Her Birthday

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Sitting in a fancy restaurant with her husband, she celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday. He had kept her in suspense for weeks about what was planned. Her questions were parried skillfully or outright ignored. Her friends had been no help. Her frustration grew as the day came closer. She had made clear that she was hoping for a special day full of surprises. She had hoped her birthday might provide an opportunity to rekindle their relationship. The kids, jobs and daily stresses had combined to leave them harried and tired. On the rare occasion they were together, the need for sleep often won out over their desire for each other.

When the flowers arrived at the office in the morning with a note telling her that the baby sitter was staying all night with the kids and a room at the Four Seasons hotel downtown had been reserved, her heart jumped with joy. She left work at exactly 5:00 and headed for the hotel. The note had told her that all arrangements for the night had been prepared and she was to relax and enjoy. The bellboy had shown her to her room. As he opened the door, she was surprised to see that he had reserved a small suite.

The bellboy showed her all of the features available in the room, asked if she had any questions, and had left with a smile and five dollars as she closed the door. She had immediately noticed the card with her name on it sitting on the credenza near the door. She removed the card from the envelope and read the message. The note told her to enjoy a bath and be ready for dinner at 7:00. During her bath she tried to guess what her husband had planned. Between the supplies provided by the hotel and what her husband had packed, she had everything she needed. She had carefully washed herself, and then shaved her legs and trimmed her private areas. She carefully toweled off and then applied lotion to her skin. She had agonized over what clothes to wear and how to wear her hair. She hurried to be ready at the appointed hour. Her husband had been prompt and she finished her preparations just in time. His wolf whistle when her saw her in her little black dress told her she had selected the proper outfit.

She knew she was still attractive to men and her daily exercises had delayed the inevitable deterioration of age. Now if she could just rejuvenate her husbands’ passion, she knew her life would be wonderful. With her hair up, she felt elegant and sophisticated. He held her hand as they descended into the lobby of the hotel and walked towards the restaurant. Upon arriving, her husband had ordered an expensive bottle of champagne. His actions reminded her of the excitement and anticipation they had experienced when they dated. Their private booth had heightened an atmosphere of intimacy.

The candlelight, champagne and attention her husband had lavished on her made her feel special. They had held hands as they drank the champagne. The oysters and caviar they had shared as appetizers were delicious. She marveled at the sure way her husband had taken control. Through the meal and into dessert he flirted with her. At first, it was a longing glance, then holding hands, a casual brush of her cheek and neck. When his toes had touched her calves and traced their way up her thigh, she shivered at the thought of his surprise when he realized she had decided not to wear any lingerie.

As the waiter delivered their coffee and after dinner drinks, she watched as her husband slid around the table to sit directly by her side. She watched as her husband reached into his jacket and removed an envelope. He handed it to her. She removed the card from the envelope. She opened the card and read the message. At the bottom of the card the note said that there was another surprise waiting for her back at the hotel. In order to receive her surprise, she had to immediately go to the bedroom undress and put on what she found on the pillow. When she looked up at him, he smiled wickedly back at her. A hundred questions raced through her mind.

She looked at him and he said, “ Are you ready? I will get the check.” He paid the waiter and then helped her out of her seat. His arm moved onto her shoulder as they headed out of the restaurant. They waited together for an elevator. When one arrived, they entered alone. He took her in his arms and gently kissed her. His kisses became more demanding as the elevator rose to their floor. They walked hand in hand to the door. As he opened the door, she started to ask him a question. In response, he put a finger on her lips and told her to go get ready for her surprise.

She obediently left him and entered the bedroom. Her eyes went to the pillow she saw a black felt piece of material. She walked over, picked it up, and realized it was a blindfold. A shiver ran down her spine and to her crotch as understanding dawned on her. She slowly removed the dress. She pulled down the comforter and sheets and lay on the bed. She obediently pendik escort covered her eyes with the blindfold. She heard her husband enter the room and then the bed move as he moved next to her. As his hand encircled her breast, she smelled his scent as he nibbled her ear. He continued to gently caress her. Without the sense of sight, she noticed her other senses were far more acute. When his hands moved between her legs, he found her moist and ready. As his thumb found her swollen clitoris and gently began to rub it, she felt her back arch in response.

His knowing touch continued to arouse her. As his mouth covered hers, he slid a finger into her. His tongue blocked her moan. She eagerly responded with her tongue. Just as she needed to break their kiss to catch her breath, he moved his mouth away and began to trace his tongue around her lips, to her chin, along her neck. At various points, he stopped and teasingly ran his tongue against her skin. She reveled in the passion he was kindling in her. His tongue finally reached her breast. As his tongue circled her erect nipple, she felt his fingers speed up their rhythm in her pussy. Each feathery touch of his thumb sent bolts of pleasure throughout her body. She continued to speed towards a delicious climax. Her husband continued to run his tongue around her breast, occasionally stopping to suck her hard nipples for a brief instant before continuing. The sensation of the cool air-conditioned air against her hardened nipples caused her to shiver.

