Jamie Ch. 01

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Note: This is just a bit of a set up for the rest. I know there isn’t any actual sex in this scene, but please be patient. This is my first submission and the next chapter definitely has some good sex in it 🙂 Please post comments!

I boarded the plane, excited for my trip. I was off to see a friend I hadn’t seen since her visit to California during Christmas. But, before that visit, the last time I’d seen her was at my brother’s wedding a year and a half ago. A little background on our friendship: We’ve been friends for about 14 years, and of that time, a part of me has always been very fond of her. She’s always acted and looked more mature than girls her age. Which is why when she was 12, and I was 16, I found her attractive and seemed to always be drawn to her.

I just recently moved back to California myself after living in Colorado for the past 7 years. I really enjoyed living in Colorado, but the past two years really put a toll on me. In 2010, I met a woman I ended up marrying a year and a half later, but a month into our relationship, my father had called me to tell me he had been diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t easy to deal with, and neither was my girlfriend. To protect the guilty bitch, let’s call her, Lisa. It sounds close enough to her real name.

I’ll admit that I’m not necessarily the strongest guy out there and can be easily swayed at times. Lisa was no exception. She was very good with her words and arguments and knew how to turn things around to make it my fault, while making it sound like she was taking some of the blame. Twice, I tried breaking it off with her, but she convinced me to give her another chance. We ended up married in June of 2011, almost exactly five months after my father passed away.

Through the course of our marriage, she managed to cheat on me three times. Granted, it was emotionally cheating, since she never fucked anyone, but she still fell in love with three guys that weren’t me. Not much of a difference in my eyes. Honestly, if she’d just had feelings for them and chose to stay away from them because she cared more about our relationship, things probably would have turned out differently. But, looking back, I’m glad we’re not together anymore. Not just because she was a controlling bitch, but, to be truly honest, she wasn’t much to look at. Actually, in some ways, she was too much to look at.

Anyway, moving on… After the divorce, things with my job were starting to go south, so I decided my time in Colorado was coming to an end. While I was making that decision, though, my friend (changing the name to protect the beautiful this time) Jaime and I started chatting on Facebook. It was totally out of the blue…well, sort of. I was single again and out from under the thumb of my ex-wife, so, I felt free to talk to whoever the hell I wanted! Yeah, that’s how bad it was. I couldn’t even talk to my female friends without her thinking I was going to fall for them and cheat on her. Amazing how 20/20 hindsight is, isn’t it? I should have seen that as a sign she wouldn’t have remained faithful to me.

Okay, enough about the cheating whore. Sorry about that.

So, Jaime and I reconnected and I let her know that I was moving back to California the day after Thanksgiving. She was a little jealous of me, but confided in me that she had a possible job lined up for her in L.A. I was going to be in Orange County, so we were going to be a hell of a lot closer than we were at that moment. I was in Colorado Springs while she was in Chattanooga, TN.

She’d wanted to move back to Southern California for a long time, and now it seemed that both of us were going to be able to!

I can’t tell you how excited this made me. She was planning on being in California for Christmas, so I was going to get to see her at least once then. But, we were quite possibly going to be living closer together again!

Let me just tell you a little about Jaime. I told you that she always looked and acted more mature than her age. Well, looks-wise, she seemed to stop in her early twenties and looks like she could barely pass for 21.

She’s 26 and gorgeous. Straight brown hair that falls gracefully past her shoulders, big, dark brown eyes that melt you like butter, very fair skin speckled with amazing freckles. A lot of people make fun of freckles, but she makes them sexy. She’s petite, but isn’t lacking in her chest with a large B to small C cup. She is a dancer (ballet, not pole), and it shows. Along with her being a foster child therapist, she’s a dance instructor on the side.

So, she keeps in great shape. I wish I could say the same about myself.

I’m probably harder on myself than I probably should be, but I’ve never been one to think highly of myself when it comes to my looks. I’ve got short red hair, I wear glasses, I’m above average in height at 5’10”-5’11”, about 210 lbs with a little bit of a gut. Despite all of this, Jaime has never once looked at me with disgust, or even told me I was fat or ugly. Even three years ago, when I’d confessed brazzers porno that when we were younger I had feelings for her, she didn’t say anything negative to me about how I looked.

