Harem Pt. 05

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This is of course a fantasy and should be read as such. All characters are over 18 years old.

A small note of caution. This particular episode contains some non-consent fantasies, although I hope you will find they fit well into the overall story arc. But if that is a theme that turns you off, do sit this one out.

Thank you for encouraging comments and ratings. Please feel free to comment, rate and give feedback.


While the giggles and moans of my darling triplets faded behind me as I descended the stairs, my daddycock still would not go down. Molly’s whisper right before she returned to her sisters kept ringing in my ears .

“I want you to fill me up with your potent daddy cum, and make me pregnant with your child.”

The constant opening of new gates to my own personal harem heaven was overwhelming to say the least. After having served up their nubile young bodies to me, literally climbing over each other to serve my daddycock with their mouths and pussies, at least one of my daughters was still not satisfied.

She wanted me to breed her. To pump her young pussy full of my thick potent daddycum and just keep pumping until my balls were empty. And I knew that if I got the chance to do that, there was no way she would not get pregnant. My daughters were at their most fertile age and their inheritance from their mother was that of a breeding mare. Seeing that all of my wife’s kinky sex drive seemed to have been handed down in full to her daughters, there was no reason why her fertility would not have been too.

Again, I was confronted with the unreality of the situation. If someone had told me yesterday that I would be mulling over if I wanted to fuck a baby into one of my daughters … well, things change, you might say.

At the same time I could feel myself adapting to the shocking, but heavenly new circumstances. Yes, it was a completely outlandish thought to imagine caressing your daughter’s round, pregnant tummy, feeling your own baby kicking inside. But it was my reality now and I could feel my inhibitions crumbling away, irrelevant and constraining.

Because they were mine now. My daughters and my wife were my women, my harem girls. They had willingly, eagerly pledged not only their love, but their bodies to me, their Daddy, begging me to use them and care for them as I saw fit.

And care for them I would. I had always thought of it as my life’s mission to protect my girls from harm and, together with their mother, make sure they had everything they needed to become strong and happy young women.

And now I had found a new and thoroughly unexpected way to fulfil that life mission. Anna and I would show our daughters happiness, such as they had never known before, by showering them in pleasure and cum. Our already close knit family would be tied even closer together as we shared the secret love that few families get to experience.

But as I revelled in this fantasy come reality, I reminded myself that we were not quite there yet. My favourite daughter, my Tiffany, was not yet a part of the new family group, the Daddy harem. Yes, I know you’re not supposed to have favourite daughters. But every daddy has one, and Tiffany was mine. Some people are just your match, you know, and I think it’s true for our children too, even though we don’t want to admit it.

It had seemed that Anna “got” all of our daughters. Even though they were very different in interests and temperament, she had found a key to each of their souls and minds, making them confide in her and enjoy her company. To me, the triplets had always seemed to be caught up in their own little world of three, not really interested in anyone else, certainly not a daddy meddling in their business. Sure, we hung out sometimes, but rarely without Anna, Tiffany and Morgan. To them, I was mostly a taxi service to cheer trainings and gymnastics meets. Or at least, so I had thought. And when it came to Morgan, I had interpreted her quietness and private nature to mean that she was content not to build any deeper relationship with me. We had many conversations about important, meaningful stuff, but rarely about anything personal. Frankly, I had sometimes thought that Morgan found me a bit shallow, and not all that interesting. In the light of recent events, that was probably not true, but still.

Tiffany had always been a different story. Her extrovert, happy, contact seeking personality had always been a perfect match for me. I always thought of myself as a fairly uncomplicated person, and I was never ashamed of that. And Tiffany was right there with me, laughing and smiling at the same things as me. We would effortlessly enjoy each others company and being content just to hang out together. She had been as open to me as she had been to Anna about the ups and downs of her love life, seeking my advice or just a sympathetic ear on the long row of short time boyfriends she had tried and rejected. None of them seemed to be a very good match for her, but she didn’t seem to mind it much, always finding them lacking in one way or the other. I sometimes suspected that she had picked a few of them up just so that she and I could make fun of them afterwards. eryaman escort Come to think of it, very much of our hanging out together had centred around sharing a laugh at something: rejected boyfriends, horror movies, clueless teachers or co-workers, silly youtube clips, whatever was on our minds.

