Happy Valentine’s Day

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“Yes, two dozen roses. No, I don’t need em delivered: I’ll pick em up. OK. Bye.”

Brad ended the call and slipped his cell back into its holder. The lanky blonde stared up at him from where she was sitting on the expensive, Italian leather sofa.

“You’re such the helpless romantic,” she cooed.

“Hopeless: I’m a hopeless romantic, honey,” he corrected.

“You’re hopeless, all right!” she agreed.

Brad looked at his watch. “I gotta go. Have a great day, hun.” He leaned over and gave her a warm peck on the cheek. “I’ll pick those flowers up on the way home from work, and then we have reservations at Sperazza’s for six thirty. Only took me a month of waiting!”

“You’re so good to me,” she burbled. “I don’t deserve it.”

“Sure you do, honey. I love you.”

“You better get outta here, silly, or you’re gonna be late! I’ll see you at six.”

“OK,” he laughed. “Bye hun.”


Brad turned to go. The woman on the couch watched him like a hawk as he approached the door, opened it, stepped through, and closed it. The second the door slammed shut she bit the corner of her mouth and turned her head, to where a phone sat on a table next to the arm of the sofa. Almost of its own accord a beautiful, perfectly manicured hand floated out toward the phone, grasped it, and pulled it to her. She pressed one button, waited for the connection, then heard a male voice on the other end.


“Chris? It’s Nell.”

She paused expectantly, savoring the tingling deliciousness of it all. A sly half-grin, composed of equal parts sheer joy and debauched wickedness, slithered slowly across her face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day…”


Nell was tall (five feet, ten inches in bare feet), built (well-proportioned and curvy, with outsized breasts and a full, round backside), and pragmatic. Her large eyes were a warm brown: so dark they looked almost black. As one might expect given her physical assets, she had always had plenty of attention from the opposite sex, and usually had no problem getting almost whatever she wanted from men. Take Brad, for example.

Brad was your prototypical “nice guy.” He was sweet, and kind, and everything (one part of) Nell could ever ask for in a companion. Brad had a good job, a nice home, and provided her material needs most adequately. But (another part of) Nell thought Brad terribly boring. And terrible in the sack. It was never clear to her if she had a sexual contempt of nice guys and a consequent lack of respect for men like Brad who were slavishly devoted to her, or she was just deeply attracted to “bad boys” on a sexual level. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

Regardless, Nell couldn’t be bothered to figure it out. All she knew was how she felt, and acted upon it; that was the way she had always done things, and it had served her well over the course of her life. She was, as stated, a stark pragmatist, and very aware that she was in a position where she could have her cake and eat it too, the proverbial best of both worlds: one man to take care of her material needs, and another man to take care of her carnal needs. Did he ever…

Sexually, Chris was everything that Brad was not. Brad was half an inch shorter than her five ten; Chris stood six feet, four inches tall. Brad had a plain face and ordinary body; Chris’ chiseled face was handsome, his body toned, well-cut, and athletic. In terms of disposition, Brad was retiring, sweet-natured to a fault, and never took the reins; Chris had an assertive, dominant personality in the bedroom, and treated Nell like the whore that she was (exactly the way she so desperately needed to feel).

Nell wasn’t a size queen; nevertheless, she couldn’t help but notice that Chris’ manhood was bigger than Brad’s, and worked better. Chris got it up quickly and stayed hard until she was totally spent; Brad got hard, eventually, but it wasn’t as hard as Chris and his stamina left much to be desired as far as Nell was concerned. Brad had difficulty bringing Nell to climax; she could count the number of times he succeeded on three fingers. With Chris, by contrast, she had never failed to scale the heights: always spectacularly, and usually more than once. There were even times when she found his vigorous affections so stimulating that he triggered one orgasm right after another, for minutes at a clip, leaving her blissfully dazed and exhausted.

Whether this was a result of her deep sexual attraction to Chris, his greater size and stamina, his more skillful technique, his sexually dominant nature, or some combination thereof, again, Nell didn’t know and couldn’t care less. All she knew was what she felt, in the deep places, down between her long legs, and those feelings were unequivocally, hands down in favor of Chris when it came time to get off.

And to Nell, St. Valentine’s Day was prime time for getting off.


