Learning with Mommy Ch. 01

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Jacob Camerer woke to his mother’s gentle nudging, as usual.

“Morning, Mom.” She sat beside him on his bed, wearing a lavender silk robe.

“Good morning, sweetie. Happy Birthday!” she said, gently stroking his cheek. “I put your clothes out on the chair, and breakfast will be ready soon.”

Jacob quickly flicked his eyes downward to his mother’s chest; her silk robe was doing a poor job concealing most of her breasts. “I’ll be down in a few minutes, Mom.” He gave her a smile.

His mother reached down and revealed his present, “Well, before you do, open this.” Jacob tore off the wrapping paper and opened the narrow box. Tucked inside was handsome red and blue striped tie.

“It’s not much, but it’s also not your only present,” she said with a smirk. “But you’ll need it for tonight, so I figured I’d give it to you now.”

“Thanks, Mom, it’s great!”

“Okay, I’m gonna head downstairs, come down when you’re ready.” As she left, Jacob watched his mother to see if the bottom of her ass peaked out from the underside of her robe. It didn’t, and Jacob let his head fall back onto his pillow with a huff.

You see, Jacob’s mother was a bombshell. She was tall, about 5′ 10″, and trim, but she also had an amazing pair of breasts. If the glamour models he drooled over were any indication, he guessed she had DDs or Es. The ass he’d been trying to sneak a peak of was also to die for: not too big, with plenty of lift and firmness. She had sandy blonde hair, honey brown eyes set above sharp cheekbones, and light pink lips that were quick to smile. Jacob’s mother was the stuff of wet dreams.

The great irony was that Jacob was in many ways the opposite of his mother. Jacob was only 5′ 2″ and had been quite frail for most of his life. This changed as he grew older, he’d filled out a little, but Jacob was very definitely on the skinny side. Where Jacob’s mother’s body oozed sex, Jacob couldn’t help but notice that his penis was nothing special. Like all boys his age, he’d measured his erection, and though he hoped that on his small frame his perfectly average penis would look big on him, the reality was that his dick was just under five and a half inches. Average.

Jacob waited for his average erection to deflate, the result of eyeing his mother’s cleavage, and wondered if he hadn’t suffered from all those health complications as an infant if his dick would have been bigger. Maybe it was proportional. Maybe if he’d been a healthy baby now he’d be a 6′ 3″ with an 8″ dick. He shook his head, it didn’t do to dwell in fantasy, and got up to get dressed.

He found his mother in the kitchen, carefully weighing out strawberries before adding them to a bowl of oatmeal already topped with blueberries. She smiled up at him and brought the food over to the kitchen table. In addition to the oatmeal, Jacob’s breakfast consisted of two eggs, fried in cooking spray. It was what he had every morning. He spotted his lunch box on the counter and could already predict it was either an arugula salad with beets, goat, cheese, and walnuts, or a bowl of brown rice with chicken and leafy greens.

“Inspiring stuff,” Jacob thought to himself. He chastised himself internally. He wondered if his mother had been this health conscious before he was born. He’d never asked, but he always figured the answer would’ve been no. How could she be? She was only 23 when he was born, freshly graduated from UCLA. When he was old enough to learn about how sick he was as a baby it helped make sense of everything: the homeschooling, the restrictive diet, the constant doting. He reminded himself of the facts and he found he wasn’t upset about his lunch, he was appreciative.

The truth was Jacob was everything to his mother, and she was everything to him. His parents hadn’t stayed together after he was born. It must’ve been too much responsibility for his young father to not only deal with a kid, but a sick one, and he left before Jacob was two. Where other women would’ve crumbled under the pressure, his mother blossomed. She began day trading to support the two of them. It wasn’t anything crazy, but it was enough for a comfortable life. It also gave her enough time to home school Jacob.

Jacob had only started going to public school at the start of his junior year. It took a lot of persuading, but his mom finally relented. Jacob kind of regretted it. He’d expected to find friends going to public school but joining as late as he did meant that most people had a solid group, and they weren’t looking for new members. On top of that everyone thought he was a freshman because of his size. The whole experience was isolating.

“Where have you been?” his mother asked.

“Oh, sorry. Just daydreaming.” Jacob offered his mother a sweet smile.

“So, here’s the plan for today. I’ll pick you up from school and we’ll come back here, you’ll be able to wash up. Then we’re going for a drive, and you need to be dressed up, okay?”