She was a daddy’s girl. And a mommy’s girl. Everybody’s girl, really. She seemed to get along with everybody and I loved her to bits.

And now I wanted her too. The flame of depraved daddy lust that Morgan had sparked in me last night threatened to consume me when I thought of adding my last, my favourite daughter to my harem.

As I entered the kitchen, Anna was there, frying breakfast sausages as if our lives hadn’t just been totally upended. She turned to me and smiled.

“So, Daddy, did you have a good time fucking your three, willing teenage daughters?”

My wife came up to me, warmth and happiness shining through her eyes, and wrapped her arms – spatula still in hand – around my neck. As she looked up at me, I could see shades of all our daughters in her beautiful face. I was overwhelmed by such love for this amazing, generous, brave miracle worker of a woman, who had dared to steer the lives of me and my daughters to a place that we would never have found without her.

I bent down and kissed her, bringing all my love and gratitude towards her into that kiss.

“I love you so much, baby!”

“I love you too, daddy!”

We stayed a long time in that kiss, sharing the intimacy of the last 12 hours.

It was a soulful experience, and I could have stayed in there forever … if it hadn’t been time for some punishment!

In an instant I snagged the spatula, still clutched in my wife’s hand, and at the same time I spun her around, bending her over the kitchen table.

“What …? No, I …”

I hiked the robe up, exposing Anna’s large, beautiful ass – naked under the robe, of course – and there was a loud smack! as the spatula hit home. A splotch of grease from the sausage fat left a nice spot for me to aim for my next swat.


A lot harder this time, and my wife – complete slut that she is – bent her head down between her extended arms, moaned and pushed her ass out towards me, begging for more.


I landed another one on the other cheek, and Anna braced herself by grabbing the table cloth. She moaned again, and her breath was already getting shallow and excited.

“Spank me, daddy! Please spank your bad little girl!!”

I stopped. Obviously. What kind of punishment was this?

“Do you even know why you’re being punished, you nasty little slut?” I caressed her ass with the plastic tool.

“No. But your slut doesn’t care, daddy. I’m sure I’ve been bad and need a good, hard spanking from my strong, handsome daddy.”

“Well, I care. And there will be no more spanking until you confess what you’ve done.”

“But I don’t know, daddy.” Her voice was girlish and sulky. “Please spank me anyway.”

“NO! Do you really not know what you’ve done this time either? Is my slut so bad she keeps forgetting all of the nasty things she does? Well? I demand an answer!”

“Don’t you just wanna spank me instead, daddy? I bet it would make your fat daddycock so hard.” Anna turned towards me and stared greedily at my cock. It had softened since I came downstairs, and was still not hard, despite my wife’s efforts.

“Ok, fine.” She pretended to relent. “Maybe daddy is mad because I didn’t tell him that I knew our oldest daughter wanted to fuck him so badly? Or maybe daddy is mad because I told her she should totally offer herself to him and be his daddyslut forever? Or maybe daddy is mad because I never told him that I knew our teeny triplets are lesbian incest sex fiends who lick each other’s sweet little pussies almost every day? Or maybe daddy is mad because I wanted them to fuck him too, but never told him? Or maybe, just maybe, daddy is mad because I still haven’t set him up with his favourite daughter with the big breasts?

You see, daddy, I’ve done so many nasty, filthy things. I don’t know which one is worse. But I definitely deserve a spanking!”

What could I do but smile at this wonderfully depraved confession? Well, I could spank her of course. And spank her I did. The spatula soon turned my wife’s wide, round butt cheeks pretty pink and greasy from the sausage fat.

“You’re right, baby. Daddy is mad for all of those reasons.”

I could tell that Anna was very close to cumming, as she often gets extremely excited when I spank her big ass hard. When she was right at the edge, I stopped, turned the plastic spatula around and shoved the handle far up her dripping little cunt.

She managed not to scream, but only moan loudly, as she came violently, the spatula practically shooting out of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming!!!”, she moaned, on the verge of collapsing to the floor.

I scooped her up in my arms, holding her still shaking body tight against mine, as my lips found hers again.

“I love you so much, Anna. I am so grateful to you for … I don’t know … for being so eryaman escort bayan open, and brave, and full of love. All kinds of love. And for scheming me and the girls into this completely unbelievable, but heavenly place, where we can express our family love however we want. Did you really believe all this was possible?”

