Hearts Desire

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I had been eyeing him all night. He sat with several of his male friends at a table across the room. Our eyes met as soon as I walked into the bar. I was there for a girl’s night out, meeting a few of my girlfriends from chorus. I was horny. Really horny. But I was there with my friends and not there to pick up guys. Bummer I thought to myself as I squirmed on my chair, my short black skirt revealing a bit more thigh as I did. I went to pull it back down when my eyes locked with my handsome sexy stranger across the room. He smiled at me, making my heart melt. As I tugged at the hem of my skirt, he winked at me. I smiled back at him and reluctantly turned my attention back to my friends.

It was my round and there was no waitress in sight, so I went to the bar to place my order. I felt him, without actually seeing him. My clit began to throb. He appeared at my side, also placing an order.

I looked at him and shyly said “Hi!”

He smiled back, revealing a beautiful smile, one that was so very sexy. He was better looking up close I decided. Gorgeous green eyes. Nice teeth. A ataşehir escort few sexy wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. Taller than I. Well built.

He said “Hi,” back and said something about the music. We got to talking and exchanged names. It turned out that we were both out for “friend’s” night out. He asked me if I wanted to be bold and sneak out early and join him for a quiet drink somewhere. I had to decline his offer as I was with a friend and was going back to her place for the night. But, said that I would love to take a rain check. We exchanged email addresses, talked for a bit longer and went back to our tables.

Our eyes kept bumping into each other all night. At one point, I got up to go to the washroom and when I came back out, he was there. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms and began to kiss me. I almost died right there on the spot. His lips were pliant and ohh so sexy. Our tongues danced and teased.

He whispered in my ear, “You have been been driving me crazy all night.”

I whispered back, “You have been making me very kadıköy escort bayan horny!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the woman’s washroom and locked the door behind us.

I giggled and asked “What is everyone going to think when we both walk out of here together?”

He replied, “Who cares!”

I wholeheartedly agreed! We kissed again, hands sliding all over each other. His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his hard cock through his pants. Hmmmm I thought, he’s well built everywhere! My hands slid to his rigid cock, feeling the outline.

“Mmmmmmmm”, I moaned, “Let’s see what we have here!” as I slid to my knees and tugged at his zipper. His cock sprang out with a drop of pre cumm glistening at the tip. My tongue snaked out to taste. Yummy!! He groaned and ran his hands through my hair. I cupped his balls with one hand and slid my fingertip down the full length of his twitching cock. He was rock hard. What a beautiful cock lay in my hands! I slid my tongue up the length of his cock. He moaned. My tongue playing escort maltepe with the sensitive spot, applying a bit of pressure. He moaned for me to take him in my mouth. I obliged, taking him deep into my throat in one swift gulp. My nose was buried in his pubic bone and I thought he was going to shoot right there. His cry was one of total surprise. I began to swallow around the root of his cock and he began bucking against my face. I could feel his hot sperm shooting against the back of my throat, over and over again. I finally had to come up for air and reluctantly relinquished his still hard cock. The look on his face was priceless.

He gasped, “No one has ever deep throated me like that before and what the hell did you do with your throat??”

I laughed and teasingly said ,”It’s my secret weapon!”

He just shook his head in amazement and said, “That was fucking amazing!”

I licked him clean, kissed the head of his cock and tucked him back into his pants. “I’d love to show you more,” I said.

We made a date for the next night. He took me into his arms and kissed me and whispered, “I owe you one!”

I asked him, “Can I could collect it tomorrow night?”

“Anything your heart desires!” he answered.

And well, my heart, along with a few other body parts, desired lots! And I’ll tell you what it collected another time!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32