Hot Night, Hot Tempers

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“Go to sleep Paul. You’re drunk.” Sherry mumbled as she rolled over.

“Drunk? On three beers? That will be the day.” Paul spat back.

Sherry rolled over and looked at him. “It was the entire six-pack. Six high-alcohol IPAs. I’m sleeping in the car if you don’t relax and calm down.”

Paul scowled at his girlfriend, “Easy for you to say. How relaxed should I feel when you encourage my friends?” He looked at her lying there. Her thin tee covering her large breasts. Nipples protruding like they always do when she gets excited, angry, aroused. He was guessing angry at this point. His eyes traveled down to her exposed navel and tiny thong. With the full moon shining through, he could make out her pronounced slit and trimmed bush through the white fabric. “You walk around all day, wearing little more than this, teasing Bill and Alan.”

“Fuck you.” Sherry said, “You’re the one who told me no bras on this trip. And what do you call telling Alan he should get my back completely covered with sunscreen? You make no sense. You tell me to wear as little as possible, to tease them, then you get really excited and don’t even wait for me to be ready before you fuck me…yes, fuck me. This was not making love,” she spat. She rolled over on her stomach and faced away from him.

“Maybe, but you don’t look like you’re doing it for me when you rub your tits on their arms…when you give them hugs.” He looked angrily at the young girl, “What did you do when he grabbed your ass? Giggled…that was it.” He reached over and spanked her, instantly regretting hitting her so hard. But, dammit, she was a tease.

The girl yelped when her boyfriend slapped her ass. Sherry rolled off the bed and grabbed the sheet. “Give me the keys, I’m sleeping in the car.”

“Fuck you. Get them yourself. Use the back seat, it’s your happy place.” Paul rolled over and pulled a pillow over his head.

Sherry headed out the cabin door, stopping herself from slamming it, realizing they were in a campground and everyone can hear everything. She looked down seeing her skimpy attire and thought about going back in for shorts, but shrugged and opened the car and crawled in. As she sat there, she wanted to cry. Small seat, ‘fucking Sentra,’ no pillow, just a sheet, and a really hot interior. She rolled down the windows and tried to lie back and get comfortable. ‘Oh shit!’ she thought, hearing the nightmarish sound of mosquitos. She would have to keep the windows rolled up, but with record highs, it would be like a sauna…even at…she looked at the dash clock, 11:15 at night. As she sat up to close the windows she jumped, “Bill, what the fuck? You scared me.”

“Sherry, what are you doing in the car?” He shook his head, “I get it, Paul had a few. Sorry.” He looked around, “Aren’t you being eaten alive?” He swatted his shoulder. He opened the door, “Come on. Grab your sheet. We have room in our tent.” He opened the door wearing nothing but his boxers.

Sherry crawled out of the tiny back seat. “What are you doing up?”

“Paul wasn’t the only one drinking beer. I had to hit the bathroom.” He looked and the nearly naked girl. “Nice look.”

Sherry quickly wrapped the sheet around her. “I guess I left in a hurry. That man pisses me off sometimes.” She hesitated telling Bill that Paul smacked her then shrugged it off. She looked at his muscles in the moonlight, perfect pecs, sculpted abs, and shuddered. ‘The man is perfect.’ She thought. ‘No wonder Paul doesn’t trust me around him.’ Her thoughts were jolted back.

“I don’t need to get into the tent. It’s so warm. Want to walk around the lake?” Bill asked. “Seems as long as we keep moving the mosquitos won’t bother us.”

Sherry looked down at herself and laughed, “Sure. Why not. You’re wearing just boxers and I’m wearing a thong.” She felt the shirt stick to her skin, “You guys are so lucky.” She said pulling the damp fabric away from her body.

“I don’t know,” Bill replied, pulling on his boxers, “Want to add up the weight of our clothes?” He looked at her bare ass. “Wait, did you leave the keys in the car?”

Sherry stopped, “Oh shit. Another reason for Paul to get pissed at me.” She started back.

Bill gently grabbed her shoulder. “No one’s going to steal Paul’s car it’s a Sentra. No one steals Sentras. We’ll grab the keys when we get back. Come on, everyone’s asleep except us.” He put an arm around her shoulder and led her along the path.

They walked the lake listening to the frogs, splashing of fish, crickets, and savoring whenever there was a gentle breeze. They compared notes on old boy/girlfriends, who they knew was doing whom. Sitting on a rock across from their campground, Sherry asked, “Why is it you never asked me out?”

