Jessica’s Modelling Interview

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Jessica looked once again at her self in the mirror. Again adjusting her make up and the eye shadow on her very long eye lashes.

Locks of lovely brown curls accented by blond highlights hung down carelessly from the sides of her face reaching to her shoulders and draped over her chest.

Her makeup was shiny wet looking and very smooth. Her beautiful complexion carefully accented her eye makeup and her sensuous red lips

Her long straight nose and high cheek bones she had inherited from her mother Loretta

Loretta was a one time hollywood hottie destroyed by excesses. Now a small time movie star she was hopping from one bed to another in an attempt to secure some obscure movie roles in films that no one wanted to watch.

The whore, she slept with men old enough to be her father she deserved what she was getting. Trouble was, the guys were more interested in sleeping with Jessica than with Loretta which is to say that Jessica was forced to put up with their roving eyes and lewd behavior.

Jessica had moved out in an attempt to make it on her own in New York in the film and modeling business.

Her pouty lips she had inherited from her father.

She re-applied a layer of wet looking lip gloss carefully accenting the strawberry red lip color she had so painstakingly applied. Her lips looked full and sensual when she smiled to reveal a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

She had worn an almost translucent aqua satin blouse with oyster shell buttons in front. She had carefully selected this piece of clothing as it allowed a fair amount of exposure to her generous cleavage. The blouse was printed with a very light pastel print in self color and hugged her breasts to expose her generous cleavage.

She usually left the top two or three buttons open allowing a considerable amount of skin to show in addition to the pearl necklace she had gotten from one of her mother’s boyfriends.

A black lacy bra worn inside her translucent blouse barely covered her nipples besides providing support to her lovely 38D breasts. They were half cups with lace on the top and an under wire to support her enormous tits.

When the occasion warranted a shrug of her shoulders permitted her nipples to become exposed through the sheer material of her blouse

The skirt was made of a similar white fabric allowing a full view of her very brief black bikinis

A couple of inches above the knees, it’s wide hem allowed a fairly modest appearance while permitting a very revealing view of her crotch when she parted her thighs.

She thought of everything. The lacy thigh high stockings were designed with a seam behind her legs and held up with matching black suspenders under her very sexy black panties

She had a small waist and a very generous behind a little dis- proportionate to her trim figure. Her perfectly shaped legs and thighs were always silky smooth and shiny Always cleanly shaved and enhanced by regular and frequent spa treatments and massages.

In one word Jessica looked stunning. In her four inch pumps made of transparent plastic her very dainty feet showed off nicely.

Her fingers were painted with a shade of red that matched her lipstick and her toenails were also painted with a matching shade.

In her very confident demeanor she now entered the offices of “Paramount Productions Inc”

The office was located on the top floor of a high rise office building.

Now at 9:00 at night most of the offices were vacant and the large reception desk at Paramount also stood empty.

She knew she had made the right choice in selecting this company, after she had interviewed at dozens of sleazy outfits. She was confident that a girl of her background and looks had much to expect. She was beautiful witty and charming. She had a great body and she knew it. She had decided to use all of her assets in order to secure a top notch career in the Hollywood movie industry.

That would make the bitch (Loretta) jealous. She was always intimidating Jessica in front of all the nice looking and wealthy guys and now she was determined to show her what she was worth.

She knocked on the largest mahogany door behind the reception and entered silently

I was seated in my leather burgundy swivel chair when she tiptoed in.

As usual I had on a dark pin stripe Armani suit and a carelessly draped dark woven tie that hung from my neck. The top buttons of my shirt undone in a relaxed pose.

I took a long puff on my cigar and pretended not to notice her enter.

I had been reviewing Jessica’s portfolio. There were no nude or revealing pictures, but experience had told me that she possessed a sexy ravishing body.

Now as I saw her at the corner of my eye I knew that I was not mistaken. She looked good enough to eat. I felt my cock harden and struggle against my underwear as I took in the loveliest set of legs I had seen in my career.