I smiled happily as I took my window seat in the middle of the coach section of the plane. I didn’t care where I sat at that moment. I just knew I’d be landing in Nashville in a few short hours and I’d get to see Jaime’s beautiful face once again.

You see, Jaime had said that when she hit a year with the company she worked for, she could put in for transfer to another state, and they had offices in Orange County. The job in L.A. hadn’t worked out, but this would be even better! We’d probably be living in the same city now! I couldn’t have been happier when she’d told me she was moving back home. And when she’d asked if I could help her move, I jumped right at the opportunity.

So, I requested the time off of work and saved up for a one-way plane ticket to Tennessee to help her make the long drive back to California. Just me and her on the road together for 30 hours. Of course, there was no way in hell we could do it straight through. I could do 1200 miles straight through, but Chattanooga to Anaheim is over 2100 miles. We were going to do the drive over two days instead.

I texted her from the plane. “We’ve boarded, I’ll be on my way out to you in about 30 minutes, Angel!” Angel was her nickname when she was a teenager. She was a very innocent and sheltered girl at that age, but it fit her. She was so sweet and everybody loved her, Angel was just the most perfect nickname anyone could have given her. And I was probably the only person who still called her by that name.

I remember at one time telling her that she was the proverbial angel on my shoulder, advising me to make the correct choices in situations. She thought that was sweet and asked who the devil on my other shoulder was and I told her it was my best friend, Matt. It was true. He was always trying to get a rise out of me, so when I was struggling with a decision, I heard him laughing and telling me to make one decision but then I just saw Jaime’s face looking at me with disapproval and shaking her head.

Her reply. “Yay! I’ll be waiting for you at the airport!”

“I can’t wait,” I sent back.

Yes, she really does talk like that. The “Yay!” and everything. Even though she’s born and raised in SoCal, she’s a southern belle at heart. One of the many qualities I love about her.

The 20-30 minutes it took to get to the runway and take off seemed to take an eternity. All I could think about was seeing Jaime again. The girl I should have held out for. The one I should have pursued something with before we ended up thousands of miles apart. I dozed off with thoughts and memories of her running through my head.

The next thing I knew, I was touching down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I looked around confused. Had I really slept the entire flight? I smiled again and quickly thanked God because the nap I’d gotten was exactly what I needed. I knew that the next day we would be beginning our long road trip more than halfway across the country.

I pulled my carryon bag from the overhead compartment and made my way off of the plane with the rest of the passengers. I turned my cell phone on and called Jaime.

“Hey!” she said excitedly after a ring and a half.

“Hey, Angel! I’m just walking off of the plane now.”

“Yay! I came in as far as security allows,” she laughed.

That surprised me. I expected her to be waiting somewhere with her car until I called.

“Well, I will be there in a few short minutes.”

“Okay, see ya!” she said and we hung up our cell phones. I was smiling so much I was afraid I might pull a muscle in my face somewhere. I laughed at myself for that thought. Maybe it was possible for your face to get stuck if you made a certain face long enough. But, could a smile really be a bad thing to keep stuck to your face?

I dropped my phone into my pocket and picked up the pace as much as the crowd would allow me. Why is it that when you’re in a hurry, everything and everyone gets in your way?

As I turned the last corner, it was like the sea parting for Moses. All I saw was her. Jamie; my Angel. I held myself back from running to her, because at this time, she didn’t know how I truly felt about her, and I wasn’t about to let on too much because I didn’t want to make the drive back to California too awkward.

Her smile was radiant, her big brown eyes shining bright, and her dark brown hair falling down in gentle waves over her shoulders. She was a picture of perfection. She was dressed in a simple pair of blue jeans and a white tank-top, hugging every perfect curve of her body. The only thing that would make her more angelic would be wings and a halo.

When I reached her, she threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly and I did the same. Then she surprised me with a kiss on the cheek, which caused me to blush, making my face feel hot. I hated when I blushed, castingcouch-x porno but this time, I didn’t care.

I smiled at her when she pulled away. “What was that for?”

“What was what for?”

I touched my cheek and blushed.

She laughed and slapped me on the arm. “Stop it. I’m allowed to thank and greet you how I want.”

