Her Hudson Bay: Sinamar

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Derrick closed the last drawer in the Sleeper Plus cabin on the Winnipeg-Churchill train. The cabin had softer beds and more room to move than the last sleeper he was in, which was only a year ago. Still someone was missing. Madeline, the woman from Montana with the large and lovely ass. For the past year, Derrick had found that Floridian ladies, as well as the summer and Spring Break girls, could not matched Madeline.

Ever since he had been on the train northward last year, Derrick never got Madeline out of his mind. And her memory affected him deeply. So he was heading north again on this adventure to find her. Nevertheless, the chances of finding her were slim and he realized it. He was living a Hallmark movie of searching for lost romance. He had decided, if he didn’t find her in Churchill, then he would never see her again and he would have to consign her to his fantasies.

Travelling down the tracks, Derrick went to the train’s observation car and had a cup of hot coffee. He leaned back in his cushioned seat and let the heater warm his feet.

The train sped by stunted coniferous trees and muskeg as the Via Rail headed through Manitoba. These were the same stunted trees and sedge he had seen last year. This time, though, he swore they were waving back at him. He grinned, imagining that a few of them were offering a thumbs-up in his quest for Madeline.

He sipped the dark coffee and relaxed and let his mind drift. Often though, he had to curse away thoughts that would tell him he was stupid for all of this. These thoughts would warn him that, honestly, this trip was an absurd choice of his. His mind would even tease him about how insane his desire had made him.

He didn’t know if Madeline would be in Churchill. She may have gone back to Montana to a rancher’s life. On the other hand, she may have stayed. She may have stayed, yes, but then shacked up with, or fell in love with, another man. He might be a big outdoorsman with a thick beard and a disdain for tanned Floridian guys. But as reasonable as the rest of the senarios, she may still fantasize about him, like he fantasized about her. The possibility was there, small, yet he knew it was possible.

The lights flickered off in the observation car. The outage left he and the other passengers in only the last lights of the day. A moment later, the lights flicked on again. Derrick could only smile, remembering the last trip. The same flash of power caused all of these fantasies, romances, searches. This time though, the flicker was a wink for good luck.

“A refill, sir?” asked Sherrod, the steward of the car.

“Sure. It’s great coffee.”

“I can tell. Unless something else is making you smile as big as you are,” he replied, filling the cup.

“I am excited about this trip. Something good is about to happen,” he said.

“I hope your trip keeps getting better. Churchill’s a lovely place.”

“It is.”

Derrick let the images of last year play over in his mind.

Madeline had been brought to his cabin because of heating problems in the rear cars of the train. And when she arrived at the door, she wowed him, made him go gonzo. After some awkward time, they started to flirt subtly. He could now picture her confused expression when he told her she had the perfect ass.

“This old thing?” she had said and had grabbed a hunk of her butt and jiggled it. “I’ve had this since I was a little girl. Always been too big.”

At that moment he had responded to a woman like he had never expected of himself.

“I’d like to hear a slap on your ass and see it wiggle,” he had told her.

“Oh, you would, would you?”

The night then had flipped on him, and flipped his world for no less than a year afterward. She slid down her shorts, revealing the beige panties, and she leaned forward. “Here it is, slap it. One good one.”

Even now, Derrick felt a thickening of his dick as he thought about that smack.

Coming to real life, he warmed his hands on the mug and stared at the silhouette of the scenery. He called the steward over. “Could you add a shot of whiskey to my coffee?”

“Ah, good Canadian whiskey, surely,” he said. He brought back a new mug with hot coffee with a kick.

The coffee and whiskey together slid down his throat smoothly. And he too slid deeper into his seat and put up his feet. Its warmth allowed him to watch and remember easier.

That slap on Madeline’s ass was paid for with some time alone. A lot of time alone, in fact. He had sat in the an empty food car nibbling on a microwaveable hamburger and a stale donut. Finally he had decided he should not be the one stuck in a terrible car when he paid for the sleeper cabin. Not to mention, the food car had closed.

Then came the other most thrilling part. He came back to the cabin determined to take his place. When he came in, she rolled over. She had surprised Derrick.

“You’re awake?” he had asked.

“Yes, and waiting for you. Where have you been?”

That sealed everything. Her response was something else he could never forget. “Do you want something that I can give pendik escort you?” A deep and raunchy voice. “I’m willing, just come and get it.”

