Hear No Evil Ch. 01

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Dan and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. He’d married Lydia right after high school when she was just eighteen and he was only nineteen. They’d made it their mission to introduce me to all the single women they knew but I’d remained single all these years in spite of Dan and Lydia’s best efforts to see me married off.

I didn’t think I was ugly but I was no Adonis in those days. My hair was already thinning and I still sported a bushy mustache but no beard. I wasn’t a slob; I could still look straight down and see my belt buckle and my toes but I didn’t have sixpack abs or anything like that.

In the days before cell phones and ubiquitous computers Lydia introduced me to Becky at a party. I was almost thirty and she had just turned twenty. We got along really well and spent most of that first evening sitting by ourselves and getting to know one another. Communication was a bit difficult and slow as I didn’t speak a word of her language and she was hard to understand when she attempted to speak mine.

You see, Becky was born profoundly deaf and had never actually heard speech. She’d had plenty of speech therapy in school but, it was difficult for her to imitate something she’d never heard. So, like most deaf people, Becky relied primarily on sign language. Since I didn’t know any sign language at all, we spent the evening passing a notebook and pencil back and forth.

Becky was dressed conservatively for the party, in a plain, stand-collar blouse that was buttoned around her long, thin neck. Her blouse was tucked into a pair of high-waisted blue jeans and she wore blue canvas flats with no socks. As much as her outfit concealed, there was no denying this woman’s beauty and lovely figure.

Becky was, to my eye, absolutely beautiful. She was fairly tall at about 5’10” and very slim. She styled her bangs but left the rest of her long blond hair loose to the middle of her back. She had smallish boobs and a flat, tight tummy. She had beautiful girlish hips with a narrow butt that was firm and rounded and tight and hard and… I could go on all day about her butt but I think you get the point. Some men are ‘breast men’ while others are ‘leg men;’ I’m an ‘ass man’ and Becky had a beautiful ass that made walking behind her a real pleasure.

Becky sat in a window seat at the party and drank her beer very slowly and had refused a second when it was offered. I discovered, as we penciled notes back and forth that she was sharp witted, smart and funny.

“Do you enjoy going to movies?”

“Sometimes. There’s a theatre downtown that plays movies with ‘open captions.'”

“Would you like to go sometime?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes. I guess I am.”

“They’re playing ‘Back to the Future’ on Friday.”

“OK, then. It’s a date. Can I take you to dinner before the movie?”

“The movie is at 3:00 in the afternoon. Let’s have dinner after.”

“That works too. Shall I pick you up at 2:00PM?”

“Yes, please.” She handed the notepad back to me with an angelic smile.

I owned a small shop at the time so a Friday afternoon date was easy to arrange. I started on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning I’d gotten all my inventory recorded and my accounting work done for the week. I left the store manager in charge and set off to Becky’s place.

I arrived at her apartment door at precisely 2:00PM and was about to knock when I realized the futility of that custom. I pressed the lighted doorbell button but heard no chime from inside the apartment; nevertheless, Becky came to the door within thirty seconds and greeted me warmly.

I stopped before entering the apartment and with gestures, asked how she’d known I was at the door. She reached out to press the doorbell button and I saw that it triggered a bright, white strobe light in the hallway of her apartment that could be seen throughout the small apartment. I gave her an exaggerated look of astonishment and she taught me the sign for “Wow!”

That’s how it began. She taught me more sign language every time we were together. She gave me a laminated card that was printed with the manual alphabet and quickly taught me how to ‘fingerspell’ so that we could, if somewhat slowly, communicate without the aid of pencil and paper.

I had kissed her goodnight after our first movie and dinner date and by the fifth date we were sitting in my car after pulling up to her apartment building and making out like a couple of teenagers. I always insisted on walking her to the door after our dates. On this, our fifth date, she opened her door and turned to kiss me again. We kissed as deeply and passionately outside her apartment door as we had in the car. Just as I thought I might have to limp back to my car like a pirate with a wooden leg, Becky took my hand and pulled me into her apartment.

