Juicy Eileen #3

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Juicy Eileen #3
Chapter #3

I fucked Eileen on Saturday morning a week later. And then the week afterwards. On our fourth meeting, she was already waiting for me in front of the supermarket. She seemed nervous. We hauled our groceries on the bicycle to her cosy little home. As we arrived, I took off my shirt immediately, it was rather hot. I kissed her. She kissed me back.

“What’s wrong, liefje? Something is bothering you, I can tell.”

“I don’t want to have sex today, I’d rather we have a talk.” She went to boil a cup of tea.

“You don’t want sex??? I don’t believe you, honey. I really need a fuck now. I am a man, I have strong urges and I’ve been looking forward for this moment for the whole week.” I was so astonished about this unexpected turn of events. But who can understand women? Certainly, I can’t. Especially not 67 year old grandmothers with a tendency for the kinky.

“It’s just that you are always in such a hurry. We never have time to really talk.” She complained.

“Not today, I’m not. I am not in a hurry at all. We have all day today to make love. And tomorrow too.”

“What? How come?”

“My wife is on her monthly trip. This happens every first weekend of the month.”

“So, you’re gonna stay longer?”

“I can stay until Sunday evening, honey. We got all the time in the world.” She seemed relieved enough. So I started undressing. My cock was already very firm indeed. Soon I was naked as on the day I was born.

“You do have a very beautiful cock… and I am very tempted, but I will not fuck you.” Her reluctance just made me even more eager to pierce her juicy snatch.

“Fine, honey. I can play with myself. Would you like that? I am horny.” I started enjoying this twist in the plot.

“I want to know… I would like to ask you some questions.” She said as she started feeling my hairy balls with one hand as she kissed my muscular chest.

“Sure, liefje, anything. Shoot.” I grabbed her generous behind and squeezed. She was dressed in light summer skirt so my hand had easy access to all her hidden treasures.

“I want to know what is the nature of our relationship.” She asked.

“The nature? You are my girlfriend. You are a widow and single and I am your boyfriend. I happen to be more than 30 years younger, but deep inside, you are just an eighteen years old gal who wants to be fucked.” I explained.

“Yes, that is so, and I am glad because you make me feel young and sexy. But you are married! Doesn’t your wife mind? Isn’t she jealous?” Eileen’s beautiful face was clouded with concern and anxiety. I kissed her.

“I love you, Eileen. And I love my wife, too. And we have a wonderful marriage. Yes, she is very jealous, but also excited. When I come home to her, we fuck and we have bahis siteleri canlı nice orgasms. And when she tastes your cunt juice off my cock she gets ecstatic.” Eileen seemed unconvinced.

“But… but… how? I don’t get it. Does she fuck around too?” The puzzled look on her face was so angelic that I had to kiss her again. This time the kiss was very long and very deep and my hands found her moist cavern. She moved it firmly away.

“I guess she does, on her weekend off. But I don’t ask questions. I just don’t want to know.”

“Aren’t you jealous that somebody is fucking your wife?”

“Of course I am jealous. We have a set of rules.” I looked at her. I was deeply in love, so I kissed her again. “If you want, I can tell you what the rules are. But in exchange I want you to go out with me tonight, dancing, or to a movie. And when we come back I want to spend to whole night with you and fuck you until you scream. And I want to wake up next to your naked body in the morning and fuck you and have oral sex with you.”

“OKAY, agreed. I am going to suck your cock while you tell me about your rules. But don’t come in my mouth.” That was fine with me. I wanted to fuck her cunt, not her mouth. She started sucking my cock tentatively.


So I told her the story. “When we started dating, I already had a job. I was 24 and she was a student, 19. We met in the gym where I was a parttime instructor. We fell in love. Three months later we got married. Before we got married I told her that I can’t be faithful for the long run. I am a good looking alpha male and I don’t tend to turn down opportunities to fuck. Now, my wife is gorgeous, but being with just one woman for 50 years is not my style.” I showed her some photos of Annemieke, with and without clothes. Annemieke is stunning.

“She accepted that? I don’t know if I could.” Eileen said.

“She is smart. And she wanted k**s, not right away, but she wanted my k**s. That is the compromise she had to take.”

“I got it. So what are the rules?” Eileen was so curious.

“OK, here goes. RULE number 1: there should be only one girlfriend at a time.” Eileen held my cock firmly and kissed it every now and then. “Go on please.”

“Rule number 2: The girlfriend must not be a family member or one of our acquaintances.”

“Rule number 3: The girlfriend must be at least 10 years older thans Annemieke.”

“Rule number 4: Annemieke must never know any details about the girlfriend.”

“Rule number 5: No one may ever know that the girlfriend exists, and Henk should never tell anybody about the existence of the girlfriend.”

Rule number 6: The girlfriend must be single, and not involved with any other man.”

“Rule number 7: The girlfriend must be confidential and not tell anybody about her boyfriend.”

I looked at Eileen’s pretty face for canlı casino siteleri confirmation. She was pensive, turned on tremendously, but still pensive.

