Homeless Man In My Locker Room

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Big Tits

It’s the start of another school year at Goodyear High School for me after a long summer of waitressing at the local ice cream shop. I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader, ever since I was about 5 and went to my first football game in town and saw all the beautifully dressed girls doing acrobatics and waving their pomp-pons. My mom promised me, “One day, Naomi, you too will become a fantastic cheerleader.” I tried to mimic them while sitting next to my daddy in the stands, but was never nearly as good. Now that I’m in high school, I’ve built up enough self-confidence (and my body has filled out my now, tight-fitting clothes) to try out for the cheerleading squad.

Jennifer, the captain, told everyone to show up at school the week before classes started in order to try out. So on Monday, I got up real early, put on my usual work-out clothes: my skin-tight, gray, lightweight cotton shorts, matching sports-bra and my white halter top, and had my daddy drop me off for practice on his way to work. He kissed me and wished me luck then drove off. I jogged over to where the other girls were standing and talking. They were talking in a hushed manner and glancing over to the locker room entrance at the side of the gym building where a dirty-looking, homeless man was picking through the garbage can. The girls were laughing and pointing at the poor vagrant’s expense.

My friend, Laurie, was here trying out too. Up till now I’ve been envious of her early-developed body and long, dark brown hair. She hit a B-cup when she was only 13! The boys were always trying to ask her out and sneak a kiss after school. Today, I’ve more than caught up to her with my knockers barely contained in a 36-C bra. I finally convinced Mom to let me grow my hair long and now my blond locks cascade below my shoulders. I stole two of her boyfriends this past summer only to dump them days into the relationships cause they moved to fast.

Since I was the last to arrive, Jennifer started with some aerobics right away. She put on a tape and we all started jumping and kicking to the beat of the music. I began perspiring immediately in the warm, late summer sun and humidity. I glanced over at Laurie as she was removing her now-soaked tee-shirt revealing a see-through, white sports bra. To my embarrassment her dark, red nipples were stiff, probably from all the jumping around in those tight clothes. Her eyes finally met mine and I blushed as she realized that I was studying her chest.

The workout lasted for about an hour and then we were allowed to take a fifteen minute break. Laurie and I were the only ones who had to pee so we headed toward the locker room. Jen shouted at us to be wary of some homeless man who was prowling that area earlier. Street bum or not we had to pee really badly and we felt comfort in each other’s company. We approached the entrance to the girl’s locker room and saw a sack full of bottles and cans lying by the entrance. There was no sign of the bum, though, so we entered inside and made our way quickly to the small bathroom.

Inside the bathroom were a fly or two buzzing around and the usual bad smell of some girl not flushing the toilet. In the far stall the toilet was clogged with toilet paper and brown water…yuck. Laurie opened the first door and stepped inside, locking the door after her. I decided to wait until she finished; this stall was just too stinky to use. I peeked under the door and saw her feet wrapped in her white panties as the sound of streaming liquid hit the toilet. She finished with a few pats of paper and opened up. My turn at last. I stepped in and closed the door. I sat down and realized I had to go number two. Laurie said she’d wait for me back outside with the others because she was grossed out about being in the same room as me while I did my business. I told her to go on ahead, to give me a few minutes so I could splash some water on me, too, before we went out into the heat again. I heard her footsteps head back out the way we came and then the door shutting.

I locked the latch and started tugging at my soaked shorts. They were tight to begin with, revealing all my feminine curves; now that they were soaked, I struggled to pull them down. They inched their way down my thighs…finally to my knees and then my ankles. My panties, being soaked themselves, stuck to the inside of my shorts and were between my feet now, too. I decided that I might as well air them out while I’m sitting on the toitey and so proceeded to pull each sneaker-ed foot out of them. I stepped out one foot at a time, picked them up with only my thumb and forefinger and tossed them onto the stall door, hoping maybe they would dry out a little.

