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What a long day! I am so glad this week is over. Hannah placed the pen she was holding down on the yellow legal pad that lay on her desk. She straightened the pad so that it laid directly center on the desk blotter and then she twisted the pen so that it was perpendicular to the blue lines on the pad. It was a gesture she did every Friday afternoon. Like her mother, who used to spend hours cleaning the house for Shabbos, Hannah could not leave her office with even a hint of disorder at the end of the week.

She switched off the computer on the small desk behind her, threw some papers into her briefcase, snapped it shut and turned out the lights before exiting.

“Good night Miss Levitz,” The custodian said. His large dust mop was already filled with an unbelievable amount of detritus from the school day.

“Good night, Brian,” Hannah said, “Gut Shabbos.”

“The same to you.” He returned to his sweeping.

Hannah stepped out of the door into bright spring day. In the playground near the parking lot she saw many of the children who were her charges enjoying the extra daylight before they had to be home for their own Shabbos dinners. She smiled at their innocent joy.

If only I could feel that way again. It would be so nice to play with such abandon again.

Once in the car, she punched the hands-free feature on her cell phone and waited for the speed dial to connect her with Larry.

“Hi, hon. It’s me. I’m leaving work now. I should be home in about 40 minutes. When will you be over?”

“I’m done here at 5:30. I could be there at 7:15 or so.”

“That’s cutting it awful close to sunset. Try to make it a little earlier if you can,” Hannah said.

“A few minutes won’t matter one way or another.” She could hear a slight irritation in his voice. Since she had started dating Larry, there had been little tiny clashes like this. Larry did not always appreciate her affection for the traditions of her faith.

When are we going to find the balance that would allow us to move on with their relationship? She had two sets of dishes, kept kosher and was a regular temple attendee. At first, Larry seemed to like this about her. He found it “quaint”. Lately though he seemed to lose patience with her noodging him about which plate or cup to use when he came over, or how he would tease her about her “frumie” work clothes. They had been dating for just a month now. She liked him but was discomforted by his apparent disregard for her feelings on these subjects.

Larry viewed his Jewish ness as a simple matter of birth. He grew up in a secularized family in the northern suburbs. He hadn’t even been made a bar mitzvah, though in an early incarnation his first band had played at many of them. Now in his 50’s he was teaching music at a public high school and playing in clubs on weekends. Hannah presented a new and exotic world to him and though intrigued, he found some of her “little Yiddishisms,” as he called them, annoying.

Hannah sighed as she turned her Toyota on to the Interstate. She met Larry while out with a couple of girlfriends. Sylvia, her best friend had convinced her that they all needed a “Sex in the City” girl’s night out. It was during Purim and her school had been a madhouse of costumes and gaiety and noise. Exhausting as it was, Hannah was itching to have some fun of her own. Divorced now for nearly 10 (was it really that long?) years, the balance between work, recreation and of course, dating had swung to the negative. A night out was just what she needed. Hannah dressed in a blue satin button down blouse that was tailored to show her cleavage, nicely cut, low riding black silk pants and her only pair of Jimmy Choos (a “birthday gift” acquired from her mother’s closet). The club they went to was noisy and fun and had the advantage of having a live band. Hannah always preferred live music.

Larry was in the band.

He looked good standing behind his array of keyboards. She also thought that his back up vocals were every bit as lyrical as the guitar/lead singer who fronted the group. Larry was about 5’9″, brown hair and nicely shaped beard which was flecked with grey. He wore black wire framed glasses and he had a delightful smile which he showed when Hannah caught his eye during one of the group’s forays onto the dance floor. On the way back to the table Sylvia teased her.

“Hannah’s got her flirt on!”

“Oh stop it Syl.” Regardless, she blushed.

“Well why not, girl friend, he’s cute and you’re free.”

“Uh, huh and you would love it if I hooked up and left you and Miri here by yourselves,” Hannah said.

“Don’t use me to as an excuse darling,” Miri retorted. “I know how to call a cab if I want one. I also don’t have any qualms about us ending our girl’s night early if some lusty fun is involved.”

“You slut,” Hannah joked.

“That’s right, and it wouldn’t hurt for some of my sluttiness to rub off on you. Dear. When was the last time you got laid?”

“None of your damn business, Miriam,” Hannah didn’t like kartal escort the direction of this banter.

“Knock it off you too,” said Sylvia. “No one is going home yet, alone or otherwise.” She finished her drink and stood up. “I’m for the ladies. Either of you coming?”

“I’ll go,” said Miriam. “Hannah?”

The music stopped.

“Uh, no, I’m fine. Go ahead.”

