Husband Training PT3

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Husband Training PT3
Our next date night with Derek was the following week – Friday. My wife had become insatiable. She couldn’t get enough sex. We had intercourse at night followed by me eating my creampie. She started every morning with me giving her a blowjob on her strap on cock while stroking myself through my panties. This went on Saturday through Wednesday. On Wednesday, my wife informed me that she wanted me to take Friday off. So I did. Also, she stopped with sex on Wednesday. We were both horny, but she told me no sex-no cumming until Derek was over on Friday.

Denise told me in bed on Wednesday night that date night on Friday was for me. When I asked what she meant, she explained that both she and Derek were quite turned on by my cum eating and licking his cock. She told me this Friday night “date night” was going to be a stay at home date and Derek was coming over to “date” me! I was shocked and nervous/excited at the same time. She explained, “Honey, you are so ready to be a sissy slut with a real man…so this Friday…I want to watch and photograph you with Derek. Derek has agreed to a sex date with you this Friday…isn’t that exciting?”

My cock jumped in my panties as we laid in bed. “Really? That sounds so…gay” I hesitated. Denise just giggled and added, “Ohhhh, honey…you’re not gay…maybe bisexual…but you’re a great husband. I love you and we are both turned on by this…you know you want this…just imagine sucking his big cock for me. We will get you all dolled up and then I want to watch you be a little sissy slut for Derek. Trust me, honey…it is going to be so sexy!”

I couldn’t deny it with her – my cock was now rock hard in my panties and Denise noticed. She giggled. “See, whether you want to admit it or not…you are so ready to be my cock slut…or should I say, Derek’s cock slut…I can’t wait for Friday…the whole focus of the night will be you serving Derek. We have already agreed, I will not be involved sexually…you will serve and satisfy Derek completely. Whatever he wants…you will be his slut! He also agreed not to cum until Friday night.” I couldn’t help myself. I moaned out loud. My cock was now leaking pre-cum. I couldn’t deny it. I wanted to be another man’s cum slut… I wanted to be Derek’s cum slut. “Oh, Yes…Please…Mistress.” I moaned out.

“Trust me, Michael…Friday night is going to be soooo special and memorable. You’re going to love it…you are soooo ready!” Denise orchestrated.

The next two days were filled with discussions and fantasizing about what Friday night would hold. Denise had worked everything out with Derek. She was setting it all up and I found that extremely erotic. My wife was planning and directing my first sexual date night with her black boyfriend, Derek.

On Friday morning, my wife told me I had an appointment at her girlfriend’s salon. When we got there, Denise turned me over to her girlfriend, Stacey. Stacey and Denise shared everything and Denise had told me that Stacey knew of my crossdressing and was quite turned on by it. That’s why she brought me to her salon. Today, Stacey was going to wax everything…and she was going to do my toenails, fingernails followed by a complete facial and make over. Denise was going to help, and supervise. Denise had explained to Stacey that tonight was going to be a special night. Which made me blush…even though I was sure Denise hadn’t revealed the real reason it was so special. Stacey was excited to help me look as sexy and feminine as possible. (I later learned from Denise that Stacey and her husband, Tim were both aroused by crossdressers and had even suggested all four of us get together – but that’s another story).

Stacey took her time and spent hours, but the result was I was completely smooth, hairless and beautiful. Looking at just my face in the mirror – I could hardly believe how sexy and feminine my reflection showed. My wife had picked out the sluttiest eye shadow and the sexiest pink lipstick. I was able to buy the lipstick for later.

We went home and my wife laid out on the bed the new outfit she had purchased just for tonight’s date. She helped me dress. I put on the new pink, thong panties, pulled up the new pink fishnet stockings, and shimmied up the new black, latex mini skirt. Then Denise helped me with the new pink bra and then over that was a white, sheer halter top. She helped fit me with a blonde pixie wig. I canlı bahis şirketleri looked like a little tart. My cock was hard. Denise giggled. She kissed me and spritzed me with her perfume and reapplied my pink lip gloss. “You are going to be such a hot little slut tonight, sissy! I can’t wait to see you with our boyfriend!” (I noticed she said “our boyfriend”).

That just made my cock throb in my tiny panties. “Now remember, I’m just here to watch and take pictures…you do whatever your date wants…I can’t wait!”

Just then the door bell rang. My stomach filled with butterflies and my mouth went dry. “O.K., baby, your date is here…go get the door.” Denise ordered. I walked out of our bedroom and through the family room. I noticed Denise had a camera on a tri pod and a flash umbrella set up. The family room looked like a portrait studio.

I opened the door and looked up to see Derek at the door. He seemed so masculine with me dressed so feminine. He smiled and walked in. He handed me a bouquet of flowers. It was awkward…when Denise said..”Come on in Derek…welcome. Oh…those flowers are beautiful. I will put these in a vase…honey…why don’t you get Derek a drink…oh, and Derek…make yourself at home.”

I followed Denise into the kitchen. She smacked my ass and said, “Remember, this is a date…you need to be accommodating…don’t be rude…remember Derek likes Crown Royale. So go take your date his drink.”