“I wasn’t complaining,” I assured her and she laughed. Oh that laugh; it made the airport even brighter than the harsh halogen lighting above ever could.

“Good,” she said. “Now, let’s go before the parking costs me much more.”

I walked with her out to her car and offered to pay for the parking.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You just bought a plane ticket to come out and drive me back to California. I think I can afford a few bucks for parking. I was only teasing about the cost anyway.”

We left the airport and went straight to her apartment. There was a 10 foot U-Haul truck already loaded up with a trailer on the back for her car. I helped her guide it onto the small tow-trailer and fastened the car in.

“I don’t even have to help load the truck?” I asked amazed.

She laughed again. “No, the guys did that last night. I just had a small suitcase with a few things I put in to the trunk of the car for the trip back. I’m ready to go!”

This couldn’t have been planned any better. All I had to do was drive the truck from Tennessee to Anaheim and enjoy the time with Jaime.

“I’d like to take our time if that’s okay with you,” she said.

“I’ve got a week off to help you get home. We can take as much or little time as we want.”

“Good, I figured because of the time we would stop in Little Rock for the night.”

“Sounds good to me!”

She tossed me the keys. “You’re the one with the truck driving experience. Get us goin’!”

I chuckled and climbed into the driver’s seat. It was true. I worked for a moving company that used trucks exactly like this one. However, I didn’t have much experience towing something behind me. My first time was just a few months ago pulling a 5’x8′ trailer behind my little Subaru. It was quite an experience, I’ll tell you what.

“According to Google Maps, Little Rock is about six hours away,” Jaime said as she shut her door.

I turned the key and the engine roared to life.

“And that’s at normal travel speeds. We’re in a loaded moving truck, towing a car behind us. That’ll add some time onto our trip.”

“Oh well, we have a week to get to Cali, right?”


“Good,” she said with a warm smile. How could I not love this girl? “Well, let’s get goin’!”

I put the truck in gear and pulled away from her apartment building and in a few minutes we were heading onto the highway, traveling westward towards Little Rock, Arkansas. We made small talk for a little while and then my stomach growled. She heard it because she laughed and admitted she was hungry too.

“I’m sorry, we should have grabbed something in town before getting on the road.”

“It’s all good. I think the road sign back there said we were about five miles from a Denny’s,” I said jerking my head towards my window.

“Stop wherever you want! It’s on me!” she said letting her hands fall on her legs with a slap.

“What? No!” I protested.

“Jason!” she scolded with an amused laugh. “You are doing something so huge for me that I could never repay. At least let me buy you some meals. All the hotels are paid for by the way, so don’t even try and pay for half.”

Damn, this girl was way ahead of me. But I guess she was right, I’d taken a week off of work to drive cross country with her and then help her move into her new place she had reserved for her in Anaheim.

I sighed my surrender to her will. “Fine. Twist my arm,” I teased and gave her a wink.

We stopped at some diner that was similar to Denny’s, but much better food. We talked as we ate, catching up on the past few months since we’d last seen each other. She asked if I was seeing anybody and I told her I wasn’t.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Well, my new job keeps me pretty busy, so meeting new people is kinda hard. Plus, I’m not really sure I’m ready to start dating again.”

“Right, the divorce. I’m sorry, Jason,” she said grabbing my hand.

“It’s fine. Honestly, I’m over that, for the most part. I’ve been seeing a therapist and it’s really been helping. I guess maybe it’s not that I’m not ready to start dating; I’m just being pickier about who I date now.”

“That’s a good thing! Don’t settle! You’re a great guy and you deserve someone great!”

“Thanks,” I said, my eyes meeting hers. I looked away quickly, afraid to show my feelings for her.

Our server came back and Jaime quickly handed her a debit card to pay for our meal. She was so quick I hadn’t even had chance to reach for my wallet.

“I told you I was paying!” she scolded me again and laughed.

“I know. Thanks, Jaime. I appreciate it.”

She smiled and I felt myself melting again. clips4sale porno I just wanted to kiss those perfectly kissable lips of hers. Her beauty stole all words from my head. Even as I write this, picturing her smile is drawing a blank!

