Honey Breaks Alan and Gets Broken In

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This story follows on from ‘The making of Honey.’ You don’t have to read it first, but it sets this one up nicely.


Soft breathless moans filled the room. Finally, Alan was loosening up, desperately groping as I hovered above him on all fours, my perky swollen breasts lightly pressing into his face through the thin cotton t-shirt. One hand grabbing at my ass, the other squeezing my left boob in the privacy of his bedroom. He was salivating, panting.

“Do you like that?” I giggled, lightly dragging my nipple across his face, from cheek to cheek. He brought his face up, and nibbled the erect little bud of my nipple. It was hard like a bullet and tingled between his lips. His touch was awkward and nervous, but the mood was hot.

Another groan from Alan. His hand on my ass was stuck in place with his excitement flooding his brain. He could only handle one task at a time it seemed and right now my breasts were blowing his mind. I’d been trying to move things along for weeks, but Alan kept resisting. He’s really sweet to me and I enjoy his company, but he’s so hesitant, maybe because his parents are religious and he lives at home is why he’s been reluctant to do anything more than kiss. We’re both new to this, a little shy and only 19, but last week he squeezed my breasts as we were making out which got me really excited. It’s going to be more fun now we’re starting to explore each other.

I leaned my head close to his ear, my long wavy curls of hair falling around his face. “Lift my top,” I whispered and licked his ear and nibbled on the lobe. “I want you to see my breasts.”

A heavy sigh. Gosh, he can hardly breathe, I thought.

He obeyed, gingerly sliding the hem of my tee along under my tummy. His fingers nervously touching my skin as he dragged it toward my breasts.

“Uh,” he squeaked. Clearing his throat, he tried again, “Are you sure?”

Heavens, always so nervous. Fuck yes, I was pleading in my head.

I nodded and whispered softly, “Yes.”

He continued sliding the fabric toward my arms. I wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see his face light up when he saw the pink flesh of my nipples and soft tan of my pendulous breasts. These must be the first breasts he’s seen in real life I thought. I lowered one down to his mouth. His tongue came out to meet the nipple and he tried to swallow the whole fleshy mound of my tit as I pressed it down into his face.

“Oh god, Honey,” he groaned, his voice breaking again slightly.

I giggled softly. It was so sweet seeing him so breathless and excited. It was really turning me on. Encouraged by his obvious excitement I seized the opportunity to take things up a notch. For me anyway. Alan was already at Defcon One.

I recently had an encounter with my brother James, that introduced me to the exquisite sensation of orgasm with a real cock. Oh my gosh. He tricked me into giving him a blowjob first. I did want to see a real cock, and was nervous about not knowing what to do, but I loved it. Apart from the bit where he blew his load right into my mouth without any warning. I had no idea what was going to happen. I just didn’t think about what happens at the end I guess and he spurted ropes of cum into my mouth. There was so much. I had to gulp it down just to breathe.

He made it up to me, straight after apologizing fifty times. I was really pissed off, but he said he couldn’t help it, that I was so good at it, even though it was my first time. Flattery will get you everywhere I guess. He went down on my kitty and licked an orgasm out of me, then while my defenses were low, he followed up with the hottest sex I could imagine. But then, that was my first time, so I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to. It was like the entire electricity grid of the city was flowing from my pussy to my brain and back again. Is it like that all the time I wondered?

I was hungry for that sensation ever since, but I wanted to share it with Alan, my boyfriend. I felt bad for cheating on him, but I didn’t mean to. He doesn’t know what he’s missing by holding out. He’s so straight, but I figured if I can just get him going, he won’t be able to stop himself, then I can have sex as much as I like.

Back on top of Alan, I slid my hand down to his shorts. He was wearing loose summer shorts with a button up fly. I looked down between our bodies to see if there was a big hard bulge like James had when he was licking me. I couldn’t see anything, but I felt something hard with my hand.

Alan stopped me, grabbing my upper arms, alarm in his face.

“No!” he gasped.

“It’s OK baby,” I panted, whispering into his ear, licking it again. “We’re just playing. We don’t have to do anything. I just want to see it”

“We shouldn’t,” he gasped again. “I…”

Christ, I thought. What was wrong with this guy? Most guys all they want is to get their cock out. I carried on, I couldn’t help it. I jiggled my breasts in front of his face and pushed the other one into his mouth. I was desperate for another cock and I thought he just pendik escort needed some coaxing. Before he could react I slid my hand inside the waist band of his shorts and slid it down into the hairy mass where I was expecting the tip of a big hard dick to be.

