In the Mood

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Sequel to ‘In the Act’

Faith motioned for Josh to get in first. He stepped in and immediately made room for her by going under the spray and getting his hair wet. He ran his hands through his short black hair and shook his head to clear his eyes of water. Faith had stepped in, her face still slightly flushed. She was breathing hard through her nose.

Before Josh could react to her presence, she pushed him against he wall of the shower and pulled his head down to hers. To say she devoured his mouth would be an understatement. She consumed it. Absorbed it. It was impossible to tell where her lips ended and his began. He was hard again almost instantly.

She grabbed his head with both hands, clenching it hard. Their faces moved around each other like a pair of trained dancers. Finally, she broke the kiss but held his head, both of them gasping for breath.

She pushed his shoulders back against the wall and stood on her tiptoes and licked his neck, biting it lightly. Josh shuddered against the wall, his knees buckling under him. Faith leaned into his body and took the skin right over his jugular vein into her mouth, grinding it between her teeth. Josh fought his lack of muscle control by growling deep in his throat and trying to dig his fingertips into the light blue tiles that lined the shower.

She bit harder, almost hard enough to break the skin, enjoying the sensations of his fight. She ground her stomach into his, feeling the tip of his penis brushing her belly. She released her bite on his neck, leaving impressions from her teeth. She licked her way down to his chest, nipping at it lightly as she went. She got to his nipples and grabbed onto one of his nipple rings with her teeth, pulling it, scraping her nails down his chest over his two small Spider-Man tattoos.

Josh trembled and fought the urge to scream as she pulled on his ring, grabbing handfuls of his hair and pulling them, his mouth open in a silent roar. She could feel his already stiff nipple getting even harder as she pulled. She broke away and looked him in the eyes. Then, she reached up and grabbed his wrists and really surprised him.

Faith stood up on either side of the bathtub and looped Josh’s hands through a pair of handcuffs that were attached to the shower head. He pulled on them experimentally, testing their strength. She grinned up at him and grabbed his cock, squeezing hard. He flinched and tried to move away mofos porno but had nowhere to go.

She reached behind her to the shelf that held their shampoos and soaps and grabbed a bottle of bath oil. She adjusted the spray so that it wouldn’t wash off and rubbed the bath oil between her hands. The smell of vanilla scented the air. Faith closed her eyes and lifted her hands to her nose and inhaled, vanilla her favorite scent. She opened her eyes and returned her hands to his groin.

Faith grabbed his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. Ever so slowly, she started moving her hand up and down his pole while not moving her hands around his scrotum. Josh kept trying to lower himself into her hand, but she kept moving her hand lower.

She lowered herself to her knees, moving her hand away from his balls, but running it up and down the inside of his thighs. With her other hand still firmly on his cock, she began rubbing it on her cheeks, the scent of vanilla filling her nostrils. She sighed and rubbing the underside of his shaft against her cheek, along her chin and onto the other cheek.

Josh pulled at the handcuffs, wanting nothing more than to just grab her, throw her down and fuck her hard. Now. Right here. He grumbled about the handcuffs, pulling them back and forth along the length of the pipe. He could feel his cock straining against her hand, against her face. He groaned every time her hand touched the ridge of the head of his cock, wanting her to speed up, to finish him as fast as possible. He then remembered the action outside the shower and knew he was going to last a while. Josh sighed and concentrated on the pleasure her hand and face were giving him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and suddenly, the incredible feelings in his groin stopped.

Josh let out a soft moan and cracked his eyes. Faith was sitting back against the back of the bathtub, her legs spread. She pinched her nipples slowly while running her tongue over her lips. Josh bucked his hips while pulling on the handcuffs, threatening to pull the shower head clear out of the wall. She grinned at him and whispered “This is what you want, isn’t it?” As she said this, her right hand made its second trip between her breasts and down over her stomach, stopping just shy of her pelvis.