Anna looked up at me with a thoughtful expression. “Well, I mean, yes and no. It did seem outlandish and a huge gamble. But on the other hand, I know my daughters and they’re a lot like me, obviously. I have sensed the same boundlessness and curiosity in them that I had when I became a young woman. You know, a curiosity about sex that went a different way, unconcerned about the expectations of society. And I know they love you as a father. So, so much. So, it seemed worth a try.”

I wrapped my arms around her “And now I have a harem of willing, wonderful women to please me.”

I had said it jokingly, almost ironically, but Anna didn’t smile back.

“You shouldn’t make light of it. Our daughters have made a sexual commitment to serve you and your cock. They’ve exposed themselves, body and soul, and made themselves so vulnerable. They need to know that they will get what you have promised in return.”

I stopped smiling, and matched her expression so that she would know I was serious.

“Oh, honey, I promise I will always give our daughters what they need. I will love and cherish and protect them, when that is what they need. And I will just feed my fat daddycock to their pussies, when that is what they need.”

“Good.” Anna smiled broadly again, the sombre mood forgotten. “But there is one of them left, you know.”

“Oh, trust me, I know. And you’d better help me get her too.” This time it was me that made sure she knew I was serious. I squeezed her ass to make my point.

Her smile got positively devilish. “So daddy’s greedy cock is not satisfied with five mouths, five pussies and five tight asses to serve him day and night? He needs his last daughter too, the one with the big smile and the even bigger tits. Your favourite daughter. Will you not even save your favourite daughter from your depraved incestuous fantasies? Does daddy’s cock really need to fuck every single pussy in the house?”

“I don’t see why not.” I pulled her in closer, groping her ass. “Doesn’t all the family pussy belong to daddy?”

Anna moaned at my touch. “Yesssssssssss. Yes, all the family pussy belongs to daddy.”

“Tiffany’s too?” I squeezed her ass harder.

“Yes, Tiffany’s too.”

She took a small step back, turning serious again.

“But what Tiffany wants is … different. She is not dreaming about her daddy’s cock. ” Anna smiled sweetly. “Well, not yet, at least.”

“But she does have unusual preferences when it comes to sex”, she continued. “She wants … well, she has fantasies about being … taken. Without her consent.”

Involuntarily, the surprise made me let go of Anna and take a step back.

“What?! Why … why would you think that?!” It was absurd. Tiff was by all measures the most conventional and, well, normal of all of us. “And how do you know?!”

Anna seemed to hesitate.

“I am not going to tell you exactly how I know this. But you can be very sure that it’s true. Our sweet angel has some really dark fantasies.”

I sat down on one of the chairs.

“Wow. Are you sure? I mean, Tiff? It seems so unlikely.”

“I know. But I know what she feels.”

“Well, I hope she will be okay. It seems like it could end up a little dangerous. I wonder what made her feel that way.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I guess if that is how she is wired, she’s out of the harem.” I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

Anna looked at me for the longest time, before she came up close again and embraced me.

“You have fulfilled the sexual fantasies of all our girls and made them – and me – so, so happy. It’s only fair that you do the same for Tiffany. And we can’t shut her out of our new family. She needs to be brought into the harem too. But as I said, this is not what she is dreaming of, not yet. She will not seek it out, like Morgan, or be enticed, like the trips.”

There was a brief pause before Anna reached her conclusion. “So you will have to just take her. Against her will.”

I just stared at my wife, as if she had turned into a complete stranger. “I can’t do that!! Are you insane?! She’s our daughter! I’d kill anyone who tries to do that, even if she thinks she wants it to happen!”

“I know that.” Anna grabbed my chin and fixed me with her gaze. “That is why it has to be you, daddy. There is no one else we can trust to give our daughter what she needs.”

I looked into my wife’s eyes. For a second, I was seriously worried that Anna had allowed her own fantasies to run away with her judgement. I knew she would never consciously do anything that would hurt our daughters. But maybe she had been caught up in the immensity of all that had happened, and misinterpreted what Tiffany wanted. Yet, in her eyes there was nothing but conviction and trust.

But still …

“No.” I turned away. “I couldn’t. It’s escort eryaman too … weird …”

I smiled sheepishly as that complaint was of course rather ridiculous coming from someone who had fucked four of his five daughters in the last 12 hours. Anna just smiled back at me.