“I’ve thought about it. You were either going with someone, or I was.” He looked over at the girl, “Trust me, you’re high on my list, but since Paul’s my friend…even if he weren’t, I don’t like stealing girlfriends.”

“I like that about you. After I broke up with Ted, you were bursa escort going with Anne. Hey, whatever happened there? I was sure you guys would be married or engaged by now.”

“Remember when we went up to Carmel? She disappeared when we were staying at the club. I chanced upon her and some guy in the back of the pool area. Actually, I heard her crying out in pain. I thought she was in trouble…and perhaps she was, but not as I originally thought. The gist of her cries was, ‘Your cock is so big, so fat, so fucking fat,'” Bill laughed. “I can still hear her saying it over and over. I can’t say it was the high point of my life. I mean, normally every guy loves hearing his girlfriend cry that out, but it’s better if he’s actually there when it happens.” He looked over at Sherry. “Ever happen to you?”

“Hear a guy cry out, ‘You’re so big, so fat?’ With another girl? That wouldn’t be so bad.” She smiled, “No. As far as I know, every guy has been faithful.” She put her hand around his shoulders and hugged him. “Sorry, I never knew about that.”

“I guess I never told anyone,” he looked at the girl, “Do me a favor, keep that to yourself. I actually still love her, and she was apparently extremely sorry. Her excuse was he’d bragged how big he was…she told him to prove it…but there are some things to can’t unremember.” He held Sherry next to him, feeling happy. “I do remember the drive back was really quiet.”

Sherry felt like she could fall into his arms…kiss him, but then looked at the boy she’d known for years, “We should head back, get the keys and if you don’t mind, let me sleep in the tent. This is nice, but I am really tired. I hope we don’t wake Alan.”

They stood and headed back around the lake, “You know. Remember when we all went skinny-dipping? That was fun.” Bill looked out at the lake.

“Sure, you want to go skinny-dipping?” Sherry asked.

“I do but without a towel, just your sheet,” he felt the folded up sheet Sherry had been carrying, “we’d be pretty wet when we crawled into the tent.” Holding up a palm, “And, it’s so humid we’d never dry off anyhow. I was just thinking about how great the water would feel.”

She punched Bill in the arm, “You just want to see me naked again.”

“Nah. Been there, done that. Not a big deal,” he chuckled.

“You prick,” she slapped him, “Come to think of it, you never check out my chest…I mean, most guys are pretty obvious about it. Paul always seems to talk to these,” she pointed to her breasts, “when he’s telling me something. He was the one who tossed my bras back in the drawer when we were packing. You realize, he didn’t know what color my eyes are when I asked him the other day?”

“Green. Bright green inside with a brilliant gold outside ring.” He stopped and put his hand under her chin and as she looked up at the moon, looked at them and sighed, “The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” He turned and started walking, “Of course, these are the first things people notice as they usually precede you by a few seconds when you enter a room.”

Sherry slapped him again, “They’re not that big.” She cupped the masses of flesh. She added, sadly, “When Jack and I were together, I did overhear Jeff and some guy talking and heard him say, ‘you know, the brown-haired girl with the giant hooters?’ And the guy said, ‘Oh yeah, the girl going with Jack. That’s all he talks about, fucking those tits.’ He added some kind of observation that if it weren’t for these…” She stopped and looked down at the ground, “I guess it’s not as bad as what Anne did to you, but shit! That hurt.”

Bill hugged the young girl, “Jack is a piece of shit. I never knew what you saw in him, except that his daddy’s rich.” He rubbed her back, “You can do better.”

Sherry looked up at Bill, “What do you mean, I can do better? Are you talking about Paul?”

“No. I like Paul. He’s a great guy, sometimes he just drinks too much.” He broke the embrace and looked at her.

“I guess I should tell you. I was in the car because Paul smacked me, or slapped my ass, hard. It hurt. A lot.” She said softly.

“Wait, what?” Where? Let me see.” Bill turned the girl around and looked at her ass. “Holy shit, I can see a bright red handprint. That asshole.” He gently stroked that smooth ass. “I would never have thought he’d ever hit anyone.” He hugged his friend, “Does it still sting?”

“Yes. But the fact that he hit me stings worse, I mean a smack on the ass, what girl doesn’t like that? But, this was in anger.” She shook her head, “I mean, he drinks, but he’s always been tender and funny. This really shocked me.”