Pulling my breast from his face and turning my body I moved to kneel beside him, lowering my face toward his shorts. With both hands free, I got his shorts pulled down enough to get my hand further inside. Sliding my hand in again I cupped his balls before moving it up up to the base of his hard cock.

I pulled it out from the fly and just as it came into view, this short, stumpy fat cock just blew its load, straight up into my face without any warning. I heard a loud grunt followed by a moan as my face was lashed with two, three, four ropes of cum.

“Aaahh!” I squealed.

My mouth open in surprise, two jets of hot sticky cum exploded into the back of my throat. There was a lot of cum. A good six squirts. It lashed my cheek, one sprayed across my lips and nose, followed by a third near my ear. More cum was squirting out, over my hand, onto his t-shirt. It was a mess. I just looked up at him and then I burst out laughing.

He was furious, he pushed me over, holding a hand over his dick as he jumped up, cum dripping from the end. He bolted for the bathroom door, slamming it behind it. He just left me there with all that cum on my face and shut the door.

Oh my gosh. I didn’t mean to laugh. Oh no, I hurt his feeling. Shit.

“Alan,” I called out softly, still laughing between words. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. I wasn’t laughing at you,” I pleaded.

“Fuck!” I heard him whimper through the door. “I knew this would happen.”

“It’s OK,” I offered. “We can just go again. We’re just playing.”

“Fuck! I said no Honey,” he yelled back. “Why didn’t you listen?”

What the fuck? Why is he so uptight I thought.

“What’s wrong? We’re just having fun,” I reassured him. “Come back out. We can talk about it if you want. Or not.” I offered. “You can just play with me if you like. We can experiment,” trying anything to get him to come out.

“Can you just go?” he called back.

“What?” I cried back. “Are you kidding? I’ve got cum all over my face and you’re just gonna hide in there?”

James was right. This guy is never going to get me laid. Fuck. I waited for a whole week for this?

I cleaned myself up with his bed sheets and then washed my face in the kitchen before hightailing it out of there. What a prick I thought. Well, actually, it wasn’t much of one at all, laughing at my own joke. Then I felt bad for being mean. But I was now twice as aroused and I needed relief. I swear if a police officer pulled me over for speeding, I probably would have blown him. Luckily none did, because that actually would be pretty gross.

When I arrived home I could hear the TV. Following the sounds into the living room I found James lazing on the couch. I slumped down heavily beside him and sighed in exasperation.

“What’s up sis?” he asked, only semi interested.

I opened my mouth to speak, then closed it again. Where could I start. What happened with Alan was humiliating and knowing horny James, any hint I was desperate for a cock and he might try and fuck me again himself. That was definitely a one time deal.

“What is it?” This time fully attentive, he was concerned.

“Nothing,” I sighed. “What are you up to?”

“Just killing time waiting for Bobby,” he said.

“Oh,” I sighed, downcast.

“Why, tell me what’s up” he pressed.

“Oh, it’s fine,” I sighed again.

“No, tell me. Maybe I can help,” he said with that twinkle in his eye and a little touch on my thigh as I crossed my legs up on the cushions.

“Well, it’s embarrassing,” I said. “But I tried to push things further with Alan and he just blew his load right in my face, as soon as his cock was out of his pants!” I blurted out. “Then he got all embarrassed and told me to leave!” I exclaimed.

James was laughing now, but trying not to.

“Don’t laugh!” I protested loudly. “I’m serious. There was cum all over my face. I didn’t even get to do anything with his dick.”

I calmed a little and continued, “And now I’m as horny as ever. I just really need to feel that feeling again.” I dropped my voice to a conspiratorial whisper, “Like what we did the other day.”

“I know sis. I get it,” he said gaining control of himself. Then, leaning into me.

“And I was saving it, to do it with Alan,” I sighed.

James, sliding his hand down my thigh toward my crotch, pushing up my skirt hem whispered quietly into my ear, “Look, you know how much I would love to lick that sweet pussy of yours.”

I swatted his hand away.

“One time deal James,” I reminded him.

“Well, Bobby will be done any minute,” he countered, pulling his hand back.

“Done?” I asked. What do you mean? “I thought you were waiting for him to come over.”

