Hello Honey, I’m Home

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Big Tits

I walk into the house so glad to see you. I need to download. I need you to hear all about my latest great idea and the crazy shit I’ve had to deal with in the hours since I last saw you. You graciously oblige me. In fact, I think the words you used were, “Tell me everything.” I should have known that something was up, but I continue on blindly, sharing with you the details of my day. The she said, she said of it all. And you’re patiently listening, your eyes so kind and understanding, your smile warm and welcoming even if a little amused. I carry on with my tale, completely unaware that you have taken my purse from my hand and set it down, taken my scarf and laid it on my purse. I only slightly take notice of the kiss you gently pressed onto my lips. The nuzzle and peck you steal from my neck pass almost completely without appreciation. As I proceed with my story you follow me into the kitchen, nodding and listening as you pour us both a drink. You hand mine to me with a bemused smile.

The details of my idea pour out of my mouth a million miles a minute until you move in and stop my words with your lips. Your tongue pulls the sounds from me, your mouth taking them and swallowing them whole. Your teasing and tasting stops me only temporarily because I have to tell you before I forget, all about the research I’ve started to support my idea. You slowly and patiently move in behind me, rubbing my shoulders. You press yourself against me and I feel your hands slide down my hips, slowly going further until your strong fingers are rubbing the folds of my crease, cupping my sex. You press hard with the tip of your fingers, encircling me, finally bringing me out of my head. As if my eyes are suddenly uncrossed and my vision restored, I stop mid-sentence and my head falls back against your chest. I breathe deep, and am all at once fully aware of your intentions. And I find myself so aroused I’m quivering, as if my body was with ataşehir escort bayan you all along even if my mind was completely disconnected. Your persistence and petting has my pussy so slick and throbbing you can feel the warmth and the wetness, waiting for more of your attentions. My mouth finds yours and our bodies collide, pressed against each other we stroke and grope, our hands pulling the other closer still.

The urge to feel you overwhelms me and I slide my hand inside your pants to feel the heat of you, to free you from your bindings, release you to me. My need to have your succulent and beautiful rock hard penis in my hand takes over my every thought. My fingers lightly slide the length of you, then wrap around you holding on firmly, assessing your intensity, plugging into your throbbing energy. My mouth waters at the sight of your erection nearly bursting out of your trousers, and when I kneel down at your feet and move in closer the scent of you has me needing your body on my clit and my mouth tasting you.

I lead you out to the living room where we set our drinks down, eyes watching each other while we remove our clothing piece by piece on the rug in front of the fireplace. Once my skin is bare you turn on me, grabbing me up and kissing me deeply, quickly moving down my body to my throbbing clit. You push me to the rug, spreading me as you kneel, moving in to lick my swollen lips up and down, over and over. My hand reaches out to find you, slides over you, fondling your balls and pulling you to me, up to my mouth, it wants to take you in. You move into position above me and my mouth finds you, tasting you with my tongue and caressing you with my lips, You lower yourself onto me and hold there, letting me lick and suck you, letting me nuzzle into your creases and bite and nibble. And then you slowly move your cock into my waiting mouth, my tongue sliding the length of you. My escort kadıköy wet mouth, intoxicated by the taste of you, wants more. It sucks you, kisses and rubs you, bringing you into me so I can feel your arousal and taste your oozing cum.

And your mouth continues greedily sucking my wet swollen lips and clit. You spread me, fingers seeking my soft spots, expertly pulling every nuance of pleasure from me, showing me parts of myself I’ve never known could feel this good. You caress and push, lick and mouth me until I’m involuntarily pressing my hips up to meet your pressure, grinding into you, hoping you don’t mind but unable to stop even if you did. I’ve been sucking your balls into my mouth, tracing your delicate folds with my tongue, stroking you with my hand. Your smell has me pulling on your ass, pressing you into me, wanting to have all of you. I slide my tongue up your shaft and the taste of your first drops of cum makes me greedily suck you, taking all I can get as I swirl my tongue around your firm head.

You have me so turned on I’m yours entirely and my body is tuned to your every touch. You finger me, harder and harder, until my cum is all over your hand, the sounds of my slickness adding to our moans and panted breaths. Your hand is inside me, pulling at me, bringing me hard against your mouth and I’m begging for your hard cock. You won’t let me, instead you continue your assault with your tongue until I’m bucking against your mouth, my back arched, my hand furiously stroking your cock. I’m cuming in your mouth, your tongue licking me, sucking every drop and slowly stroking my clit into submission. Even as all these pleasurable waves take over me, even as I cum, I can feel my muscles throbbing for your cock and I can’t wait to feel you inside me.

As if you’ve read my mind, you swing around, turning me over as you do and pull my hips up to meet you. I spread myself giving you access, maltepe escort pushing back into you as I feel you press against me. You tease me, sliding the head of your cock up and down the length of my opening, pressing into my clit and sliding up again, denying me with each torturous stroke. I can’t take it, I’m desperately begging you to fuck me. Moaning, I slide my hand back and attempt to guide you to me, begging to feel you at last. You give in, and slide a few inches of your throbbing cock inside my wetness. My relief is instantaneous, my breath catches and my hips press back instinctively for more. Taking my hips now in your hands you pull me and slowly push deeper, thrusting and grinding for every bit of me you can feel. I can’t breathe, I just lay there suspended, deliciously stretched and filled by you as you move inside me.

Our fit is incredible and I can feel your arousal, it has me so on edge. The energy you give to me feels so intense, each slow, deliberate thrust building on the last. You take your time, relishing every feeling, slowly pressing your shaft fully inside me until I’m begging you to please fuck me, to please give me what I desperately need. You increase your speed and now your balls are slapping against my clit, your cock grinding deep, pounding all that beautiful energy into me. My hands are on my clit, on my nipples, and I’m gone, my orgasm taking over me, my hips rocking uncontrollably back into you as I writhe and moan. You continue your hard pounding, fucking me properly until my body goes limp, until I’m moving with your thrusts. Then you grab my hips and force me down onto you, impaling me with your engorged cock, on the verge of exploding inside me. I love the sound of your moans, the ecstasy as you cum. Shooting yourself deep inside me, pulsing over and over, our slickness combines, surrounding you, your sexy voice is a growl now, telling me it feels so good. Minutes pass with you deep inside me and you moan with each throbbing wave that crashes. And then you collapse onto me, elated and spent, both of us completely satisfied, sighing and giggling. I smile and thank you, tell you I’m so glad you listen between the lines and interrupt me when I need it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32