Higher Education

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I was eighteen and it was my first time away from home.

I was in my freshman year at Western University studying Sociology. My older brother was in his third year of “Jogging for marks”, a.k.a. Phys Ed and a halfback on the football team.

Western was far enough from home, about thirty-five miles, to justify dormitory living. I was billeted in Glenolden Hall with a somewhat overweight roomie. Glenolden was a co-ed residence.

As many students were under the legal age to drink alcohol was not served at any of the university-sponsored functions and I.D. was required in the on campus watering holes.

Off campus life was something else.

University rules made it compulsory for all first year students to live in residence. After first year they could choose a sorority house or rent accommodation off campus.

I had been popular in high school and was quickly becoming one of the most dated girls in Glenolden. Standing five foot six with blonde hair and a 38C bust with a weakness of dropping my panties far too easily I did not waste too many nights on homework.

Almost every weekend I could be found in the fraternity house where my brother lived. There were thirteen resident in the Mustang House, all footballers.

It was about a month into my first semester I got to “meet” the guys at Mustang House.

As it was my brother’s residence I just naturally dropped by to visit.

I remember it well; it was a Friday night after a particularly trying day at classes. I was greeted at the door by T.J. and shown in.

T.J. got me a beer and told me Rob was in the shower and would be down in a few minutes.

T.J. is a black guy, one of the linesmen on the team. He hailed from Detroit and was at Western to play ball.

T.J. eyed me as I sat opposite him in the main sitting room. I was not dolled up or anything, just a pair of jeans and a Roots tee shirt. I was wearing no bra, which came off right after classes, and I guess my nipples were pretty obvious through the thin cotton.

After about ten minutes of small talk Rob joined us.

T.J. replenish my beer while I touched base with my brother.

I was on my third beer and quite relaxed when Ron Fisher came in. Ron was the “lady’s man” the much sought after fist string quarterback of the Western Mustangs.

“How come a pretty lady like you is not dancing?” Fisher asked turning some music on the stereo.

The beat of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” had me springing to my feet.

The guys watched fascinated while I shook my booty for them.

“Show us some tit!” I heard Fisher call out.

Boldly I lifted the hem of my shirt high enough to expose the bottom portion of my bare breasts.

“Yoohooo!!!” T.J. yelled in appreciation.

A couple of inches more and my big pink nipples were uncovered.

As bursa escort Proud Mary raced down the river I shamelessly pulled my top completely off allowing my big boobs to bounce wildly unrestrained.

“Oh yea!” T.J. cheered.

They were completely under my spell as my fingers went to unfasten my jeans.

Seductively I opened the blue denim jeans and tugged them down over my wide hips allowing them the first peek as my black thong.

I continued to dance in only my thong giving them opportunity to study the movement of my bare hips and jiggling of my bare breasts as Proud Mary approached New Orleans.

I flung my thong to Fisher as the music abruptly ended.

My next dance was slow and sensuous to the chords of “Sea of Love. I gyrated my hips for the guys thrusting my shaven pussy at the in an exaggerated initiation of fucking.

I cupped my bare breasts, squeezed them, and offered them in temptation to my mesmerized audience.

It was too much for them to resist and Fisher took me first.

He took me on one of the couches. Having no doubt bonked an endless bevy of students he was a skilled lover and his hard meat slid into me in one smooth stroke. In seconds I was full of cock and being fucked.

In the unwritten code of Mustang House T.J. and Rob did not intervene, just sat there and watched Fisher bring me to an orgasm.

Feeling his obligation as a host Rob allowed T.J. to have his sister next. His black cock felt about a foot long and the diameter of my forearm as he stretched me beyond what Fisher’s cock had.

It felt so good with his powerful hips driving his huge cock into my ravaged pussy. I was secreting lubricant and with the cum Fisher had left in me T.J.’s cock made a soft squishing noise from the suction of his movement in me. T.J. was my second black lover and I was accustom the unique way his cock danced in me. My hips fell into sync with his as we went for the gusto.

A soft grunt and the warm sensation of cum flowing into me again signaled T.J.’s arrival to Cumsville. My back arched and my hips rose to meet him at the station.

I was dripping with the sperm of two bulls when Rob mounted me. It was homecoming time. My brother and I had been lovers since my first week at Western. For years we had wanted to fuck but had no opportunity under the close scrutiny at home. Now I was free to take his sperm any time I wished.

“Way to go Michelle.” Rob said as he slid into my sloppy cunt.

His cock wallowed in the messy cum soup his buddies had left in my caldron.

“You’re such a slut.” he grinned as he enjoyed his trashy little sister.

It was a slow leisurely fuck, as we both knew there would be many more times we would be joined sexually. I kissed my brother as the head of his cock soaked in the depths of my womb.