There was a shuffling sound from the kitchen. escort pendik My head whipped around and there was Bobby standing there, leaning against the wall, looking straight at me.

I blushed so hard. My face turned red and the blood pumped like my heart would burst. Oh shit! He just heard all of that. Oh my god. I was so embarrassed.

I turned on James, furious.

“You said you were waiting for him!” I screeched. “Not that he was HERE!”

“Yes,” he countered. “Waiting for him to finish sorting out my computer. He was in the kitchen.”

I covered my face in my hands, head down. I could feel the heat off my blushing skin in my hands. This was horrific.

Bobby was a total hottie too. Six foot, broad shoulders and muscular, trim from working out and four years older than me. His face was lit by two beautifully clear eyes, behind slightly long lashes. A look from those eyes could melt a pussy at a hundred yards. I always had a kind of crush on Bobby, since he and James became buddies about five years ago. But I was always just an annoying little sister. He barely ever acknowledges me, and I keep out of the way because I feel geeky and awkward around him. He just seems so … sophisticated, I guess is the word. And here I am, already he thinks I’m an airhead and I’m talking about a cock exploding cum all over my face. Great impression. Let me dissolve into the carpet right now.

“Hey Honey,” a deep, soft voice, smooth as butter. “Sorry for embarrassing you. I wasn’t trying to eaves drop.” It was Bobby, now coming to sit on the arm of the couch beside me, his hand came to rest on my shoulder.

Heat waves pulsing through my body. My god, is this guy a Marvel character?

Still with my head in my hands, James breaks in, “OK, well I’ll leave you to console my poor sister Buddy. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll find a way to repay you.” James pushed himself off the couch and grabbed his laptop from Bobby.

“Where are you going?” I asked, my head whipping up.

“I have to drop in to work for a couple hours,” James said. “Hey, maybe Bobby can help you out too” emphasis on the “you,” winking as he left the room.

What! Oh my god. Did he just offer me up to Bobby as payment? On top of that massive embarrassment, he lays it on again. James could be such an asshole.

A soft chuckle from beside me. In that buttery, deep rumbling voice. Oh god, I think my own pussy is going to explode like Alan’s cock. My dreamboat crush, hand caressing my shoulder in consolation, probably imagining me as a slut with cum all over my face, from my graphic description just a few moments ago. And now we’re stuck here together, him looking for an escape route after my brother drops a very not-subtle hint, for me to hit on him.

I lifted my eyes to look up at him, to get lost in that abyss of charisma and sexiness, well beyond my grade. I’m not daft enough to even think I have a chance with Bobby. I was just going to apologize and leave, but as I looked up our eyes didn’t quite lock.

Just for a second he was looking past mine, down into my lap where my legs were crossed in front of me, knees out to the sides. As I looked down again to follow his gaze, my heart stopped! Oh christ!

My skirt had ridden up where James had slid his hand down my thigh. Bobby had been staring at the tight, puffy mound between my legs under smooth light pink cotton panties. The convergence of my my lightly tanned, naked, smooth thighs was just visible from his position. Pulling my skirt down, my chest heaving, I looked back up, blushing again, and caught another shock on the way – in his loose fitting, light weight shorts was a raging hard-on, tenting them visibly!

“You know Honey,” he said quietly. “I kind have the opposite problem from your boyfriend.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, finally drawing my eyes up to his face.

“Well, I take a really long time to cum,” he said. “And often, the girl I’m with might orgasm a two or three times, without me being able to release at all. I’m left hard like I’ve taken a fistful of Viagra and can’t cum. I have to just wait for it to go down.”

He elaborated, “I know what it’s like to be left so highly aroused, for a long time and still not be able to get the climax you were looking for.”

My jaw just dropped. I couldn’t believe he was telling me this. It wasn’t creepy, he was sharing a something personal. Like he understood what I was going through, but my arousal just kicked back in to overdrive.

“Really? Can that happen?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Well, I don’t think it’s common,” he explained. “It’s not all the time. Just that I have very particular tastes, and it takes specific things to make me cum.”

My eyes were wide. Wow. Just imagining him, his naked round, muscular ass moving slowly in and out, pumping gently into a woman on the bed beneath him.

Stop it! I commanded my mind. My pussy tingling all over.

Bobby continued, “I can go for a long time, staying so hard, but I can’t cum unless I…” he paused. “Well, it’s pendik escort bayan not always possible to do, so my cock stays so hard for almost an hour.”