She had not hid what what was on her mind. Her comment sped his pulse and his cock stretched against his pants, straightening until it was erect.

He stepped toward Madeline, and her eyes darted down. “Looks like you’re excited to see me.”

“Glad I’m back.”

Derrick had walked to the bed, unbuckling his belt. Madeline undid his jeans. In the growing tense moment of titillation, his pants dropped and she pulled his underwear forward, releasing a hard dick.

She glanced up at him, grinning. She put his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. During her fellatio, Derrick felt her tongue lick around his penis’s head. She dragged the breadth of her tongue against the very tip. He grabbed her hair and pushed and pulled her head back and forth, guiding her. When he began rocking her with his strong hands, she released a muffled moan of a gagging pleasure. She had liked being manhandled.

Derrick felt a sudden warmth on his hand and the temperature on his crotch quickly rose to a burn. He wanted to stop the feeling by pulling his hand away but could not seem to do anything to relieve the sensation. “I’m going to cum!”

Then he woke to Sherrod and another woman hovering over him. They were busy abive him. He felt like a patient on an operating table.

“What’s going on?” Derrick asked, frantically.

“You spilled your coffee,” Sherrod said. He was dabbing up the coffee.

“Spilled your coffee on yourself,” the woman added, as she patted his hands with a cool, wet towel. “You seemed have had a wild dream.”

“A dream, where am I?” Derrick asked again.

“You’re still in the observation car, but you may want to go to your cabin and rest,” Sherrod suggested.

“Your shirt is stained and your lap is completely wet,” the woman said.

Derrick saw his khakis and his warm polo were ruined. “This is a mess. Sherrod, I apologize for this. I can’t believe—”

“No problem, sir. I will get it cleaned up,” he said.

“I owe you,” Derrick said.

Derrick shook his head to regain himself and shed the dream’s effects on him. For one, he needed to cover his wet lap and redirect attention away from his hardness. He felt extremely awkward when he realized this woman had been cleaning up his wet lap too with a hand towel.

“This is terrible, I am so embarrassed,” Derrick muttered. “I’ve got to leave, I’ve got to clean up, I’m sorry.”

He rushed from the car and walked through several passenger cars filled with people. He kept his hand blocking his wet lap and ruined shirt. He hoped that his clothes didn’t smell too much like coffee, or, more so, he hoped people didn’t think he had urinated on his pants.

After a seeming eternity, Derrick slipped into his sleeper car. He immediately shed his clothes and tossed his pants, shirt, underwear, all on the floor. He was naked but not burned. He was embarrassed. He shook his head thinking the dream was about Madeline and what they had done on this train.

He sat in his cabin, still nude, and began to his relief by laughing. Soon he was cracking up and slapping the armrests.

His laughter stopped abruptly when he heard a knock on the cabin door. He scrambled for clothes and not the wet ones. But assuming it was the conductor, he decided to wrap a rough towel around his waist. He held it with his right hand. Derrick slid open the door, but the conductor was not there. It was a woman in a fitted top with the Via Rail logo embossed on her blouse.

“Hi, sir, I wanted to return your—” She stopped speaking unexpectedly when she saw him in only a small towel. She coughed, “—to return your wrist watch. I took it off. I mean, I removed it when you spilled the coffee.” Derrick saw her eyes darting this way and that way, and every which way, to avoid dropping to the towel the hardly covered him.

She held up the watch with the tachymeter dial by its stainless steel band. She forced an awkward smile. “I tried to clean it as best as I could but I wanted to bring it to you right away.”

“It’s water-proof, I hope it’s coffee-proof.” Derrick tried to be humorous.

Derrick took the towel with his left hand and reached for the watch. However, he almost lost grip of the towel. He nabbed it at the very corners and in his squirming, he dropped the watch on the floor. He knelt down to get the watch, as did the attendant. They found each other eye to eye, and being so close they looked away.

She gasped, stood and backed up, bumping against the cabin door. Derrick realized the small towel had left him exposed.

“I am so sorry,” they apologized in unison.

Derrick retreated to the other side of the cabin. She stepped back again through the sliding door. She didn’t close it though.

Staring at the lovely woman, Derrick felt his face redden and a shot of warm embarrassment run from his back to the top of his head. The tension boiled over, and he started laughing while keeping a tight hold on the towel. She started maltepe escort giggling too, until they were both bowled over and cracking up.

