Kindred Sluts Ch. 07

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The group welcomes David and Sandi.

On a Tuesday morning Wendy and I got up early. We had settled in to a rhythm, making love together a couple of times a week, and usually playing with Mark and Donna on the weekend. Occasionally we would all be invited to a swing party and sometimes we would go. Other times we would let Mark and Donna go and we would slink off to the local club and see what was happening. We didn’t that morning, which turned out to be a good thing.

As we entered the kitchen Donna sat at the bar with a fresh cup of coffee.

“I received a very nice thank you email from Evelyn this morning. You two made quite an impression. They can’t wait for their next session.”

“They turned out to be excellent students.” I said with a smile.

“They had gotten pretty far before we even started with them.” Wen added. “And they really weren’t all that inhibited to begin with.”

“Well, she says they are like two kids exploring for the first time.”

“Then we succeeded.” I said.

“When do you think you’ll meet with them again?” Donna asked.

“I was thinking in a couple of weeks. That should give them time to get over the initial novelty. Then they might have some serious questions.”

“Good.” she said quickly.

“Why is that?? I asked.

“Just looking forward to this weekend is all. Was hoping you two would be around. It’s been a couple o’ weeks.” Donna said.

“Last weekend didn’t count?” Wen asked laughing at her.

“You know its better when we’re all here. Besides, how would you feel about a six way this weekend?”

“Who do you have in mind?” Wendy asked her.

“David and Sandi Miller. You remember them from Lois’ party.”

“Yeah. If I remember right she’s almost as insatiable as you are.” I reminded Donna.

“Almost!” she insisted.

“I could go for that.” Wen looked at me for approval. “You okay with it Ran?” she asked.

“You know me. The more the merrier.”

Wendy and I decided to fast for the rest of the week so we skipped our usual mid-week fuck session. Fasting always turned up the heat for both of us and made us anxious.

Saturday came and we busied ourselves with chores and getting ready. Wendy and Donna were going to go shopping for some new outfits until I convinced them otherwise. “Look, you go buy these new things and then you wear them for about a half hour. Then you get naked anyway, so why not just forget it. Besides, Mark and I prefer good old naked, shaved pussy to look at.” I told them. Then I looked at Wen. “You know I’d rather see you in those tight cotton flannels, with a nice helping of ‘camel toe’.”

“It does always do the trick, doesn’t it?” she said with a smirk.

“Anyway I get to look at that luscious pussy of yours is great.” I meant it too, and she knew it.

Mark spent the afternoon napping. We had gotten up late so we were pretty rested. We were all getting eager. Around 5 I went to help the girls in the kitchen.

We made sandwiches, prepared some finger food snacks and made sure there were cold beverages for our break times…

“Shall we have a theme night?” Donna asked.

“That sounds like fun. We haven’t had one in a while.” said Wen.

Mark had appeared and chimed in the subject. “That’s a good idea. How about a personal treat night?” This suggested that each person would have a turn being the center of attention and the others would all cater to whatever that person desired. This was a personal favorite of mine.

“What time will David and Sandi be here?” I asked.

.”Any time.” Donna answered. “I told them anytime after 6.

“Good. I’m hungry and horny.” I admitted.

“I put some music on, soft and sweet jazz, to set the mood. We all went and changed into our comfortable party clothes. Wen decided I was right about the soft, tight, cotton pajamas. For accent she chose a pair that was one size too small. The top stretched nicely over her tits, and her nipples were just hard enough to be poking out. The bottoms fit nice and tight around the back of her smooth, round, mature ass. She pulled them up extra tight so they pulled right up into her pussy and showed off her large shaved cunt lips. I put on a pair of full length stretch cotton underwear with my signature “Chevy” t shirt. Mine were also a size too small at Win’s request. She liked knowing when I got aroused. We went back to the living room and were making out on the love seat when Mark and Donna returned. Their choices were very different. Mark had on his customary robe and we knew from experience that he was most likely naked beneath it. Donna, however, had already slipped into her slut identity. She was naked, except for a string thong that was already disappearing between her cunt lips. They stood next to the couch but never made it sitting down. They were locked in a deep kiss with Donna openly humping Mark’s leg while the jazz was setting a nice tone for the evening. That’s when we heard the doorbell.

“Shall we get it together, Slut?” Mark asked. Donna smiled a wicked smile. She looked at us and said “I don’t think we’re çıtır escort going to make it to the kitchen for snacks. We’re going to bring them in here. Why don’t you guys bring the food in her on a tray?” then they went to answer it.

