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“Welcome to Pierre’s. My name is Jan. How may I help you?” These were the first words spoken to me by the extraordinary redheaded clerk at the high end lingerie shop that I had just walked into. She had light accent, but I could not quite place where it was from. It sounded British to me, but could have easily been Irish, Scottish or even Australian.

“Perhaps you can help me,” I responded. My eyes roamed over the clerk. She was about the same height as me, with a head of dark red curls that flowed down over her shoulders. Her green sparkly eyes were set apart by a long, elegant nose. Jan was wearing a corset made of green lace with a white satin backing. It pushed her breasts together and up so that the top of her bosom almost poured over the top of the corset. Her legs climbed from a pair of stiletto pumps wrapped in shear white stockings with green lace tops that were clipped to the underside of the corset. A pair of thin lacey panties clung to her pubic mound, the shadow of her trimmed pussy just barely visible. The overall effect was very hot.

“I’m looking for something special to surprise my husband with,” I continued, “Something that will get his juices flowing, if you know what I mean.”

“I think I have the perfect thing,” Jan replied. “Please, follow me.”

She turned and walked toward the back of the store. Her panties turned out to be a thong. Her ass was amazing. I watched it sway as she walked. I’d follow that anywhere, I thought.

Jan stopped by a rack of camisoles and held out a flimsy looking red one for me to see. “This one matches a great pair of crotchless knickers. We also have some stockings and a gossamer dressing gown that would look lovely together. I think you would look irresistible.”

I reached out to the thin fabric of the camisole. “Would you like to try it on?” Jan asked.

“Please. That whole set that you described sounded lovely. Would you round up all those pieces?” I answered.

She placed a hand on my left breast squeezing it gently. “C?” she asked, sliding her hand off my tit so that it grazed my nipple.

“Yes, they are,” I responded huskily. My pussy moistened. This woman was the epitome of sexiness. It was all I could do to not pull her to the floor right there in the middle of the store.

Jan walked off, her perfect ass swaying, to find the items that she recommended I buy to make Kevin cum his pants, upon walking in the door.

I looked around the rest of the store, realizing that I had been so focused on Jan since entering that I had not taken any time to see what was surrounding me. The store was fairly small, and tightly packed with racks of bras, panties, stockings and other types of lingerie. A tall black women standing at the register caught my eye. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set with a shear waist length robe, all in white, setting her dark skin off nicely; her full chest prominent under the robe. Looking up I saw that Jan was already walking back toward me with her arms full.

“There are fitting rooms in the back,” She said as she approached, “Right this way.”

We walked to the back of the shop. Jan led the way into a spacious fitting room; spacious for a fitting room that is, it was still a small room. And I followed her in. She hung the garments on a hook to the right of the full height mirror. As she turned to leave she came nose to nose with me in the small room. We stood there for a moment looking into each other’s eyes. I felt the urge to lean forward and kiss her, but I restrained myself and took a step back allowing her to pass.

“You must keep your knickers on, but otherwise feel free to do what is comfortable. And, please let me know if you need anything from me,” Jan said as she stepped through the door. And then she was gone.

Feeling a little disappointed I hung up my purse and shrugged out of my blazer. Quickly I stripped down to my panties, a small pile of clothing forming on the bench beside me. I picked up the camisole from its hanger and slipped it over my head. Pulling it down, I adjusted my tits into their cups. It seemed to fit well and I liked the way that I looked in the mirror. Next I picked up the thong from their hanger. They were red with black highlights; the triangle of satin in the front was split down the center, and had a tiny satin bow that held the two halves together. This could be fun, I thought, and pulled them on over the panties I was wearing. I picked up the stockings and decided that I did not need to try them on. I knew how they would fit into the overall image. I did pull on the garter belt, adjusting it so that it sat low on my hips. I took the shear red robe from its hanger and wrapped it around my shoulders. I stood back and surveyed myself in the mirror. I had to admit the effect was quite stunning. I thought that Kevin would be quite happy to come home and find me lounging in this.

I moved to the door and opened it to find that Jan was already there. Had she been casino siteleri standing just outside this whole time?

