Home Shopping Ch. 04

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It had annoyed me from the day I started working at the station. No sound coming through the monitor backstage. I climbed up onto the bench and ignoring occupational health and safety, reached across to the edge of the screen and found a control panel. Success. Gayle’s voice increasing in volume as I pushed the appropriate button. Finding a suitable medium, I leaned back to watch the screen itself, an encore of a recent Suck U Dry steam vacuum segment. It wasn’t the vacuum that caught my attention.

Gayle’s pants looked to be painted on. Flesh colored they clung to her like skin, her large ass looking naked as she pushed the vacuum across the intentionally littered floor. And then standing upright. Facing forward as the camera panned up the length of the vacuum and her legs in the one shot. Stopping as it reached the handle and respectively, her groin. The cameltoe must have been intentional. Her pants disappearing between her feminine folds to perfectly trace the outline of upper labia and clitoral hood. She was surely not wearing panties.

My cock twitching within my pants, I dropped back down as the woman herself entered the changing room and looked up at her own image. “Ooh, I hate the sound of my own voice,” she waved dismissively at the screen before looking back down at me, her eyes dropping further as she noticed the increasing bulge in my pants. “Oh goodness Corey,” she smiled. “Someone’s looking forward to the next hour!”

I felt myself blush and a little self-conscious, I was relieved when she turned her attention to the hosiery.

“So, which should I wear?” She cast her eyes over the arrangement upon the bench.

“You? Aren’t you hosting?”

“Oh, I’ll always wear a pair under my dress while presenting. A quick lift for the audience,” she added, taking the front of her skirt and pulling it up her leg as a demonstration. She stopped just shy of her groin, her thick thigh and pale skin, smooth and longing to be kissed. My cock strained against my fly and I ached to know what underwear she wore?

The screech of the radio in my ear cut short our conversation as I indicated to Gayle, Delores was on line.

“Say again,” I asked.

“Theresa and your mother are on their way,” she informed me. “Has Gayle arrived? We’ve got twenty minutes ’til air. I want this to be one of our best, so Corey… do your thing. Management is watching!” She ended on an ominous note and I immediately turned my attention back to Gayle.

“Are you wearing panties?” I shamelessly asked the sixty-plus year old woman and despite her demonstrated casual attitude to nudity and sex I’d witnessed over the last two weeks, she blushed.

“Of course I am Honey,” I noticed her nipples harden in her tightly wound satin wrap dress. “Why?”

I walked across to the box of excess stock and removed a pair of flesh colored pantyhose and turned back towards her.

“Well take them off!”


Gayle didn’t need convincing. As if it was a regular day to day routine, she casually tucked her hands under her dress and sought out her underwear, her eyes on me as she lowered the orange satin and lace panties down her legs. Off over her heeled feet, she stood back to attention and held them out.

“I trust you can hold onto these for me?” She smiled; her coyness long gone.

My dick now begging to be released from my fly, I took Gayle’s panties and feeling their warmth, tucked them beside my hardness in my front pocket for later perusal, handing her the hose in return.

“Oh, you might have to help me Sweetie,” she held up her nails. “Just had them done. Don’t want to cause a run.”

Her smile gave away the fact she was perfectly capable of putting them on herself without incident, but ever the gentleman, I took back the packet.

Gayle took it upon herself to raise her dress in preparation, lifting the skirt well above her groin before backing onto a director’s chair and resting her ass. She made sure my gaze was on her as she raised her leg, crossing it over the other as a man would sit as she undid the sling of her heels. Fumbling with the plastic packet, my eyes zeroed in on her slit. The shaving job I’d done two days earlier holding up, her pubic mound perfectly smooth.

“Fuck you’re hot!” I hastened to compliment the mature woman before me as the packet ripped open and I dropped to help remove her second shoe.

“And you’re quite the gentleman,” Gayle praised me, taking her now bare foot and placing it upon my shoulder. I cocked my neck to brush my cheek against her, my eyes struggling to rise from between her legs as I kissed her ankle. It seemed to delight her and her now bare other foot left my hand and planted square upon my bulging fly. “Why don’t you get that out and I’ll show you what a lady does for a gentleman?”

The pantyhose in my hand, I wasted no time in unzipping my fly and unleashing my erection, standing proud as Gayle ran her toes up my length.

“Oh, for goodness’ sake Gayle,” my mother’s voice entered the fray and we looked as one as Mom and Theresa entered backstage hand in hand. “We can’t leave you nevşehir escort alone for a minute.”