We lingered a little while longer, then went to get some food, took it into the living room and set it on the table. We didn’t know if anyone would ever get to eat any of it. Then we went to the foyer to greet David and Sandi.

Mark opened the door with Donna standing behind him. They ushered David and Sandi into the small foyer and closed the door. David was wearing a long tunic made of cotton, closed in the front by buttons. Sandi had on a simple light shift dress, full length, to her ankles, sheer enough to see that there was nothing else, except a black collar around her neck. “Hello. We’re glad you decided to join us tonight.” Mark opened his robe which allowed his cock to be visible. He hoped they both saw it. Donna was running her finger through her cunt now. We were watching from the entry of the foyer.

“That’s a very pretty collar Sandi.” Donna said.

Sandi looked at her, then looked down and responded “I am not Sandi miss Donna. My name is Cunt.”

Donna told her.

Cunt looked at David and asked “May I?”

“You May greet our hosts, Cunt.”

She opened the wide collar of the shift and dropped it to the floor. Indeed she was naked. She then knelt and searched out Mark’s cock, sucking it into her mouth. After a few sucks she released it.

“It is beautiful, sir. I will enjoy pleasuring it tonight.” Then she turned and swiped her tongue through Donna’s pussy slit.

“You are delicious Miss Donna.” she added. She then turned to David and asked “Shall I undress you Sir?”

“Yes, Cunt, you may.” He was speaking softly but commandingly. She stood and unbuttoned David’s tunic and it too dropped to the floor. He too was naked.

“Would you like to welcome our guests Donna?” Mark asked. Donna made a similar gesture, kneeling and sucking David’s cock as she sucked it she felt it grow in length. After a minute it had grown to almost 9 inches. It was circumcised and thin. The lack of girth made the length stand out. My first thought was how much Wen would love having it in her ass. Donna then turned to get her tongue in Cunt’s wet pussy. “Mmm.” was all she said. When she turned back toward David she realized Mark had dropped his robe completely and was kneeling next to her. He was swallowing as much of David’s cock as he could.

“Have you met our friends?” Donna asked, directing her words to David now, sensing the role play going on between them. Sandi, or Cunt, was clearly David’s submissive for the night. Donna and Mark rose and led David, who led Cunt with him, to where we were standing in the doorway. My cock was hard from watching and anticipating what was going to be a fun evening. Wen had been fondling it as well. My hand was down the back of Wen’s pajamas and her hand was down the front openly fingering her own cunt.

Cunt asked David again “May I?”

“You may Cunt.”

She knelt and looked up at me with a questioning look. I smiled, pulled my hand from Wen’s pants and slid my bottoms down, revealing my erect cock. Having my cock sucked by a woman or a man who absolutely loved doing it is not only erotic, it feels fabulous. When Cunt slipped her wet lips around it and down the shaft I wished I was lying down. I just wanted to relax and enjoy this for as long as she wanted to suck it. Alas, it was just a greeting. She sucked a few times and pulled off. “Nice to meet you, Randall.” she said. Then she turned to Wendy with the same pleading look. Wen did as I did, offering her the wet open core of her sex. Cunt licked slowly, lovingly, digging in deep with her tongue. Wen looked like she felt the same as me. This was going to be a good night.

“Why don’t we all get something to eat and then we can retire to the playroom?” I suggested.

We all moved into the living room. We went to the table and got a plate of food, then sat back down on the love seat. Mark and Donna ushered David and Cunt to the table. “Help yourself to something to eat. We’ll all need nourishment before the night is over, I’m sure.” Mark suggested. They did and sat down on one of the larger couches, and Mark and Donna did the same. Even as we ate the open sexual talk continued. We had all given ourselves over to the arousal and seduction of our filthy imaginations, and our desire to share as much pleasure as we can receive or give.

“We have wanted to get together with you ever since Lois’ party. Do you remember that night?” Donna asked.

“We both remember very well how much we enjoyed sharing with you. Cunt adores cleaning a sweet pussy after it has been fucked, and she especially enjoyed yours that night. I’ll be sure to giver her that pleasure tonight.” David spoke again so calmly and quietly.

“Mm. And I remember how she licked my clit as your cock was pounding deep in me.” Donna remembered. “She has a very eager and talented tongue.

After devouring escort demetevler some sandwiches, beer and other snacks we were all ready to get the real action started. Wendy and I offered to clean up the living room while Mark and Donna escorted David and Cunt back to show them the bathroom so they could freshen up. Mark and Donna cleaned up and told them to join them in the playroom when they were ready and went back to the bedroom. After cleaning up the living room Wendy and I stopped by the bathroom to do the same and then went to join the others.