“I might have already broken rule number 7, I’m afraid.” She told me, with slight trepidation.

“Whom did you tell?” I asked. Breaking the rules would jeopardize this relationship. I was in love. I didn’t want it to end prematurely.

“I told my best friend, but she is confidential. I also told my daughters that I’m seeing someone, but didn’t tell them who or what. I only told them that the relationship is based on sex. And that I enjoy the sex very much.”

“Who is this friend?” I asked.

“A neighbor of mine. We share lingerie and sex toys. She used to work in a sex shop and has a collection. Sometimes we watch a movie together and masturbate. She is 51. She is black, or half black. Her name is Judy.”

“Do you fuck her?” I wondered, remembering her telling me that she doesn’t have any lesbian experience.

“No, it never came to that. Judy told me once, about a year ago, you know I can make you feel very good down there. But I was frightened.”

“You didn’t tell Judy or your daughters any names or details?” I asked.

“I only know your name is Henk and that you are married. I don’t even know where you work, or what is your last name. I only have your telephone number. I told them that I very happy for the first time since their father died.” She said.

“That’s good. But about us, I will have to have my wife’s consent for having broken the rules.” I said.

“Have you ever broken any rules with any other girlfriends?” She asked.

“Rule 7 is a tough one, I have broken it every time.”

“How many girlfriends have you had before me?” She asked.

“Two. It ended when they got steady boyfriends. One of them got married.”

“Were they as old as me?” She asked.

I laughed. “Gosh, no. One was 34 and the other 36. It lasted about three years each.”

“Are you attracted to old women?” She asked.

“I am attracted to you. You are 6 years older than my mom and 12 years older than Annemieke’s mom. I never imagined my girlfriend would be so old, but I love you, and I am attracted to you, and I can’t think of anything better than to fuck you and see you have multiple orgasms and love me.”

“Did you love the other girlfriends too?” She asked shyly.

“I did, at the time.”

“Do you love your wife?”

“Yes, I love Annemieke dearly. She is my soulmate. Our sex life is wonderful. I can’t ask for a better partner and I want k**s with her. Unfortunately she has had 2 miscarriages.” I could see Eileen was very horny now, as she rubbed her clit thoroughly, closing her eyes.

“let’s fuck.” I said. She didn’t answer, so I took her remaining clothes off casino oyna and examined her wonderful body very carefully. Her breasts were big and young with almost no sag whatsoever. Her nipples erect, thick as a finger and dark pink, begging to be suckled. Only down from her neck to the gap between her breasts, there were 6 or 7 deep furrows in the skin, which descended from her neck down to her chest. The whole area of skin on her neck and around the furrows was loose. Also the skin around her armpits was loose and reddish, like an old woman’s, from her unshaven pits and along the swelling of the breasts. These minor “faults” only made my pecker harder and more throbbing. I wasted no time examining the areas below and stuck it deep up her vagina, until the base of my cock collided with her moist clit. I was shoving slowly and strongly, measuring my thrusts at a slow pace and following her facial signals carefully. Her eyes were half closed and looked unfocused. I licked the wrinkles in her neck and chest, following each furrow with the tip of my tongue. She held my head deep in the cleavage and with a heave and a jerk of her hips clutched her pudenda against the base of my cock. Her mouth opened and a silent shout erupted indicating her giant climax. Her fingernails tore the skin on my shoulders and the shudders and echoes of her orgasm shook my whole body. I kissed her gently and turned her to her belly, examining the other enticing side of her aging body. Her buttocks were remarkable. No one would have guessed her age by looking at her posterior! The split rode high to her back and the cheeks protruded outwards, creating one of the most curved and sexy bottoms I have ever laid my eyes on. Some stray hairs decorated the top of her split, but there were no wrinkles anywhere on her back side. Her legs were long and shapely, and looked quite like my wife’s, only the top of her thighs were fatter and slightly hairier than Annemieke’s. I opened the cheeks, and she curved her back expertly to display more of her anal charms. Her anus was reddish brown, and it twitched, much like an eye wink. I traced my finger in and around the anal opening. It twitched again, and she emitted a long sigh. “Lekker”, she said. Some day I am going to fuck her up the ass, but not today. I gave her fabulous derriere a few forceful slaps, which made the skin glitter and blush. “Ouch”, she complained.

“Suck me,” I demanded. She did. While fingering her ass, I shoved my tormented truncheon in her mouth and ejaculated gob after gob into her wrinkled mouth. She didn’t like the taste.

“You said you wouldn’t do that.”

“I lied. I like ejaculating in your mouth. You have a very pretty mouth, it is looks wonderful full of my spunk.”

“It’s a lot,” She said. “Didn’t you Annemieke this morning before she left?”

“I did.”

“But you washed it.”

“I’m sorry. I know it excites you.” She licked the tip of my cock where the last remnants of mucus accumulated. I am sure she swallowed some of the spunk.

We had much more sex that day and the day after, but that’s another story.

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