Leather Lusts Ch. 04

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She looked at him smiling, searching his features, and memorizing them.

“I love you Jack”

“I love you too Breezy”

He woke her; a couple of hours later and they showered; dressed and got ready to leave. She started the dishes and he did tank maintenance. Soon they were on there way, and pulled into one of the bigger lots off of Sturgis’s main street. Venders lined both sides of the street; again he bought her a few t-shirts. Then they stumbled into a leather shop, and he walked around picking out some leather halters, skirts, shorts, and bustier.

“Hey, stop spoiling me.”

“These aren’t for you, these are for me.” He grinned. “Leather turns me on, just wear them often.”

He carried several bags of clothes back the couple of blocks to the motor home, and tucked them inside so they could enjoy the day. People were everywhere, and bikes were parked on each side and a double line down the middle of the main street.

They listened to bands play, drank beer, ate and danced in the afternoon sun. He took her to the museum, and looked at the motorcycle history memorabilia. Then on the way back he pulled her to a kiosk where Black Hills gold was being sold.

“Breeze, lets buy you a ring, we don’t have to set a date, I just wanna tell the world your mine.” He kissed her ring finger and smiled. “A nice couple carrots for my bunny?”

“No Jack, my hands are too small, how about something that fits me, a bit delicate?”

The clerk came forward with a tray, “I’ve just the thing, these are all a carat or less, and some of these designs made by our local artisans are one of a kind.”

“Oooh look, that one’s nice.” She picked up a small rose in rose colored gold with a diamond center, leaves of gold and white gold covering the band. “I like it, what do you think.”

He pushed it on her ring finger. “A perfect fit, we’ll take it, and do you have any band sets that might accent it?” He asked the clerk.

“As a matter of fact we have these in the same grade, with the leaf design on them.” He picked out the size seven of her finger, and pulled another for him to try on. “Perfect fit, about an eleven, I’m at good sizing, it’s a gift.” He took Jack’s card and totaled the bill, and wrapped up the bands and handed them back to Jack. “May I be the first to congratulate you on your pending nuptials? She sure is a treasure. May you both have a happy & long life together?”

“Thank you!” Jack said and shook the clerk’s hand.

They walked back to the motor coach holding hands, occasionally kissing, and hugging. The ride back to Bison although over an hour seemed too short; they parked in the lot and walked across to the café. When almost there she noted a chopper parked out front. “Pop” she said and ran ahead inside. Jack walked through the door and saw Breezy hugging an old biker with long escort dikmen white hair in a braid down his back. He wore a worn leather vest and chaps. The vest had a patch and rocker on the back for a Denver chapter. “Jack this is my dad, Arlo Webb, dad this is, Jack Moran.”

The men shook hands, and sized each other up taking in the stature and dress of each other.

“So Jack, have I heard of you, your name sounds familiar.” Arlo asked.

“You might have, you bought most of the ‘Lightening’ clutch assembly systems I made over the last five years.” Jack said. “You were one of my more consistent customers.”

“No shit, hell stuff ain’t been the same since you sold that parts business.” Arlo complained. “They’ve been sending me bad metal and seams with tags.”

Both men talked about business and bikes for over an hour when Breezy butted in.

“Pops, Jack gave me a ring, popped the question, and I said yes.” Breezy smiled, she showed him the ring.

“What about college, and the shop, I can always get another manager, but I wanted you to keep the shop.” He dad said.

“We could still do that Pop, but I want Jack, and I want a family.” Breezy took his hand. “Be happy for me.”

“Grandkids now don’t that make me feel old.” He turned to Jack. “Better hurry up with that preacher son.”

Donna came out from the back to hug her and congratulate the couple, she said it was the prettiest ring she had seen in a long time, and then she fired her telling her, “Go get married girl, have a nice honeymoon, start right now on that family.”

Breezy blushed, “Oops, to late, really just a close call, to busy to take care of business.” She glanced at Jack. “Put my big foot in it. Let’s elope, how about we go to Vegas.”

“You sure, I thought you wanted to wait, no pressure.” Jack added. “We could be on a plane by tomorrow morning.” “Yeah I’m sure, Dad was the reason I wanted to wait, and now that it’s settled I just wanna be with you.”

After they ate dinner at the café and said there good byes, Breezy went to pack her things and clean out her room. Jack went to hook up the trailer. Fifteen minutes and she was done and dragging her big duffle past the office, and around the corner to the lot. She saw him then, a greasy lanky biker, he had moved up behind Jack and too late she saw the bat he carried. He struck Jack from behind, knocking him to the ground, and began to swing again. She screamed and ran toward the lot; the asshole whirled toward her, brandishing the bat.

“Fucker, you mother fucker!” Breezy spat at him.

She leaped forward and swung her right leg and kicked him upside the head; he swung the bat at her. She dodged his swing and it hit the coach panel. Thrusting a fist at him; she upper cut his chin, he took a step back. He flipped the bat around and escort elvankent gripped it again. He yelled and charged her, but she side stepped and parried flipping him to the ground over her hip; and stomped his calf so hard she heard the bone snap. The attacker screamed in agony.