Finally, she felt him move as his tongue continued its journey, leaving her breasts and slowly moving down towards her stomach. She wondered briefly if she could delay her orgasm until his tongue reached her pussy. She realized she was not going to make it as the waves of pleasure started to increase in frequency. Her hips began their dance of passion as his caresses drove her towards relief. A moan escaped her lips as her orgasm began. He continued to caress her as her orgasm continued, finally stopping. As she basked in the glow of post-orgasmic bliss, she felt her husband move away. She listened as she heard a drawer open and then close. He returned to her and lifted her arms above her head as he whispered in her ear how sexy she was.

She felt silk against her wrists. She felt the silk tighten around her wrists as he moved up in the bed. She asked him what he was doing, and he responded she was ready for a new surprise. She felt the tugs on her wrist as he knotted the silk and her wrists tightly to the headboard. His fingers trailed down from her wrists, tickling her inner arms. He whispered to her that he would be right back and she listened attentively as he walked away from the bed. She heard a door open and close and wondered where he had gone.

Moments later she heard him return. She strained her senses, wondering what he would do next. She didn’t have to wonder for long as she felt a stinging, icy feeling on her breast as she felt him slide an ice cube around her breast. Her cry of surprise pierced the quiet room. She heard him chuckle as he continued to circle her breast. As the ice touched her areola, she felt her nipple immediately harden. As the ice touched her nipple, she tensed her body against the cold. After rubbing her nipple with the ice, he finally removed it from her breast. She felt him move and then felt his breath on her nipple just before his tongue touched it. As his lips began to nipple and warm her breast, she waited anxiously for what was to come.

She was unable to move much since her hands were tightly bound. As he gently bit on her nipple, she felt the ice cube begin to circle her other breast. Almost immediately, her other nipple hardened. As she waited and anticipated the cold wet ice cube reaching her hard nipple, she also felt moisture between her legs. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs open as she felt a drop of her juice run down from her pussy to her ass and then onto the bed. As her husband shifted his mouth to her other nipple, she felt the ice cube move down towards her stomach. She gasped as she felt the cold touch her sensitive stomach.

She felt her husband once again shift his weight. As he moved between her parted thighs, the ice cube reached her navel. Her husband left it there to melt. She jumped as she felt a new ice cube touch the inside of her knee and then again as another joined it on her other knee. As the ice cubes slowly made their way up her thighs towards her pussy, her husband pushed her thighs further apart. Almost before she was ready, one of the ice cubes was inserted into her pussy as the other was placed directly on the hood of her clit. She convulsed at the feel of the ice against her sensitive areas. As she bucked against the cold, her husbands’ lips surrounded the ice cube on her clit as he sucked the ice and her clit into his hot mouth.

Her clit had never felt so sensitive as she felt his maltepe escort tongue touch her clit for the first time. She moaned loudly. As his tongue began to work on her clit, the melting ice cube was streaming out of her pussy wetting the bed beneath her ass. Her hips thrust up off the bed in response to his tongue and as she began to gyrate her hips, she felt his finger begin to circle her wet anal area. She felt his finger running through the moisture escaping her pussy and then aligning itself at her opening.

She felt the pressure as he pushed it into her ass forcing her hips up and pushing her clit harder against his tongue. The combination of sensations pushed her over the edge. With a grunt and a final thrust of her hips, she felt herself begin another orgasm. As she felt his finger slide fully into her ass, she heard herself moaning uncontrollably. Her orgasm was strong and she bucked as wave after wave washed over her until finally receding as she collapsed back onto the bed.

She barely noticed her husband removing his finger from inside her and then moving up to lie next to her on the bed. Her senses were overloaded as she felt herself slipping into a satisfied sense of drowsiness. Her husband whispered in her ear how much he loved her and told her to rest for a few minutes before he gave her the next surprise. Her last conscious thought before falling asleep was to wonder what was next for her.

It seemed like only a few minutes had passed; she became conscious of the feel of lips gliding along her neck. As she regained consciousness, she realized that her wrists were still bound and her eyes were still covered. Realization slowly returned to her as kisses moved from her neck towards her breasts. She murmured softly to her husband asking how long she had slept, but there was no answer. He moved to her breasts and licked and sucked them back to an aroused state. She asked him again how long she had slept. He answered by gliding his tongue down her sensitive side.

Realizing that she was not going to get an answer, she relaxed as her body responded to the insistent caresses of his tongue. He nipped gently the sensitive skin at the top of her thighs and then again on the spongy area directly above her slit. As his tongue began to slide down between the folds of her pussy, she eagerly spread her legs open wide to allow him the room he needed. She felt his tongue linger around her opening before thrusting into her. He had never done that before and it felt good. He began to thrust his tongue in and out of her opening, and she could feel his lips rubbing her. As his tongue thrust into her, she felt herself respond as her pussy began to lubricate. She enjoyed his new approach as his tongue continued to thrust into her. She lifted her hips off the bed that allowed his tongue to slide further into her. After several minutes of this, he removed his face from her. She felt the bed shift and then the sensation of his penis sliding along her pussy. He felt large and fully erect and she told him how wonderful it felt.