“I know, I know, but this is different.” I had to make her see reason.”What if you’re wrong?”

“I’m not.”

“She will hate me. We will have destroyed this family.”

“Yes, but she won’t hate you. Because this is what she needs. It seems our family is full of unusual needs. This is hers. And she is no different from your other daughters. She will make sure she gets what she wants eventually. From you or from someone else. And the thought of someone else doing this to her is what makes me worried.”

She reached out and touched my arm.

“If it’s with someone else, it could end up in a bad place. If it’s with you, I know she will get what she wants and that she won’t get hurt.”

“You know what, that’s not true.” Anna’s hand slid down the front of my robe, and undid the string. The robe fell open and she cupped my soft member. “No, our daughter will get so much more than she hopes for.” Her cupped hand started to massage my crotch, opening and closing, like a heartbeat.

“What Tiffany thinks she wants is for some man to come up to her from behind, when she least suspects it. He grabs her arms, pulls them back behind her and forces her down to her knees. As she opens her mouth to scream his big hand clamps over her mouth and nothing but a little whimper escapes. In her fantasy, she quickly loses her clothes as he literally rips them from her body, and replaces his hand over her mouth with her balled up panties. Adding to her fear and humiliation is the shame that comes from tasting her own excitement on the damp cloth pushed into her mouth.”

“Our sweet, happy bubble gum of a daughter then dreams that this rough, uncaring man uses her body for his own pleasure in a number of nasty, but inventive ways. She tries to fight him off, to resist him at every turn, but she knows it’s no use. He’s too strong, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. And deep down in her fantasy, she knows that there is another reason she won’t get away. The dream ends with her screaming her third orgasm into her lace panties.”

By now, Anna had made my daddycock rock hard again. Whether it was from her pumping it or from her lewd description of the disturbing sex fantasies of our middle daughter, I really didn’t know. But like TIffany in her fantasy, I tried to fight back against what was being done to me.

“But even if this is true, it’s JUST a fantasy! Just because she’s thinking about things like this, doesn’t mean she wants them to happen to her for real!”

“You mean like girls with shameful incest fantasies never want them to happen for real?” Anna reached out her finger, sucked on it and gently massaged the sensitive skin on the bottom side of my glans.

“I … I just don’t think that …”

“What I was going to say”, she interrupted me, “was that this is just what Tiff thinks she wants to happen.” She dropped to her knees between my legs and happily swallowed half of my fat cock, before she continued. “What really will happen is so much better! First, she will get the rush of fear and excitement that she has been yearning for, when a man tries to take her without asking. And then, she will get the shock of her life, when she realizes that her that man is you, her Daddy. And she will struggle so much then, because it’s such a nasty shock and not at all what she expected. But finally, when she feels your huge daddycock slam into her and she just can’t stop cumming, she will realize she has the best of both worlds. A man treating her roughly, just like in her dream, turning out to be her Daddy, who will never ever hurt her.”

Anna smiled up at me as if her there was some impeccable logic to her strange interpretation of our daughter’s sexual fantasies, and then gagged herself happily on my daddy dick. I moaned as I felt my cock slip into her tight, warm throat. As I started to slowly fuck her mouth, Anna began to make these small, near sobbing sounds, as if she was being taken against her will. For a second, I was concerned that there was something wrong, but when I looked down, I found the devilish minx’s eyes sparkling with mirth. When our eyes met, she grabbed my ass with both hands and pushed my cock all the way down her throat, making her nose rub against my crotch.

“Ngo, gaggy!! Lek ‘ee goooo!!!” Anna made her voice high-pitched and mock fearful through the pound of flesh she was happily swallowing.

I could see the game she was playing, but I still couldn’t resist it. I grabbed her hair and increased the pace, alternating by some strokes stopping at the entry to her throat and others ramming down deep enough that she could kiss my pubes. She kept making the small noices of protest. We hadn’t played this kind of kinky oral domination game in some time, and Anna’s new incestuous twist to it made me absolutely rabid with lust. To top it off, she started using the muscles around her oesophagus to squeeze me so tight, I knew it would only be seconds until I flooded her with an enormous breakfast cum load. Wanting to ride the wave for just a little bit longer, I reluctantly pulled out of her throat and started to jack hammer her mouth in rapid, shallow thrusts. Although she is used to meeting them, this time the force made Anna grab the kitchen chairs not to fall over.

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