“What?” Gayle once more acted coy. “He was helping me put on my pantyhose!”

“Is that what we’re calling it now?” Mom laughed. “You can put on your own pantyhose woman,” she grinned and I rose blushing, my cock still protruding from my pants. Theresa was sharing the mirth, a smile on her face as her eyes locked onto my cock.

“Yes Gayle,” Theresa stuck her tongue firmly in her cheek. “Not very professional.”

Indignant, Gayle took the pantyhose from my grasp and rolled them in preparation.

“Well, I’m going to be out front for the next hour,” she defended herself. “It’s alright for you two,” she looked down at my cock. “You’ll have access to it for most of the show.”

Feeling suddenly self-conscious, I made to put my dick back in my pants only for Mom to stop me.

“Oh, Corey wait,” she hummed. “I think you can leave that out.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.

“Ten minutes Corey,” Delores spoke in my ear and it caused me to jump, reacting immediately to her reminder.

“Got it,” I answered and with all eyes in the room still focused on my incredibly erect penis, clicked my fingers to get their combined attention. “Okay. Ten minutes ’til we’re on. Mom, Theresa. Get undressed.”

The power of the comment had me ridiculously getting harder and the desire to touch it was almost overwhelming, resisting as I made toward the bench-top and the organized Skin-Tightz range. Having studied the rundown forensically, I lifted two pair of the black opaque pantyhose and turned back to the room. Gayle with her tan pantyhose around her knees, Mom already down to bra and panties and my sister bottomless, in the act of removing her shirt.

“So usually you wear a tank top, right?” I asked Mom, nodding her agreement, her nipples clearly visible through her black mesh bra. “Not today. Go with the bra.”

I handed her a pair of pantyhose just as Gayle finished pulling hers up. The ungraceful last movement as she pulled them high on her waist, her pussy smushed against the nylon and gusset.

“And Gayle,” the woman crept her eyes up from my cock. “That thing you showed me before, where you flash a bit of leg,” I reminded her. “Don’t be afraid to go a little higher.”

A wicked smile came to her lips. “Oh, you naughty boy. Can we get away with that?”

“You don’t remember what you were wearing the other day?” I reminded her of the swimsuits and she winked her acceptance.

Theresa, like Mom, was down to her bra and panties and was thankfully wearing black, Mom handing her the opaques to put on.

“Five minutes Corey,” Delores radioed in. “Why isn’t Gayle on set?”

I turned back to her and took her arms in hand, her dress silky to the touch. “Okay, you’re on. And that other thing you do,” I began and she frowned. “Where you feel up the models,” I elaborated and she smiled knowingly. “Do more of it!”

“Get Gayle out there,” Delores once more yelled in my ear and I turned the host in the direction of the set.

“Good luck,” I patted her on the ass and she giggled like a schoolgirl before pausing and turning back.

“At least let me have something before I go,” she asked and without warning, reached down to grasp my dick. I looked on as she tightly stroked up my length, drawing out a large dribble of clear pre-cum and scooping it onto her thumb. As Mom, Theresa and I watched, she grinned as she raised her hand to her face and ran the moisture across her already painted lips, an added gloss for the awaiting camera as she once more turned tail for the studio.

“Okay, Delores,” I reported back. “Gayle’s on set.”

Turning back to my family, I found Mom and Theresa pretty much ready to go, in the final act of putting on the matching black heels. With Mom in a thong, the black opaques hid everything, but Theresa’s full panties, though black as well, left a panty-line.

“Get the girls ready,” Delores called and I decided the panty-line would have to stand, its presence irrelevant in the next change anyway. Side by side they stood for me awaiting my approval and I took a moment to be grateful for the position I was in.

“So, how do we look?” Mom smiled and placed her hand in Theresa’s as they’d first appeared.

What could I say? Matching apparel. Their hair up showing their necks. The resemblance between mother and daughter now striking to me, their beauty and the love I had for them was overpowering in the moment and it almost brought a tear to my eye.

“You look beautiful,” I shrugged and it drew sympathetic sighs from my women, kisses to my cheek.

Gayle was announcing the Skin-Tightz hour on the monitor and Delores once more reminded me of the time. “Okay, you’ve got to go,” I composed myself and turned them toward the set entrance, watching their asses as they walked away.

Delores entered as they exited, Mom shaking her head and breathing “unbelievable,” as they went their separate ways.

“What!?” Delores grinned as she passed by the escort nevşehir women before her eyes clearly searched the room for me or more pointedly, what was poking out of my pants. “Just thought I’d keep you company out here,” she smiled, making straight for my erection. “I see the show’s already started without me.”

