Hot Scent

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The steamy shower made my skin tingle with a feeling of renewal and vigor. As I stepped from the master bathroom into the single candlelit bedroom, I could see as I opened the bathroom door, the steam from the shower as it rolled into the vast cooler bedroom. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the much darker room, as I ambled my way towards the dresser, toweling off the droplets from the shower. After completely drying off, I opened the drawer of the dresser for my lounging clothes.

The date my lover and I had just had was great! We dined on fantastic food, we drank vintage wine, and we had both danced our feet off to our favorite songs of classic rock and country tunes. And to top it off, we had taken a nice stroll through the park, stopping to listen to the night sounds as well as peering up into the vast black velvet skies, watching the brilliant dots of the stars as they winked at us. This night we shared as only true lovers can, sharing their souls, hearts and minds. But now we would share each other, by touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell.

She had already taken her refreshing shower while I attended to our refreshments and setting the ambiance of our lair. I lit one large cinnamon scented candle on the dresser at the far side of the big bedroom, which gave the room a very dim but warm glow. The stereo was loaded with several CDs of our different favorite songs that we loved to make love to and the bed was turned down, exposing the freshly laundered linen sheets.

As I prepared to dress in my loose fitting pajama pants, I was startled by her voice.

“Throw me your under shirt,” she said in a soft seductive voice.

I began to squint through the dim light, trying to see where she was. I had thought that she was in the living room, relaxing on the couch, or reading the paperback book she had bought a couple of days ago, while I showered.

I finally was able to make out her shadow, trying desperately to retrace which direction her words had come from. She was sitting in the arm chair that was beside the bed. All I could make out was her crossed legs that were adorned with white nylons, and her bared breasts, nipples standing erect. The headboard of the bed was casting a shadow over the rest of her body where she sat as the flame of the candle flickered with the intermittent movement of air in the room.

The towel I had used was now lying on the end of the bed where I had tossed it before reaching for my PJs . I was standing there nude, facing her, as I reached for the undershirt, balled it up then tossed it, aiming between the only parts of her that I could see, her breasts and her legs. The white cotton undershirt disappeared into the darkness with her when I tossed it to her.

She leaned forward in the chair after capturing the shirt. I saw her lift the shirt that I had worn that evening up to her face. Then I heard as she breathed in deeply and moaned with delight.

“What are you doing?” I asked softly.

“Smelling You,” she cooed.

As she was sitting forward in the chair, I noticed that she was not totally bare. She was wearing the button up shirt that I had worn earlier that evening. The shirt draped her shoulders, as the size difference was much greater than her frame and the shirt was opened in the front. I watched as she lowered the undershirt, only to replace it with the dress shirt. She lifted the side of the shirt up to her nose and drew in another deep breath again. It was as if she was comparing the different scents between the two garments. I felt tension begin to grow in my loins as I watched and heard her breath my scent, then coo softly after each breath.

She too noticed my tension, as I began to walk towards where she was sitting. bursa escort My cock was beginning to fill with excitement, as it swayed from side to side with my alternating steps as I walked. When I reached the chair where she was sitting, I extended my hand to her to help her stand. She instead, leaned forward, her head level with my lower belly, and placed her nose against my clean flesh and took another deep breath, before standing.

As she stood slowly, her nose stayed within an inch or so from my body, as she sniffed as she stood completely. Standing face to face now, the shirt fell to her sides, the sleeves drooping down to her elbows, and the front closed almost completely, teasingly leaving enough opened for her cleavage to be prominent still.

She shoved me backwards with her hands, making me fall onto the bed with a firm thump. I was smiling at her antics and the anticipation of what was next. I was usually the one who controlled the pace of our sex games, or so I liked to think. But tonight, she had a certain gleam in her eyes. Tonight, She was the one who heralded our sexual destiny. And I was enjoying her dominating role.