More relaxed, I sat down on the black seat and thought, nervously, about my chances of making the squad and actually becoming a cheerleader and also popular with all my peers, especially the boys. While brushing my hair back with my hand, I felt the warm pee spray out of my slit straight into the water below. It felt pendik escort really good after having to hold it for half the workout. My golden bikini line was shaved and trimmed into a thin line of fur around my vagina lips and up above my little clit; this meant I could safely wear the spandex thong I bought for tryouts. I wish I had brought it with me, cause my shorts were soaking wet from only an hour of exercise. Just then, my ass yielded as a small poop spilled out. A second, then third dropped from my body to my satisfaction. I wiped clean, first my ass and then patted my pussy as dry as I could from all the perspiration. The knob was cold to the touch as I pulled it down, flushing all my waste away.

I stood up and looked at the door where my wet shorts and panties were and suddenly realized that they were missing! I held my breath in silence, trying to listen if Laurie, or someone else was playing a trick on me. I heard no giggling or movement outside the stall. My body broke out in goosebumps and a cold chill ran up my spine as I held myself. Maybe they fell off and I just can’t see them. While shielding my muff with one hand, I slowly opened the door and got a look outside. Still no sign of anyone and also no sign of my bottoms. I scanned the floor all around…nothing but a couple of flies orbiting around the trash can. I shouted into the locker room area, pleading with them to give my shorts back, convinced that they were playing a prank on me. No one answered, giggled or moved for that matter. More goosebumps prompted me to wrap myself with both arms and push my legs together as best I could to cover up my girl parts while I tried to think.

My locker. My locker had extra clothes for after practice. It was on the far side, nearest to the showers. All I had to do was get to my locker and I would be fine. With bolstered confidence, I uncrossed my arms and legs and crept to the doorway of the bathroom, peeking around the corner. No one. I sprinted gracefully to my locker. Bending over, a bit consciously, because everything below my belly button was completely exposed. I fiddled with the combination lock; First try….failed, wrong number? Second try…’click’…it worked. I opened the door and there was my bag, crumpled on the bottom of the locker. I reached over the bench, to reach my bag when…I heard a cough behind me! I froze still, covered in goose bumps again. I was so scared that I couldn’t move, not even blink! Then I heard a slow, low chuckle, then a couple more coughs. I could feel a man’s eyes staring at my young genitalia, fully displayed in my bent-over position. Finally, I could move my head and turned it back to look behind my mostly-nude, bent-forward body at the filthy sight of the homeless man sitting on the bench across from mine with one hand inside his pants touching his crotch and the other holding a brown-bagged bottle.

I whispered in fear…”please…please don’t hurt me”. The bum took his gaze off of my ass to meet my eyes for the first time and actually looked sympathetic! “I…uh…I’m not gonna hurt you, Miss.”, he replied. It was evident from his slurred speech that he must be mentally challenged. For whatever reason, this new knowledge put me at ease. I slowly turned around and sat on the bench, which I was, until now, bent over, having exposed my young crotch for this rather dirty-looking, semi-retarded stranger.

“You’re very pretty.”, next said the man.

Using my arms to hold myself again, my boobs squishing out both above and below my delicate arms, I replied, “Thank you.”, then added naively, “how did you get in here…and what are you doing here?”. He looked rather bashfully to the floor and shrugged his shoulders. I followed his gaze and noticed for the first time his penis sticking out of his wrinkled pants. I’ve never actually seen a penis this close before…it made me suddenly nervous…yet a bit excited. When I next looked up at him he was smiling again and his penis jumped to attention. Surprising myself, I whispered, “it’s okay…I don’t mind if you watch me get changed.” Suddenly my young, budding body filled with warm energy. My crotch instantly heated up at least 20 degrees with my stiffening nipples now pushing out my tank-top. I was actually turned-on, like when I look at my favorite soap star’s pictures in my magazine at home, except this time I felt a strong, carnal hunger.

My mind raced and I could hear my pulse in my ears as the hobo just looked at me with that simpleton smile of his. His eyes widened at the site of my stiffening nipples, which I now proudly pushed out a little by arching my back, while pretending to glance behind me into my locker. I caught the motion of his hand out of the corner of my eye as he began to beat himself off again. I turned my head to him, smiled and then giggled reassuringly at him as I spread my legs for a few seconds before standing up.