Josh growled and pulled against the handcuffs, his arms bending backwards in their sockets. His muscles strained, naughty america porno his tattoos stretching on his skin. He was almost drooling as he tried to pull away from his restraints, like a dog tugging his chain to reach a cat. He jerked his head back and forth, almost as if he was trying to reach a piece of meat that was just out of reach.

Faith brushed her fingertip against her oversensitive bud and gasped, making him pull even harder. She closed her legs over her hand, letting him see her pussy and single finger, all framed by her legs. Josh continued to struggle, though she could tell he was starting to get tired. He wasn’t pulling as hard and his breathing was becoming shallow. His rod was still standing up, bright red at the top, which kept her going.

She stood and faced Josh, his teeth still clenched, his upper lip drawn back as if to drop vampire fangs. She leaned forward, just out of range of his mouth and gently licked his lips. He made a sudden lunge forward, closing the gap, planting his lips on hers. Faith could hear his shoulders crack as he lunged, the sound making her stomach turn slightly. She pushed him back against the wall, releasing the tension in his shoulders, kissing him the entire way, their tongue dancing like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

She stood up on the edges of the tub again and undid the safety locks on the handcuffs, moaning as Josh took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it hard. She leaned her body into his mouth as he opened it and took her aureole into his mouth and sucked and licked it. She pulled away reluctantly, making a loud popping noise.

Josh pulled his arms down, rubbing his wrists, regaining circulation. He looked Faith in the eye, his hunger evident. She backed up as far as she could go and then yelped as she reached the far wall of the shower. He grinned an evil grin and pounced on her in one step, crushing her with his body against the wall, protecting her head with his hand. He growled in her ear, making her tremble. He bit her neck and grabbed her leg, lifting it to his hip, leaving her on one toe.

With one powerful thrust, he pounded himself into her, lifting her completely off the floor. She wrapped her other leg around him and groaned as he buried himself in her. He moved in and out with passion spurred by anger and pain. He was using hard and powerful strokes, shaking her entire body public agent porno with each pounding. She cried out, the pain and pleasure mixing to start a burning deep within her groin.

With each plunge, the fire spread to her legs, her belly. Soon, it was reaching her stomach and her chest, spreading like the flames of a wildfire. As the burning spread, her breath came in ragged gasps, a high pitched whine emitted from her throat with each breath. She could feel the heat getting hotter and hotter, spreading further along her body, threatening to overtake her completely.

Josh wouldn’t stop. He kept biting her neck, her throat, her cheeks, thrusting hard all the while. He kept up his relentless pace, back and forth, in and out, feeling like he was trying to break her in half.

Faith felt the flames take her over, invading every inch of her as every inch of him moved her body. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, trying to stave off the inevitable. Failure. Her body crashed in on itself, folding and turning, bright lights flashing behind her eyelids.

Josh could see her eyeballs trying to roll backwards in their sockets, but he did not relent. Harder and faster he moved, sawing between her flooding lips. She rocked her body off of the wall and then crashed into it again, his hand still saving her head. He used his endurance to keep going and going, setting off another wave through her, causing more spasms through her entire body.

Finally, he started to feel his orgasm approach. He slowed down his thrusting slightly, getting as much stimulation as he could from her wetness. When he reached his peak, he threw his whole body into her, shuddering against her, setting off another wave of ecstasy in her, both of them shaking and moaning into each other’s mouths.

Josh slowly and gently set her down, pulling his softening member out of her. He leaned his head against hers, breathing deeply, matching her breath for breath. She moved her head and searched for his mouth, kissing along his jaw line. His mouth met hers and the kiss that took place seemed to last for days. She could feel his racing pulse in his lips and his tongue, as well as his chest, which was pressed against hers. He could feel her heart jack hammering against her ribcage.

They stayed that was for what felt like hours. Only when the water ran cold did they move. They moved together, grabbing towels and drying each other off. They walked together to the bedroom and lay down together, falling asleep in each other’s arms, not bothering to turn out the light.

“Faith,” he said quietly. She responded with a grunt. “Think you’re tall enough to hang up there?” He cracked an eyelid and saw that she was smiling.

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