“Gorgeous,” she breathed moving into the small room. She held me by the shoulders are arms length for several long seconds, her eyes roaming over my body. I could feel my temperature rising as her eyes traveled over every contour. Then her hands started to follow her eyes, adjusting here and there. She pulled at the deep V of the camisoles neck, spreading the cups slightly to show more cleavage. As she did so she cupped both my tits giving them a quick squeeze; her fingers lingering on my hardening nipples ever so briefly. Jan’s hands traveled lower pulling at the hem of the camisole noting with approval that it stopped several inches above the garter belt leaving my belly button exposed. She turned me around, continuing her adjustments on my backside. I watched Jan through the mirror as I felt her hands slid over my ass as she pulled my panties up bunching the material into my ass so that my cheeks were exposed in simulation of a thong. I gasped with the slight pressure that this added to my pussy. I was becoming quite aroused. My pussy was demanding attention.

Jan dropped to her knees in front of me her hands continuing to pull and nudge at my double panties. Her fingers traced the edge of the crotchless thong on either side of my mound. Then her fingers glided over my pussy, lightly tracing the opening of the crotchless panties. Her finger pushed through the seam, retracing its previous path. I was on fire, needed some release. I pushed my hips downward, onto her fingers.

“Your pussy feels so wet.” Jan pushed her finger deeper into my soaking cunt. “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you to take off these knickers before you get them all wet and sticky,” she said with a mock seriousness that I almost believed. As she was speaking she slid her fingers into the band of my thongs and was sliding them down my hips.

The next thing that I knew Jan had pulled my saturated panties to my ankles and was pushing her tongue into my pussy. I moaned with ecstasy, pulling Jan’s face into my sodden cunt. Her tongue slid between my lips. It swirled around inside me before she pulled it out and let the tip of her tongue trace up to my clit. It lashed against my rigid nub.

My hands grabbed hold of my tits, squeezing and mashing them into my chest as Jan continued to eat my pussy. My clothing was getting in the way. I shrugged out of the robe, letting the thin material bunch up on the floor of the dressing room. I then pulled the camisole over my head discarding it as well along with the thongs knotted at my ankles.

Jan worked her way up and down my slit, tracing my folds with her tongue and then sucking my saturated lips into her mouth, pushing her tongue deep into my depths and finally sucking on my clit or flicking it with her tongue. I had to bite my lips to keep from moaning too loudly. My legs were becoming weak. I used the wall behind me stabilize myself while lowering myself to the bench. I spread my legs wide giving Jan as much access as she needed.

“Does my tongue feel good on your pussy?” Jan asked in her sultry voice.

There was a knock on the door, followed by a female voice, “Jan, are you in there? There are customers out here, I need some help.”

“It feels so good,” I replied huskily. “Please don’t stop.”

“I’ll be there in just a minute, Brit,” Jan called. “I just need to finish with a customer in here.”

I pulled her head back between my legs, and gasped as I felt her tongue reengage my steaming pussy. Jan continued to lick and suck on my pussy. Before she had finished I had cum twice. There was no question that Jan knew her way around a pussy.

“Your pussy is so delicious I could you just eat you all day,” she said pulling back from between my legs.

I took hold of her hands as they ran up my sides reaching for my tits. I pulled her back to her feet as I stood up and drew her into a close embrace. Our lips met in an urgent kiss. I pushed my tongue into Jan’s welcoming mouth. I could taste my pussy on her hot tongue. As our tongues mingled in our mouths my hands started to explore Jan’s tight body. I ran my fingers over her back and down to her ass. Her flesh felt so hot and smooth under my touch. One hand returned to the back of Jan’s head while she sucked my tongue into her mouth. My other hand slid to the front of her thong, grinding into her pussy. I could feel the heat pouring from between her legs.

“No, I can’t,” said Jan pushing my hand away from her steamy cunt. “I still have to work another four hours. I’m already so wet, but I can’t get my clothes any stickier then they are already.”

“I want to lick your pussy,” I said refusing to let this beautiful creature out of my arms. I leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“And I would love to have you eat my pussy, but I unfortunately need to get back to work,” she replied, slot oyna kissing me back. “But I get off at six,” she added.