His head leaned back after the glimpse of my furry pinkness and he groaned, all the while pulling at his escort pendik meat muscle. With my pulse still running high, I turned back toward my locker and bent over the bench, thus giving him a very satisfying view of my exposed labia and little clit. I could hear him clutching his cock even more vigorously now. I slowly unzipped my gym bag, giving him plenty of time to view my young ass, which has never been seen by a man since I was about 6, and began to pull out my change of clothes when an idea struck me. This idea also made my crotch feel very, very warm and I noticed a light trickle down my thigh.

Did the man do something bad, or was that actually from me?, I thought. I turned my head back and realized that he was still working his dick like crazy. Closer inspection of my thighs revealed tiny beads of my own juices, heading toward my knees. This revelation of my wetness now made me very hot…so did my new idea. I stood upright again and faced him on an angle so he could get the best view of my well-endowed titties, barely contained in my sports bra. My warm muff itched for attention, so I reached down and very quickly touched my slippery lips, to quiet my inner yearnings. His jaw dropped for a second and his hand stopped it’s meat-pulling action. Seeing how touching myself got his attention, I nervously giggled and stroked back my blonde hair with my wet hand while pushing my legs together. My excitement renewed itself and I decided to present my idea.

“Would you like to help me shower?”, I asked. My words echoed back from the shower room as he nodded his head. His expression was that of a cute puppy as he looked longingly at me. The warmth between my legs was overpowering and I knew I had to get into that shower before something would happen. At this time I looked down at my chest and took in the sight of my bulging titties in this tight tank top with my nipples so erect that I thought I could poke out someone’s eye if I wasn’t careful. I decided that this was the time to go for it and take off my shirt and so I proceeded to cross my arms and pull on each side of my top.

“C…Can I help you…Miss?”, the man stuttered as I slowly pulled my tank up just under my nipples where it got stuck. Without regard for his probably grubby fingers, I replied, “Can you lift it in front? It’s stuck”. Unable to see much with my crossed arms in my way, I heard him rise from the bench now becoming wary again, in my mind, of his rather large penis. I felt and smelled him very close in front of me. My muff gushed with a radiant heat onto my thighs and I felt more trickles down my inner thighs. “Please help me.”, I said, really wanting to get in the shower before something else should happen. He must have finally built up enough courage to attempt to help me with my top and stepped closer to me.

His soiled hands gently picked up the edge of my tank top, freeing my inch-long nipples. The back of his fingers were cool to the touch, and I could feel his nails rubbing inadvertently along the undersides of my breasts. They briefly touched each aroused nipple as my top was freed, causing me to let out a silent gasp. Without thought, I groaned, “Yesss…mmm…thank you.”

“Welcome”, the man replied, clearing his throat. With my arms still crossed, bent at the elbows in front of my face, I pulled my sweaty top off my shoulders and then out of my long hair. My tan lines were quite evident, the paleness around my nipples glowed a milky-white next to my sun-baked skin. Standing upright again, I shimmied the straps free of my arms and dangled my top from one hand and gave him a smile. Now fully exposed to this older, dirty-looking stranger, a feminine confidence now shone inside me. There was gratification in how much I could turn on this grown man with my nakedness; he was quite enraptured by my voluptuous breasts and young, shaven pussy. His dirty clothes and bad smell was in such contrast to my clean, although sweaty, bare body that thoughts of the shower returned. After standing before him a little longer, I turned a bit and bent back over the bench into my locker. I could feel the weight of my breasts pull me forward as I reached into my gym bag; my nipples ached too much.

I heard the bum start to beat off his meat again. He must have seen my wetness by now, judging by the sheer heat of my vagina and the many trickles down my inner thighs. Peering inside, I found the clean, soft, white towel which lay folded inside, exactly where my daddy said it would be. If only he knew what I was up to. I turned back around at the man and saw a peculiarly strange, almost strangled look on his face. He was sitting back on the opposite bench, his body leaning all the way back against the lockers there and was hyperventilating while furiously jerking off his now incredibly big, purple penis. “I…I…I’m going to explode!”, the man gasped as he regulated the motion of his hand. I stood with my mouth agape at what I was witnessing. Thoughtlessly, I moved quickly toward him, got pendik escort bayan down on my knees and aimed my face in front of his massive, bum-cock. My own inner desires were too overpowering and at this moment I wanted nothing more than to be showered by sperm.