Derrick got a hold of himself as his side hurt.

“What a crazy day,” he finally said. It was an audible exhausting of all his pent-up feelings. “I’ve done so much apologizing, but I’ve never introduced myself.”

She stepped forward and reached out her hand. “Sinamar. I’m an attendant on the train.”

Derrick switched hands holding the towel and shook her hand with his right. “Derrick. A traveler.”

Sinamar had black hair without a strand of curl. Her high cheeks were rosy and they emphasized her smile. What caught him was her eyes. They reminded him of the slim eyes of the lovely Cleopatra.

“Well,” she said awkwardly, “I hope all of this hasn’t ruined your trip.”

He saw her marble eyes dart down to his towel.

He knew this was the same once-chance moment, like the moment with Madeline. And he took the chance.

“What time do you get off?” He immediately realized what he had said.

She grinned but only answered Derrick’s intended question. “I have an hour break around midnight. That’s when things calm down.”

“I may, uh—” Derrick began and then questioned how she would react. “I may need some attention around that exact time tonight.” He tried to read her reaction.

She didn’t slap him or storm away, but she didn’t offer any recognizable response either. So he went further. “Where would I find you when the clock strikes midnight?”

“I usually take my break in the attendants dorm car in the back of the train.”

“I may take a walk later on,” Derrick said.

Sinamar nodded. “I hope your watch isn’t ruined.”

She slid the door closed and Derrick was left alone, in a towel, and wondering if midnight would come.

He remembered the face of Madeline. She was the reason he was here. He was searching for her. But in a moment, Sinamar had nabbed his attention. Yet, he didn’t know if he was going to ever find Madeline. She might have returned home or have shacked up with that outdoorsman as he had considered already. He thought of the possibilities with Sinamar and he recalled that the last time he had left Madeline alone and spent too much time in the food car while she waited. He decided he should not let a chance with Sinamar go to waste.

His watched worked, although it seemed to move slowly during those evening hours. Wasting time until midnight, he thought about roaming around, but he was unsure if he wanted to see, or run into, Sinamar before midnight, because it might be awkward. Rounding a corner to find her face to face, he wouldn’t know what to say to her. He felt like a middle-schooler with a crush on Sinamar.

Derrick forced himself to leave the train during short stops at several stations along the railway, so the cold air might refresh his body and take his mind off of midnight. The cold was enough to push him right back into the train though.

He sat in his cabin under a blanket. Soon he was asleep. Strangely Derrick found that he was slapping his dick against Madeline’s thick ass cheeks.

She glanced over her shoulder and whimpered, “In my ass, please?” The sensation of expectation in her voice was obvious. She then lifted her butt and spread apart her large ass cheeks. Her lovely pink asshole was puckered and her plump pussy lips were parted just enough to reveal the pinkness inside her slit.

He dropped a glob of spit into her crack, letting it slide down. He massaged his thumb against her asshole to loosen it. She sighed as he pushed in his thumb, and then her body throbbed as he moved his thumb in and out. Once relaxed, he aligned his cock and entered her slowly. She hissed at the sensation of the penetrator, which was much larger than his thumb.

“Oh fuck!” she wheezed and huffed in double time as he slid deeper.

The night went so well. Later, Derrick stepped off the train and chatted with the knowing conductor who had subtly convinced him about allowing a guest into his sleeper car, due to the power outage.

“Where are we?” Derrick asked.

“Arnot station. We’re getting some parts delivered to fix the heating problems. Hearing lots of complaints.” He assured Derrick that the train would be in working order again soon with heat for everyone.

Then the conductor asked, “Want to give up your companion?” He nodded toward the cabin window.

Derrick turned toward the conductor’s nod. He knew Madeline was asleep but he saw that she was pressed against the glass in full view. Two large ass cheeks and a deep, dark crevice between them.

“Not a chance,” he said.

The conductor laughed and agreed. “I would never give up that cabinmate either.”

Derrick headed back into the train after the chat but could not get into the cabin. The door wouldn’t open. He rattled the door and kicked it. Madeline was in there and probably ready for another go-round with his dick.

Then he woke to find himself in his cabin. Alone.

“These dreams, what is going on in my mind?” He kartal escort splashed water on his face to fully wake himself.