Chris, naked, was splayed out on his back on the sofa. Nell, equally naked, straddled him with one leg folded on the inside of the couch while casino oyna the other hung over the side with her foot on the floor. She bent over his face, cradling his cheeks in her hands, and was furiously working on his mouth with her hot, darting tongue. Just beyond his head, on the table next to the arm of the sofa, sat her phone (which she had turned off: she didn’t want any disturbances to mar her special Day), a carton of Marlboro Reds and a fifth of Wild Turkey 101 Proof Bourbon, along with an ashtray and two cut-crystal Old Fashioned glasses. Chris’ thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts were much better and more meaningful to her than useless shit like Brad’s flowers and romantic dinner.

Nell sincerely wanted to try to quit smoking, but Brad’s constant needling and badgering her to do so didn’t help. In fact, she found his bitching downright irritating. She also liked to take a drink now and again, something else Brad didn’t do and, just like with her smoking, he found reason to chide her about when she did. She wasn’t an alcoholic; in fact, she almost never got drunk, save perhaps at a celebration like a wedding. She simply found booze pleasurable, and she refused to apologize for that. And on this Day, which she had dedicated solely to her pleasure, she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to indulge herself and feed her vices to her heart’s content.

Chris, for his part, didn’t care one whit about Nell’s habits in this regard. The way he saw it, she was a grown woman and could make up her own damn mind about such things. Besides, he enjoyed liquor himself and, though not a habitual smoker, did sometimes share one with Nell during their trysts, and certainly would today. It was a special occasion, after all.

Nell was making soft, high-pitched mewling noises as she kissed him; he was a fabulous kisser. He really primed her pump with his mouth, and was doing so now. She was also making popping and smacking noises as she pulled her eager mouth away from his briefly, then dove for his tonsils once more. She was thoroughly exploring every inch of the inside of his face, pressing his cheeks against her palms and fingers.

Nell was simultaneously slipping her vaginal lips and stiff, tingling clitoris up and down Chris’ shaft, which was already hard and being pinned against his belly by her weight. The tingling had started a while ago; the second she heard his voice this morning, in fact. Having had this Day mapped out for over a month now, when she hung up she removed every article of clothing she had on and simply waited. Once Chris arrived bearing his priceless gifts of booze, smokes, and himself, she stopped him at the door with her command: “Take it off. All of it.” He rapidly stripped right in the foyer and walked the gifts over to her.

That was then; this is now and now…now that wild tingling was rapidly building in intensity. Her pelvis began quickening the pace and then after a few moments more she started half-talking, half-moaning into Chris’ open mouth, informing him that she was about to cum. She slid her head to the side of his as her orgasm began, her wide hips still pumping; Chris could feel her hot breath beating on his ear and her aching grunts as she pressed her clit very hard into his flesh-encased steel and released herself all over the bottom of his hard cock, sliding up and down and greasing his manhood to such an extent that it was literally shining with her essence by the time her climax subsided. He could feel her trembling so he simply placed his hands on her back and held her close while she let it all out. Finally, when she had her breath back, she informed him of her delight: “God damn that was good. Thank you, baby: you busted my nut again; I fuckin love it. Your turn.”

And with that, she slid down between his legs, his dick springing up. Without ceremony, she took him deep into her hot, wet mouth and began sucking on him. Her hands found their way up to his nipples to trace gentle circles around them and then slid back down his body to grip his shaft. Her head was smoothly sliding up and down, taking him deep at first, and then working deeper as she found the rhythm. “Your cock tastes so good,” she cooed. “And your balls.” She went further down and licked his sack: first down the middle, then each sphere. After this, she took each one into her mouth and slowly, softly sucked on them to the delight of Chris, who let out grunting groans to express his feelings at being under her tender mouth and hot, wet tongue as she thoroughly worked his jewels, in union with all the pampering she was giving his hard cock.

Her mouth was exquisite and she did so many things with her tongue that Chris sometimes thought she had two in her mouth and her was head hammering away so smoothly and she was jacking his dick with her hands and Nell began to pick up the pace as he got close and then it happened and he was suddenly firing hot jets of his cream into her mouth and she eagerly lapped up every bit and swallowed and smiled and thanked him again for agreeing to see her on such a slot oyna special occasion and for doing such a great job and now she was going to smoke and have a drink so he could reload.

