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“I hate doctors” Emma thought to her self as the carriage rattled over the cobble stones. “Why does he have to treat me like a child, I’m 21, and he still treats me like a little girl; I have a right to be consulted.” Emma glanced across at her mother, sitting ridged as a board next to her. “It’s all mothers fault, Mother and Dr Bennet – why do they get to talk about me behind my back” she thought.

“It’s bad enough they talk behind my back but now being diagnosed with Hysteria, and no one will even tell me what it is or what the treatment is. It certainly sounds bad” she brooded to herself. “Well I’m damn well going to find out, at the library, if no one tells me”. The carriage rolled on through the streets of London, but Emma didn’t look up, she was quite mad at her mother and Dr Bennet.

The carriage finally came to a halt at the terrace house and Tom the porter opened the door with a smile, and held out his hand to assist Emma down from the carriage. She quickly got out of the carriage not accepting his hand or even acknowledging him. “Thank you Tom” Mother said as she accepted Tom’s hand and got out of the carriage. Ready with a non verbal rebuke for Emma for being so rude.

Emma was in too much of a bad mood to be polite to Tom, and started stalking up the path to the front door. Mrs Watchet, the house keeper, opened the door for Emma as she stormed through the door to the drawing room. A visit to the Dr’s surgery always left Emma in a bad mood, although she was normally not like this. Emma went over to a large sofa chair and plopped down into it, in a very un-lady like way. However she quickly sat up straight before her mother arrived to tell her off.

Her mother walked into the room and gave Mrs Watchet a quick nod which meant it was time for afternoon tea. “Well dear” her mother said “Dr Bennet has diagnosed Hysteria, he wants you to see a specialist, luckily Dr Bennet is a family friend and has been able to get you an appointment with the best in the field.” She babbled, sitting down in her favourite chair. “Don’t worry dear, apparently Hysteria is quite treatable and apparently quite common among young unmarried lady’s”

“Well I hope it is not going to effect my university studies” Emma blurted out “The end of term examinations are coming up”

“Ah the tea is ready” Emma’s mother said, as Mrs Watchet walked in carrying a big silver platter. Emma was thankful of Mrs Watchet’s timing, lest mother start ranting about how useless University was for a young lady and she should devote her time to finding an eligible young man to marry. Heaven for bid she go on about going to debutante balls.

“So when do I see this specialist” Emma exclaimed, taking the cup of tea Mrs Watchet offered her.

“Your first appointment is this Friday, I expect you to be on your best behaviour too” her mother retorted. “Yes mother, I’m going to the study, I have work to do” Emma got up and left the room for the quiet of the study. The study was a small musty room but it did have a good selection of books, her father had collected from all over the world, during his time in the Army. In the centre of the room was a large oak desk with a red leather desktop. Emma loved this room, it smelled of old books and worldly knowledge. Emma opened her books on the table and sat down to work. She leaned forward looking blankly at the open book and picking at her cuticles, trying to concentrate, she read the same paragraph 3 times. “This is ridiculous” she huffed to her self, going over to the book case and finding Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body. She flipped through the book hoping to find something on Hysteria “This doesn’t help, it is all drawings”, she closed the book and put it back, and decided to get ready for supper.

In his study John was tinkering with a small cylindrical set of clock works. Suddenly it made a twang of breaking metal and springs and cogs shot out in all directions across the room, “Stupid thing!” he exclaimed. But the clockwork just sat there and mocked him. John liked tinkering with things, actually anything that kept him distracted from the mountain of paper work on his desk. He looked at the pile of notes “hmm I need a research assistant” he said picking up a cup of tea and sipping from it “yuck cold, and someone to make the tea”

“What you need is a good wife” said a friendly voice from the door.

“Dr Bennet, Hello, I didn’t hear you come in”.

“That’s ok John how’s your research going?”