After bursa escort bayan that Friday I returned to Mustang House once or twice a week. One by one I eventually fucked every one of its occupants. Many nights I would stay over and serve as the slut for whoever didn’t have a date. I was soon well known as the “fuck mascot” of the Western Mustangs. Not even any of the cheerleaders had fucked the entire team.

With my reputation firmly established it came as no surprise when Professor Lawrence Gooding approached me to be his intern. It was not uncommon for professors to select freshmen as interns but they were usually of their discipline. Gooding was Geology and I was studying Sociology.

Gooding was a distinguisher educator holding a doctorate as well as several honorary degrees in his chosen field. It would be considered an honor to serve him.

At fifty-eight Gooding was estranged from is wife who lived in Florida. His closest relative was his thirty-five year old married daughter living in fashionable North York with her doctor husband. Gooding himself lived in an ancient brownstone a few blocks from campus.

Gooding had interviewed me in his faculty office and when I accepted his offer he invited me for dinner at his residence Friday evening to consummate the arrangement.

Wearing a pink party frock I took a cab to Gooding’s. I paid the driver and went up the walk to the big Oak door and hammered the iron knocker three times.

Gooding opened the door attire in a dinner jacket with a silk ascot around his neck.

“Come in Dear.” Gooding invited.

The dinner table was laid out with crisp white linen napkins and elegant silverware. A bottle of red wine was decanting on the table by a bouquet of white Pinocchio Chrysanthemums and Baby’s Breath.

Gooding pulled out my chair as I was seated and then his housekeeper brought in a tureen of a wild rice soup.

Gooding poured the wine and we enjoyed a very lovely meal while we exchanged information.

After the housekeeper served tea and cleared the table Gooding dismissed her for the night. Shortly after she came in to bid Gooding goodnight before retiring for the evening.

We adjourned to Gooding’s study where he offered me a drink from his well-stocked liquor cabinet. I took a Crown Royal with ginger and sat on the overstuffed dark red lather couch.

The dinner wine was already clouding my head and making me inappropriately giddy.

“I understand you enjoy making love Miss Greene?” Gooding asked.

“I like fucking professor.” I corrected him.

“Would you like me to fuck you?” Gooding retaliated.

His bedroom was furnished with antic Maple furniture. A large rough-hewn dressing table and matching chest of drawers with a huge four-poster bed dominating the center of the room. A silent escort bursa butler was in one corner holding Gooding’s suit ready for next day.

“You may use the washroom to get comfortable.” Gooding suggested.

I slipped into the en suite washroom while Gooding turned down the bed.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I brushed my hair before making my entrance. I was completely naked except for the single strand of pearls my mother had given me for my eighteenth birthday. Final sprits of Jon Patou’s “Joy” and I opened the door.

Gooding was waiting in the bed when I emerged nude from the bathroom. I went directly to the bed and threw the covers back.

There in the midst of a forest of pubic hair stood the towering Redwood of Gooding’s erection.

Snuggling in the bed beside his I took his member in my hand and guided it into my mouth. My lips closed around the trunk as my tongue explored its length.

Gooding moaned in delight as my tongue caressed the entire length of his shaft and swirled over the sensitive helmet. His hands were on the back of my head gently forcing his cock down my throat. Skillfully I deepthroat his entire cock until my lips were pressed against its hairy base.

One, two, three spurts of thick salty cum surged into my mouth. I held his precious jism on my tongue whilst I moved up to kiss him.

Our tongues intertwined in Gooding’s cum until it had all been ingested. His appetite have been stirred Gooding urged me to straddle his face with my hungry cunt.

The professor’s tongue went on a sensuous expedition into my cave of hidden treasures. Briefly I wondered how many young girls had felt this tongue in them?

Gooding quickly found my trigger and relentlessly tongue mauled my clitoris until my orgasm fed him what he desired.

As he smacked his lips on my maiden juice I moved my ass down to where his cock was waiting for service again.

I grabbed his hard on and guided it to my opening as I lowered my haunches onto him. He slid into my wetness with ease as I impaled myself on his love stick.

My pussy twitched as I contracted around his cock gently squeezing it with the wall of my vagina.

“Oh yes!” I moaned as I rose up again, his cock pulling my vagina as if it were a tight fitting sock.

It was a leisurely fuck as my pendulous tits hung inches from his face. Playfully his lips snapped at my tempting nipples.

I rocked back and forth slowly as he moved in and out of me. My ass pressed my cunt down hard on his cock. My legs were spread wide on either side of him making me totally vulnerable to his attack.

I found a pace that would prolong Gooding’s presence inside of me and carefully avoided making him cum too soon.

“Oh God you are good!” he moaned as he caressed my back.

“I know!” I smiled.

I awoke with the sun streaming in the window and Gooding’s face buried in my crotch. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my first orgasm of the day.

University life is good. I think I may choose to become a “professional student”?

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