How I Enjoy Being Analyzed!

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Big Dicks

Hi, So how do I enjoy getting it into the rear. Let me first explain things, where I do not agree with Marca.

I need to be clean, that is true. But I do not stop eating and I do not do more than avoid sex before having a proper bowel movement.

I stopped starting to present my butt for being fucked from behind right from the beginning. It always hurts like hell and it takes to long to relax and start having fun. Sorry guys, you will get a cracked smile, but not by entering doggy style. you would not see it anyways.

I usually start with a gentle ride. When I get a shagged by a guy who knows his business, I prefer spreading my legs and let him enter my butt in the missionary position. I like his arms arresting my legs wide spread. The feeling of being dominated is just mind-blowing.

The point is, that riding a cock or being taken face to face with my legs spread widely the bend of the cock seems to fit better into my ass. And it does not hurt.

Even big cocks are no problem at all. Just get spread with a dildo before. It still takes guts to take a big hard cock. But I even had a 10 inched monster and it fit. No, my rosebud is not a highway, I get fucked once or twice a year. I admit that I did not really believe to be able illegal bahis to bear this load, but we had a long foreplay and he took his time. It took him 10 minutes to ease his helmet into my rosebud, but this were 10 minutes I will never forget. It was like Hannibal Lector eating your brain, while you are on heavy drugs. The guy really knew how to handle his club.

The best cock is not bend to much but has a big difference between the helmet rim and the shaft. Not important how long or thick. Those I call magic wands. And I love being cursed into an ass fucked princess.

I admit that there are many more options with smaller cocks. They almost rape me and it still feels nice, whereas a big cock bears the real danger of transforming into either a skewer or a club that rips me in pieces.

A smaller cocked guy once fucked me so hard, high frequently and passionate that I got an anal orgasm, the contractions of my muscles squeezing his dick like a fruit. He instantly came with me and we were both screaming loudly. That was on a holiday and people on the street were applauding . Next morning I got a lot of looks in the breakfast room and an offer of 2,000 Dollars for a fuck. My boyfriend did not let me take the offer, but made up for illegal bahis siteleri it by shagging me like that a fortnight long.

But with a big guy I can enjoy being completely out of control and dominated because he could as well stab me. I tell them not to and so far they had mercy. So, size does not matter, there is something to every size.

Let me tell you the perfect setting for me. I love wearing stockings. I do not describe the long blow job that goes first. I spread my legs, my lover kneels between my legs, rests on his arms, my legs are wrapped around them. That way my butt cheeks are spread widely and he tries to get a look. But the position is good for fucking not for looking. Therefore he brings his hard cock in position to change from looking to feeling the area. That’s my first sensation. Like a little ball, the helmet feels on my gaping but still so tight love hole.

Sometimes I adjust the position to fit the rock hard cock perfectly, sometimes they find it themselves. I pretend to be a little worried and in many cases I am. He enjoys the might and pushes forward. His helmet spreads my rosebud and I moan. His helmet passes my ring and although it does not hurt, I tell him to give me a rest. It is heaven to canlı bahis siteleri be in the arms of a man who eases this hard blue steel in my back. He will fuck me, my ass will be satisfied, but will I be hurt?

I feel him pulsating, the devil. When he gets the feeling, I had enough rest, the journey goes on and the shaft slowly fills my butt. Guys don’t wait to be asked for more. My constant moaning and begging to be careful but “it is so good” though, makes the guy more and more nuts.

So he withdraws to try a first harder push. That sends me into heaven but I tell him, it was hell and in a certain way it is. It does not hurt but there is something hard torturing my butt. Its very seldom that it feels like belonging into the backdoor. The feeling of a hard steely shaft sliding into my ass gives me enormous pleasure, some pain and a very submissive feeling.

In most cases the preceding blowjob and the mind-blowing encounter at my backdoor makes them come very soon.

That gives me the rest I need, to bear them coming from the rear. I help him to stand up again and present my butt in doggy style.

The cock eases into the prepared love hole without any problems, the different bend being sensational. Constant moaning and the fact, that I cannot watch my lover, usually motivates them to fuck me much harder. And I can bear that now.

And then its a rollercoaster ride….

If you would like to read more about me being fucked doggy style give me feedback to go on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32