I Know You Want Me

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I see you looking at me a lot at work today. I got dressed up for you, in my tight black skirt and thin, see-through white blouse. I’ve been working out a lot lately, and want to show it off.

Okay, I’ll be honest, what I really want is to drive you crazy.

We’ve had a couple of drunken conversations online; you told me you find me sexy. You said you like my long, thick blond hair, and the way I do my makeup; smoky black eye shadow and glossy lips. You told me I have the sexiest body you’ve ever seen. I’m little, but with big tits and a toned, round ass. My legs, too, you spent a paragraph describing them. Tanned but not too tanned. Just the right amount of muscle tone. You notice everything about me, and it makes me think I must occupy your mind pretty often.

But the next day you usually say (sober) that you really don’t want an office romance, that it would make things awkward at work, and you brush aside any of my attempts to get us together in person.

I try to convince you that ‘romance’ is not what I’m looking for. That all I really want is to ride your dick, and I don’t care if there’s no commitment. That love is a serious thing to me, and I doubt we’d even have enough of a connection to fall in love. But you mustn’t believe me; you tell me that sex always means something with women, that you’d rather not take the risk.

It makes me want to grab you and shake you. I know I could please you if I was allowed. And I know you crave me. Every time you get drunk, you start to talk dirty to me online. Last time, you told me that I make you harder than anyone else has, ever. So I know you want me bad.

I see that hard, serious look in your eye when I walk into the office today; I know that I look like a porn dream to you. Which is exactly what I want.

Little do I know I’m about to get more than I bargained for.

It happens right after lunch. We both get called to a meeting on the fourth floor. It’s just us in the room so far, and my stomach drops with disappointment as you take a seat all the way down the other end of the long table. We have a few minutes of awkward small talk before you think to check your email, and we realise our blunder: this meeting was rescheduled half an hour ago. No one else is coming. I get up and move to leave, when you clear your throat.

“You know,” You say softly, running your eyes down my body slowly, making me feel naked. “I can see on the online register that no one else in the building has this room booked for now. There’ll be nobody in here for the next hour and a half.”

You and I have both been here a while, and are both aware that board rooms are the only places in this office without cameras. And, even better: upon entry, the door is security locked. We have the place entirely to ourselves.

“How interesting,” I say slowly, daring to hope. “So…what do you propose we do with this free time?”

Even though you grin at me, your eyes still have that hard look. “How about you get over here and show me what a little slut you are?”

I exhale sharply. During our chats online, I’d confessed to you how much I liked being talked dirty to and commanded in the bedroom, and you’d made clear your equal enthusiasm for this little kink. I feel my panties get wet at you talking to me like this, straight off the bat.

I walk over to you, swaying my hips seductively, until I’m right in front of you.

“That outfit,” You moan, running your eyes over the outline of my almanbahis low-cut white bra through the thin material stretched across my chest, “God, you look so sexy…”

You reach for my big tits and squeeze. I straddle you, sit on your lap and spread my legs wide, making my tight skirt ride up indecently. You look at me in wonder as I kiss you, slowly and sweetly at first, until l start to lick at you with my tongue, opening my mouth wider. I slip my finger against your lip, and in your mouth, and watch you look at me in surprise. I fuck your mouth with it a little, until I take my finger out and put it in my mouth, starting to suck. Looking you in the eye the whole time.

As you groan and start to reach for me, I whirl off you, and get up on the board room table. On all fours. I turn facing away from you and arch my back, so my tight skirt rides up and you can see my white, lacy thong. I turn my head, looking back at you, and raise an eyebrow suggestively.

That’s all you need to get up off your seat, and grip both sides of my ass like its a life raft. You slowly roll down my thong and moan as you see my little asshole and pussy exposed. I flex my asshole so it winks at you, and you growl with lust.

