Happy 10th Anniversary

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On the morning of our 10th anniversary I gave my wife, Sue, her present. She promptly opened it to find, as she had suspected, a set of exotic lingerie – black lace hold-up stockings, a tiny peephole bra, and a minute lace micro-thong which might just cover the vital parts if she did not move, in which case the miniscule garment could almost disappear inside!

Obviously her reply was a very sexy kiss, and she laughingly told me that she would wear these all day except for this evening when she knew I had already booked a table at our favourite restaurant. “As usual I don’t intend wearing anything at all under my dress,” she chuckled. “I have never done so for any anniversary and I don’t intend doing so at all future ones!”

She then went on to tell me that she was reserving her present to me until after the meal. “I have a surprise for you, something you have dreamed about but have never had as far as I am aware. But I know you will enjoy it,” she explained mysteriously.

So off I went to work, knowing that as it was a Friday we could really enjoy ourselves tonight with no thoughts of having to be at work tomorrow.

I was home before Sue as a rule, but tonight she had beaten me to it, explaining that a colleague of hers had promised to finish her work for her as it was a special occasion.

She went upstairs for her bath and I saw to various little things around the house until it was my turn for the bathroom. We have always played a little game about this, that on our anniversaries neither of us saw the other partner undressed until after the meal. For the meal itself Sue would be dressed with nothing at all underneath, although last year she did put on a pair of self-supporting fishnet stockings. I, too, would wear just an open-necked shirt and a pair of thin cotton trousers with no underclothing either. After the meal we would have a short drive out into the country and find somewhere private and secluded and make love outside the car, or inside should the weather be against us.

And so I did not see Sue until it was time to go, when I called her and saw her mode of dress for the first time.

“Like it?” she asked me. “I bought these today.”

‘These’ were an outrageously see-through white chiffon top and a pleated micro-skirt which came, I would guess, to no more than an inch below her crutch! But when she gave a twirl the pleats allowed the skirt to billow out and nothing was hidden at all!

I moved towards her to be told casino şirketleri to “Wait – touch me AFTER the meal – that’s the ritual!” she laughed.

I joined in and told her that she had never looked so ravishing before, and that I was really looking forward to “my real dessert – not that restaurant apology for dessert!”

I gallantly opened the car door for her and courteously allowed her to climb into the passenger seat, as she wickedly made no effort to cover herself from my lecherous stare. After all, there was no way that she could possibly hide anything in that diminutive skirt, and I found myself hoping that there might be someone else around in the car park when I opened the door for her again!

However, I held myself in restraint driving there and also when I opened the door for her once more, a little disappointed that we were alone in the car park at the time.

I had booked a corner table, and allowed Sue to sit so that her back was to the rest of the room. That meant that no-one, (except the waiter, of course,) would realise her state of dress, or rather, undress!

The waiter arrived to take our order, and I noticed that Sue was sitting with her napkin positioned over her thighs in such a way that the actual length of the skirt was hidden from his view. But that did not stop him from ogling her visibly displayed breasts, and Sue actually looked up at him and smiled as if to encourage him as she leaned slightly back at the same time, causing her breasts to protrude more prominently and her nipples to appear to be trying to force their way through the material.

As soon as he had gone she grinned at me, then deliberately unfastened the next two buttons of the already gaping top. This meant that when the waiter next appeared he was able to see more of her naked breasts with even less hindrance that previously! And she made sure he did by once more leaning back and breathing in deeply!

We certainly enjoyed that meal, and I was even more excited when we came to the dessert course and a waitress appeared with the sweet trolley.

Although Sue had never shown any signs of desiring another woman before when the waitress went through her descriptions of the sweets on offer Sue stood up and dropped her napkin onto the table whilst she made a point of bending over the trolley so that her scarcely confined breasts almost fell out of her top! And then, having chosen, she sat down again making no effort to hide the brevity of her skirt casino firmaları which unsurprisingly was now clearly displaying the puffy lips of her smoothly shaven pussy!