I noticed his hand, warm and strong, had moved a little higher, from a consoling touch on my shoulder, to a strong caress on the right side of my neck. The ends of his fingers, exploring under the neckline of my t-shirt, sliding a little to the front clavicle area. I heaved a heavy sigh, oh boy. What was happening here.

I bit my lip, looking in his eyes. I didn’t know what to say to this information. I was battling to banish the impression of him slowly driving his cock into a beautiful model type of woman that I’m sure he usually dates, while my pussy was moistening with radiating intensity.

“Uh, that must be so frustrating. Can’t you,” I pause, “Um, you know,” pause again, “Make yourself cum at those times?” my voice trailing to a whisper.

“Not really. I have tried stroking it for so long and all the while it’s getting harder, and that makes it more painful, as the blood makes it bigger,” he said.

“It’s painful?” I asked, surprised.

“God yes,” he confirmed. “It’s weird, if it’s inside a girl’s mouth,” now he paused.

“Or her pussy,” he paused again, eyes dropping to my lap again for a split second.

“It’s not so painful. But when I’m stroking it, yeah. It can hurt pretty bad. I just have to lay down and wait.”

That pause? It punctuated the word “Mouth” so powerfully. The movie in my mind suddenly shifted, I saw myself, lowering over his huge, solid shaft with my own mouth and could feel the hot rock like rigidity under my tongue, sliding between my lips, as I draw back and open my mouth a little, to lick under the tip and slide back over the head of his cock again.

I suddenly snapped back to the present, unaware how long I had been dazed. Mesmerized. No, what’s that word they used in that vampire film, Twilight? Glamorized. When the vampires bend you to their will through the sheer force of ultra charismatic power. That is how I felt right at that moment. As I came back to my senses, and my eyes focused again, I saw I was looking straight at his cock, and it was not inside his pants!

His hard shaft. Straighter than Jame’s, maybe a little thicker too, stood up, impressively long. The top of his shorts was open, they were pushed down a little and his cock was standing up, naked, hot and hard. The head was not the big mushroom that James’s had, but it was wider than the shaft and looked built for business. This was the perfectly sophisticated cock that suited the rest of Bobby.

My breasts were tingling all over. Bobby, still sitting on the arm of the sofa, was leaning down to the side now across the back of the couch, his body behind me, bringing his long beautiful cock closer to my face as he rotated his hips toward me. His hand had continued to slide down my chest, from my neck, now cupping my breast. Squeezing it, pinching the nipple. Oh gosh, my heart was pounding. Blood pulsing like it would burst through my skin. My face was like a furnace, and the seat of the volcano was between my legs, ready to erupt.

He let go of my breast and lifted one of my hands from my lap, up to his cock. The culmination of a week’s worth of sexual longing, this morning’s escapade and now this man taking control of me – my hand wrapped the shaft, without any control from me. He lifted his hips, rotating them closer toward me, bringing the tip of his cock so close to my lips. My brain was not engaged, my desire had taken over as my mouth came down to close over the hot tip of his engorged pole. I licked under the head the way James had taught me. Licked up the seam to the eye and repeated the motion from lower down the shaft. Again then again, lower each time, until my warm, wet wet tongue was licking his balls, and sliding all the way up, to the tip. Lips slipping over it and sucking hard. Like I was licking the cum up out of his balls and sucking it up the long shaft.

“Yessss,” he hissed.

There was no way, my small mouth was going to fit that whole cock inside it. The width was fine, but the length! It was touching the back of my throat each time I slid down, with my lips around it. I would pull back, sucking back to the tip, lick it some more and slide back down. After a few repetitions Bobby adjusted his position, held the back of my head and pushed the tip past my gag reflex, and slid the cock into my throat. I thought I would choke, but then he allowed me to pull it back and would slide it back in again.

“Just relax,” he coached me. “You can do it. Take it all Honey,” he moaned.

I couldn’t believe when I felt his balls against my chin. My god, it’s all the way in!

I pulled it back out and sucked on the tip again. Licking my tongue around the ridge. I was fondling his balls. They were big too. Heavy. I cradled them in my hands.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he slid my t-shirt up over my head. My bra-less tits cool in the air around them, burning with sensation on the surface. He lifted himself off the arm of the sofa moving to position himself in front of me, kneeling, he leaned in to suck on my breasts. His hot mouth engulfing my left breast, sucking on it hard, almost pulling the nipple off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32