“Slowly” John retorted

“Well I just popped over to invite you to dinner Friday night”

“Friday, how convenient, that wouldn’t be so you can interrogate me about a certain patient of yours?”

“Well bursa escort that may have factored in my thinking, but her father is a very close friend of mine and I promised him I’d look after her whilst he is away at war.” Dr Bennet said. “Also I also wanted to come over and tell you the good news, this is rumor only so keep in under your hat, but looks like the Board of Governors is going to approve your research grant.”

The rest of the week passed slowly for Emma. Then the time came and she found her self sitting in the waiting room, it was quite different to Dr Bennet’s waiting room. With it’s hard benches and clinical white wash walls. This was more like a sitting room, with comfortable chairs and wallpaper. She was the only person waiting for an appointment, an sat in silence with her mother at her side. She didn’t have to wait long before a tall blond nurse came in.

“Miss Spencer?” the nurse asked “The Doctor will see you now”

Emma slowly got to her feet, her mother was already on her feet and heading to the door when the nurse said, “Just Emma please Mrs Spencer.” Her mother sat back down with a huff, Emma managed to hide a smirk thinking she liked this doctor better already.

The nurse held the door open for Emma as she entered the room. The examination room was much like Dr Bennet’s room. A examination table at one end and the doctors desk at the other end. However the examination table looked quite scary, more like something from a medieval torture chamber than a modern medical apparatus. Emma noticed the young man sitting at the desk, “Surely he is to young to be the doctor he can’t be more than 5 years older than me” she though “and handsome as well”.

“Please take a seat” the Dr pointed to a wooden chair next to his desk “May I call you Emma, you can call me John?”

“Yes docto.. er .. John” Emma blurted out as she lowered herself into the chair. John got down to business asking her about her medical history, all the time taking notes. Emma liked that he treated her like an equal and not a silly girl, like Dr Bennet treated her. “Ok Emma, time for the treatment, would you please get undressed” he said pointing to the screen.

Emma went behind the screen, she thought it odd that she was to undress behind a screen only for the Dr to examine her without her cloths on anyhow. The nurse helped her take off her dress and petticoat, helping her unlace her bloomers. Emma could hear the doctor scribbling notes from across the room. The nurse then started to unstrap Emma’s corset, her mother had strapped it too tight again and she let a breath out of relief as it came off and she could breath again.

The nurse directed Emma to the examination table and helped her up. The nurse explained that the examination table was actually a birthing table and was nothing to be afraid of.

The nurse helped Emma lay down and strapped her legs into the birthing stirrups. Emma felt odd looking at her legs sticking up the air in a v shape. “Relax Emma and try to breath normally, it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but most patients find it pleasant enough after a while” John remarked.

John placed his hands on Emma’s lower abdomen and applied some pressure, then he started massaging her pubic mound. He then moved one hand down and started massaging her upper thigh with one hand whilst continuing on her pubic mound with the other. “Breath deeply Emma, relax” he said, as the nurse made deep breathing faces at Emma. Which was more amusing than helpful.

The nurse handed John a small bottle of massage oil which he applied to Emma’s soft flower like vulva. “That’s cold” Emma exclaimed.

“Sorry, it will warm up very quickly” John said, as he continued. Emma could feel the heat beginning to develop in her crotch, but was sure it couldn’t be all the work of the oil. John then used the web of his hand to rub Emma’s love button whilst his thumb gently explored her soft folds. Emma was starting to feel hot, and no longer needed to be told to breath deeply. The nurse then handed John a black stick like – thing – not unlike a cucumber or a bobbies night stick, although it had a bulbous end on it. He gently started rubbing it on her pubic mound, getting it all oily then moving it down to replace his thumb as he used the instrument to explore her soft flower. Gently pushing it in her only a little way at first and taking it out again, gently pushing it a little further and out again. Before long pushing it deep, and removing it again. Emma’s was so hot, she needed this so badly, “don’t stop” she thought as he pulled it out “hmm” Emma whimpered.