“I’d better kiss it and make it better,” he laughed. “Really? Ok,” he said seeing the grin on her face as she turned around. He couldn’t believe he was kneeling down behind her, her ass sticking out as she slightly bent over. He had the strongest urge to use his tongue but settled for enjoying the feeling of his lips against the silk-like flesh. His fingers twitched to pull down the thong as he covered the entire bursa escort bayan left cheek. He pressed his lips against the velvety skin, moving around to cover the red mark, but when he strayed towards her crack, she stopped him.

“Ok, thanks. That feels much better.” She stood up, “You know, the last time anyone ‘kissed it to make it better’ was my mom, though I’m pretty sure she never went there,” she giggled. “Come on, I could use some sleep.”

When they got to the tent, they saw Alan heading back from the restrooms, “I guess we don’t have to worry about waking Alan up.” Sherry said. “Hey, Alan.”

“Hey, where were you guys? Paul came out and yanked open the tent looking for you. Scared the shit out of me. He looked really pissed.” He jerked his thumb towards the cabin, “You might not have a ride home. He took off, woke the entire campground.”

Sherry’s head spun over and saw the Sentra was gone, ripped up tire tracks in the dirt. “Oh shit!” She ran over and flung open the door to the cabin. Their bags were gone and the bed was overturned.

Alan and Bill watched the girl slump the cabin porch and headed over. “Come on Sherry, he’ll be back. He just needs to burn off some steam.” As they headed back to the tent, they heard a distant siren. Bill laughed, “Or not. I think we know where Paul will be spending the night.”

“I think I know where my clothes are also, we had just the one bag.” She started laughing, “My clothes are going to jail. I wonder if they’ll all have stripes when I get them back?” She let them lead her over to their tent, suspecting they were not simply being gentlemen allowing her to crawl in first.

Sherry settled on her back in between Alan and Bill. She lay there knowing it would be a while until she could get to sleep, plus it was stuffy in the tent. She looked at the two boys, lying there with bare chests and she had the sticky tee-shirt. “Fuck it. I’m going for comfort.” She pulled up on the hem of her top.

Alan and Bill watched as the girl sat up and yanked off the shirt, her breasts bouncing as they came free from the tight shirt. The tits they’d fantasized about were finally exposed to them. Mesmerized, they watched as she flopped back, her massive mounds spreading out over her chest, spilling over the sides.

Sherry mumbled. “Deal with it. I’m not going to lie here, suffering modestly.”

Bill sat up and looked over at Alan. He rolled back and yanked off his boxers. “Deal with this. You have just those tiny panties, so…”

Sherry whipped her head around, seeing Bill’s cock bounce free. Then she looked over at Alan’s has he pulled his off also.

“Shit, this is a lot better. I’ve wanted to do this all weekend, but no way I was doing this alone with Bill.” Alan turned towards Sherry, “Thanks for allowing us to do this.” He couldn’t take his eyes off the largest breasts capped he’d ever seen. They looked bigger than he’d imagined, but the size of her areolas was what made his mouth water. His fingers were itching to feel them, feel the creamy smooth flesh under his hands, urgently curious how much would fit in his hands. Feeling his cock straightening out and tickling his thigh, he closed his eyes and tried to think about other things, but the damage was done.

Bill wasn’t doing any better as he lay on his back studying the pattern of the seams above him.

Sherry was flicking her eyes between the two boys suddenly aware she’d put herself between two naked boys with growing erections. There was always something fascinating about a guy’s cock, first dangling down between his thighs, then slithering out and out to the side, pulsing, twitching, growing as it finally points up toward his chin. So many boys had these tiny little worms that grew to be angry snakes ready to strike. Her eyes flicked between one and then the other. What if they wanted to do something? What might they make her do? Why would that be so bad? Her pussy throbbed as she watched both cocks, now rigid pulsing on their stomachs.

The two boys closed their eyes trying to find distractions from the near-naked angel lying between them. Even though it was a hot night, neither had any desire to move away from the heat emanating from their friend’s girl.

Bill was thinking about the miles they’d have to cover biking back. 650 miles in six days…sleeping alone in a tent every night with no relief. He had the intense urge to turn on his side and quietly jerk off, but they’d know what he was doing.

Sherry sighed as she realized she was now the only one wearing anything so she reached down and pulled off her thong and lay back, her eyes closed. She sighed, “When in Rome…” Her twat was throbbing knowing the two boys were looking at her. Thinking about touching her. Opening her legs and touching her there…would they take turns fingering her, or would she have two fingers at once? She wished she were alone so she could put a hand between her legs. Then she considered this had better possibilities than being alone and let her legs escort bursa part a little, pressing again hot bare skin on either side. She wanted to open her eyes as she heard the sleeping bags rustle as the boys turned on their sides facing her.