She asked me, in sign language, if I’d like to stay a while and have beer. I accepted and followed her into the tiny kitchen where she pulled two craft brew beers from the illegal bahis fridge, poured them into pint glasses and offered one to me. She explained that she actually loved beer but had refused to drink another at the party because she wasn’t interested in that ‘piss-water swill’ that they’d been serving. I laughed with her and explained with my hands that I couldn’t agree more. Beautiful and she likes good beer; this girl was a keeper.

The apartment management hadn’t yet turned on the air-conditioning for the season so it was pretty warm in her apartment. Becky opened the sliding glass door to her tiny balcony and we stepped outside. There was only room for two chairs and a small, glass topped table between them. We sat and enjoyed the setting sun and drank our beers.

We’d started on our second beers when the apartment had cooled enough to move inside. Becky excused herself and disappeared into the bedroom to change into shorts. She returned to the living room in a loose fitting t-shirt that hung so low that at first I wasn’t sure that she’d worn shorts at all. When she sat down on the couch and pulled a leg under herself I saw that she was indeed wearing a pair of dark running shorts with white piping.

We finished our beers and started on yet another. I could feel the effects of the beer by now so I knew that, at her weight, she must be feeling pretty buzzed. We alternately made out and practiced fingerspelling and sign language while we polished off an entire six-pack of good beer and started on another.

Turning on an oscillating fan in the corner, Becky apologized for the heat and said, “I don’t have a pair of shorts to fit you.” I had kicked off my shoes and socks but I was starting to perspire in my polo shirt and jeans. I excused myself to the bathroom and tried to cool down by splashing cold water on my face and dabbing at my armpits. When I returned to the living room and sat on the couch, she suggested that I might be more comfortable if I removed my shirt.

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No, it’s OK. I know it’s hot.”

Becky blushed and shyly turned her head away as I pulled my shirt over my head. I leaned in to give her a kiss and she reached up to touch me as she’d done before but finding my bare chest she withdrew her hand. “Sorry, would you be more comfortable if I put my shirt back on?”

“No, it’s OK,” but she was clearly embarrassed.

We continued our conversation as we practiced more sign language and fingerspelling. Having memorized the manual alphabet I was getting faster at spelling words out for her. She would then demonstrate the sign for that word and my sign language vocabulary grew every minute.

It was getting late by now and I’d lost count of just how many beers we’d had. I could see that Becky was pretty buzzed and getting sleepy so I suggested that I should leave. She looked hard at me and asked, “Can you drive? Too many beers?”

“Maybe,” I frowned.

“You can sleep here.” She indicated the couch.

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No, better than driving home drunk,” and she got up to get a sheet, pillow and light blanket out of the small linen closet in the short hallway. She set about tucking the sheet in and putting the pillow at one end of the couch.

We sat on the sheet covered couch for a little while longer and made out like awkward kids until Becky stood and took my hand. She led me to the bathroom where she handed me a brand new tooth brush, still in the package. “I have an extra.” She explained with a broad smile.

We stood side-by-side at the bathroom sink and brushed our teeth. It felt odd; I was naked from the waist up and she was in a long t-shirt that made it appear as if she was naked from the waist down. We stepped out of the bathroom and kissed passionately before going our separate ways. I returned to the living room and the couch and she turned to her bedroom and closed her door.

I sat on the couch for a while. I thought about turning the TV on but decided against it. I looked around the small apartment and finally pulled a book from the tall bookshelf in the corner. The title was, ‘The Joy of Signing.’ I leafed through the book and probably doubled my vocabulary that evening. I finally got tired enough to lie back on the couch and try to sleep. I stripped out of my jeans, leaving just my jockeys and pulled the blanket over me.

I found myself fantasizing about Becky and developed a hardon that wasn’t going to allow me to sleep. I reached into my underwear and rearranged myself several times trying to get comfortable until I gave up and conceded that I was just going to have to jerk off if I hoped to get any sleep.

I went into the bathroom to jerk off in private. I leaned back against the vanity and began masturbating furiously envisioning Becky’s pretty butt. I got myself off quickly, spinning around to cum in the bowl of the sink. I washed my cum down the drain making sure not to leave any evidence on the countertop and returned to the living room to try to sleep. illegal bahis siteleri I lay awake for a long time but finally fell asleep thinking of holding Becky close to me and kissing her all over.