My office is very large and expensively decorated. On the walls hung glamour pictures of super movie stars and models, that illegal bahis had one time or another been in this room. Would Jessica be the next? We both were eager to find out.

“Brian Gustafson”, I introduced myself.

Rising form my chair to meet her outstretched hand.

“President and CEO of Paramount”.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms Anderson”.

Her hand was soft and moist in mine. I held her hand an instant longer than necessary. Looking into her gray eyes I saw her apprehensiveness towards what I had planned for her interview tonight.

I had planned this for a long time and at this late hour, the offices in the building would be practically empty. I had sent all my staff home except those I needed here at hand to help me with the process. I was thankful for the thick heavy carpeting and the wood paneling that made the room sound proof. Needless to say, I did not want any intruders or any eaves droppers on this evenings program. Jessica’s sounds would not be heard even in the next corridor

“Sit down”, I told Jessica.

As I settled down into my leather swivel chair she walked over to the leather couch across from my desk and sank down slowly into it’s deep recesses

Her skirt rode up to expose a joyful amount of skin. Spotlights that had been strategically directed illuminated Jessica’s legs, enabling me to get a perfect view of my interviewee.

“I was looking at your resume Jessica and frankly in one word it falls short of our expectations”.

“No different from thousands that we receive very day”.

Jessica’s heart sank.

She had set her heart on an assignment with Paramount and this dream was quickly slipping out from under her.

She could not go back now. She was determined not to be disappointed She would do everything that she possibly could to make this work out

She thought about my initial remarks for a second, and then shifted un-comfortably on her couch parting her thighs briefly for my benefit before crossing her legs again then sliding forward on the couch to make her skirt ride up even higher.

This was a perfectly expected response to my remarks. You see I had carefully selected my strategy and I knew exactly what to expect.

“The photographs you sent us are not of any professional standards, and none of them reveal your full figure. You have not even indicated your critical dimensions and I am afraid I almost rejected your application”.

Jessica thought about it for a moment. Then in a feeble voice said

“Sir, would it be okay if I entered these dimensions now?”

“Well, I am not sure about that” I said.

“We shall have to measure you and verify those dimensions ourselves if you don’t mind”.

Of course Jessica didn’t mind.

“That would be no problem sir” she remarked.

“I am willing to submit to whatever you need sir. I am sure you will be happy with my physical proportions”.

Holding her by the arm, I then led Jessica to a large projection TV screen in one corner of my office.

“I want to brief you a little about our company” I went on.

I dimmed the lights as she sat beside me on the couch. I inched close to her then placed a hand on her exposed thigh. She didn’t seem to mind but closed her thighs trapping my hand between them.

Or was she preventing me from moving around any more? I had to find out. But at this time her legs felt warm and delicious, and she was showing some signs of tenseness.

The screen lighted up and for about five minutes there was a display of portfolios of Hollywood’s most reputed movie stars and models. One by one the girls appeared on the TV and walked about posing in all kinds of very glamorous ways. They were beautiful, confident and accomplished. They were on the cover of most movie and glamour magazines currently on the news stands.

“All these girls have been especially hand picked by me”, I exclaimed. “They first walked into this office just as you are”.

I wiggled my hand free from between Jessica’s thighs only to push it higher up her skirt to caress her bare skin above the level of her suspenders.

:We at Paramount”, I exclaimed “take pride in converting ordinary mediocre women into celebrities”.

The next screen shot revealed a very ravishingly sexy young woman that she recognized to be herself.

Jessica’s mouth fell open, as I inched higher between her legs now trying to finger my way under the material of her panties.

“This picture”, I explained “was obtained from the photos you sent us.”

“ Our computers have enhanced your features and your body to make you look like this”.

“We now know that you will be an instant success”

“We have taken the liberty to show these images to celebrated Movie moguls and their responses are very encouraging”

“We have specially selected you for our project.”

“ If we decide to continue, you will receive the finest beauty treatments”.

“ We will assign an image consultant to council and train you to be a celebrity”.

“We illegal bahis siteleri have the finest plastic surgeons to make subtle modifications to your physique to make you look like this image you see in front of you”.