“And when I’m finished…we’re goin again.”


Nell was a woman of her word: they were now, in fact, going again. This time Chris was dutifully on his belly between Nell’s spread legs so he could lick her pussy. Nell loved the way he licked pussy; so many men…so many, she knew…had no idea what to do with a cunt when it was near their mouth. Chris did. Very much so. He slid his arms under her legs and wrapped his hands over top of her pelvis, so that his fingers fell across the top of her lips, right near the clit. He would usually place the tip of his middle finger on that clit and begin stroking, softly at first, then a little harder. He also varied the stroke, beginning with a straight pulling and pushing motion and then, once she began to get good and warm, rotated her clit pinned under his finger, whirling it around with a circular motion.

It was all Nell could do to keep from screaming, biting down on her mouth and stifling her cries, when she remembered that Brad was not home and wouldn’t be for quite some time, and that it was perfectly OK to let it out. This she began to do, most vociferously. After Chris elicited another orgasm from her, he quietly and repeatedly kissed her pussy, clean shaven and fresh and oh-so-sweet, telling her how wonderful it was and waited for her quivering to subside a little. Then he placed his fingertips right next to her clit, pressed down, and gently pulled up the flaps at the top, unhooding her Button, exposing it. He shifted his face to one side of her slit, and licked straight up her inner thigh to the top. Then he repeated the gesture on the other side, increasing her anticipation.

Finally, just before she begged him to stop teasing her, he shoved his tongue tip right against the bottom of her slick, leaking labia and dragged his tongue forcibly straight up the groove, collecting a little tiny wave of her juice as he went, and slapped it over her exploding clitoris as the very tip of his hot, wet tongue whispered by the Knot. Nell’s upper body shot off the sofa like she got hit with an electric cattle prod. “FUCK!” was her sincere response. Then she settled back on her elbows, propping herself up. “I love to watch you eat my pussy, baby. You’re so fucking good…” she moaned, unable to finish her sentence because her eyes rolled back in her head when Chris began working that clit with his tongue. “You’re the only man who knows what to do to me; you know that, don’t you?”

Chris was flattered by her admission, but he could not answer presently as his mouth was stuffed full of her slick, hot, tingling meat. Now he was alternately whispering his tongue on that clit, then pounding it hard with broad, lashing strokes. He pulled his face back and began flicking his tongue tip like a snake’s over her Button, carefully holding her lips wide open and keeping that clit exposed, tingling, and mercilessly tongue-serviced. Nell let him know in no uncertain terms that she loved every bit of it. That was when he shifted gears and began taking her Knot very, very gently into his lips, kissing it, then sucking her into his mouth, just letting it graze his teeth as he released her. Then he repeated the procedure.

As she began to get close (Chris knew when this was happening because she said, point-blank: “Oh shit, you’re gonna make me cum like that!”), he formed the middle finger and forefinger of one of his hands into a stabbing weapon like a knife and slid both fingers into her sopping slit as he lapped her clit, keeping it exposed with his other hand. He cocked his wrist over so that the fingers were pointing at about the 11 o’clock position, and began scraping his fingertips up against her anterior wall, seeking her Spot. He shortly found it, he knew, because her formerly comprehensible words became a jumbled inarticulate mess as he fingered her and licked her clit, alternating flicking and sucking until she exploded again, all over his hand and tongue.

When she finally collected herself, caught her breath, and could form a coherent thought, she said, “Holy shit you really know howta lick a cunt! I love you, baby.” That was when she planted a hot, sloppy kiss on his mouth, which was still smeared with her sticky wetness. “Get on your back: I’m gonna fuck you now.”


He was barely flipped over and settled when he felt his dick in her mouth once again and rapidly stiffening. It didn’t take long because Nell gave great head and she was obviously very excited and pleased, which excited him. Once he was fully inflated and hard as concrete Nell jab-stepped over his hips, placing one leg folded alongside and one foot on the floor for leverage as before, then she reached back, grabbed his dick, and carefully inserted it into her steaming wet hole, which was still tingling to beat the band thanks to her incredible orgasms.