It was already light when I woke up on Saturday morning. I looked up and could see Becky over the short counter that separated the living room from the kitchen as she poured coffee. The balcony door stood open but it was still warm in the apartment and I’d apparently thrown the blanket off myself in the night. I was stretched out on the couch wearing only my underwear which, I realized, were stretched to their limits by my morning erection.

I reached down and pulled the blanket over myself and sat up just as Becky came into the living room with two cups of coffee. She still wore the long t-shirt she’d been wearing last night. She sat down on the low coffee table opposite the couch and handed me a cup. “Is black coffee OK?”

“Sure, thanks.” I took the coffee and took a long sip. My morning wood had still not relented so I piled up the blanket in my lap. “Sorry, it was too hot to sleep in my jeans.”

She blushed a bit and said, “Yes. I saw that.”

“How long have you been up?”

“Long enough.” She smiled and blushed more.


“It’s OK. I didn’t look very much.” She smirked.

I laughed and leaned in for quick kiss and said, “I need to use the bathroom and brush my teeth.”

She just nodded and sipped her coffee so I got up, gathered the blanket around my waist and made the short walk to the bathroom. I thought about jerking off to alleviate my discomfort but knew she would wonder what took me so long and put two-and-two together. I took a leak, quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth before returning to the living room.

Becky had pulled the sheet and pillow off the couch and put them away somewhere and was sitting on the couch facing me with her knees together as I reentered the room. I held the blanket around my waist and reached down to the floor for my jeans. My hands were now full so I held up my jeans and gestured that I wanted to put them on. She just nodded and continued to sip her coffee. I could have gone back into the bathroom but I decided to take a chance and dropped the blanket right there.

I was still in my underwear but the fact that I was still more than half-way erect was clearly in evidence as I stood there facing her for just a beat longer than I had to. I watched her as I stepped into my jeans, pulled them up and fastened each button of the fly. Becky blushed a bit but smiled and didn’t avert her eyes. I reached for my shirt and pulled it over my head before sitting on the couch next to Becky.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

She put her hand over her mouth, laughed out loud and turned beet red but then looked directly into my eyes and nodded slightly. “I embarrassed you?” I asked.

“A little but, it’s OK.”

I rested my hand on her waist and leaned in to kissed her deeply. I kissed my way from her mouth down to her collar bone as I let my hand wander slowly up her torso until I touched the underside of her breast. She tilted her head back as I continued kissing her neck and collar bone. I spread my fingers a bit and took her tit into my hand and lifted slightly as I caressed it. Her tits were bigger than I’d imagined. They weren’t what I’d have called “big” but she was just a little bigger than a handful; probably a B-cup or maybe even a small C-cup. Her tit was warm and plump in my hand with just a little bit of droop to it. Her nipple became hard and was easy to locate under the t-shirt. I tweaked and rubbed her nipple and kissed my way back to her mouth.

She put her hand behind my head and pulled me into our kiss while I dropped my hand to her knee and started moving up her leg. I got to bottom of her t-shirt just above mid-thigh and she brought her hand down over mine and stopped me. I left my hand there and looked up at her.

I pulled away from our kiss and looked into her eyes. She continued to hold my hand against her thigh and looked at me with uncertainty. I shook my head and mouthed, “No?” with a question mark in my eyebrows?

“I…” She stopped.

Not being very good at modulating her voice Becky didn’t really know how to whisper. With her hands occupied she said out loud, “No shorts.”

I pulled my hand free from under hers and leaned back a bit so that I could sign with both hands now.

“I’m not embarrassed. Are you?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes, but maybe no. I don’t know.”

“Not a virgin, right?”

She blushed, “No. But…”

I waited but she didn’t continue. “It’s OK, Becky. I like you very much. I don’t want to rush you.” I leaned in to kiss her again.

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly to her as we wrestled with our tongues. I was sitting there, making out on the couch with a beautiful woman who was dressed in nothing more than a long t-shirt and I was as hard as granite. I was afraid canlı bahis siteleri to move too much for fear that I might snap it off.