One of the reasons Hannah preferred live music was the fact that the band would eventually take a break. At clubs with DJ’s and wall to wall sound, there was never a place or time to just talk to someone. Maybe that’s the point nowadays. Too bad, Hannah liked to chat and flirt. At least here she had a chance. Even though the club filled the time with some canned pop, it was at a volume level that allowed for some conversation.

The keyboard player headed straight for her table. He looked good. Not exactly trim but definitely nicely proportioned. He wore black corduroy slacks and a designer Italian pullover sweater in blacks, reds and flecks of white.

Hannah felt a tingle in her loins

“Hi, where did your friends go?” He asked.

Hannah casually picked up her drink and sipped at it. “Where else do women go in two’s and threes,” she said with a pert smile that grasped invitingly on the straw of the drink once again. Her eyes lit up. Yes, dear Sylvia, Hannah has her flirt on.

Larry laughed and then the next ten minutes flew by. When the other women returned, Larry excused himself and wandered back to the bandstand but not without a look back and a flash of that wonderful smile. The “oohs and ahhs” of her friends brought a satisfying flush to Hannah’s cheeks.

The rest of the night was more fun than she expected. Larry returned to the table at each break. He hit it off nicely with Miri and Sylvia. At the end of the evening numbers were exchanged. Miracle of miracles, he called and an actual date followed. There was one after that and one after that. It was after this third date that they had sex, at his place. Hannah now found herself to be half of a budding couple for the first time in months. She liked the feeling.

So why does his teasing and offhand matter about things “Jewish” bother me?

Just then she was confronted with a series of flashing brake lights as the traffic came to a complete halt on the Interstate.

What now?

She fiddled with the tuning of the radio to find the local all news channel. After about three minutes the traffic report came on and informed her that a tractor trailer had overturned two exits up and the delay would be extensive.

Damn, now I won’t have time to change before dinner.

She was planning to treat Larry to their first Shabbos meal together. All week she had shopped and prepared. She wanted to show Larry how special it could be for them on Shabbos. Most of the meal was ready and just needed to be micro waved or warmed in the oven. She would go home, get everything heated up, set the table and then change into something delightfully extravagant and sexy.

Despite her staid work wardrobe of ankle length skirts, heavy black tights and long sleeved blouses, Hannah was not a “frumie” woman. She had a wonderful sense of fashion that was indulged in by her mother. Her closets had a fair share of designer dresses and suits and her drawers overflowed with the most elegant lingerie she could manage. In fact sexy undies was a particularly favorite indulgence of hers, one that Larry had only got a hint of on their first night of sex. But work was work and the dress code though not written was strict, especially for women. Hannah’s fashion sense allowed her to find just the right conservative look without being frumpy. Still she could do better than what she was wearing for Larry.

If I can only get home in time!

Hannah was planning on this Shabbos meal to be the beginning of full weekend of seduction whereby Larry would learn the full possibility of what their domestic life could be.

He’ll see me light the candles in a nice Cassini ensemble of ivory silk. I will serve him the best home cooked meal he has ever had and then for dessert he can unwrap me, piece by satin piece; that luscious pink Aubade ensemble with the garter belt and red stockings. Oooh, he’s sure to like seeing me in that.

Her reverie was interrupted by a horn honking behind her. A gap in the traffic opened and she shot into it. After another frustrating 15 minutes she was able to exit the highway. It was not here usual route home but at least she was moving.

I’ll still have time to get the dinner ready. Oh well…

Impatiently, Hannah wended her way through the side and backstreets that led her home. Once inside, she wasted little time. She pulled the kugel from the refrigerator and popped it into upper oven to warm slowly. The brisket was set on the counter to come to room temperature before it being warmed in the lower oven. Meanwhile, Hannah began putting the vegetables in a pot with some water and olive oil to boil. maltepe escort bayan

If he’s going to be late like he said, I may still have some time to change.

She began to move with more determination. While the food was heating, she set the table with her best meat dishes. She placed the silver candle sticks given to her by her Bubbe at the end of the table opposite from where she and Larry would sit. Rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer, she extracted two Shabbos candles and placed them in the holders. She then turned her attention to opening the wine, nice kosher pinot she found in a shop down near her school. She pulled the cork and set it near the wine glasses to breathe. It was at that moment the door bell rang.

He’s early after all. Damn!

She wiped her hands and answered the door. Larry stood there with a bouquet of daisies.

And that smile.

Moisture accumulated at the juncture between Hannah’s legs. Larry handed her the flowers.

“I wasn’t sure if daisies are kosher. Will they be okay,” he asked?

She playfully slapped his shoulder. “Just fine. Come on in,” and she kissed his cheek.

Sometimes he’s just so cute.

“Come into the kitchen, I got home late and am still cooking. I’m sorry I’m not changed,” she said.

“You look great, as always,” Larry replied.

“Yeah, sure, Still in my ‘frumie’ clothes and with an apron over them to boot. I must look like my Bubbe.”

