Inside the Grotto

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The light is dim. The sun set only a short time ago, not that it matters. I come here every night, and I would know the way in darkness or in daylight.

Foliage brushes against me on both sides as I push myself up the hill. The gentle caress is welcomed and I make no effort to push the leaves away. I can hear the tinkling of water ahead, and the ground beneath my feet is changing from soft moss to a flat, hard stone. The trail takes a slight turn and I am suddenly face-to-face with a cliff wall. Vines cover the wall, and a trickle of water runs down the side. I push the vines aside, pass under the water, and enter a small grotto barely hidden behind the natural curtain.

The small cave I have entered is full of the sound of splashing water. Behind me, the trickle of water that I passed through continues to burble merrily. Ten feet ahead, though, an opening to the other side of the cliff reveals small waterfall. Between my two wet curtains, an expanse of cool, smooth rock collects a pool of water.

My little waterfall is fed by a meager stream, but it splashes down to join a mighty river below. I skirt the edge of the pool and walk to the opening, gazing through the cracks in the water to the scene before me. The moon and stars have come out, and their light shines brightly in the forest tonight. A reflection of the sky is scattered across the rippling surface of the river below. The walls of my grotto glitter and sparkle as light bounces off of all the water surrounding me. I fondly take in the familiar sight. This is why I love my little waterfall, even though there are much larger ones available nearby. The very river at the bottom of this cliff becomes a great, thundering waterfall in just a couple miles. That is where the others bathe. But I never came to enjoy the deafening crash of water or the turbulence at the bottom of the falls. Many find it fun, but I love the bursa escort quiet peace of my little stream. Besides, I have a pool to soak in.

I step back from the edge and start tugging my clothes off. My grotto is not very well hidden behind the trickles of water on either side, but I am not worried about anyone seeing me. Nobody ever comes this way, especially after dark. It isn’t exactly a secret place, but no one else is interested in it. Once my clothes are off, I stand and let the night air dance on my skin. With the breeze and mist from the waterfall and the stone beneath my bare feet, it is pleasantly cool. Goosebumps start to form all over my body, and I can feel my nipples tightening.

I love feeling the tiny little bumps on my skin. I run my fingers down the sides of my round breasts, feel the way my waist pulls and then flows down to the swell of my hips. I find most of the goosebumps are covering my thighs. I flatten my palms against the skin there, and I slowly rub up and down, enjoying both the feeling of hands on my thighs and the bumps against my hands. As I stand there, I start to get colder and my nipples become hard as rocks. This makes my boobs ache a little, so I gently cup and lift them and cover the nipples with a couple fingers to soothe them.

While I wait for my breasts to calm down, I wade into the pool. It is only knee deep, but I sit down and the water comes up to my elbows. It is a little warmer than the misty breeze I was just standing in; soon the goosebumps are gone. My nipples have calmed down enough now for me to let them go, but instead I start to rub them gently. I let out a serene sigh and stretch my body out under the water, laying my head against an edge. As my nipples soften in the warm water and tighten again under my fingers, I can feel another tightness beginning between my legs. This isn’t what I came here for; I was just going bursa escort bayan to bathe. But I don’t fight it. I start to treat my nipples a little more harshly; pinching, pulling, and rolling them between my fingers. It feels wonderful and the tightness between my legs is starting to beat in time with my pulse.

I’m already in the water, but I can still feel it when a wetness starts to leak past my pussy lips and onto my thighs. Leaving my left hand to continue playing with a boob, I spread my legs and start rubbing my outer lips with my right hand. I reach a finger down and run it all the way up my slit, so gently that it feels like a feather. I do it again, this time with just a little pressure. I’m moaning gently to myself, both frustrated and elated with my teasing fingers. I run my fingers up my slit one more time, and this time I push past the lips to feel the sensitive skin beneath. I gently graze my clit and gasp loudly. My pussy shudders for a second in anticipation but I pull my finger away and get a grip on myself.

I drop my hand from my breast, take a few deep breaths, and look around my grotto. The starlight is still sparkling all over the cave walls, the water, and now on my pale skin. I look down at my body under the water and take a second to appreciate my beauty. I am short and curvy instead of long and lean. Where many other girls have visible hip bones and rib cages, my body is full, soft, and round. Not excessive or fat. Just… Curvy. It isn’t most people’s definition of beauty, but I love my body and am glad for the chance to stare at it, touch it, tease it, and pleasure it.

Now that I have calmed down a little, I am ready to resume my play. I am done teasing. I get up on my knees, still in the water, and reach down between my legs. My knees are spread apart and it is easy to reach my clit. I give it a few firm strokes with my fingers, then escort bursa reach further down to slide a finger into my slick pussy. I give a little moan and push my hips down, engulfing my finger. I lift back up and go back down, and it feels so good that I am hardly in control anymore. My body has taken over and it is ready to fuck itself on my finger. I decide that one finger is not enough and plunge a second finger inside myself. I bite my lip and moan again, and keep raising and lowering myself onto my fingers.

Now that my fingers are nice and slick, I pull them out and put them back on my clit. I gasp, lean my head back, and hold still while my fingers rub my clit in little circles. I put my other hand behind me on the edge of the pool and I lean back, positioning my clit a little higher. My hips start rocking back and forth, rubbing my clit against my fingers. A gasp of pleasure escapes me with every motion. I know that I am going to come soon. I push my fingers down and into my pussy again, pulling them in and out fervently. My moans are getting loud and starting to echo off of the cave walls, but I don’t care. I run my fingers up to my clit and back down into my pussy with long, steady stroked and suddenly I can’t stand it anymore. My whole body is tensing up, quivering. Just as I slide my fingers back inside, my pussy grips them and I’m over the edge. With every spasm that rocks my body, I give a loud moan that echoes all around me. My body is out of my control, fucking and gripping my fingers of its own accord. I ride fast and hard on a wave of ecstasy. When my orgasm starts to subside, I slide my fingers out of my body and try to catch my breath.

I slump exhausted into the water, quite pleased with myself, when I hear a sound by the entrance of my cave. I look over to see the vines moving and a shadowy figure retreating quickly. Slowly, I raise myself out of the water and peek my head through the water and vines, but I don’t see anything anymore. As I start to pull my head back in, I notice something dripping off of the vines. It isn’t water. Somebody out there saw me… And they enjoyed the show.

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