School moved slowly. In English they finished reading Oedipus Rex as part of their Greek unit. Because he was homeschooled and didn’t get buca escort it there, Jacob had to attend his Health class, where they were covering sexual health. Like most American sex ed, it was light on substantive content, mostly about avoiding getting sick, and nothing about pleasure. He looked around the classroom and wondered how many of his classmates were fumbling their way through sex or, at the very least, having oral sex. He figured many of them must have been fooling around long enough that they actually had some idea of what they were doing. Here he was, eighteen, a virgin, and with very few–rather, no–prospects.

He hoped college would be different. Maybe with all the change everyone was going through he’d be able to find someone who wanted to really get to know him. After Health, he suffered through History, Math, Physics. It wasn’t that Jacob wasn’t smart or was a bad student, he just really wanted to get back home to his mom.

The final bell rang, and he went out to the parking lot where his mom was waiting for him.

“How was your day, honey?”

“Oh, you know, the usual,” he said. He looked over at his mother as they rolled out of the parking lot. His mother was wearing an emerald green silk romper with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. It showed off her long, tan legs. Her seatbelt ran across her chest and was settled between her breasts. He realized his mother wasn’t wearing a bra and saw the entire profile of her breast. If the romper shifted over less than half an inch Jacob was sure he’d be able to see his mother’s nipple. For now, he’d have to settle for the subtle impression her nipples made on the delicate fabric.

When they got home his mother told him to shower. “I’ll be up in a few minutes, okay?”

Jacob went to the bathroom and stripped out of his clothes. As he let the water run and warm up, he looked at his body in the mirror. He could count his ribs and looked at the gentle suggestion of abs on his belly.

“It’s better than being a little fat, I guess,” he thought to himself. Still, he looked at himself and wished he looked like the other eighteen-year olds at school.

He hopped in the shower and was washing up when he heard his mother enter. “I’m here when you’re ready, honey.”

Jacob finished washing and stepped out of the shower, where he saw his mother waiting for him with a towel. She walked over and began to dry him, starting with his arms, before kneeling to dry his lower body. He felt her hands quickly grip his dick and balls through the towel before moving on to his legs. Those brief moments were heavenly; his cock swelled at her touch.

Next, she pulled lotion out of a drawer and moisturized his skin. Jacob was prone to rashes, he had a number of allergies, so soothing his skin was a necessary part of his daily routine. She warmed the lotion in her hands before running her hands over his body. She started with his arms again before asking him to turn around. She ran the lotion over his back before wrapping her arms around his torso to moisturize his chest and stomach. She added more to her hands and then quickly ran her hands down to his hips, quickly sweeping her hands inward to reach his perineum. His mother was precise, somehow managing to avoid touching his penis or balls. He wanted to groan out in displeasure, “Please just touch me there, this is torture,” he thought.

He felt her kneel down behind him as she ran her lotioned hands over his bottom and then his legs. When she finished, she stood up and watched him to make sure he applied to lotion properly to his penis and balls.

“Good job, sweetie,” she said. “Now, go get dressed, we’ll leave soon.”

He went to his room and saw the suit and shirt his mother had laid out for him. He got dressed and put on his new tie. He went downstairs where his mother was waiting for him.

“Oh, look at you, my little gentleman.” He walked over to her and she gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Let’s get going.”

They drove an hour and a half out to the foothills and arrived at the restaurant. It was at a well-respected vineyard, with outdoor seating so patrons could enjoy the sunsets. His mother had picked it not only for the ambiance, but also because the restaurant did a good job of listing all the possible allergens.

The meal was delicious, and Jacob was able to order anything he wanted, a rare treat. At one point towards the end of their meal his mother excused herself to use the restroom. Jacob looked around at the other guests at the restaurant. They were all couples. At one table he could see a young woman running her foot up her partner’s leg. Another table was tucked away into the corner of the courtyard with a couple sitting side by side. There, the man leaned over and whispered in the woman’s ear. She giggled, and he noticed she looked down towards his crotch, then she did a quick scan of the courtyard. Jacob pretended he dropped something and bent over beneath the table. He looked over and confirmed that she had fished the man’s cock out of his pants and was playing buca escort bayan with him.

“Everybody’s getting some!” he grumbled to himself. It put him in a sullen mood.