You peel my panties down, over my legs until they’re off, and then launch yourself at my ass. You lick all the way up from my clit to my asshole, and it feels so fucking good. You lap your tongue at my pussy, making me gasp as you work your tongue on my clit, until you start licking my asshole again. I rub my clit in slow circles with my finger, enjoying the naughty feeling of your tongue at my tight ass.

Suddenly, your hands grip me tighter and you manage to flip me around, so I’m lying on my back. You flash me a devilish grin as you start unbuttoning your shirt before me. I observe in silent approval as each button reveals another inch of lightly tanned, toned flesh. You pull the shirt off entirely, and my mouth hangs open…you have one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen. I’m not even usually one for muscles, but your arms are perfect and powerful, and your six pack and pecs are works of art.

As you begin to unbutton your pants, I pull myself to the edge of the table and lower myself down. You grin down and chuckle as you realise I’m now on my knees in front of you…with my mouth wide open.

“Ooh,” You say, looking me dead in the eye as you step out of your briefs and kick them aside, “Is someone hungry for my cock?”

“Yes, sir,” I say, holding your stare and smiling coquettishly, “Can I please have your cock in my wet little mouth?”

You groan as you grab the back of my head and guide my lips to your cock. I like the firm, yet gentle feel as you direct me. I kiss your cock on the head, and start to lick at your shaft – quick, little licks, but wet and filled with promise.

“Mmm yeah, lick my cock, you little slut,” You say, grinning. I want to make sure you know I like this, so I suddenly take your whole cock into my mouth, and start to suck it up and down.

“Mmm,” I moan, my mouth filled with your cock meat. I pull my lips over my teeth as I suck, so you feel nothing but my soft, smooth, wet mouth against your dick. You close your eyes and moan, looking ecstatically lost. I quicken the pace and start to stroke at your balls.

When my mouth gets tired, I take a break, going back to just licking your cock. But after a minute of this, suddenly, you shove your whole cock down my throat, and I almanbahis yeni giriş really have to work hard to suppress my gag reflex. You hear me choke and look down at me, my eyes starting to water, your big cock stretching my lips apart, me looking pathetic. You gaze at me affectionately, and reach down to me. I think you are about to take pity on me, but instead you grasp my throat with a careful, gentle pressure.

“Aww, you choking on that dick?” You ask, almost sweetly. “My poor little slut! Can’t take all that dick! Let’s see if we can train that tight little throat to open up some more for me. You know my cock needs all your little holes wet and ready to take it, right? You know your man needs that?”

I nod, my mouth full of your cock. I resolve to try harder this time, and swallow all the spit and precum in my mouth. You rub my neck as I swallow, then take your hand away.

“Yes sir,” I say, taking your cock out of my mouth to speak, “I’ll try harder this time…”

“Did I say you could take my cock out of your mouth?” You snarl, shoving your cock back in my mouth til it hits the back of my throat, “Did I, you little bitch?”

My eyes are watering, and I’m using most of my concentration to keep my throat opened and not gag on your dick. I slowly manage to look up at you and shake my head.

You pump your dick into my throat and lightly slap my face, looking down at me. “That’s right, baby,” You say, grabbing my cheek and stretching it out, “I’m glad you’re trying harder this time. I’m in charge of your little mouth now, my little whore. Take that dick…you’re getting so good at taking that dick.”

Spurred on by your words, I get into a rhythm and figure out to swallow every time your cock hits the back of my throat. I’m deep throating you now. It starts to feel good, and you moan as you really start to smoothly fuck my throat.

Then you grab me by the neck again, and it’s an extra challenge trying to keep going with your hand pushing harder and harder. I’m choking and spluttering, but all that matters right now is that I keep my mouth as your fuckhole…

After a couple minutes of this, my eye makeup running and spit starting to trickle out the sides of my mouth, you pull out with a start. “I gotta stop,” You pant. “I’m getting too close.”

As you pull away to catch your breath, I remain squatting in the same position on the floor, knowing I’m yours to command. My naked ass is nearly touching the carpet, and my legs are open, showing you my glistening wet pussy. I wipe my mouth with my hands and swallow. You look at me with approval and smile.

