Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 10

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This is not just a holiday story but rather a tale of two newlyweds, Rachel and Geoffrey, who began a new holiday tradition on their first Hanukkah together. In the spirit of the holiday they exchanged sexy gifts, one on each of the eight nights. This story is a sort of epilog to the other nine parts of the series, so I fear you would understand this one better if you’ve read the other stories first. Enjoy!

The Hanukkah season is upon us again and the decorations are strewn about, awaiting careful arrangement. Geoffrey carefully empties the box marked “Hanukkah Decorations” and heads back to the attic. I watch my husband’s head disappear as he ascends the attic steps. He still has such a cute ass that I can’t help look and feel my pulse quicken.

Years have gone by since that first Hanukkah together and Rachel and Geoffrey never let a year pass by without engaging in the sexual tradition begun years ago. Even with late night feedings, end of the year deadlines and boring company holiday parties, they always manage to keep this particular tradition a priority.

One year Geoffrey had to leave town for Baltimore on business, promising the children and I he’d be back in plenty of time for the first night of Hanukkah. That year the eastern seacoast had a terrible snow storm, delaying and canceling flights throughout the country. Geoffrey called me from the airport on the afternoon of his expected return, just a few hours before Hanukkah was to begin.

“I know I said I’d be home for Hanukkah, Rach,” he started, sounding as though he was exasperated to the point of tears. “Looks like for the first time ever we won’t be able to spend a Hanukkah night together.”

“Sweetie, don’t worry, I’m just glad you’re safe,” I tried to keep the disappointment from my voice. I knew the holiday meant at least as much to him as it was to the children and me.

“I’ll be on stand-by and I promise I’ll get home as quick as I can. I love you, Rachel. Put the kids on. I’ll try to explain.” Geoffrey is a wonderful kartal escort bayan father but try as he might, he could not seem to make our three- and five-year-old children understand that 1) Baltimore is far away or 2) snow could somehow prevent Daddy from returning by sundown. In the end they settled for promises of special Baltimore presents and Daddy coming home as quick as possible.

The children and I spent that first night of Hanukkah alone in the house. Although I tried to seem happy and excited with the children, we all knew something was missing. After the children were tucked in, I went to bed but only tossed and turned. His call came at 5am the next morning, promising a late morning arrival, and my heart leapt. Greeting him at the baggage claim, it was all I could do to keep my hands off my exhausted husband. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look in my husband’s eyes when I opened up my long coat in the nearly empty parking garage to reveal my nakedness underneath.

Geoffrey’s eyebrow went up and he grinned. “Is this my Hanukkah present?”

I jumped against his chest, feeling his strong arms wrap around my body underneath the coat. God, it felt so good to have him back. Reaching down, I began to quickly undo his belt and zipper. Looking into his face with a mischievous grin, I explained, “I think it must be sundown somewhere in the world.”

We both laughed, and he kissed me hard before I knelt in front of him and showed him how much he was missed. His nervous glances around the parking garage were soon replaced with expressions of ecstasy as my well-practiced mouth brought him a quick release. That would certainly be a Hanukkah we would never forget.

The house seems so empty now that the kids are in college. Geoffrey begins to climb down the attic stairs, tightly gripping the last holiday box. This last box is marked “Hanukkah Tradition” and contains very special contents that were never displayed when the children were around. Rather, we’d always made it a practice escort maltepe to get the box down the night before Hanukkah began, quickly smuggling it into our bedroom without being seen by curious eyes.

Geoffrey carefully carries the box to the bedroom and places it gently on the bed. He gives me a wicked grin before leaning over into the box to retrieve some treats. He pulls out the lovely silk scarves, a variety of sexy toys, several yummy lubricants and assorted other naughty items. Fishing around at the bottom of the box, Geoffrey pulls out the old green wooden dreidel. I grin at him, recalling the good times that dreidel has inspired over the years. We both put the items away into drawers, knowing that the anticipation of using them at Hanukkah will make the holiday so much more exciting.

“Jess is coming to town in a few weeks,” I announce matter-of-factly, peering over my shoulder, watching for Geoffrey’s response. Predictably his eyes light up and a broad smile widens over his face.

“Yes,” I respond to his wordless inquiry. “She and Michael will be able to come over.” Over the years, the one time night we had with Jessica had turned into another sort of tradition. A tradition carefully hidden from our children behind locked doors late into the night, while during the day she was the completely proper Aunt Jess.

When Jessica got married a few years later, Geoffrey and I assumed those wonderful nights of sharing had ended. In a delightful turn of events, her new husband Michael was very much in favor of continuing the holiday tradition with us. Jessica and Michael were now our dearest friends and we shared many nights with them when they visited us or we visited them. Over the years I shared Geoffrey with Jess and she shared Michael with me. On occasion we even came up with other interesting variations. There was never any jealousy between us – we were all just very sexual and loving people.

Finally my pile of goodies is disbursed into drawers and I lay on the pendik escort bed, propped up on pillows, watching Geoffrey stuffing his pile into drawers willy-nilly. He’s still the most handsome and loving man I’ve ever known and my heart is filled with love. Behind his back I touch my nipples lightly, feeling them already hard and poking into my blouse. Even the thought of the holidays gets me hot and bothered and I can feel my pussy beginning to moisten.

Geoffrey finishes and notices me lying on the bed watching him and, more specifically, notices the hardened peaks of my breasts. My breasts may not be quite as perky as on our first Hanukkah but my husband has never lost his charming obsession with them. He climbs into bed next to me and lightly pinches both nipples, making me moan quietly.

“Rach, how about a dry run before Hanukkah officially begins?” he asks hopefully. The lust in his eyes and hardness on my hip tell me that I’m not the only one for whom menorahs and dreidels are an aphrodisiac.

I giggle and kiss along his neck. “A little late for a dry run, I’m afraid,” I reply.

Geoffrey’s eyes light up and his hands begin to roam, teasing me further. His hand slides up my skirt and he trails his fingers along the edge of my panties before slipping between my pussy lips.

“Mmm, Rachel,” Geoffrey breathes into my ear, his voice thick with longing. As his fingers continue their expert ministrations, I reach down to stroke his cock through the thin material of his pants. I smile to myself with the knowledge that Geoffrey will soon be inside me and that our love for each other will never fade.

I’m not sure if this holiday tradition is responsible for our year-round sexually active life. I do know though, tradition or not, I could not have found a man better suited for me. My eyes glaze over as Geoffrey’s cock slides inside my aching pussy. For now nothing matters but he and I and the most precious holiday present we give each other – love.

This is the end of this series of stories. I’ve so enjoyed writing about Geoffrey and Rachel, and I hope you enjoyed them too. Another huge thank you to RAB for all his tireless effort and comma re-adjustment. I’d love any feedback readers would like to send, and I would most especially appreciate voting!

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