His mother must have noticed because when she returned to the table she asked if everything was alright. Jacob didn’t really answer.

Jacob’s mood persisted and the ride home was unusually quiet.

“Go get ready for bed, sweetie, I’ll be right up.”

Jacob went up to his room, he wanted to close his door and be removed from the world, but his mother didn’t like having closed doors in the house, something about “there might be an emergency.” It made it difficult for Jacob to get any sexual relief, actually. He’d tried waiting until he knew his mother was asleep and then rushing to the hallway bathroom to take care of himself there. Often, though, he fell asleep before he was sure. He regularly had wet dreams and woke up to a sticky mess.

So, he stripped out of his clothing. His mother required that he sleep naked, apparently it was good for the health of his sperm. “Not that it matters at all…” Jacob would think to himself.

His mother came to his room, back in her lavender robe, just as he was hanging up his suit. Now that she’d seen him naked, he knew he could hop into bed. Once he was under the covers his mom came over to his bed and sat by him.

“Did you have a good birthday, honey?”

“Yeah!” It was strained. He was trying as hard as he could to sincerely be appreciative, but he couldn’t.

“What’s wrong honey?” She sounded very concerned.

Jacob struggled to put into words what he was feeling. He started feeling overwhelmed, like he might cry, and he rolled away from his mother.

“Jacob. Sweetie, what is going on? I thought you had a good day.”

Jacob rolled back over, tears in his eyes. “I don’t know, Mom.”

“Was it something at school?”

“I mean…” Jacob was so embarrassed. How do you complain to your mother that you’re being driven crazy by how horny you are all the time? How do you explain that you feel unbelievably lonely, all the time, despite all the care your mother gives you?

His mother got up from the bed and sat in the armchair that lived in the corner of his room. “Honey, come here.”

Jacob got out of bed and went over to his armchair and sat in his mother’s lap. She wrapped her arms around him, one around his shoulders, one gently cupping his bottom. He nestled his head against her bosom

“Tell Mom what’s going on.”

“I guess. I’m really lonely at school, Mom. I don’t have a girlfriend, or friends…”

“Oh, honey, I know that’s hard.” She held him in silence before asking, “Do you want to finish up high school here? With me?”

“Maybe…but that’s not everything.”

“What else is going on?” She was using her thumbs to gently stroke Jacob where she held him.

He buried his head in shame as he said, “I’m so horny.”

“Sweetie, I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said I’m so horny, okay?!” Jacob tried not to raise his voice but couldn’t help it. His mother looked shocked.

“I go to school and I sit in health class and I listen to everybody talking about sex, and I think ‘what am I even doing here, no one looks at me that way!’ And then I think, well maybe things will change in college, but then I get worried cuz what do I know!? And then…”


“Well, and then…there’s you!” He said it as if it was self-explanatory, but his mother was confused.

“I don’t know what you mean, Jacob. What have I done wrong?”

“It’s not–that’s not.” How could he put this into words? “Mom, you have to know how you look.” He could feel her begin to respond and then stop herself. He kept going, albeit haltingly, carefully. “You’re every man’s dream, and then, I mean. You dry me with a towel and then run your hands all over me after I shower, and I’m completely naked in front of you, and I just want you to grab me…and…give me what I want! I don’t know…”

Jacob’s mother brought her hand up to Jacob’s face, “What is it that you want?”

“Relief?” Jacob couldn’t bear to be more explicit than that, it was too humiliating.

“Jacob, I don’t know what that means. Tell me what you want, baby.”

Jacob couldn’t take it anymore, and with frustration he said, “I want to cum. I want someone else to make me cum. Are you happy?!”

“Jacob, sweetie, settle down. It’s okay.”

Jacob struggled against her and tried to break away. The last thing he needed was to be told to settle down, it was so condescending. But Jacob’s mother was too strong, and she held Jacob to her body until he stopped squirming.



“Please stop huffing, it’s not attractive.” She took a breath, and pulled his head closer to hers and said softly, with a slight chuckle, “I’m glad you told me what you were feeling, though, okay?”

Jacob didn’t know what was going to happen, he didn’t think he was going to get what he wanted, but he did feel bad about how he spoke to his mother.

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

“I escort buca forgive you, sweetie.”

Jacob sat for a moment thinking as his Mom held him. A thought occurred to him.