John pushed the instrument back into her, rubbing her clit with his thumb, bursa escort bayan while fucking her with the dildo, in and out. Faster and Faster. Emma could feel a build-up deep with in her, she held it back, clenching her fists into tight balls, clutching the sheet beneath her. Suddenly she couldn’t hold on any more, as John fucked her with the instrument, she arched her back and let out an exclamation as she came. John stopped and pulled the instrument out and handed back to the nurse.

She lay on the table catching her breath. Emma could feel how hot and wet she was. The nurse came back and lifted her legs out of the brace and helped her sit up.

“That went quiet well for your first time Emma, but you require much more treatment, I think your next appointment should be in a fortnight” John said, as the nurse helped dress Emma.

“If this is the treatment for Hysteria, I hope I’m never cured” thought Emma with a wicked grin.

The first week went by quickly and Emma learned that her father was returning, this pleased her no least of course because it lightened her mothers mood and she was a little more easier to deal with. Emma kept her self busy with her study at the university, and even got good marks in Prof Boswell’s natural sciences class. The second week was a little slower and she found herself thinking more and more about her next treatment. The day of the treatment arrived quickly enough. She found herself in the waiting room again, when the nurse welcomed her back and invited her into the examination room.

“Take a seat please” John said watching as she lowered her self into the chair, straightening her dress as she sat down. “I have something to discuss with you”

“Oh no” she thought nothing starting with ‘I have something to discuss with you’ ever ends positively at lease in her experience she mused.

“You probably haven’t heard” he started “but the board of Governors has approved my research grant into new methods for treating female hysteria” he paused “I was wondering if you would consent to being one of the test subjects on the new therapy I’m devising”

“oh I guess so” she said a little unsure of what to say.

“There is one other thing” he said pausing “I have heard good reports from Prof Boswell regarding your scientific studies, and the thing is; I really need a research assistant, It wouldn’t be any thing practical you would just be collating data and helping me write up my findings” he added quickly.

Emma paused she wanted to say yes but thought she should at least pretend to think about it before blurting out her acceptance. “I’d be delighted to help” she finally said.

“Excellent, well lets get started shall we” he said. Emma retired behind the screen to get dressed. Again the nurse was there to help her take off her dress and petticoat, today she was prepared, she was wearing her most alluring corset, a purple and black lace over-bust corset. She hoped John would notice, she wanted him to think of her as a woman and not just another patient he was treating. The nurse freed her from the corset, unfortunately the opportunity to show off her corsetry had passed. In no time, she was sitting there in her birthday suit, the nurse was strapping her legs into the table.

“Before we start” said John walking over to the exam table “I want to show you what the new procedure involves” he had the long black instrument he used last time in his hand, and a different one in the other hand. “This is the dildo that’s normally used for hysteria, but I have developed a clock work one, which I call a vibrator” he exclaimed, clearly impressed with his invention. He wound up a key on the base of the vibrator and it made a buzzing, clockwork sound, he handed it to Emma. She nearly dropped it with surprise as it vibrated in her hand, it was quite a strange sensation.

“Lets get started” he said taking the vibrator from her. The nurse poured the massage oil on Emma’s pubic mound and vulva. John started to massage the area and her inner thighs. Again John’s skilled hands teased her sex, gently touching her, he rubbed the oil on her soft folds brushing her love button. Teasing her sex gently inserting a finger then pulling it out, making small circles on her clit with his thumb. He turned the vibrator on and rubbed it on her inner thighs and mound. Slowly rolling it back and forward, he pressed it against her clit. The buzz of the vibrator ignited a fire in Emma’s sex, bighting her lip, she wanted it desperately. John finally gave her what she longed for probing the vibrator in to her slowly at first, but building faster and deeper as he went. Emma gripped the mattress tightly closing her eyes, trying to hold escort bursa the pleasure build up as long as possible. Then the explosion of pleasure was past the point of no return, she arched her back and neck as she came. John pulled the vibrator from her sex.