He checked his watch. 11:50. He brushed his teeth, decided his dark slacks and a long-sleeve shirt looked nice enough, since he hoped to shed them quickly. Checking himself once more in the shiny, steel mirror, he took in a deep breath.

“Sinamar, here I … I’ll be there in a couple of minutes,” he mumbled. He reassured himself and stepped out of the cabin.

He ambled down the aisles of seats and from car to car, burning those last 10 minutes. No one was talking and most train cars were dark, except for a few dim overhead lights from late-night readers. Probably reading erotica, he thought as he tried to shove off some pressure of not knowing how Sinamar would react to him.

Finally he came to the Attendant Car. A label on the door noted that the car was private and not for passengers. He knocked. He waited. He knocked again. He waited. He knocked once more, harder. Then he felt thin arms snake around his waist.

“So, your watch is coffee-proof,” Sinamar said with her light voice.

He turned to her. “Must have, but I could only really tell if I checked the watch’s time by you and your time off.” He immediately cursing himself for such as dumb comment.

“You want to check your time by the time I get off?”

He checked his watch. “What time do you get off?”

“Off of work at midnight. I have another appointment around 12:30. Set your watch by it.”

“That gives us thirty minutes.”

Sinamar reached around him to unlock the door, then pushed him in.

She took down her hair and undid the top two buttons of her work blouse.

Unstrapping her narrow black belt, she asked, “So everything’s okay with you after your wet dream this afternoon?”

Derrick sat there engrossed by the woman who moved so simply yet bewitchingly.

Returning to real life, he answered. “There is one problem. I can’t get one thing out of my mind, and I think you put it there.”

“Oh, what is that?” She ran her fingers through her hair and flung the locks over her shoulders. Derrick saw her long lovely neck and earlobes studded with diamonds.

Derrick gazed at her as she loosened three more buttons to make her bra slightly visible against her warm beige skin. She put her hands on her hips. “Are the attendants not exceeding your expectations?”

“One isn’t.”

“Should I complain to the conductor?” Sinamar reached behind her back and Derrick heard the slow unzipping of her skirt. “Or should I handle the complaint myself?” The skirt relaxed from being so tight around her curves. Then, her skirt dropped to her black pumps.

Derrick gulped. “You can handle it your—”

Sinamar put her hand on his chest and pushed him back on the small bed. She tugged his pants loose. And in the flurry he pulled off his shirt. They kissed lustfully, releasing the buildup to this moment. Her hands ran through his hair, his hands rubbed down her back until they slid into her small panties and gripped her around ass cheeks. Her hands scratched down his back, making him contort and remove his squeezing hands.

She looked down at him. “Some customers expect too much from the attendants but there is only so much we can do.”

She stood up, unbuttoned her blouse. She revealed a toned torso, which was highlighted by an oval navel.

“And the conductor says it’s our job to make the customer happy.”

Derrick tried to think of something witty to say, as he ogled the woman who wore only the necessities. Nothing came to mind.

“So this is how we do it,” she said. She unclasped her bra and showed her small tits spiked with large, dark nipples.

She knelt down to level her face with the stiffness in his boxer shorts. The palm of her hand, highlighted with red fingernails, rubbed it, causing his chest immediately to heave. She kept her phoenix eyes staring deep into Derrick mind. Her message was two-fold. She wanted permission while also declaring she had power over him.

He pulled off his boxers, and he saw Sinamar pleasantly surprised when her eyebrows arched. She grabbed the shaft tightly and kissed the tip of the dick. Then she let her tongue draw a path of wetness around its head and then down its length.

Derrick’s legs tense up and his head fell back to the bed. Sinamar licked down until she was tickling his balls with her tongue.

Derrick whispered her name. “Sinamar.”

She stopped and kissed up his body to his mouth. They again began their hot and heavy petting.

Catching his breath, Derrick said, “Some customers really appreciate hard-working attendants and they like to show their appreciation for that exceptional work.”

Derrick tossed her onto her back. He pulled down her panties. He noticed a dark wet spot from her sexual excitement. Revealed was a soft shadow of black hair above a narrow pussy. He slid his fingers over her pussy and then into her.

Off the bed, he knelt down and put his mouth over her puffy pussy. He glossed his wide tongue against her outer lips and then, with his fingers, spread her obscured inner lips to expose her bright pinkness. He ran his tongue from the lowest place to the clit at her pussy’s peek. He then drove his tongue deep, imitating what he planned to do a little later.

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