My prayers were answered as the man gasped for air and I saw the purple head of his dick open it’s little mouth. With one hand behind my head, holding back my hair, and the other resting on his knee, I opened my mouth and waited only for a split-second before his hot, creamy seed shot me first in the forehead, and then into my awaiting mouth as I raised my head to meet his man-spray. I would never have imagined the excitement I felt at that moment, where a man was utterly vulnerable, as he spit his seed before me…onto me. He opened his eyes, leaned forward a bit and looked down at me as if for the first time in minutes, seemingly surprised at my naughty location, between his legs. He watched as his jizz shot creamy streaks onto my face and into my blonde hair. It seemed there was no end to his liquids as it continued to spray all over my face.

I freed my long, blonde hair and let him douse my whole head. My breasts were also covered from the goo as it dripped off my nose, lips and chin. The taste was unforgettable…warm, salty yet tasty. I caught as much as I could with my tongue as it squirt at me and dripped down my face. I had to swallow some of this bum’s seed down into my tummy to satisfy my perverse, thirsty desires. Things quieted down a bit as his manhood grew limp; the last bit of juices leaking from it’s little mouth. The sides of his cock were bright red from all his beating; so were his hands. Relief shone on his face as he leaned back again, his eyes closed, smiling to himself. I opened a sticky, goo-covered eye and wiped my face with my hands. I was indeed covered with globs of his sperm and definitely needed a shower.

I picked up my towel and wiped my eyes as clean as I could without dirtying my only towel too much. I took a mental note to do my own laundry tonight, lest my parents discover any evidence. The bum leaned forward and put his now-limp penis back into his pants, his breathing still a bit beleaguered. “Th…thank you. I…I’ve never seen a young girl like you without clothes on before.”, the man slurred.

“Th…that felt g…good.”, he finished. I wanted to say something nice in return but suddenly felt left out of the fun. My vagina and even my titties felt all warm and swollen. I rose, backing up a step away from his spread legs, taking notice of the little puddles of his goo on the tile floor. I also noticed a puddle of my own, right where I was kneeling. Bending forward to examine my lower self, I brushed my fingers across my inner thighs. Wet. I dipped a couple fingers into my muff and they came out smothered in my girl-juices. My nipples re-awakened and felt like they could grow even longer. My vagina begged for me to touch it, to please it. I looked up at the man, whipping my hair back out of my face, and saw him drinking from a long-necked, glass bottle. Lustful hunger burned like fire at my nether opening while I watched the hobo take several gulps of his cheap wine.

I licked my lips, finding only more of his cream to swallow and then stepped forward again, toward this trash-picking man. My bare feet stepped in his little puddles of goo as I reached out for his chin, nervously, with my right hand. I touched his dirty pants where his thigh was with my other hand and gave him a sultry look of young, feminine desire. He slowly pulled the bottle from his lips and set it on the bench next to him as I gained his full attention. I momentarily eyed the lengthy neck of the bottle; a phallus to me, an escape to him. Again, he had the look of young puppy-dog on his face as I lifted his chin with my hand, leaned forward and kissed his lips. I pushed my lips into his, not daring to tongue, but enjoying the male stubble against my soft face. As I kissed him, no sooner had I mentally imagined his hands on my breasts when exactly that happened. I leaned forward more and whispered, “…pleeese…”, into his ear.

“Oh…m…my, M…Miss”, was his only verbal response. His physical response was much greater and much more to my satisfaction. As I kissed his ear and then his cheek, continuing to whisper my desires, he gently palmed my hanging breasts with his grubby, roughly-textured hands and began to squeeze in a slow, pulsing rhythm. I licked his earlobe, and brushed my nose into his oily, dirty hair as he continued to fondle my untouched, 36-C, tan-lined titties. My virginal juices slowly meandered down my thighs, onto my calves and finally ticked my bare feet as his gentle palming turned into harder and harder groping. This bum’s hands were surprisingly strong as he held my breasts firmly in his clutches. I straightened up so I could get a look at his face to see if he was indeed as excited as I thought him to be. His eyes were wide with excitement and his tongue moved back and forth across his mouth as he adjusted his grip on my boobs, now that I was standing again. His dirty-brown fingers dug into my pale, plump titties, squeezing them fully; I was sure to leave marks later.

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