I gave Derek his drink and stood there…awkwardly. Denise came out of the kitchen with the flowers in a vase and set them on the sofa table. Then she went to the stereo and put on some seductive dance music. As the music pumped, my wife got behind her camera and said, “Sissy, why don’t you dance for Derek…maybe give him a lap dance!” I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew Denise was working to help me. So I began to dance and grind as a sexy slut. I heard Denise giggle and Derek grinned. I danced as sexy as I knew how. Denise began taking pictures. Flashes going off…and Derek sipped his whiskey.

I danced through a couple of songs before Denise told me to sit down next to Derek. I was breathing hard when Denise asked Derek, “So how do you like Sissy’s look…is she sexy tonight?”

“Yea…she looks like a real slut…she turns me on.” Derek grinned and put his arm around me and pulled me against him. He dropped his hand down and began playing with my nipple. I tried to stifle a moan.

He took my hand and placed it in his lap. Denise continued to snap picture after picture. As Derek played with my nipples, my cock was hard in my panties and it was evident with such a little black mini skirt. Then Derek guided my hand to his big cock. Through his jeans, it looked like a large snake was lying under his jeans in his lap. I touched it and it responded. I began stroking his cock through his jeans and he leaned back into the couch and dropped his hand to my side guiding my body in front and across him. He was seducing me…but I was so turned on…he didn’t need to work at it. I was turned on and I sooooo wanted his cock in my mouth. I got up on all fours, leaning across his lap. I then felt his hand resting on my upturned ass. It sent a thrill through me. I heard my wife moan softly and looked over to see her playing with her hard nipples through her shirt.

I unbuckled Derek’s jeans, and gently pulled his zipper down. I found myself licking my lips. His big cock became more visible, but still covered in white boxer shorts. I gripped his cock through his boxers and stroked. He let out a deep sigh. He then tugged his jeans down to his ankles. He sat on our couch with just his white boxers covering his stiffening black cock. I worked to pull his cock through the slot in the front of his boxers. Then his big black 10 inch cock was exposed…sticking straight up from his lap.

I took my hand and slid it up and down on his erect cock. It was warm, sooo soft and throbbed softly as I touched it. His hand left my ass and slid up my back and came to rest on the back of my head. The moment was here. I heard Denise moan again, but I didn’t lose focus…I leaned down and planted a loud wet kiss on his cock head…leaving a perfect, pink lipstick “kiss” on his black cockhead. Two more flashes as I kissed his cock. I licked around his cockhead and then kissed it again. More pressure on the back of my head. Then his hips came up off the canlı kaçak bahis couch and he pushed my head down and before I knew what happened, I had about 4 inches of his cock in my mouth. Then I heard more moaning…Derek moaned, my wife moaned and I realized…I moaned around his cock in my mouth.

Denise moaned loudly, “Come on, sissy, suck his cock for me…do it, slut…suck his big black cock!” she directed. Denise didn’t like me taking my time…she wanted me to be a real slut for him…I didn’t want to disappoint her. I started to plunge up and down on his hard cock…working my tongue and sucking hard. Derek guided my head up and down with his hand on the back of my head.

Then, he stopped and pulled me up off his cock. He pulled off his boxers, so he was naked from the waist down. His magnificent black cock stood up hard and proud. I got off the couch and kneeled down in front of him between his legs and went to work. Denise had spent many nights teaching me the finer points of sucking cock on her strap on and I wanted to make sure I pleased Derek tonight with my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock…my tongue never stopped moving and I greedily gobbled his big cock. As a special treat for him, as Denise had taught me, I dropped down and began munching on his big, cum filled balls. I kissed each one before licking his balls and then I returned to his big cock. After a few more minutes, I returned to his balls and this time I began sucking his balls. Just as Denise had taught me…Derek threw his head back and groaned in lust. I was so in lust…all I could think about was his cock…I didn’t notice anymore flashes… or moaning from Denise (although based upon the pictures I saw later… Denise never stopped take pictures) I was totally fixated on his cock and balls and pleasing him. It felt so right and normal to be on my knees, dolled up and sucking his big black cock…I belonged here. Derek was getting into it…occasionally thrusting his hips up and moaning and groaning as I sucked and worked. I sucked his cock for over 15 minutes when he said to Denise…”I’m close…where do you want me to cum?”

Denise knows me so well…I wanted his cum…I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste him…she giggled – knowing all this – and said, “Cum in his mouth…feed my little cocksucker your cum for me!” I almost came in my panties hearing her say that.

Then she added. “Slut…you’d better not miss a drop…show me how good of a cocksucker you are…but don’t swallow… I want to see his cum in your mouth…so once you’ve drained him…hold it in your mouth and open wide for us!”

Derek grabbed my head again and holding his cock about 4 inches into my mouth…he shuddered, his cock swelled in my mouth and then I felt and tasted almost simultaneously his cum as it spurted and spurted into my mouth. I made sure not to swallow, but also not to miss any. He filled my mouth to almost overflowing. It was hard not to gag, he spurted so hard. Then it was over. His cock softened just slightly and he slid out of my mouth. I felt like I had a cup of sperm in my mouth, but I was careful for her. As I remained kneeling in front of Derek, I tilted my head back and open wide, showing a thick, milky white fluid filling my open mouth. Denise was grinning proudly…and holding her camera, she started walking in a semi-circle around me, snapping pictures. I’ll bet she took at least two dozen pictures of my cum filled mouth.

