Hidden Desires

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Self Shot

I had not heard form my young lover for several days, my body ached to feel his touch…to feel the burning sensation of his kisses…to see the love and passion in his eyes as he looked into my face.

I wanted to be with him. I wanted to make love to him. I wanted to share myself, my heat, my passion, my inner most desire. I wanted him to feel the intense burning of me an older experienced woman…the woman who so desired and needed him.

I loved being with him. I loved sharing myself with him. I felt so free and alive to be with him. To be naughty to make love with such passion, feeling and lust…like I have never known or experienced in all my life. We connected not only as untamed lovers but also on other levels and this too was a part that I was missing since I had not heard from him.

Our worlds would be ripped apart if anyone ever found us out, yet we lost all sense of being when we were together. I became someone different. Someone that didn’t care who or what was around. I just wanted the touch and the energy that escaped his body as he took me for his own. I wanted to feel him inside me thrusting his mighty rod in and out of my body as he spilled pendik escort his seed into my vaginal walls. I wanted to feel his sweat pour from his body as he pleasured himself with my body. I wanted to hear his voice scream as he exploded with sheer enlightenment. I wanted the intensity we felt each time we made love.

The lovemaking in my own bedroom had declined to almost nothing, it became a wifely duty. My spouse no longer seemed interested in my pleasure only his own. The toys I used in pleasuring myself could only take care of so much of the hunger. I wanted the touch of skin the heat of a body the love of another. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right. I t had from the very beginning.

He lusted after older women. He loved sex, and the taboo of an older married woman excited him even more. He loved the power and control he had over me. The sense that he pleased me better and satisfied me more than my spouse accentuated and heightened his sexual prowess even more. He loved having his naughty little wife without the commitment. He loved the excitement of an older more experienced woman. I could feel his desire to devour me like a meal as he kissed maltepe escort me and held me.

I met him one day after talking to him several different times. He was handsome, sexy, virile, witty and ready to be my lover. He wanted to make me feel like a woman again. He was so persistent. I was very apprehensive, fighting all his advances. I argued every point. After much persuasion, my own human sexual desires overtook my mind and body. I was at his mercy. My inhibitions dropped as he crawled across the floor to me like a hungry animal…taking his hands and moving them up my legs and the sides of my body, sending shock waves up my spine. I felt the warmth increase between my thighs as wetness escaped from my vaginal lips. His kiss burned an impression on my lips. His tongue toyed with mine as his touch grazed a path on my body. I felt alive as I slipped into an intoxicated state. I was inebriated by him. He knew this and used it to his full advantage.

He spread my legs to expose my naked nub as the juice trickled out of its convent. He placed his mouth over the opening to catch the fluid as it escaped. I felt his tongue do a tango inside my cave as kartal escort he sucked on the nub…Oh the yearning burning moans escaped my moth as I slipped back and opened myself to him. I grabbed his face and held on to it as he pleasured me with his mouth. Oh I felt so vigorous. I had not experienced this sort of pleasure in a long time. I wanted more. I wanted him to feed on my juice I wanted to feel his manhood inside me. He moved slowly up my body with kisses and caresses. He pulled me to him as he slid his hard stiff dick slowly inside. He was big and hard and I could feel my cave engulf his cock as he thrust himself in and out of me. He kissed me hard as he let out moans of ecstacy and quickened his pace. He moved me to the floor in a doggie fashion. I was on fire. His cock felt so good buried deep inside me. I could hear him asking if I liked it as he thrust his rock hard dick in and out, I answered, “Oh God Yes.” This pleased him and I heard him moan as his grasp on my buttocks grew tighter he screamed out, “Oh God I’m coming,” I could feel his warm seed as it filled my cave. I arched my back and lifted my hips I wanted him deep inside me as far as he could go.

What exhilaration I felt. He held me and kissed me. I knew that I was hooked, addicted, and would not be able to resist another meeting. I already had thoughts in the back of my mind that I would be the one in control next time.

The end for now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32