Bill looked at his friend then back at the naked form. The moonlight from the side highlighted those perfect breasts and the tight slit. He saw that both he and Alan were rock hard and it occurred to him, he’d never seen another guy’s erection before, at least not in real life. They can’t do anything to the girl he thought and was about to roll over when her thigh pressed against his aching cock.

Sherry stretched her arms over her head and parted her legs more. With a jolt, she felt her left thigh hit a warm hard rod. She felt a cool wet trail as she moved her leg. Rather than pull away, she pressed her thigh against him and felt Bill push back, encouraging her.

Bill looked at the beautiful naked girl spreading herself and stretching her torso, badly wanted to touch those breasts, kiss those nipples and when he felt her leg push more aggressively against his aching cock, he gently reached up and slid his hand up her stomach to the start of the creamy mounds. Then hearing no objection, let his hand climb the silky flesh until he had the warm mass under his palm. Hearing her breathing deepen, he allowed himself the thrill of exciting her nipple. Feeling it grow and harden. His cock ached painfully as he felt his finger circle the areola and nipple. He listened to the sighs as he stroked and felt the thigh push harder against him. He leaned over and sucked the nipple between his lips, Sherry’s hand stroking his hair.

Sherry opened her eyes and saw Bill worshiping the left breast and looked over to Alan who was stroking his cock, watching. Her eyes flicked to her right breast and put her hand on the back of the other boy’s head guiding his mouth onto her other hard nipple. She opened her legs more and cooed softly as both nipples were getting the attention they craved, though there was another part of her needing attention even more. She now had both boy’s cocks humping against her thighs, leaving wet trails on her leg.

Bill and Alan thought they were going to be stopped when Sherry moved their heads off her chest but reached out grabbing her tits as she knelt between them and stroked their hard cocks.

Sherry had felt her share of penises, but never two at once. She sensed she was getting wetter and wetter as she explored how different they both felt. Alan’s shaft was a bit fatter, but with a smaller head. Bill’s head was mushroom-like, plump and spongy soft, then under that flare, rock hard with a smooth texture, not as veiny as Alan’s. As she gripped them, she felt the two boys hump against her hands, their fingers focussing on her erect nipples, but she wanted their finger somewhere else.

Bill felt her legs spread so he pushed her back and grinned as Alan began attacking her nipples with his mouth and he began kissing and nibbling his way up her inner thighs. He inhaled that tangy aroma and sighed before his lips pressed on either side of her wet labia. Her legs were now open so wide her feet were pushing against the walls of the tent on either side. Her pelvis was writhing as if trying to line his mouth up with her pussy, but he kept kissing and licking the moist lips on either side.

Sherry blurted out, “Stop teasing, lick me.” She took a hand and pulled the boy’s face directly against her pussy, reached over, pulling Alan’s ass so he came over to straddle her face.

Alan eagerly slid up and knelt over the girl’s chest, feeling the soft flesh on his inner thighs. He thought back to Jack bragging that no guy ever felt anything until they fucked those tits. He thought it was a crude thing to say about his girlfriend, but as she took his cock in her mouth he knew he had to experience that for himself. He looked down at those lips he’d admired for so long, that tongue lapping at the leaking tip, her breasts warmly supporting his ass, and hoped he could last more than 20 seconds once she took him in her mouth.

Bill was fascinated by how Sherry was obviously enjoying his mouth-work and also how focused she was on his friend’s cock. The sight of those beautiful lips wrapped around his friend’s cock, his ass flexing as he carefully pumped in and out of the girl’s mouth made him hump the sleeping bag. He wished he could have captured this on video but he made a note to memorize the entire scene.

Sherry no longer was guiding the boy while gripping her ass and reached up to play with his nipples. She’d had many boyfriends who loved this…not Paul, but Alan was responding. The boy’s hips began pushing at her face, putting more urgency behind each thrust. Knowing he was going to cum soon, she thought about delaying it hoping to have both boys come at once. She pulled her mouth off, “Let’s try something different. Alan, lie back so I can get more of you down my throat. Bill, I need that cock of yours inside me.”

The three of them shifted around despite the tight quarters and soon Alan was lying back watching those lips wrap around his cock, tightly sucking, tongue stroking…getting deeper and deeper down Sherry’s throat.

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