Just Good Friends

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Huge Strapon

John had a bunch of very close friends, friends he had meet during A-levels. There were about 13 of them, 6 blokes and 7 women. All the women in the group were attractive, some of them were stunning, girls that John would give his right arm to be with. They’d all go out together, pubbing and clubbing, or just going to each other’s houses to get pissed.

It was March, and there was a spate of birthdays within the group. These were special birthdays as it was everyone’s 21st this year. The group did a variety of things on each other’s b’days. Some organised to go to clubs; some had big dinners and a disco in a local function room. No matter where they went everyone, especially the person whose b’day they were celebrating, got absolutely wasted.

Near the end of March, it was Mikes bash. Mike had organised a minibus to take everyone to a club in Bournemouth. Everyone was there, as well as a few other people from where Mike lived. John, Mike and the rest of the lads, had been drinking all afternoon, so by the time they got on the mini bus, they were pissed already. The girls hadn’t joined them in the pub, for the reason that they couldn’t handle anywhere as near as much drink the lads could. When they got onto the bus, John fell onto the back seat, joined by Mike and two of the women, Chloe and Lucy.

The journey took about 3/4 of an hour, during which time John had fell asleep on Chloe’s shoulder. The bus pulled up outside the club; John woke up to be greeted by Chloe’s head resting on his. John apologised for falling asleep, but Chloe said she didn’t mind, because he had been talking shit anyway, and that he looked cute asleep anyway. John was 5’8, slightly overweight, with shaved black hair and a goatee. In John’s eyes, Chloe was an absolute babe, around 5’6, dirty blonde hair, with a fantastic body, and a cute face. John had always got on particularly well with her, and confided in her on occasions, as did she with him.

As they got out of the mini bus they were greeted with a long queue of about 100 people. They joined the end, and everyone started talking, it was a cold night, and John noticed that Chloe was shivering. Chloe was wearing a short, tight, blue velvet dress, that John thought accentuated her figure, and in which she looked incredibly sexy. John walked up behind Chloe and put his arms around her waist; she held his arms and wrapped them around her.

They kept talking to their other friends, and time flew by and they were soon at the front of the crowd. John released his grip of Chloe, only for her to take his hand and lead him to the desk to pay. John thought this casino oyna was odd, but didn’t complain. As they walked into the club Chloe held his hand again, as she followed everyone to the bar. When they reached the bar, Mike was already in the mists of buying a round; a few of the others had found a table to sit at and were waiting. John stayed and gave Mike a hand with the drinks. As they took the drinks over, there was only one seat left, John let Mike have the seat, and he stood up sipping his pint. John looked over to see Chloe sitting on a stool, she looked over and waved John over.

“You sit here, I can sit on your lap.” She said.

Chloe stood up, and John sat on the stool. Chloe sat on John, straddling his right leg; he put his right hand on her waist to support her. As the night wore on, Chloe slid back up John’s leg, then she laid her back on his chest. John’s hand had moved around her waist and held her tightly. The alcohol flowed freely the whole night, and Chloe got more and more pissed as the night dragged on. She lent her head back on John shoulder and whispered to him.

“I think I’m pissed!”

“Join the club.” John responded.

“Do you get horny when you get drunk?” she asked.

“Do I ever!” he replied hastily.

“So do I, it gets unbearable sometimes.”

At that point Chloe squirmed around a touch on John’s leg, letting out a slight moan. John found this strange, as they had never been as close as that before. They were sitting in a dark corner of the club, they were pretty much out of sight from anyone, and most of they friends were dancing, apart from Mike, who had passed out on the sofa. Chloe started to move about more on John’s legs, pushing her pussy hard onto him. John started to rub her back and her sides, sliding his hands occasionally over her soft thigh. This went on for about five minutes, John could feel the heat coming from Chloe’s pussy as she rubbed up and down, letting out more moans and breathing erratically. Chloe leaned back, and softly nibbled on John’s ear. With all this happening, John had grown incredibly hard, the more she rubbed the more his cock would push against his trousers.

“I’m all wet,” she whispered into John’s ear. “I am sorry”

“Don’t worry about, feel free to do what you want,” he replied.

With that, Chloe raised herself slightly and slid her dress up around her waist, but not revealing anything to the people in front of her. As she sat back on his knee, he could feel the heat even more, then after a while; a damp patch materialised on his trousers.

“God, you are wet!” John said.

“I slot oyna know, what you gonna do about it?”