Jessica now was elated and so was I. My finger had finally managed to get under one side of her panties and was traveling in the direction of her delicious and moist cunt.

Almost un-expectedly, Jessica raised her hips to allow my finger to reach between her lower lips and then sat back down on the couch trapping my finger and then tightly closing her thighs again.

She wanted this job and made up her mind that she would do everything she could to recover from her initial set back

“We are trying a very new approach to figure enhancement”.

The most important part of this whole program will be based on Measurements

“Our computers have determined that measurements and proportions of a model play a subtle role in conveying a given personality. We have determined those dimensions for various personalities”.

“The essence of the program is to obtain very very precise measurements for each and every part of the model “.

“These measurements will be fed into the computer which will then allow us to determine what clothes will fit you best and how plastic surgery can make easy changes to your body to make you convey a particular persona”.

“This, I explained will be a very long and complicated process as the measurements have to be done very carefully”.

“If selected, you will work with us for a few months and when we are finished you will be well on your way to become Hollywood’s next super model”.

“Our success rate is in excess of 95 percent. In no time you will be signing TV contracts, and movie deals. You will be on the cover of most glamour magazines and tabloids will be in touch with you for interviews and photos”.

Jessica was impressed and excited beyond words. She did not object as my finger now massaged her slit caressing gently her clit through her panties.

“Before we can begin, I must warn you”, I cautioned.

“I want complete confidentiality on your part. We at Paramount work as a very cordial team. You will work very closely with our team, and the utmost co-operation is expected. It will be a very hard and challenging assignment, and much will be demanded of you”.

Jessica took a deep breath.

“That sounds very exciting Mr. Gustafson, I will do everything that you think is necessary for us to succeed”.

“When can we begin sir, she asked in a very nervous voice”?

“Well, we can start by introducing you to Antonio Renaldi our image consultant”.

“He is probably the most successful modeling consultant in Italy. I have selected him to be your consultant. He will spend a lot of time with you. Please do as he says. It will be for your own good”.

“I also want you to meet Dr. Steven Cummings. He is one of the worlds best plastic surgeons. He will also help in taking the measurements so he can later decide on what course to take”.

“Before that we have some legal stuff we must take care of”.

“Here are some release documents you must read and sign before we can begin”

“You enter into contract with Paramount at your own risk. You must indemnify Parmount for all damages against us, and you must waive your right to suit”.

I left her with the paper work and proceeded to buzz Antonio and Dr. Steve.

When I was finished, Jessica had already signed the papers and I locked them safely in a cabinet.

When the door opened, Antonio was the first to walk in…

He was very tall and handsome. He wore a black knitted very tight fitting shirt. He also wore knitted leotards the kind Russian ballet dancers wear. Hs muscular figure was evident through the material of his very tight clothing.

He had deep blue eyes and a bright smile that conveyed a warm cordial disposition. His dark hair was tied back in a pony tail and one ear revealed a diamond earring.

“Antonio Renaldi”, He said

Stretching out his hand to grasp her long painted delicate fingers.

“It is a pleasure Ms. Anderson” he said with a hint of an Italian accent.

Jessica was immediately turned on by his immaculate and sexy appearance that she began feeling a little weak at the knees. She cold not believes she would be spending the next few months in the company of this very attractive and sexy man.

Dr. Cummings as the next to come in.

“Call me Steve” He said as he took Jessica’s hand.

He was handsome around mid 40’s and was wearing a white lab coat. He had a stethoscope around his neck. He looked professional in every way.

“As you are aware”, Antonio said, we will begin by familiarizing ourselves with your figure and access the strong points and areas where need to work on.

“That will be fine with me” Jessica replied. “You will find my figure very appealing. I trust you will guide me on what you want me to do” Jessica said nervously.

Antonio led Jessica to canlı bahis siteleri a circular oak pedestal about two feet high. There were spot lights from the top and the bottom of the pedestal and the lights could be rotated and focused by means of a remote controller that Antonio was holding.

The pedestal itself could be rotated back and forth with the remote controller.