I reached into my purse and pulled out a pen and a pad of paper. Quickly I jotted down my address and tucked it into Jan’s bra. “If you come by after work I will guarantee that you won’t regret it.”

Jan gave me another quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you tonight,” she said as she slipped out of the dressing room. I stood there naked for several minutes thinking about how much I was looking forward to eating her pussy tonight.

I redressed and took the items that I had tried on up to the register. The other woman, Brit, was behind the register. Jan was with two young women across the store. I caught her eye and she winked as I left the store.

* * *

I pulled into the driveway and parked the car in front of the garage. It had been a busy and delightful afternoon of shopping. I carried my recently acquired treasures into the house. After putting things away I decided that I had some tome to kill before anyone showed up, and I would like to relax after a busy day.

I drew a bath, adding my favorite scented bubbles. I lit the candles that lined the deck of our whirlpool tub as the water filled. Once the water level came up to the full height I turned off the tap and slid into the slowly churning water. The agitated water felt so good as it pushed at my body, working away the stiffness in my muscles. I took a sip of the wine that I had poured myself slipping low into the tub.

I must have spent at least a half hour simply soaking in the tub and sipping wine, as the tub jets pounded on me. I felt absolutely wonderful, relaxed and revitalized. I stood, the water cascading off my body. I stepped out of the tub and wrapped myself in a thick towel that hungrily soaked up the moisture from my skin. I moved to the vanity and brushed out my hair until it fell over my shoulders in a sexy natural looking wave.

Discarding the towel on my bed I walked to the dresser and started looking for the perfect thing to wear. I decided on a thin lacey thong. I pulled it on and stood in front of the mirror. My ass looked great with the tiny pink string disappearing between my cheeks, and the little triangle over my pussy gave just the right amount of transparency so that the outline of my lips could be seen while still hidden enough to have some mystery. Perfect.

I took one tit in each hand giving my boobs a light squeeze. My skin felt warm and smooth. My hands slid to my nipples and pulled them erect. I then slid into a satin robe that fell to the bottom of my ass. I turned in front of the mirror happy to see that the fabric was hugging the curve of my ass tightly, the bottom of which was peeking out from below the hem. My hard nips telescoped through the thin material on either side of my cleavage showing through the deep V of the robes neckline. Perfect. I was ready.

Just then I heard the doorbell ring. I headed downstairs to answer the door. Checking in the peephole I saw that it was Jan. I opened the door fully to let my guest in. We greeted each other warmly, both eager to see the other again. I pulled Jan to me, loving the feel of her breasts crushing against mine. Her hands were immediately on my ass, under the hem of my robe, squeezing and pulling at my cheeks. Her lips pressed to mine, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. Though we had only met this morning I welcomed Jan like an old friend, or more accurately a new lover.

I took Jan by the shoulders and disengaging from her grasp held her at arms length. She was dressed this time, the first time I had seen her in more then her underwear. She wore a tight T-shirt clearly showing the outline of her breasts, each ending with a small rigid nipple, beneath it. She had apparently left her corset at work. Below her jeans clung to her form, the blue denim showing her every curve.

“Damn girl, you look good enough to eat,” I said drinking her in.

“Me,” Jan laughed, “In these old things. Look at you in this hot little number.” She reached and snagged on of my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, “And hanging out all over the place. You’re making me wet just looking at you. Now I think you promised to get me off.”

“We’ll please come in, and let’s make you more comfortable,” I said taking her by the hand and lead this incredible vixen into my home. We walked upstairs and into my bedroom. “Now, how about we get you out of these cloths,” I said taking her bottom edge of her shirt in my hand and pulling it up her body.

Jan raised her arms over her head and let me pull her shirt completely off. I tossed it onto a nearby chair. Her tits looked magnificent, now that I could see them fully at last. I pulled her to me; our lips met again, our tongues intertwining. My hand grabbed her full tit massaging it.

I broke away from her mouth, kissing my way down to her neck. I continued to knead her luscious breast in my hand canlı casino siteleri as my lips moved onto the top of it. I planted kisses all around her tits, moving from one to the other until finally making my way to her left nipple. I sucked the little nip into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth and biting it gently. This caused Jan to moan into my neck.