Once the bill was paid, we got back in the truck and hit the road. We talked a little but Jaime ended up dozing off and I didn’t bother trying to wake her again until I saw signs welcoming us to Little Rock. I reached over and gently shook her arm. Her eyes opened and she looked around to see the beautiful sunset before us. Glorious clouds of pink, purple and orange painted the sky.

“Wow, pretty sunset,” she said.

“It’s alright,” I said and looked over at her.

“Are you kidding me?! Look at the sky!” she said and then looked back at me. Her eyes met mine and I think she blushed. It was hard to tell since the sunset gave us both a pinkish/red tint to our skin.

I looked back at the road with a pleasant smile on my face.

“Take exit 155 towards Jacksonville,” she said and gave me turn by turn directions to the Super 8 Motel we would be staying in. I parked the truck in a few empty spaces in the back. We got our luggage out of the car and I took her suitcase from her.

“I’ll take that for you,” I said.

She smiled. “You’re sweet, thanks.”

I just smiled back at her and followed her to the front desk. Walking behind her was probably one of my favorite places. Her perfectly round ass swayed gracefully in her tight jeans. I could feel myself starting to get hard just from the sight of her still clothed butt.

“Welcome to Super 8, checking in?” the cute front desk clerk asked in greeting.

“Yes we are! It should be under the name Wright, Jamie,” Jaime said pulling her wallet from her purse and searching for her credit card.

“One room, two beds, non-smoking?” the clerk asked after typing at the computer for a few seconds.

“That’s it!”

“Wonderful,” the clerk, whose nametag read, Sandy, said. She printed off the receipt and put it in front of Jaime to sign. “You’re in room thirteen; it’s around the back, first floor.”

“Great, thanks!”

“Enjoy your stay!” Sandy said with a pleasant smile.

We smiled at her and made our way back around the building. I was glad we would be close to the truck since it had been the only place with enough space to park the truck without too much maneuvering. I still wasn’t confident with my reversing skills with the trailer; I didn’t want to have to mess with it when we left in the morning.

We got into the room and Jaime dropped her purse and then flopped onto the bed.

I laughed. “Tired?”

“No, just glad to be out of that truck. Eight hours cramped in that thing is a long time.”

“Yeah, try driving it,” I teased.

She laughed and then stood up as I set our luggage down on the floor in front of either bed. I assumed the one she’d fallen onto was the one she wanted, so that’s where I deposited her case. She surprised me with a kiss on the cheek again.

“You are amazing for driving so much. I can drive sometimes if you need me to,” she offered.

“We’ll see how tomorrow goes. If I need to switch, then we might. But I can get us pretty far with a good night’s sleep.”

“And that’s just what we’ll get tonight. Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Starving, but I don’t think I have the energy to try and unhook the car from the trailer.”

“I was thinking of just ordering a pizza to be brought here.”

“That sounds perfect,” I said happily.

“Great!” she said and went to the phone. Next to it was an ad for Domino’s. “What do you like?” she asked.

“Anything is good with me, as long as there’s no pineapple or mushrooms.”

“Let’s just keep it simple with a peperoni, then.”

“Perfect. I’m going to take a shower, unless you want one first.”

“No, go ahead. I’ll wait until after we eat.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I picked up my carry-on bag and took it into the bathroom with me. When I opened it up, I realized that I’d only packed a couple changes of clothes with me. I didn’t expect to actually take the whole week to get back to California. So, all I had was two pairs of everything; pants, shirts, underwear and socks. We’d have to make a stop at a Walmart or something for at least some socks and underwear. The shirts and pants would be fine.

I turned on the shower and let it warm up as I stripped out of my clothes I’d been wearing since early that morning. I stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. Just then Jaime knocked on the bathroom door.

“Yeah?” I asked, confused. Why would she be coming in here while I’m showering? My mind automatically to the wildest thought of her joining me.

“I really gotta pee, do you mind?” she said over the sound of the shower running.

“Oh! No, of course not! Come on in!”

“Thank you!” she said and came into the bathroom.

I couldn’t see her, but I just imagined her peeling those tight jeans down to sit on the toilet. I’ve never had a pee-fetish, but just the fact that she was basically half-naked in the same room as me drove me wild. I didn’t have to look down to know just how hard I was. I washed my hair and tried to ignore the images of her perfect body running through my head.

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