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When I slid the card key through the slot in the lock and opened the door I immediately saw the suitcases and bags of stuff neatly arranged on and around one of the double beds. I gritted my teeth, stepped inside and sat down on the other bed, realizing that she was really going to leave this time. She had talked a lot about leaving, hell, she talked of leaving the day I first met her.

It was in the first of the restaurants to open after the storm that I met her. I could see it was a mad house, but it was something I would endure for a meal not reheated in a microwave, or at least one not reheated in the microwave in my hotel room. I waited about an hour before a flustered receptionist led me to a booth. Grabbing the menu, I scanned through it for the most expensive item. I was on an expense account and the T-Bone steak here cost considerably less than most of the meals I normally ate when traveling.

When the waitress finally came to take my order, I could see it had been a long and difficult day. Her dark curly hair was frazzled, with loose curls hanging down over her face. Her dark skin had a light sheen of sweat that did give her a very attractive glow, but what makeup she had worn was streaked and cracked. Although I could see dark circles of sweat under her arms and smaller ones under her breasts, the mix of her perfume and natural fragrance was very intoxicating.

“Tough day?” I asked.

“You wouldn’t believe, but at least I am working again and making some money. If I can find a place to stay I might make enough to pay rent.”

“Your place…”

“Storm surge. Yeah, I had a good idea when I moved in, a place with a view of the beach. It was nice while it lasted, which was just long enough for me to throw a few things in my car and drive up to the freeway,” she replied, sliding into the booth across from me.

“You survived the storm in your car?”

“Yeah I got up to the freeway, but the roads were blocked, so I parked under an overpass and spent the night. Thought the car was going to blow away a couple of times but at least I was well away from the water.”

“But that was two weeks ago, you couldn’t go back to your place.”

“They blocked the illegal bahis road, but that didn’t really matter, when I did finally get back the apartments were gone.”


“A pile of sticks, bricks and trash about two blocks inland from where it used to be, at least that’s my best guess where it ended up. Anyway, been sleeping in my car ever since.”

Over the course of my dinner, I was able to convince her to move into my hotel room. She even offered to pay me, but with my company paying for the room anyway I saw no need for that. We had two beds there, and while I was certainly open to sharing a bed, I was prepared to sleep separately too.

I was pleasantly surprised when she showed up to move in and even more surprised that once she dropped her bags she moved over and kissed me hard on the lips. While we kissed I let my hands drop down to her tight little ass and I slowly began kneading it. She encouraged me as she moved to straddle my thigh and began to grind against me.

Moving toward the bed I quickly pulled her tee shirt over her head and unfastened her bra. While I bent over to kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples she quickly unfastened my pants. When the pants fell to my ankles I stumbled a bit and fell onto the bed, then simply watched as she finished undressing.

As I quickly pulled off the rest of my clothes I noticed her open a pouch on one of her bags and pull out a tube of something. I stood up next to the bed as she sat down and took hold of my cock while squeezing a liberal amount of lubricant on me. Immediately she worked her hand up and down my shaft, coating it completely.

Without a word, she climbed onto the bed, and kneeled with her ass facing toward me. I moved forward and let her take my cock from between her legs. Instead of guide it into her pussy, instead she aimed it higher and when I hesitated she said, “Fuck me in the ass.”

I had never done that before, but had often fantasized of anal sex, so I decided to give it a try. It was a bit difficult at first, pushing the head of my cock into that tiny hole, but in just a few moments it loosened up a bit and I began to slide into her. It was tight and although I was well illegal bahis siteleri lubricated I had to move slowly.

While I pushed she encouraged me saying, “Okay, just a little more, just move slowly. Yeah that’s right.” I had to admit it was sexy hearing her egg me on. Anyway, I continued pushing further and further until I hit against something. Thinking that was it I began to pull back but she said, “No keep pushing, just a bit further.”

I arched my back and pressed a bit harder and finally, it opened again, this time letting me slide in to the hilt. Now I was able to withdraw and then move into her in one, slow but steady thrust. The tight sensation was incredible and I noticed her fingers moving over her clit, something I hadn’t seen a woman do before, so I was really turned on.

Grabbing her ass, I began plunging quicker and quicker and in no time I felt the pressure build in my balls and suddenly a wave of pleasure shot up my cock and I came, spurting my cum deep into her ass. As I was coming, she moaned loudly and I presume she came with me.

I left my cock shoved into her until I felt the last twitching of my orgasm. Slowly I backed away from her and pulled out. She immediately jumped up, moved to the bathroom and tossed me a towel to clean up with. Then she started the water in the shower and after a short while I heard her climb in.

A little later I joined her in the shower, but she seemed uncomfortable and as small as the tub was, we awkwardly kissed, washed each other’s backs, but then she hurried out of the tub. By the time I finished up, she was sitting on her bed fully dressed.

I nodded to her bags and said, “I have some extra hangers in the closet and there are a couple of drawers I’m not using.”

“That’s okay, I’ll probably be moving out right away, I mean in he morning.”

“Look you’re welcome to stay,” I said, “I enjoy the company.” I didn’t say I enjoyed the sex even more.

Anyway, she didn’t move out that next day so we spent the next several weeks in a pantomime of our first night. Usually getting together after coming in from work, having some quick sex, always anal, and then showering. I often moved to try something canlı bahis siteleri different but she was determined, her pussy was off limits. I did enjoy what we were doing so I didn’t argue with her. Although we talked some at night we never discussed the sex, and usually she fell asleep early so not much else happened.

She did move in more of her stuff and while she did scatter out some, she never really unpacked. Slowly the economy in the area got rolling as more businesses opened and some of the debris got moved out of the streets and buildings into large stacks lining the roads. Life in the area was beginning to return to normal so I guess I really shouldn’t have been all that surprised that last day when I found her bags all packed.

She showed up a few hours later, not in the sweaty clothes she usually came home wearing, but nicely showered, dressed and she even wore makeup. She was alone when she came inside but I sensed someone was waiting for her somewhere. She simply stepped in the door, looked into my questioning eyes and said, “Hey baby, I always told you I was moving out soon. Well today’s the day.”

“Just like that I asked? I mean what about us?”

“Us baby, you knew there was no us, you always knew I was leaving.”

“But what about what we did?”

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” she asked.

“Yes, but why do we stop now?”

“I was just staying here, and now I’m leaving, you always knew I was leaving.”

“No, I thought after a while you might stay.”

“Baby, I can’t stay. I thought you understood. My fiancé just got his job back so he could move back from up north. We’re getting married tomorrow.”

“You just like that you’re leaving?”

“Just like that,” she said, grabbing a couple of her bags. When I moved to grab one she stopped me, “No I don’t want to be any more trouble to you.”

“That’s nonsense, let me help.”

“No baby, let me do it alone. He doesn’t know about you, if he finds out well…”

“Well what?”

“We just don’t want to know.”

I sat back down and wondered how she kept him from coming up to the hotel room and finding me here. All I could do was watch TV as she made several more trips to grab her stuff. When she finally grabbed the last of it I said once again, “So you’re leaving.”

She nodded and mouthed out, “I’m leaving.”

After she closed the door and I heard her drag her stuff down toward the stairs I said, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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