To give her full due, however, the waitress was in full control of herself, and although she gave an obvious and lingering stare at Sue’s display she showed no signs of either approval or disapproval, but continued to serve quite normally.

When she returned later to clear away the empty dishes, though, she did say, “If you would like your coffee in the lounge I can serve you there, and the seating is much cosier and intimate.”

We did as she had suggested and found that the lounge, which seemed to be new from our previous visits, was indeed equipped with plush seating with both easy chairs and settees.

Sue chose an easy chair, and as she flopped backwards into it she was unable to control her skirt riding up to reveal her enticing pussy lips once again. But as we seemed to be the only people in the lounge she remained nonchalantly showing all she normally kept hidden, even when the waitress re-appeared with our coffee. This time, though, the waitress made no effort to be discreet and openly stared quite noticeably at Sue’s exposure. But Sue, not normally so blatant, seemed oblivious to her display.

Just then there came an interruption as another couple came into the lounge. They looked across at Sue, momentarily making as if to cover herself up, resumed her position other than to wave a hand and say, “Hi! Liam and Fran! Nice to see you here!”

I was a little taken aback at this interruption, not having a clue as to who these two were.

Then Sue said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I must introduce you all. This is Steve, my husband, and these are Liam and his fiancée Fran, two of my work colleagues.” Then to me she added, “They were the ones who took over my work this afternoon to let me get away early because it was our anniversary.” And then to them she said, “Come and join us – bring two chairs up and we can have a foursome!”

But to my astonishment she was making no move whatsoever to cover up her indecency, and both of them could see as much as I could! I did notice that Fran, like Sue, was wearing an extremely short skirt, but nothing like as short as Sue’s, which must be said was positively obscene!

As they sat down Liam made no effort to conceal the fact that he was looking straight at Sue’s exposed pussy lips, but nor did Sue try to hide them, either, evoking güvenilir casino a strong feeling of excitement in me which I never experienced before. In fact, I was wishing that she would show more, although to show more than she was already doing would have meant a deliberate act of either hitching her micro-skirt higher or parting her legs.

But I suddenly became aware of Liam speaking to me. “Steve,” he was saying, “Sue and I are going to disappear for a short while – to do with your anniversary present from her. OK?”

He chivalrously held out his hand towards Sue to help her up, and to my immense delight she actually did part her knees momentarily as she slid forwards and up into a standing position! It was obvious, too, how wet she had become there as her parted lips glistened with her juice, and she left an obviously wet patch on the leather upholstery.

Sue and Liam disappeared round the corner, Liam acting as if Sue were his fiancée by the way his hand was now behind her waist and actually with the tips of his fingers inserted down the back of her diminutive skirt!

But any thoughts I was beginning to harbour in that direction were overshadowed when Fran turned to me and said, “Actually, I am your anniversary present from Sue! We arranged this meeting some time ago, the idea being that I am to be yours for the entire night, or even longer should you wish. And, like Sue, I shave my pussy and am not wearing any knickers or anything else at all under this dress. Liam has paid for both meals as his contribution towards your present, so there is nothing to be settled other than where you are going to take me. We can go to your usual nookie spot where Sue says you always go, or you can take me to your home. Whichever you choose, remember there is just one rule which Sue has imposed, (although it didn’t take much imposing on me), and that is that I shall obey your every whim, with no holds barred. Whatever you want me to do I shall comply, no matter how obscene or degrading it might appear to anyone else. I owe this to Sue for the times she has kept guard at the office when Liam and I are feeling fruity. Many is the time we have stripped each other off whilst Sue stands at the door and watches for anyone coming, although she always watches Liam and me when we are coming!” she punned.

“So if you have any fantasies which you have not yet confessed to Sue, tonight is the time when they will become reality. I don’t think that the perversion has been invented yet that Liam and I haven’t already tried, and Sue has watched us perform many of them whilst keeping guard, so don’t hold back for fear of offending me or upsetting Sue! She knew what she was doing when she made me your anniversary present!”

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