With a good ten minutes until the next scheduled change, I slunk back onto a director’s chair as Delores moved in beside, our eyes up on the monitor as her hand wrapped around my cock.

“I love going with the bras instead of tank tops,” Delores praised, her hand working slowly up and down my shaft. “It’s more natural.”

On set, Mom and Theresa entered and Gayle once again introduced Theresa to the audience as our newest model, the words making me wonder what Sasha would be thinking, being replaced by an amateur? The camera zoomed in on my sister’s face. Not a model. The ‘girl next door,’ and in my mind and eye, one of the two most beautiful women on Earth. No prizes for guessing the other as Mom, parading the catwalk, was captured by the camera operator.

I was wrong. The lights of the studio could make out her thong under the opaque tights, and as she turned, there was the string diving between her luscious cheeks.

“What do you think about the visible panties?” I looked up at Delores momentarily then back at the screen, not wanting to miss a second.

“Hmm,” Delores pondered as the camera scanned back toward Gayle and Theresa, the older woman in the act of tucking her hand into the waist of my sister’s pantyhose to demonstrate the opacity or lack thereof of the high-waisted tights. “I don’t mind it actually. Leaves something to the imagination.”

Just as she said it, Gayle demonstrated the effect on herself, taking my suggestion to the extreme.

“…though that certainly doesn’t!” Delores gasped as Gayle lifted her dress. Showing the tan pantyhose on her hip at first, she turned with the skirt still raised and presented her crotch to the audience. The camera zoomed in on the sight, the gusset protecting a little of her modesty, but the top of her slit clearly visible behind the thin nylon. “Oh my God!” Delores sighed, expressing her shock though her hand began moving quicker up and down on my shaft.

“It was my idea,” I was quick to defend Gayle to any possible backlash from exposing her pussy on live television.

“She’s not wearing any… where are her panties!?” Delores’ eyes locked on the screen and hand rapidly moving on my cock. Pre-cum was lubricating the underside of my dick and I reached into my pocket beside to retrieve said item.

“Here!” I proudly presented Gayle’s orange underwear and Delores’ eyes slowly tailed down from the screen.

“Well let’s put them to use, shall we?” Delores plotted, taking them from my hand and wrapping them around my cock to use as stimulus. The silky nature of the undergarment, along with the very thought of what was happening had me edging, more so when Gayle began talking about Theresa’s ass.

“…and let’s not forget about the tush ladies,” Gayle said, turning Theresa around to present her rear to the camera. “The Skin-Tightz lift and shape the booty… not that Theresa here needs help, do you Sweetie?” She remarked, her hand caressing Theresa’s cheeks, constantly moving sensually over my sister’s ass, even between her thighs. “And another thing,” Gayle continued, her fingers clearly pressing, almost cupping Theresa’s asshole. “…the moisture wicking gusset. Now we all get a little wet now and then don’t we girls?”

“Jesus Christ!” Delores exclaimed.

“Yeah, that might be me as well,” I admitted. “I may’ve told her to go a little further with feeling up the models. The gusset thing was all her though,” I quickly added.

“Delores, are you on line?” The voice of Vivienne the receptionist came over the radio and caused Delores to stop jerking me off. In time too. I actually didn’t want to cum so soon and it was getting to the point of no return.

“Yes,” Delores answered.

“Ah, we’ve got multiple complaints and I’ve got management on hold for you,” her voice was suitably anxious and my heart began rapidly beating.

What had we done?


I’d just tucked my cock back into my pants and secreted Gayle’s panties back in my pocket when Theresa came striding backstage.

“Did you see me out there Corey?” She beamed. “How did I look?” When she saw the look on my own face, her demeanor changed dramatically. “What’s wrong?”

“I think we’ve gone too far?” I grimaced and explained further when I saw her look of confusion. “Gayle had her hand around your asshole!” I exclaimed. “And I don’t think the bare pussy was a good idea.”

“What? Why? It just seemed so natural out there at the time. I thought management wanted us to be sexier.”

“Well, yeah they did but they’re talking to Delores right now. And there’ve been complaints.”

“What?” Theresa seemed incredulous. “Who’d complain? I watched the encore screening of that Wet Waves show the other day. We haven’t done much worse.”

She nevşehir escort bayan was right. Were they real complaints or just prudes looking to be offended? Maybe head office wanted to compliment us!? My train of thought was derailed anyway as Theresa made to remove her pantyhose.

“So, what am I wearing next?”