Immediately John moved his hand around from her thigh, he lifted her up and moved her around so that she sat across his knee. This meant that her ass and her pussy were exposed over the side of his leg. John started to caress Chloe’s ass, rubbing her soft cheeks, running his finger over the soft material of her g-string. He then slid his hand and cupped her soaking panties and her pussy. She was absolutely dripping. As John slowly rubbed her pussy, running his fingers over her swollen lips, Chloe groaned and moved her pussy onto his hands. Chloe had wrapped her arms around john, and was kissing his neck, pressing her face into him, so she could muffle her groans. John kept rubbing her pussy, sliding fingers up and down her slit, applying slight pressure to her clit. He pushed her panties to once side and ran his finger up and down her wet slit, she was so hot and horny, her juices were everywhere, John’s hand was soon covered with her sweet juices. He focused his finger on her clit, driving her wild, rubbing his finger over it, around it, flicking it gently. Chloe’s breathing was heavy and erratic, she had started to bite into John’s neck, to try and stop her from moaning out loud.

“Oh god, you’re so good… I think I’m gonna cum” she whispered.

John immediately slid a finger into her dripping hole, followed by another. He slowly pushed them around, sliding them in and out, while still playing with her hard, sensitive clit. All of a sudden, Chloe pushed down on to his fingers, and a jolt spread over her body.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned loudly/

Juices flowed out her pussy, as she climaxed several times. John kept his fingers in her hole, and kept rubbing her clit, as she orgasms over and over again. She pushed her face tight into John’s neck, biting him hard. When she finished, he removed his fingers, and brought them up to his face, where his slowly licked off all the juices that had covered them. Chloe joined in, licking his fingers, sucking them, pushing her tongue against Johns.

“That was amazing, how come you’ve never done that to me before?” Chloe asked

“You’ve never rubbed your pussy on me before!”

“I wish I’d fucking done it before.”

“So do I!” John laughed.

“So how are we gonna deal with you then? Without making it look obvious,” she whispered.

At which point Chloe slid her hand up his thigh, and rubbed John’s hard cock. The mere touch of her hand, made John quiver with excitement, his head was tender to the canlı casino siteleri touch. Chloe stood up, and turned round to face John, she pushed his knees together, and straddled him, lifting her skirt up to her waist. John, slid his hands up her stomach, and finally got to touch her breasts, over the velvet, but they were still a wonder to feel, soft and round, John could make out her hard nipples through the fabric, he rubbed his thumbs over them, making her twitch.

Chloe bent down, and kissed John tenderly on the lips, John slipped his tongue in, playing hide and seek with Chloe’s. She moved her hands down, and rubbed John’s hard cock, slowly unzipping his flies. As soon as the pressure from the trousers had gone, John’s cock popped out of his boxers and stood to attention proudly in front of Chloe. She grabbed his cock, about 7.5 inches of it, in both hands. She started to work it up and down, squeezing tight around its bulbous head. Pre-cum started to dribble from the tip; she ran a finger over it, spreading over his cock. Then she sucked her finger.

“I want you in me. Now!” she said to John.

He moved his hands to her back and pulled her closer, lifting her in the process. Chloe, with one hand on his cock, moved the other to push her panties to the side. John lowered her back down, Chloe guiding his cock into him. As she slipped down, John felt his sensitive head squeeze into her tight, wet, hot pussy. As this happened, Chloe let out a slight gasp of pleasure. Then John let go of her, which pushed his cock deep into her as she dropped. This caused Chloe to groan loud, her pussy clenched as she climaxed. John then started to squeeze his buttocks together, creating a small and discrete up lift. As they did this they mouths locked, and their tongues explored each other. John had one hand on her ass, and another had moved back to playing with her nipples. A short time passed, when John started to push deeper, and faster, breathing becoming very heavy and sporadic, letting out moans of pleasure. Chloe had her eyes closed, gasping every time John pushed into her.

“Cum in me John, cum hard.”

Suddenly John pushed as hard as he could; his body tensed, and floods of pleasure spread over his body, from his toes all the way through to his head. Thick spurts of cum shot deep into Chloe’s pussy, at which point she reached orgasm, and held onto John tightly. They held each other tight for what seemed and eternity, John’s flaccid cock still inside her, she could feel juices running out of her pussy, running around her thighs and ass cheeks. John could feel juices sliding down his cock and into his pubic hair. They wanted to stay like that forever.

“That was amazing. I’ve never cum so much in my life,” John proclaimed.

“Me neither – it’s brilliant what friends can do for each other,” she sighed.

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