“Good that took half the time as normal” he said clearly pleased with the operation of the vibrator. Emma just lay on the table basking in the residual pleasure running through her body. “Let’s get you dressed shall we” said John looking at Emma’s nakedness. Emma tried to pretend no to notice the bulge in John’s pants.

Emma started getting dressed, the nurse laced up her corset. “Shall I see you tomorrow to help with your research” Emma said standing just out from behind the scree, in an effort for John to see her in her lingerie

“Oh late afternoon is best for me, and well will continue your treatment on the fortnight as planned” he said looking Emma up and down. Emma finished dressing with the nurses help and left the office.

Emma found the research and data work for John wasn’t very exciting, but just being with him was enough for her. She still had plenty of time for her University studies and on her way home would help John at his surgery compiling the day’s data and writing reports. Then home in time for supper.

Again she found her self lying naked on the table John was strapping her legs into the stirrups, but some thing was different the nurse quickly bound Emma’s wrists with some black leather straps which were attached to the table with shiny brass buckles. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked to John for support, but he seemed to take no notice. He started massaging her toes and the balls of her feet, he never did that before, why this time she thought. John took great care to massage Emma’s legs from the tips of her toes to upper thighs. Only then did the massage continue with It’s usual manner with John starting to massage her lower abdomen and mound. The nurse returned with the oil and held the bottle high above Emma’s sex letting the oil dripple in a slow stream on to her sex. This time the oil was not cold, it was warm and felt delightful as it dribbled down her sex. The Nurse glanced at Emma with a wicked grin, and slowly dribbled the oil up her abdomen and on to her belly button filling it to overflowing, the warm oil ran down the side of her stomach and dripped onto the clean linen.

The nurse didn’t stop she dribbled the stream of oil up and onto Emma’s bare breasts. The nurse then started massaging Emma’s breasts; Emma felt confused and unsure but John didn’t say anything he keep teasing Emma’s hot wet sex as he watched the nurse. The nurse bent down and started licking and sucking at Emma’s nipple. Emma flinched but the restraints held her in place, she couldn’t move even if she wanted, but did she? Her nipples were hard and the Nurse looked up with a wicked grin, Emma could see right down the nurses cleavage. But the nurse just went back to kissing and licking Emma’s nipples. Emma looked across at John, she could see the bulge growing under his breeches, surely this is not right, but he was busy teasing Emma’s clit. Emma felt the heat of her sex calling out for John to use the vibrator. oh how badly did she want that magical wand. Suddenly he dropped his breeches revealing his man hood standing to attention for Emma. He slid his cock in to Emma’s sex, pushing deep, filling her. “Ohhhh” she let out an exclamation “Ohhhh” this time louder.

Blinking her eyes awake. The darkness of the room closing in around her. The mists of the dream world fading away. “It was a dream” she told herself, staring at the blank ceiling “I hope I wasn’t talking in my sleep” she though listening hard for and noise in the house. All she could here was the sound of the beating drum that was her heart. She breathed. Slipping a hand beneath her nighty and between her legs, she was hot and wet, she rubbed her thumb and finger together feeling the slick of her juices between her fingers. Emma lay awake trying to go back to sleep trying to bring the dream back, wanting it to play out, but the dream was gone.

Emma never had that dream again, but would often think about it when she was having her treatments with John. She continued her University studies and helped John with his research which seemed to be progressing very well. Then one day when she arrived at the Surgery to help John with a progress report to the Board. She found him in deep discussion with Dr Bennet and her father. She as entered the room and they looked up at her, they all wore serious faces.

“I’m afraid” John paused “I’m afraid I can’t treat you any more Emma”

“What, No, Why not” she blurted out feeling the blood drain from her face and her heart started racing.

“You can still be my research assistant, however it would not be appropriate for me to continue treating you” he paused “I have asked your father permission to court you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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