I felt her hands at my waist and my robe fell open, the belt holding it in place now on the floor. Jan’s hands slid inside my robe. They were quickly all over my body; caressing my hot flesh. I sucked on her nipple as her hands slid up to my tits. I felt her hands cup my breasts giving them a firm squeeze before her fingers fell to my nipples, pulling on the already rigid flesh.

My hands drifted down to Jan’s waist as my lips and tongue continued to work on her tits. I sucked at her breast allowing as much tit flesh as I could manage to flood my mouth. My hands busied themselves with the clasp of her jeans. Quickly I got the belt unfastened and then ripped open her fly. I could feel the escape of her heat as I opened her jeans. Grabbing the waist line of her pants I pulled while dropping to my knees. Her fingers trailing off my breasts as I descended. I helped Jan step out of her pants. We cast them aside with the rest of the clothing that was piling up beside us.

Now Jan stood above me wearing only her thin lacy panties. My vantage point now was much better then it had been this afternoon. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the lacy material; a dark patch of hair forming a small triangle above. I leaned in and inhaled her heady aroma. I could tell that she had been anticipating our encounter; the lace glistened with her juices. I leaned in further so that my face was only the barest distance from her lace clad pussy. I let my tongue flick across her mound, brushing her lips through the thin material. Jan moaned above me. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and tried to push me into her pussy, her legs spreading.

I resisted, instead dropping my head to her thighs, where I started to plant a row of kisses. I slowly worked my way back up to her pussy before dropping again and repeating the process on the other side. Jan’s fingers had tried to slide between her legs several times, but I was not yet ready to share that delectable pussy.

My lips moved back to up to Jan’s pussy, the thin lace separating it from me. My tongue extended, tracing up the crease of her opening, over the glistening lace. My senses filled with scent of her pussy, intoxicating me. My fingers wrapped around her ass cheeks pulling her into me as I pushed my tongue into the sodden lace. Jan pulled her panties to the side the thin material vanishing from under my lips. Now my tongue was sliding over the wet surface of her pussy. My lips surrounded her mound as my tongue darted around her swollen lips, sliding inside her opening and following it up to the hard clit above. Her pussy tasted so good.

I pulled back slightly sucking her lips with me. I was amazed at the size of her labia. It hung at least two inches below her pussy. It was a lovely site and my tongue busied itself dueling with extraordinary lips. After several minutes of tonguing and sucking on her lovely labia I pushed my tongue up into her moist center. Jan’s pussy was one of the wettest that I have ever eaten, and she tasted delightful. My tongue slid easily inside her; pushing as far as it could reach.

Tough Jan was doing a good job of hold her panty away from her pussy it was starting to feel in the way. I grabbed it by the waist band and slide them down her wonderful legs, before diving back into her luscious cunt. I fervently lapped at Jan’s pussy, her juices flowing into my willing mouth. Her moaning was becoming more urgent, her hips started to gyrate, thrusting slowly into my face. I moved my hands around her thighs from where they had been fondling her perfect ass. I now eased them between her legs, spreading her lips so that I could more easily lap her juicy center. Each stroke of my tongue ended on her clit, pushing it up and causing Jan to moan even louder.

“Oh, my god Lisa, that feels so fucking good,” she breathed. “I need to feel something inside me. Fuck me with your fingers.”

I pushed one then two fingers into her sodden cunt. They slid effortlessly into her tight depths. I pumped my fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, while my tongue lashed her clit. Her pussy sucked at my fingers, making juicy sounds with every thrust. I closed my lips around her hooded clit and started to hum, making my lips vibrate. Jan gasped. Her body tightened, her hips thrust into my face, momentarily pushing my lips off her pussy. I felt her pussy flood as she came on my fingers.

I left my fingers deep inside her as she convulsed around them. My lips spread tender kisses across her throbbing pussy. I felt her relax around my fingers as her orgasm faded. My fingers were dripping when I pulled them from her slick cunt. I eagerly took each finger into my mouth sucking her juices from them. She tasted so sweet. I shifted back to her pussy. My tongue darted around it, lapping her sensitive flesh and drinking her delicious juices.

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