She straddled me after I landed. When she leaned forward, placing her hands on my shoulders, the opened shirt gave me a beckoned view of her luscious breasts as they hung away from her body when she leaned. The shirt acted as a tent, allowing only my eyes to envision her sexy breasts. She leaned down onto my chest. I felt her boobs as the erect nipples touched my chest first, then I felt the warmth as they began to protrude into my bare chest. Her face was nuzzled at the crook of my neck now. She lifted her head slightly to the bottom of my ear lobe, and yet again, I heard as she took another long slow inhale.

She was devouring my body with her nose. This night was the first time I had ever known her to be so into my scent. Or, perhaps tonight she was being more deliberate about it. Made me stop and think to myself, how many times before she had done this. Was she so subtle at doing this before? Or was I so unaware? I would chastise myself at another time.

My tingling sensations in my loins was had now graduated into a more fervent passion. I was now at full attention, hard as a rock. Or so I thought. She sat up after sniffing me down to my chest, before she sat upright. She removed the shirt in a rapid, almost irritated fashion, and tossed it to the floor. In my mind, it seemed that she no longer needed the shirt for her scent gland, because now she had the direct source.

My flames of passion and lust flared as she glided her hands lightly over my neck and chest where she had already smelled as if she was wanting to feel the scent as well as smell them. She began to lower her head from my chest, when she paused for a split second, only to move back up again. She placed her mouth on my nipple and flicked it with her tongue. I squirmed a little, mostly because it tickled. She then lightly bit the nipple between her teeth before moving to the other nipple. I know that my nipples are usually erect, but after her teasing, I really knew what erect meant. They were not just standing erect from the outside, but the erectness seemed to penetrate into the depths of my soul as well as my groin.

Continuing further down now, she slowly moved closer to where my desire and lust showed the greatest. She trailed her nose through the closely trimmed pubic hair below my navel, sniffing slowly and deliberately as she cut a path with her nose.

Just when I thought she was going to pay homage to my gift of love, she enticed me further still by slipping her head to the side of my straining cock, to the inside of my trembling thigh. I felt her nose as it grazed bursa escort bayan against the hairless scrotum that held my heavy aching plums. She stopped there and sniffed for a few long deep breaths once again. She even cooed as she told me of how warm and heavy they felt to her.

Within nanoseconds of having her words reverberate into my psyche, I felt her nose as it touched me on my most tender part of my body. That small area just between my balls and my anus. She remained there for about a minute, which seemed like ten to me. My God! she was driving me wild!

As I had said earlier, I Thought that I had reached my fullest and hardest erection. Wrong! Now I was experiencing a thickness in my cock that I had never before known. I looked down as she pleasured her nose with my scent, and saw that a large droplet of my extreme excitement was beginning to drool down the dark red flared head to make room for more. It was as if my cock was sweating with anticipation for release.

Just as I was becoming accustomed to her sniffing pleasure, I felt her hot wet tongue as it jabbed firmly into the nether region below my balls where she had leisurely been sniffing. She licked an agonizingly slow wet trail straight up from below my aching nads, over my scrotum, right up the seam, and upward from the base of my steel hard shaft to the tip. I really thought that I would expel my intense excitement when I saw her pink tongue swirl the sticky head and steal away the oozing pre-cum that had perched on the tip seconds before.

With a mixed sense of relief and frustration, she lifted her head up away from my body for the first time in about fifteen minutes. I was relieved because I didn’t want to climax without her, but I had also just endured a teasing like I had never had before, and would have liked nothing more than to release my excitement. But, I also liked foreplay, almost as much as making love.

When she lifted her head away from my danger zone, she once again straddled me. This time, she straddled me by placing her naked pussy up to my face as closely as possible without touching me. I began to enjoy her deliberate pleasures, by mirroring her antics. I put my nose at the top of the cleft of her full puffy lips and drank in her scent with a long, slow, deep breath. Her fragrance flared my passion with a white phosphorous intensity.

I tried to grab her hips with my hands, only for her to shimmy her hips, silently telling me no. I could resist no longer. I slid my tongue out and tasted the small trickles of nectar than had trailed down her inner thighs. The slightly salty nectar, blended with her heady scent of perfume made the taste seem like honey. The more I licked her thighs, it seemed, the more her juices drooled from her sex.