She slid down carefully, eating canlı casino siteleri up half his length on the first few strokes. As he gently opened her up, she began to give more and more of herself to him on every trip down. Before very long she was able to plunge her tunnel fully onto his sword. This she began to do as her hands planted themselves firmly on his hard chest, balancing herself and giving her the leverage to really use her leg to drive her pelvis up and down on his manhood. Her clit happened to slide against his shaft on one of her upstrokes; seeking more of this delightful treatment, she shifted her pelvic angle slightly backward. “There you go,” she said. “There you go! That’s the spot! Right there!” she growled. “Right there!” His hard cock was jabbing at her Spot while her clit was sawing up and down his shaft. She could feel it already: this one was going to be monumental.

Her hips tirelessly motored up and down his pole: a well-oiled piston. Nell carefully kept her clit pressed up against Chris’ immense hardness and before half a dozen ups and downs were completed she felt the tingling coming on like a deadly wave that she knew was going to consume her. And it did. Chris reached up and grabbed her heaving breasts and held on for the ride of his life as Nell bucked and pounded and screamed and felt the throbbing fire in her loins grow and impossibly increase still further. Her face reddened as “FUCK!” exploded from her mouth several times. “Oh God baby, I’m cumming so fucking hard, FUCK!”

She stabbed herself right on his cock and held herself there quivering, moaning. That was when Chris slid his hands, palms up, straight down the backs of her thighs, planted them on her thick ass, then began pushing her up his pole and letting her back down. Nell began rubbing her clit as Chris fucked her some more, slamming his dagger home again and again, seeking her sweet Spot, then finding it, about the time Nell’s madly dashing finger brought her clit to the exact right place and time and the explosions, which never stopped, redoubled in intensity and then he began banging his hips up into her, hard, again and again; it felt like he was trying to destroy her Spot with his dick.

Poor Nell at this point, if she could have thought anything at all, would not have traded the sensations for all the money in the world. This was bliss, such as she had never known. Endless. In her next intelligible moment she recognized Chris’ voice growling in her ear. Her pussy was throbbing so hard it threatened to detach itself from her pelvis of its own accord. Now his big, strong hands were all over her ass and had her pinned on his dick.

“Uh uh; you ain’t gettin off that easy, baby,” he whispered into her ear. “I’m gonna make you cum again. Let’s go. I want it. I want another one. I want it all. It belongs to me. YOUR FILTHY FUCKIN WHORE CUM BELONGS TO ME. Give it to me. GIVE IT TO ME, YOU FUCKIN WHORE! GIMME THAT FUCKIN WHORE CUM, NOW!”

Nell, who always wanted to be a good whore, did as commanded. Chris was pulling her hips up by her ass then slamming her hard onto his pole in time with his upstrokes. Nell’s dam busted and spilled and busted and spilled and she could hardly tell where one ended and the other began and it didn’t matter because she was cumming, coming apart at the seams and dissolving in fire and she thought she might be screaming but the tingling was so intense and so all over her being that she couldn’t hear it and it went on and on and on and on and on and on and …


They were just getting started. It went on like that, all morning. Then all afternoon. As often as her sore pussy could stand it. Sore she was; but she was loath to stop. Not only was it the best sex she’d ever had, but at some point Brad would come home and that meant her time with Chris would be at an end. So she was determined to make the very most of it. And she was.

Though they did the grand tour of various positions, the pattern was always the same: fuck, cum, smoke, drink; fuck, cum, smoke, drink; fuck, cum, smoke, drink, etc. Most of her orgasms had been of the multiple variety, a probable combination of the planning of her special Day and Chris exceeding even her wildest expectations (which were already pretty wild to begin with), plus the sheer erotic naughtiness of secretly getting over on Brad behind his back (and God damn well, too), the extended time in the sack, the loosening effects of the liquor, and the effects of each prior climax helping to set up and spur along the next one. And the next one.

Whatever it was exactly, again, it didn’t matter to Nell: it had been fucking fantastic, literally. That she knew, could absolutely feel: her pussy practically never stopped throbbing and tingling and leaking all over the damn place. Even during the light meal she made for lunch. “Gotta keep your strength up,” she said to Chris when she left him to go prepare it. They remained unclothed while they ate, and gave each other forkfuls, and kissed and fondled and ate slowly because they wanted to anticipate the feeling so that, when they finally got back to it, they could make it the best one yet. Which, given what had gone on before was going to be quite a stretch, but they were both damn sure going to give it a good try.

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