“If you will please step up on the pedestal now Jessica”, Antonio said

Jessica nervously stepped up

Antonio held her arm as she stepped up on the pedestal.

As Antonio helped her up then settled down on a nearby couch by Dr cummings.

“Now Jessica, I want you to relax. Just relax your body and pose as you would do for a glamour photo shoot. We will guide you through the process”.

From where they were sitting, they could clearly see up Jessica’s skirt all the way to the juncture of her thighs. They could see her panties parted at where I had inserted my finger into her.

“Please bend down Jessica; I want you to touch your toes” Antonio said.

Jessica did so slowly as she bent down providing a glorious view of her cleavage.

Slowly Antonio rotated the platform till Jessica’s luscious backside was facing them. The skirt failed to cover her most exciting bum which was large and very seductive. The triangle of her black panties disappeared between her cheeks where I had manipulated them as I sat with her earlier.

“Pull your panties down to your thighs” Antonio said, as he took in the scene. His cock hardening in his pants

Jessica was a little taken aback by this remark.

She thought about it for an instant. Now that seems to be downright nasty she thought to herself but then quickly dismissed the thought.

Had she not made up her mind that she would not jeopardize this opportunity. She would do whatever they wanted. Even if it meant exposing her body.

After all this was really her most prized asset and she was determined to use it.

She reached under her skirt to the waist band of her panties, hooking her two thumbs in its sides.

Slowly she lowered her panties to expose her very tight ass cheeks. Antonio directed the spotlight to illuminate her hairy pussy from behind. The crotch of her panties now detached itself from her very thick and full cunt lips.

Bright lights were now focused on her lovely and most sexy cunt as Antonio instructed

“Spread your legs two feet apart” Antonio said, encouraged by his earlier success

Jessica immediately obeyed as Dr Steve nodded approvingly.

Jessica now please stand up and hold your skirt up around your waist Antonio asked. He then rotated the pedestal to get frontal view of Jessica’s cunt.

Her pubic hair was shaved on two sides and a small bush covered her lips as the small hint of her clit peaked from between the hairs.

“Un-button your blouse Jessica Dr Steve instructed”.

Jessica slowly did so revealing her lacy black bra. She then un-hooked the clasp in front and freed her luscious mounds from captivity.

They were gorgeous and rounded. They did not sag but curved outwards as they met her chest. Her nipples were quite perky with light pink areole that surrounded them.

Her breasts had impeccable skin and were smooth shiny and firm. Good enough to eat Dr. Steve thought as he winked at Antonio.

“We can now begin taking measurements now Antonio stated. Please let me assure you that we are a team here and there are no need to be embarrassed. Dr Steve and I are doing everything most diligently. Some of the measurements here may cause some embarrassment but we must provide as accurately as possible all data that the computer program calls for”.

“I -I understand Jessica stammered not knowing what to expect”.

The stakes were too high. She could not object now she decided.

“You may pull on your panties now Jessica Dr Steve instructed”.

Jessica did so quickly finally feeling an end to her embarrassment.

“We must first take your height and weight, then your bust, waist, arms, legs Hips, distance between eyes ears, and other very detailed measurements”.

“We can start by using a tailor’s tape to take your measurements while you are standing on this pedestal”.

“We have calipers to take measurements such as the diameters of your arms, legs, fingers breasts and nipples”.

Antonio then showed her a conical rod with rings marked on it. It was like one that jewelers use to size the inside diameter of a ring.

“This instrument measures internal dimensions Dr. Steve explained. The device had a cord that could be connected to a computer to automatically transfer data to the computer as well as send stimulating electrical impulses to the subject if necessary”.

“We will then have you lie down in several positions on a bed Dr. Steve said while we make some internal measurements”.

Jessica was now beginning to question the relevance of all these procedures in her mind but Dr. Steve as if reading her mind immediately began reassuring her. He walked over to the bar and made three drinks handing one to Jessica.

Antonio now opened his brief case that contained all the measuring instruments.

“Jessica please stands straight and tall” Antonio said. Measuring her height.

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