“You fucking bitch, you broke my leg.” He accused. She kicked out again contacting his balls, he was moaning and complaining. Soon she was fed up with his caterwauling so she kicked him in the head and knocked him out. She ran to Jack then and knelt beside his torso. Jack’s head was bleeding, blood matted his hair. She asked some of the people gathering around to call 911, and made sure he was breathing. Someone brought her bags to her and she pulled out a shirt to wrap around his head. Soon a patrol car came, and then an ambulance once they began working him over and checking vitals he woke.

“Breeze, Breezy!” he cried out and she pushed the EMT aside.

“Jack, I’m okay it’s you that bastard hit, I thought he killed you; must have some hard head honey?” She clutched his hand.

Being awake he refused to go to the hospital. So treatment, was a butterfly and some liquid stitches, they wrapped his head in gauze and had him sign the release form. The deputy took a bit longer, he began to question Jack about the fight. Breezy had to tell him that Jack was hit in the head and out cold the whole time. She gave an account of the fight and stated for the record. “I may have had a few defense classes, in school.”

“Miss that man’s leg was broken, serious inquiries may follow.” The deputy said.

“Okay, so I’m a brown belt, Judo.” She said. “Yes I know, my hands are considered a weapon, but I felt sure that Jack was seriously hurt, and my life was in imminent danger.”

He had them sign statements, and told everyone to go it was over. Some went back to the bar and some back to the motel. Breezy helped Jack into the motor coach and sat him on the couch, then went back for her bags. Lugging them in she dropped them on the floor, and went over to sit on the couch next to him.

“A Brown belt in Judo, Huh?” He whispered. “Guess I don’t wanna piss you off, you could beat my ass.”

“I got your back, baby; and no body should think of hurting you or coming between us.” She promised. “I’ll take em’ down.”

“My heroine, I’d show you my appreciation, but I have a headache tonight dear.”

“Jack you may have a concussion, we need to keep you awake for several more hours.” She smiled. “How about we play some cards for awhile?”

They played cards, and talked for hours. After the recommended time, they wandered back to bed, and slept.

The next morning Jack awoke first and spent time drinking in her features; memorizing the arch of her brow, thick baby fine lashes, straight bridge of escort emek her nose, and the full pouting lips. She was amazing; he took a strand of her hair and brushed her nose with it. She lifted a hand and brushed her nose, but did not awaken. Jack leaned to her and kissed her nose. She lifted a hand to brush her nose, and caught the side of his face. Turquoise blue eyes opened to gaze back at deep green ones.

“Morning how’s your head?” she asked.

“It feels like small hammers now, instead of ten pound sledges, I’ll be good as new in a few days.”

“Earth to Super Jack, have you got a doctor here yet? Because the EMT said you need to have the doctor check you over. We can look for one when we get home today.”

“God you’re bossy.” He murmured.

“I love you.” she whispered, and hung her head.

“I love you to, sorry I’m crabby, I’m just used to doing things in my own time. I’ll call around when we get to the house; maybe they could squeeze me in at the clinic. Then we need to go to the Court House for the license. Maybe we could get a flight tomorrow for Vegas.” He said and kissed her. “I liked waking up to you, I watched you while you slept.”

“God I hope I didn’t snore or slobber.”

“What do you think woke me up?” He smirked.

“Liar, I do not snore!” and she tweaked his nipple.

“How would you know, you’re asleep?”

He rolled her underneath him and kissed her lips and slid to her cheek. He tugged at her ear lobe with his teeth, and sucked at the pulse of her neck. All the while under him she squirmed and moaned. Her nails grazed his shoulders and upper arms. She felt the weight of his hardening cock against her thigh and lifted her leg over his. She reached down and stroked his hip and clutched his butt, squeezing him. He moaned and took position and pushed himself inside her. His movements were slow at first, talking his time, moving with care, hunching into her tight channel. She became wetter, fluids seeping down her ass crack, pooling on the bed. She arched back meeting his thrusts, wrapping her legs around him. Her arms encircled him, pinching his skin, nails so close to digging furrows in his back. When he rose up, looping her legs over his arms and began to pound her, with each thrust he hit bottom. The thick rubbery bulb of his cock was thudding her cervix. His ass whipped in frenzy; movements so hard she swore the whole coach must be shaking. The tingling began and she tightened down on him and screamed. Her nails dug into his back and flexed. Her body bucked under him then stiffened. He gritted his teeth grinding them, and then let out a roar as he came. He slammed his hips down and dropped her legs, just to lie atop and rub sweat over her breasts with his chin, for several more minutes.

“My fault this time.” He said.


“No protection, I even put some in the drawer; I’m so distracted while making love to you, that I forget business.” He looked apologetic.

“Do you want to have kids?” She looked at him beseechingly.

“Yeah I do, I wanna have kids with you, so shall we forget about the condoms?”


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