I tried to focus, concentrating on the rest of the show as opposed to outside influence, hurrying to the bench to get Theresa’s next outfit. It was then Delores came back into the room.

“Oh, you put it away!?” Her eyes were firmly planted upon my groin and I was amazed she was still thinking of sex in the circumstances.

“What? Forget about that; what happened?”

“Hm?” Her eyes strayed onto Theresa down to her panties and bra and only lazily drifted back to me. “Oh, management? Yeah. They love it,” she waved a hand dismissively.

“And the complaints?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about them. We get complaints during scented candles. What’s next?” She looked at the array of hosiery before me and relieved, I turned back to the two women, holding stockings.


“You can’t wear those panties,” Delores observed when Theresa had donned the thigh-high stay-ups. Tan in color with lace hem, they clashed with her black underwear and I was quick to agree.

“Which is where this comes in,” I held up the tiny modesty thong, its sandy color matching the stockings.

As she’d done in Delores’ office a day before, Theresa had no problem removing her panties, sliding them down her legs and once again passing them to our boss. Her lush thatch of pubic hair drawing our eyes, I could sense the cogs turning in Delores’ head and attempted to allay her doubts before they were voiced.

“The thong’ll cover it!” I assuredly stated as I handed my sister the minuscule g-string, my own doubts rising as she stepped into the item. “Okay, maybe not!” I relented as Theresa pulled it up tight on her mound.

Though manicured into a perfect triangle, Theresa’s pubic hair still showed above the hem of the thong, an unmissable fringe of dark locks.

“Fix it,” Delores demanded of me. “She can’t go out there like that!”

Immediately I dropped to my knees and slipping my fingers into the string sides of my sister’s panty, pulled it up higher on her pussy. A familiar conundrum appearing. The front managed to obscure her pubes, but it caused the gusset to slide between her labia, creating a whole new set of problems.

Theresa managed to find it amusing, laughing at the situation and possibly the feeling of the string obviously pressing her clit. Pubic hair and labia bulging around the cotton, it was clear she couldn’t go on tv like this.

“You know what you have to do,” Delores stated, absently caressing Theresa’s black panties as she watched on intently. “It’s just like Gayle all over again. There’s time.”

I looked up at my sister and then back down at her crotch, pulling the thong back down to its initial position. I knew I had to do it. Shave her as I’d done Gayle. But it felt so wrong. I’d loved every second of burying my face in her crotch the night before. Kissing her mound and feeling the tickle of pubes; breathing in their perfume. I couldn’t do it!

“I can’t!” I stood and looked at Delores.

“What!?” She seemed shocked.

“Look at this,” I exclaimed as I reached out and pulled my sister’s thong down mid-thigh. “It’s beautiful.” I ran my fingers down through her pubic hair, the strands between my digits like a comb. “It’d be a crime to remove it.”

Delores moved in and placed a hand upon mine and I allowed her access, her fingers replacing my own and massaging Theresa’s pubes. It seemed to do the trick and I sidled in beside Theresa, her hand dropping to my fly and unzipping. As Delores slid her fingers lower, cupping my sister’s pussy, my cock was drawn from its housing and Theresa began to jerk my length.

“It is natural, I suppose,” Delores whispered as she clearly began fingering Theresa, the muscles in her arm tensing as she worked. I reached around and grabbed Delores’ ass, caressing her buttock as I drew her in ever closer.

Pressing up against Theresa, her chest met my sister’s and Theresa exhaled loudly at the connection. It was then I deftly undid her bra.

The straps of Theresa’s bra fell from her shoulders and Delores noticed, moving her chest back slightly to allow the bra to fall away altogether, Theresa’s upturned breasts and erect nipples once more pressing into Delores’ awaiting bust. I could smell my sister’s pussy below and with one hand kneading Delores’ ass through her dress, I dropped the other to do the same on Theresa. Two asses in hand. I slid a finger between Theresa’s cheeks and found her asshole, wet from her spreading lubricant. Further and my fingers met Delores’ and we tangled in my sister’s pubes and dripping labia.

With their face’s inches apart, it was Theresa who leaned in to close the distance, her lips meeting Delores’ and greeted with the older woman’s tongue. Another hand joined Theresa’s around my cock and the two women worked perfectly together, sharing my length as they squeezed and tugged. I wanted in on the kiss but a voice from over my shoulder alerted me of the time, Gayle foreshadowing the change of hosiery. “…so, I’ll let you go and get changed Angie darling and I’ll run through the sizing and availability ladies…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32