“Mom, well, I’m eighteen now. Um, maybe we could hire someone…?” He looked up expectantly at his mother. His enthusiasm was met with a cool smirk from his mother.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Her cool dismissal enraged Jacob again. How could she react so callously when he had been so forthright? He began pushing against her again, finally fed up with her attitude.

“Let go of me!”

“Jacob, settle down!” His mother’s voice was stern and steady.

Jacob continued protesting when he felt his mother’s hand shift off his bottom. The next thing he knew his mother had his balls in the palm of her hand. She gripped them gently and kneaded them between her fingers.

Jacob shuttered, and his breath ran ragged out of his body. He’d never had this kind of prolonged, definitely sexual, contact with his balls before. Those brief moments through the towel were nothing compared to this.

His mother spoke softly to him as she continued to massage his balls. Jacob felt powerless in the hands of his Amazonian mother. “You think I would trust anyone else to take care of you? You think a working girl could give you what you need? No, sweetie. You are my baby, and I will take care of you.”

She withdrew her hands from his balls and pulled her silk robe open, revealing her gorgeous breasts. They were the sun kissed caramel with milk chocolate nipples, Jacob wanted nothing more than to dine.

“Suck on mommy’s nipple, baby, and I will take care of you.”

Jacob didn’t need any further bidding. He reached up and grabbed his mother’s breast in both his hands, reveling in their softness. He brought his mouth to her nipple and began to suck. As he did, he felt his mother’s hand on his cheek before moving to his cock.

“I’m gonna go slow so you can enjoy it, baby.” True to her word, she used slow strokes to jack him off.

“Is this what you wanted, baby?”

Jacob whimpered his assent from his mother’s breast.

“Your lips and tongue feel so good on mommy’s breast, Jacob. Will you flick your tongue over mommy’s nipple? That’s what mommy likes.” Jacob did as he was asked and managed to elicit a soft moan from his mother.

“Yes, baby. Tell mommy when you’re going to cum.”

“Mom, I’m gonna cum!” Jacob’s mother made one last stroke downward and held it there. Jacob felt a tugging sensation on the head of his cock. His cock had a monster spasm and a thick rope of warm cum shot out of his cock and landed squarely on his mother’s right breast. After the first rope she began slowly jerking him off again. Jacob couldn’t believe the deep pleasure he felt in his body. There was the tickling pleasure in his cock as his mother ran her hand up and down his cock, rubbing the head of his cock with her thumb, swirling his cum over the sensitive head of his cock. But there was also the feeling of satisfaction that coursed through his entire body.

Jacob lay cradled in his mother’s arms, the only sound in his room the gentle panting from both him and his mother. Still in a daze of pleasure, Jacob looked up and took in the sight of his mother’s hand still gently squeezing his cock, and his cum covering his mother’s breasts and his stomach.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” his mother said.

Jacob dumbly nodded and stood up. He watched as his mother carefully pulled her arm through her silk robe before letting it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him in almost all her glory. Jacob eyes tried to soak in as much as he could. He looked at her gorgeous breasts, the right one sporting a rivulet of cum inching its way downward. Further south her flat tummy had a band of sweat running across it, likely from the heat of Jacob’s body pressed against it. Sex, if you could call what just happened that, was messier than Jacob realized. Below that was hidden by a pair of panties. Jacob could see the impression of her pubic hair pushing against the fabric.

He followed his mother out of his room and into the hallway bathroom. His mother reached into the shower and turned on the water before stripping out of her panties. Jacob wished she would turn to face him, but she stepped into the shower instead.

Jacob waited patiently for his mother to finish, but after a minute his mother poked her head out and asked, “Well, aren’t you gonna come in?”

Jacob scurried into the shower and stood behind his mother as she continued to wash herself. As beautiful as she was dry, Jacob found that the sheen of her wet skin only heightened her sex appeal.

“You’re not gonna get clean standing all the way over there,” she said. She still had her back turned to him. The gentle twist of her spine as she looked over her shoulder was incredibly seductive.

He shuffled forward and slid past his mother, his torso sliding against hers as he went. His penis brushed her thigh, and Jacob felt a tingle move through his body as his penis was briefly pinched between their bodies. He stood in the stream of the warm water and closed his eyes as water ran over his face and through his hair. He felt his mother steady herself with one hand on his shoulder as she brought a soft brush around his body and began to scrub his chest. Her breasts pushed against his upper back.

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