We found Mark and David on the bed, leaning back at the head, stroking their cocks while jointly stroking each other as well. Donna and Cunt were across the bed in front of them in a sixty-nine licking and sucking each others cunt. We sat down on the foot of the bed and watched for a while, my hand seeking out Wen’s pussy.

We had placed a bowl on the bedside table earlier with numbers in it so we could draw to see who got to be first with the “personal treat night” theme. Since they had already started I assumed that whoever had drawn first had drawn number 1.

“So who drew

?” I asked

Mark answered “David did. This is for him. He loves to watch Cunt at play for a while as he settles in.”

“What else would you like David? Is there anything we can do? Wen asked him.

“Mark is playing so nice with my cock, perhaps you’d like to work on his cock so I can watch that too.”

“Wen and I slid up to that familiar shaft. All men like having their cock sucked, but for Mark and I it is almost the supreme pleasure. Wen slipped her lips down over that huge mushroom head and worked her tongue on the sensitive, nerve engorged circumcision scar just under the head. As she fluttered her tongue all around it I dragged my lips up the shaft to meet hers, and then slid back down to his balls. On each slide up our lips would meet, like we were kissing with his cock in the middle of it. Mark loved it and so did we. Before long we heard the tell tale signs of Donna’s first orgasm building.

“Oh yes, right there Cunt, suck it right there, like that. Oh fuck I love this.” Donna was getting close.

“May I make her cum Sir? Cunt asked

“Yes Cunt, bring the slut off.” he commanded.

I don’t know what Cunt did at that point but Donna lost it. “oooohh God yes. Oh you fuckin filthy cunt, you suck my fuckin clit so good, yes, yes, I’ coming.” Donna had stopped working on Cunt so she could express all her lust. We knew this was as much for Mark as for herself. Some men get a thrill having a wife who is not afraid to get filthy. Mark and I were two of those men, and Donna was as filthy as they cum.

“I need a cunt to ride this cock.” David announced.

Cunt immediately rolled off Donna and told her to fuck him.

“Fuck him Miss Donna. Ride that prick so I can suck your juice from his shaft as you fuck it.”

Donna didn’t waste any time. She scrambled around and sat down on David’s cock, reverse cowgirl style. Cunt’s mouth was right there, licking and sucking on her clit. David maneuvered her around so she was on all fours next to him leaning down over Donna’s torso to get het tongue back in their fuck. That way David had access to Cunt’s pussy.

“Would you like a cock in you Cunt? David asked her.

“Oh yes please, May I have Mark?” she pleaded.

“Would you like to fuck her now, Mark?” David knew the answer to that but he was enjoying his role of Master.

“It would be my pleasure, David.”

As Mark moved around to get behind Cunt David told him how she loved large cocks. “Especially your large mushroom head. The feel of it forcing her open is especially good for her.” Mark knew exactly what David was telling him. Many women, including his wife, had expressed the same thing. He placed the head firmly against the opening to Cunt’s pussy and made a point of dragging out the penetration as slowly as he could. Cunt began to moan into the fuck she was eating.

“I’d love to have something to eat. Perhaps you two could provide that?” David said looking at Wendy and me.

“I think I know just what you’d like, Sir.” I said playing along with the scene. I whispered to Wen to stand straddle David’s head and offer him her pussy. Then I stood behind her and slipped my cock in her. David feasted on us as I slowly fucked her.” “Is this satisfactory, Sir David?” I asked.

“Delicious.” he answered.

“I’m so glad you approve, Sir.” God how I loved having my balls licked while I was fucking into a wet warm pussy. And Sir David was doing just that.

“Please.” David said. “Let me taste it.” I knew what he wanted. I slipped out of Wen and he sucked me in, cleaning Wendy’s delicious cunt juice from every inch of me. Then he released me to plunge back into that sweet honey pot and juice it up again.

“More.” he said simply. As my cock disappeared back into that hot wet hole he reached under Cunt to where Mark’s cock was pumping slowly, making that large head pop her clit on every stroke.