“O.K, baby, swallow it…you’ve earned it…swallow it all down, my sexy little cocksucker!” Denise announced. I swallowed Derek’s cum and it was so good. Thick, creamy, slimy, and salty… Yummy!

After swallowing, I licked my lips as Denise snapped more pictures. Then she told me to clean up Derek’s cock. I went back to his softening cock and began licking all around his cockhead. He had oozed out a long stream of cum that coated his cockhead and leaked down the shaft of his long, dark cock. I quickly licked all of his cum from his cock. As I worked on his cock, he began getting stiff again. I thought to myself as I licked, kissed and sucked his cock…”this guy is a real stud…no wonder Denise loves his cock…he just came in my mouth and now he’s getting hard again from me cleaning him up.”

I loved sucking his cock, so I kept sucking him. Very soon, he was rock hard again. I loved it. As I worked him, Denise, came bahis siteleri canlı over to us. I was still on my hands and knees in front of Derek sucking him. Denise kneeled down behind me. I felt her hands rest on my ass. “Yes, honey, that is so sexy… you are such a hot little cock slut… suck that big cock for me!” she teased me.

I quickly figured out what Denise had in mind. She flipped up my mini skirt and pulled my thong panties aside. As I sucked Derek’s hard cock, I felt my wife’s soft lips plant a kiss right on my asshole. Before I could even react to how wonderful that felt, she dipped her wet, soft tongue right into my ass. I thought I would cum right there. My cock was leaking pre-cum and feeling Denise begin eating my ass almost sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly around Derek’s cock. Denise giggled and began tongue fucking my ass. I couldn’t help but wiggle my ass. I was moaning and shaking my ass as my wife flicked her tongue in my asshole. She was driving me wild. Denise stopped and said to Derek over my back… “Are you seeing how this slut is wiggling her hips around…she really wants to get fucked!”

When she said that, she and Derek both got up and switched places. My wife was sitting on the couch right in front of me with her legs spread wide and I felt Derek putting lube on my ass. Then with my thong panties still pulled aside. I felt his giant cock begin sliding up and down the crack of my ass. As he did that, I felt Denise’s hand on the back of my head, pulling me down to her very wet pussy. As soon as my lips touched her pussy, we both moaned. Her pussy was so wet. She was literally dripping pussy juice. I loved it as I began licking her. She was moaning immediately. Her hand never left my head as she held me down. Then I felt Derek’s huge cockhead push against my little rosebud. I groaned in pain and lust. “Fuck him, baby!” Denise moaned out as I felt his massive cock enter my ass. His cock felt so big…but he was gentle…and went very slow. When he bottomed out in my ass, I felt my wife cum against my mouth. She was holding my head and thrusting her hips against my mouth.

Then Derek began fucking my ass. After the initial pain, the more he fucked me, the better it felt. Soon, he had his hands on my hips and fucked me hard. My wife continued to orgasm on my face. After what seemed like just a minutes, Derek pulled out, and began stripping off his condom. I turned around and Denise pulled the back of my head against her wet pussy. I was sitting on the floor and as Derek approached me with his ready to erupt cock, I began stroking my throbbing cock as Derek pushed his cock into my mouth. I began sucking hard on Derek’s cock as I stroked myself. Just as I was ready to cum with Derek cock in my mouth…he pulled his cock from my mouth…and began stroking it…within seconds, Derek began launching long, thick ropes of cum. His cum began landing across my open mouth and all over my face. As I felt the first ropes of his warm cum hit my face…I erupted and began cumming all over my hand and panties. The video (yes, Denise had the digital video recorder, running the whole time) later showed how loud all three of us were moaning and groaning. Derek gave me a huge facial and I came all over myself. Denise had me clean up all of his cum, my own cum and then clean his cock. It took a while, but eventually, I had licked up all of Derek’s cum from my face and lips, Denise began feeding me all of his cum and my own cum from my chest, tummy and panties. She kept feeding me my cum mixed with Derek’s. Then I eagerly licked and sucked Derek’s cock clean.

As Derek, dressed and then headed for the front door, Denise and I escorted him to the door. She kissed him at the door as he patted my pantied ass. I felt so feminine. He grinned and said, “My two cum sluts!”

When he left, Denise kissed me passionately and told me she was both proud of how I did and excited for more fun like that in the future. We made slow, passionate love that night. She explained that from now on, I was to service Derek whenever and however he wanted. That turned us both on.

A week later, Denise explained that she would be setting up date nights for us with Derek or some of his buddies. Within weeks, both my wife and I would get dolled up as sluts for Derek for our date nights. Derek would bring over a couple of friends and both Denise and I would spend the evening sucking cock or getting fucked until all cocks were completely drained. We learned that as a couple, nothing turned us on or excited us more than serving cock in front of each other. We loved being cock and cum sluts and other men’s cum became a sticky bond in our marriage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32