From my reclined vantage point, I was able to place my tongue between the orbs of her butt cheeks and directly touch her puckered rosebud. From there I dragged my tongue upward, lifting my head to apply more pressure until I had reached the opening of her pussy, My tongue delved into her sex as far as I could make it reach. I was now at the origin of her free flowing lust now, as my tongue wriggled from side to side in its new found confinement. It was as if my tongues pressure as it wagged, was squeezing a ladened sponge, because her juices trickled onto my tongue coating it. I drank hungrily.

The smooth white nylons that covered her legs rubbed against my ears as I continued to lap in my own heavenly space that I had found.

She pulled herself away from me. I guess my disappointment showed rather obviously on my expression.

“Patience, My Love,” was all that she said as she began to slide down my chest.

With her legs spread wide on either escort bursa side of me as she slid down, her pussy not only left a trail of wetness straight down my chest and stomach, but the heat from her inner lips seemed to scorch a pleasing trail of heat down my middle as well. As her hips grew closer and closer to my aching cock, she lowered her head down, beginning at my lips, first tasting her own nectar, only to be followed by a quick sniff of the mixture of her own breath and her scent combined. Soon her wet, hot pussy was perched directly on the tip of my still drooling cock head. She slid down just enough for me to feel the heat of the opening of her pussy as it rested on the very tip. Her heat was astounding! Slowly she slid down on to my thick, hard shaft. Not because there wasn’t enough lubricant for an easy entrance, but because this night, She controlled our sexual destiny.

She inched her hot pussy slowly down my throbbing shaft until we could both feel the tip as it nuzzled deep inside of her, as her velvet pink walls consumed every inch of me. I could feel her stretched pussy opening as it rested against my boiling balls that were high and tight against the base of my shaft.

She began a long, slow ride up, then down on my cock, taking it completely to the base each time. Her slow, deliberate fucking had us both grunting each time she would bottom out at the base of my cock. I wanted desperately to roll her over and take her fast and hard, but she maintained her confident control of our special night.

Her pace quickened after many slow rides from the top to the bottom, until she was riding my slick pulsing cock with a fast and hard pumping motion. My cock began to expand with the onset of my imminent climax. When she felt my cock expand, it sent her whirling over her edge, and her pussy began to convulse around my steaming shaft as she rode fast and furiously up and down. Her cries of passion and the feel of her hard cumming, sent my mind into overdrive with lust and passion as well.

My hips began to lift with each of her diminishing pumps. She was still gasping for air when she slid up and away from my engorged cock. My look of despair was intense, as if to say, Wait! She panted and smiled as she slid down between my tense legs. I felt her hand as it grasped my throbbing cock shaft. She pointed the tip at her mouth and smiled. My balls ached! My cock throbbed! I needed and knew that I would get release within seconds, from the smile on her face.

With a fluid motion, keeping in time with my bucking hips, she lowered her hot mouth onto the tip of my cock as she pumped the shaft in her hand with expert skill. I felt the first spasm as the sticky , white hot cum raced up the inside of my cock. She felt it too. She had her thumb right on the soft tissue on the underside of my cock and could feel the spasm as it began. She gave my cock shaft one more firm pump before lifting her head from the spurting cock. I looked as I saw the first jet of my sticky seed spurt about six inches into the air and land onto her face. It streaked from the corner of her mouth, just to the cheekbone of her pretty face.

She didn’t even flinch. Her eyes were mesmerized on my cock as she continued to pump hard and fast. Another blast jettisoned from the tip, this time whizzing past her ear and landing somewhere on the bed. She then lowered her mouth to the tip and began lapping it. With the remaining few spurts of cum being gathered by her wagging tongue, I watched. I felt my insides melt with each spasm until I was completely spent. She held my cock even after the last drop of cum had escaped. I looked back down to see what she was doing, after my mind had returned from it journey into lust land. She smiled at me again, just before placing her nose on the head of my dwindling hard on. She had to have just one last sniff, then she planted a soft loving kiss on the side of my cock, before scrambling up into my arms for a nice long cuddle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32