After a moment, she felt him shift and then felt the head of his penis touch the folds around her opening. As she moved her hips to align herself, she again thought how big he felt. She felt the head pass her outer lips and enter her. He felt really big and she tried to relax herself as he slowly began thrusting into her. As he continued to thrust, realization dawned on her that something was different. She felt him lift her knees up and hold them in his hands. His thrusts continued to go deeper as his penis lubricated from her juices. She realized that he was deeper than ever before.

She told him how large he was and asked him to slow down as she continued to adjust to him, but he continued to feed her pussy with deeper strokes. He spread her legs open further, causing her vaginal muscles to contract around him. She felt him touch every sensitive spot as he continued to thrust into her. It felt so good. She spread her legs as far as they could go and cocked her hips further. He continued to stroke into her. She reached up and put her hands on his chest. With a start, she realized something wasn’t right. This was not her husband’s chest. She called out to her husband. He replied everything was all right.

She her husband’s voice had come from further away. Her confusion peaked, she realized her husband’s voice had come from the corner of the room. Her suspicions were confirmed. There was another man inside her. Her body tensed as she shakily asked her husband what was going on. She felt time slow down as she waited for a response. Finally, she heard her husband move closer to the bed. He asked her if she was ready for her surprise. She asked him again to tell her what was going on. Her husband replied that he had another surprise for her. He asked her if she would like to see her surprise. Once again she had a thousand questions kartal escort that she wanted to ask but chose to ask none. Her husband asked again if she was ready for her surprise. She responded, “Yes”.

She felt hands touch her head and then the blindfold was removed. She looked up into the smiling face of her best friend’s husband. She turned to look at her husband for an explanation. He told her that he had asked her friend for some advice and she had suggested this surprise. She knew from their conversations that her sex life was not great and was in need of a jump start. He told her that he knew that she wondered about what it would be like to have sex with another man and that her friend had shared some of the girl talk they had shared together, as women tend to do. She knew immediately that her husband had heard about how incredulous she had been when her friend told her stories of the great sex she was having and how size DID make a difference. She also knew that her friend would have told her that they were swingers and that her husband would love to have the chance to sleep with her. She felt a wave of love towards her husband for his willingness to do this. Never in wildest dreams did she imagine he would even consider this.

She looked back to her husband and asked him if he was OK with all this. He replied by giving her a kiss and telling her to enjoy herself. As she watched her husband walk away, she turned her attention back to her new lover. He had stopped while all of the conversations had occurred, but she could tell he wanted to resume. With a nod of her head, and a tentative smile, she relaxed her muscles and decided to go with the flow. She looked down and saw that there was still a fair amount of him still outside her. She looked back up and told him to take it slow. He replied that he most certainly would.

He slowly slid out and then thrust back into her. After a few gentle strokes, she felt herself responding and the friction began to slowly evolve into pleasure. He also sensed the change and began to increase the depth of his thrusts. He continued to stretch her with his size. She looked down again and still saw there was more to come. She wondered aloud if she would be able to accept all of him. He responded that it would fit just fine. Finally, she felt his pelvis touch her on a thrust. She was filled beyond any previous time. It was not only his length but also the girth. Each stroke rubbed her clit and g-spot. Her passion grew and she felt herself returning his thrusts. Although she had never imaging having an orgasm from intercourse, she realized that she was heading towards her first. She reached up and cupped her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples between her fingers. She looked up at him and saw him watching her intently.

He smiled as he continued thrusting and she could only moan in response. Each thrust pushed her closer to release. Her nipples hardened under her caresses and with a final moan, she felt her orgasm begin. With each stroke, she felt a new wave of pleasure course through her body. As the waves of pleasure began to recede, she felt him pull her legs up onto his shoulders. This caused him to thrust more deeply into her. Her sensitive clitoris was now rebelling against the continued contact. Her orgasm had further lubricated her channel and she felt him speed up her thrusts. She marveled at his control. She looked up at this face and saw that he was still looking at her. He mouthed to her how great it felt as he continued to thrust into her.

Slowly, the irritation of her clit lessened as his continued thrusts began to once again drive her passion. She doubted whether she had the energy to climax again but realized that her lover still had not peaked himself. She reached up and began to caress his tiny nipples, working to arouse him. His nipples began to harden under her caresses and she watched his eyes close. She felt his penis harden and grow within her. As her hips once again began to thrust up to receive his penis, she realized that she was heading towards another climax. This one came unbidden and surprised her. As her orgasm began, she felt her muscles begin to milk his penis and cause him to swell further. With a final thrust, he began to come deep inside her. Even in the middle of her orgasm, she could clearly feel his penis ejaculating inside her. He collapsed onto her as they began to recover. He withdrew from her and moved off her.

She heard her husband move towards the bed. He told her how arousing it had been to watch her make love with another man. She could see the obvious sign of his arousal by the tent in his pants. She could only respond by nodding her head. She was so relaxed and satisfied that she couldn’t even move. Her husband bent over and gave her a gentle kiss and told her he would be back in a few minutes. As her husband and new lover left, they covered her with the sheet. As she continued to feel the continued throb of satisfaction women feel after good sex, she had to conclude that her husband had indeed managed to deliver more than she could ask. She decided she would give him a special thank you when he returned.

To Be Continued…

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