“Good to see you’re waiting for instruction,” You smirk, “Now, we really just made you into a little mouth-slut. Didn’t that feel good in the end? Aren’t I always right?”

“Yes, sir, you are,” I gasp, starting to spread my pussy lips and play with my wet cunt as I look up at you. “That felt so good, I loved having my throat stretched like that. You were so right. You know exactly what I need.”

“Yeah, I know exactly what you need,” You groan, as you watch me play with myself, “God, you’re such a hot little slut. Now, get on your hands and knees and face away from me. It’s time you took more of this cock.”

I wriggle into that position for you, my legs spread wide. You get on your knees and unceremoniously spit on my asshole. I gasp as you expertly touch your index finger to my hole, catching all your spit and pumping it into my ass. almanbahis giriş You do this again and add another finger, prying my little asshole apart wider as it gets wetter and starts to stretch out. I arch my back and stick my ass out higher for you.

“Oh, you’re loving this,” You grin, “Such a greedy little anal slut. Okay, I think I’ve stretched it open enough for me to fuck. I’m gonna fuck your ass now, okay baby?”

I whimper; the way you affectionate and insulting pet names is making my pussy throb. I answer the only answer I’m allowed. “Yes,” I whisper, “But be gentle at first, okay?”

“Of course,” You say in a soothing voice. “I’d never hurt my little slut…”

You push my head and chest down to the floor, my face to the side, and my ass in the air. You position your cock at my asshole, and gently push it against my wet, stretched hole. I push my tight asshole out to let you in. Just as my ass accepts the head of your cock, you take the hand you used to finger fuck me and press your palm against my lips. I groan in equal parts disgust and lust as you trace your index finger along my mouth, prying it open until you’re fucking my mouth with it.

“Yeah, you’re such a dirty little girl,” You moan, as you push more of your cock into my ass and your finger into my mouth. “Tasting your own ass…Oh my god, I’m watching your slutty little fucking asshole get stretched around my cock…this is too good…”

I cry out, imagining the view, as I feel you get deeper inside me, and the finger you used to pry open my ass circles my tongue. You force three of your fingers into my mouth, and start to pump my ass hard, earlier than I was expecting. I gasp and arch my back, rubbing my clit in fast circles, trying to get used to the feeling of your big hard cock stretching my asshole open so wide.

Your whole cock is inside me now. I gasp at the feeling of your cock in my ass so deep; every time you stretch me, my body screams in equal parts pain and pleasure. As I relax, it starts to feel really good. You pump me hard as I rub at my pussy, playing with my clit.

“You little ass slut,” You groan, grabbing my face and turning me so I’m looking into your eyes, “How does it feel, being my good little whore? Knowing I own your ass now?”

“It feels so good, sir,” I gasp, “My ass belongs to you…”

I clutch the carpet as you slam harder and harder into me. When you shove your fingers deep onto my throat, making me gag, I feel like I’m on fire and I know I’m getting close.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” I say between breaths.

“You little whore,” You pant, fucking my throat with your fingers, “Let’s come together…”

As your cock slams deep into my asshole, I let go and allow the waves to crash over me, just as I feel you shudder and your warm cum flood the inside of my ass.

You clutch at my hips for a moment, then withdraw your cock from me. As you get up, I quickly reach for my panties and put them back on. I can feel your cum trickle out of my ass onto the thin white string, so I pull my pantyhose and skirt back on. Under the layers, I can still feel your cum wet against me. I pull my bra and blouse back on.

“That was amazing,” You say fondly, as you button your shirt up and give me short, sweet kiss. “I had no idea what a good slut you were. I can’t wait for next time…” You shake your head at me and grin.

Next time. I’m so happy I’ve pleased you enough to earn a next time. As you head towards the door, you turn around and wink at me.

“Send me a message tonight and tell me how much you enjoyed the rest of your day at work…with my cum all over your ass. You’re the best little whore ever.”

And, whistling, you exit the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32