“”Feed me more.” he said escort dikmen looking at Mark this time. Mark pulled out of Cunt’s hole and turned to give the sloppy prick to David’s sucking mouth. He washed the huge head with his tongue before sucking it down and cleaning the shaft. When he was finished with it he turned back to me and again said “More.” Again I offered him my sloppy fuck coated cock to clean and savor. Again he said “More.” when he could find no more cunt juice. Again Mark offered him more cunt juice flavored cock. We fucked like that for a good ten minutes. Sir David was long lost in his fuck lust, eyes glassed, savoring every taste of cunt on cock, every lick of Cunt’s tongue on his shaft as Donna fucked him. Mark and I in a rhythm alternating feeding David his fuck treats. Wendy came at least once on my cock. I’m sure Cunt came on Mark’s as she continued to slither her tongue around in David and Donna’s fuck. Then she latched on to David’s balls and sucked them. That’s when David arched his back, throwing his head back against the pillow, and unloaded his cream into Donna’s cunt. He pumped several times, Donna working her cunt on him to help work through his come. As he relaxed she lifted up off his softening cock.

“Please, Sir. May I taste it?” Cunt asked pleading with him.

“Yes, Cunt. You may clean her.” David almost whispered. Cunt devoured Donna’s creamy, sloppy fuck hole with passion. She lapped the fuck sauce as it dripped out of Donna like a kitten getting her first taste of milk. Her tongue dug deep searching for every trace of semen, like it was her life blood and she was running out. She cleaned his cock as well, and his balls that were coated with it. She went back to the lips of Donna’s pussy and searched for more, eventually getting to Donna’s clit.

“Oh. Please suck it, Cunt. Suck my clit.” Donna begged her. Cunt latched on to the clit and sucked hard and Donna exploded in orgasm, hunching her open gash on Cunt’s mouth.

“Oh my god, thank you all. That was fabulous.” David finally said as he regained consciousness.

“We all said “You’re welcome.” almost in unison, and everyone laughed. Silence overtook the room as everyone came down from the momentary high, regrouping for the next round.

“Everyone needs to finish drawing numbers.” Donna said lazily.

“”I’ll get them.” I said. “But some of us need to recuperate right now.”

“Cunt drew number 4.” David said. “But when I got number 1 we sort of forgot about them.”

“I need a cock in me.” Donna said as she crawled over to Mark. “Come on, Mark get that fucker in me.” True to her form, she was simply insatiable when she got started.

I got up and went to the dresser to get the bowl of numbers. Walking back to the bed I held it out to Wendy. She grabbed one, looked at it and smiled. “2” she said happily. Then I held it out to Mark saying “Draw for your slut wife, Mark. She looks like she’s busy.” Mark took one and held in front of Donna’s face as he pumped her hard. 3 “3” she said as she grunted in orgasm. 3

“Which is it Mark? 5 or 6?” I asked him.

He reached in and took another one. “5” he said.

“Good, I said. I like being last.” I was the perfect one to be last. I didn’t mind that by that time a lot of the passion and intensity would be wearing down. It worked for me because I liked everything to start out slow. I loved the buildup of both the physical sensations and the erotic intensity in the minds of these most intimate friends. I was not much of a multiple cummer anymore, but that didn’t lessen the intense pleasure at being right there at the precipice, right on the cliff, waiting to be pushed over into the free fall of orgasm. I loved it. Loved it.

We rested for a few minutes. I went to the kitchen and brought back some drinks and a few snacks on a tray. I munched on a chicken wing and drank a beer, non-alcoholic is all I ever drank, and looked at the pile of naked flesh on the bed. I handed Wen my beer to take a swig and asked her “Well, Miss

, what would you like?”

“Do you still have the swing Mark?” she asked

“Yes we do dear. It’s in the closet. Would you like me to get it?”

“Yeah.” she answered. Mark and I went to the closet to get the swing. Above the end of the bed there was a ceiling light fixture fastened to a frame that was hinged. By pulling a locking pin the light could be swung up to the side and pinned up revealing a hook. The sex swing was hung from the hook. It could be adjusted to any level and could also swivel in any direction.

After hooking it up and straightening all the ropes and straps I looked at Wen. “It’s all ready Wen.” I told her.

She climbed into the swing and we got her all strapped up. There were several points of support. The main one was under her hips, supporting much of the weight of her body. There was another support for her back, one for her shoulders and several others fore arms and legs that could be set a various levels and heights. She sat in it and lay back in a relaxed position. Her arms and hands were free. She pulled her knees up and placed her feet in stirrup straps, and then we raised the stirrups so that her legs were up in the air. Then we lowered her back and shoulder supports, laying her back and rolling her hips up a bit. Then by pulling her knee supports back and apart it opened her legs and exposed her beautiful pussy and ass.

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