I was thinking that I’d better go before I couldn’t control myself anymore when Becky took my hand in hers and gently placed it on her breast. I kneaded her breast and pulled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I kissed her mouth, her cheek, her ear and down her neck. Becky was moaning softly from deep in her throat.

Becky surprised me when she took hold of my hand again and placed it on her leg at the hem of her t-shirt and with her hand still on mine, pulled it up her thigh several inches. I leaned back so I could see her eyes. I mouthed, “You sure?” Becky smiled and nodded slightly.

I took it very slowly and moved my hand up her thigh to her bare hip, confirming that she wasn’t wearing shorts or panties. I bypassed her crotch and continued up to her tits where I lifted each one, gently squeezing and caressing them. I found her nipples and discovered they were stiff. I flicked them and kissed them through her t-shirt.

With my hand all the way up her t-shirt I started to lift it up toward her head. She shifted in her seat to free the back of it from under her butt and allowed me to lift her shirt over her head. I discarded it onto the coffee table and pulled her to me in a tight hug. She was shaking a little bit so I just held her for a long while and rubbed her back.

She relaxed and I allowed my hand to wander, rubbing her under her long hair from the base of her skull, to the crack of her ass and back a few times. Becky leaned into me and moaned as I reached lower and took her butt cheek in my hand and gave it a squeeze. She wiggled her hips a bit and laughed.

I drew my hand out and leaned back. “You like that?”

She grinned and nodded. I was now leaned back enough to take in her in. She had faint tan lines that indicated that she’d worn a bikini or sports bra while tanning. Her tits were pale and beautifully proportioned with only the slightest droop to them. They were tipped with small pink areolas and matching, raisin sized nipples.

I slid my hands down from her waist and stopped at her hips as I leaned back further in order to look at all of her. Lifting one hand I signed, “You are beautiful,” and kissed her mouth.

I left her mouth and kissed my way down her throat to her chest and kissed her bare breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth, sucking and then nibbling on each one. Becky moaned loudly, pulling me into her with a hand behind my head.

I left her nipples and, kissing my way across each breast, I slid off the couch onto my knees and kissed my way to her bellybutton. Becky hesitated but then turned toward me and let me spread her knees with my hands and as I knelt between them as I kissed her belly and then each hip.

I licked and kissed from one hip to the other and then let my tongue wander into the patch of blond pubic hair that covered her mound and Becky let go a long open mouth moan, “Aaaaah.” Encouraged, I licked into the crease between each thigh and her mound and then down to the crevice between her butt cheeks and all the way up her pussy to her pubic mound.

I rested my chin on her pubic mound and looked up into her eyes. I raised my eyebrows in question and with my hands on her belly in front of me, I signed, “Nice?”

She grinned widely, nodded and slid forward to the edge of the couch. I lowered my head and gently kissed and teased her pubic hair all the way back down to the where her butt cheeks began and then adding a little more pressure with my tongue licked my way all the way back but purposely missed her clit.

I dove back down to her cheeks again and started to lick my way back up but this time Becky put her hand on the top of my head, took a fistful of my hair and made sure that she found my protruding tongue with her clit.

I licked and kissed and then took the tiny nub between my lips and sucked. Becky bucked her hips into my face and made a guttural animal sound. She let go of my hair but left her hand on my head and I concentrated my efforts on her clit. Her pussy lips opened to allow my tongue inside as I licked the entire length of her again and again. I reached up and put my index finger inside her and stroked in and out a few times while licking her clit.

I turned my hand palm upward and caressed along the irregular surface inside her; I started gently and increased the pressure as I did the same with my lips and tongue on her clit. Becky leaned back, looking up at the ceiling and grabbed the cushions on either side of her hips. She gripped the cushions in tight fists and started to shake. Her hips and legs were shaking and her breathing became erratic.

Becky suddenly gasped deeply, held her breath and went absolutely rigid. She exhaled sharply, took another quick breath and started bucking her hips wildly. I lost contact with her clit but my finger was still inside her. I continued to rub and she continued to cum until she finally just collapsed into the couch cushions. She reached down with both hands and firmly grasped my wrist, holding my hand against her and my finger inside her. She slowly withdrew my finger from her pussy with a long sigh.

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