blouse in sleeping position thinking that I would have slept. But I used to stare at her bare boobs and nipples secretly from under the blanket. Seeing the sight, my penis would become hard and I would masturbate inside the blanket. This was the daily scene.

One day she slept with her hand on her chest uncovered and with fear in my heart touched her one finger as if it happened accidentally she didn’t respond. So I moved my hand on her fingers and she moved her palm and waked slightly and slept again. Now, with a bit of gain in my confidence, I touched her fingers again and massaged her palm gently, but she didn’t react.

Now I knew she was pretending to have slept. With a bit of gain in confidence, I kissed and licked her palm. She still didn’t react. So, in the feeling of horniness, I moved my hand touching along her hand inside her blanket and slowly tickled her bare uncovered boob and slowly rubbed my fingers on her nipples.

The nipple got hard instantly zonguldak escort bayan (Now I knew 100% that she was awake but didn’t react, so I gained confidence).

So I pressed and massage her nipples under the blanket. I can’t explain the feeling of touching the breast for the first time in my life. I was in heaven. Then I gently massaged her boobs then stomach, but I can’t go down through the saree.

So I pulled her saree slowly up without waking my mother asleep beside me.

And touched her white thighs, which felt smooth like velvet. Slowly I moved up, and I felt dense hairs. Through hairs, I felt her pussy from outside and it was all wet (she was still pretending to sleep). So I moved my middle finger on her pussy and slowly inside and slowly increased the speed.

Now she moaned in her fake sleep. And I was on cloud nine touching the pussy first time in my life. Now I also put my second finger inside and I had fun the whole night touching her whole body. This used to happen daily.

One day, my father took my mother to the hospital for her leg plaster removal. That whole day, we both were alone. She was making food in the kitchen. I came from the backside and grabbed her by her hips and kissed her neck. She opposed me and said: “don’t touch me like that, I am your brother’s wife”.

I made her remember the previous night, but she said “it happened escort zonguldak by accident and I am sorry.”

I was shocked that how can she say that. So I forced on her. I grabbed her boobs from behind while she was making chapatis. I forcefully unbuttoned her blouse, grabbed her bare boobs, made her bow down, took her saree up and penetrated my hard dick inside her, forcing my dick inside and out multiple times. This way, I had the first sex of my life.

After that, I forced her a lot of time and she liked it.

And now she was horny, too. And grabbed my cock and started sucking it.

Now it was my first time, so I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my stuff and enjoyed it.

After that we both stripped each other’s clothes and went naked and bhabhi told me to be in 69 position and lick her pussy.

I was hesitating because it was my first time, but she forced me to lick her pussy.

I was enjoying the 69 position and my cock was now fully hard in my bhabhi’s mouth.

She told me to put a cock in her pussy, so I pushed my cock in one shot only and she enjoyed the pain.

After a few shots, I came into her pussy.

After that, in the whole 4–5 months of lockdown, I had a lot of sex.

corona period was fun for me.

After unlocking my brother took my bhabhi away from me. I missed her a lot.

I still masturbate a lot, thinking about those sexual moments.

I speak a lot with her on the phone when her husband at the job.

I make her remember our sexual moments.

She said I liked it when you forced on me. I felt like a victim before you. It was wonderful.

I miss my lockdown period.

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