“Well, I never met the woman but if she looks like you, she is damn sexy.”

“Cute, flattery will get you everywhere. Now hand me that casserole.”

Oy! Did I really say that?

Hannah busied herself with dishing out the vegetables, directing Larry to put them on the table.

“How about if I pour the wine,” he said from the dining room.

“No, wait a bit. Everything will be ready in about 10 more minutes. Go watch TV or something until I call you.”

Quickly Hannah took off the apron and ducked into the small bathroom off the kitchen and checked herself in the mirror.

Makeup’s okay at least.

She picked up a brush and played with her hair until she was satisfied it was a good as it could be. She winced as she saw her dull office outfit.

Maybe I can figure a way to change into “something more comfortable” after dinner. I just don’t want to be so obvious.

She heard the timer for the meat ding.


Hannah returned to the kitchen and finished her preparations. Finally, she took the challah she had bought that afternoon during her lunch period and placed it on a cutting board. Picking up a bread knife she called to Larry that everything was ready.

“Everything looks wonderful,” Larry said. “Shall I pour the wine now?”

“No, not yet. Did you wash your hands?”

“Uh, no.”

“Go wash your hands. You can use the sink in the bathroom off the kitchen.”

Larry rolled his eyes then caught a strange look from Hannah.

“Okay.” He walked off to the bathroom.

Meanwhile Hannah took a shawl from the sideboard. It too had been her grandmothers. She draped it over her head and around her shoulders. Larry returned.

“Stand there,” she said, indicating the far end of the table. She went to the other end and proceeded to light the candles. Larry watched as she motioned with her arms then covered her eyes, all the time murmuring something he couldn’t quite make out. When she finished, she looked up and smiled.

“Would you cut the challah,” she asked.

“What do I do?” He nervously picked up the knife.

She guided him through the blessing.

“Now cut the bread, silly.”

He did.

Thirty minutes later, the first bottle of wine was gone and the second bottle was half empty. Larry pushed his seat back from the table.

He said, “That was a great meal? Tell me the truth now; you have a whole staff of servants secreted away in your basement to prepare luscious banquets like this.”

“Don’t be such a smartass or you won’t be invited back. Mama and Bubbe taught me plenty. I just haven’t had much reason to indulge in large meals these last few years. There seemed little point without someone to share them.” She rose and began to clear the dishes. “Ready for dessert?

Larry smiled. “You know it. I’ve been ready since I walked in the door.” He rose from his seat and embraced her from behind.

He smells good.

“Larry, stop or I’ll drop the dishes.”

“Put them down,” he said. “We’ll do them later…together.”


He had taken the plates from her hands, turned her around and kissed her, a moist, hard, insistent kiss. She enjoyed it, relaxed in his arms and returned his attentions. His hands went to her blouse and suddenly she remembered how she was dressed.

“Uh, no Lar. Wait a bit. I wanted to change before you got here. Give me some time to go upstairs and…”

“No way. I’ve been thinking about you all day and I am tired of waiting. I want you now.” He gave her escort pendik a playful slap on her skirt covered ass and went back to unbuttoning her blouse.


“No Buts Hannah,” He had opened her blouse to reveal her basic “frumie” camisole of beige nylon under which the satin straps of an equally beige bra were visible. Larry smiled at her as his hands drifted to her shoulders and lifted the cami straps up slightly and then let them drop down her arms. The linen garment dropped and bunched at her waist. He then cupped the bra encased breasts and stroked gently. The cups were thin nylon and when he grazed his palms over them her nipples rose and tented the fabric. This brought another smile to his face and a short murmured “ooh” from Hannah.

“Larry, give me a few minutes then meet me in the bedroom. Please.”

He put his finger to her lips and shushed her. Then he led her out of the dining room into the living room area.

“Stand there,” he said, indicating the exact middle of the living room floor. He then walked around her as if inspecting her. Hannah shivered and turned very red, right down to the tops of her ample breasts. She did not move however and she could feel the spot between her legs grow very wet. She stood very still.

Larry stroked her as he circled. First a shoulder, then a finger on her lower back. More caresses of her breasts. At one point he hefted the left one in his hand like he was accessing the ripeness of a melon. Obviously this one met his approval. He leaned in from behind her and nipped at the base of her neck. He was rewarded with a delightful little “yip” from her. Finding the zipper on the side of her skirt, he knelt down and took it between his teeth and began to lower it. It was not as easy as he thought it would be. Hannah giggled at his effort. He persisted though and soon the skirt slid down to form a puddle at Hannah’s feet. That was when they were revealed.

“What are those,” Larry exclaimed?

Hannah stood nearly naked in her bra, her camisole bunched at her waist and a pair of shiny, black nylon panties. No, they weren’t panties; they were like old fashioned pantaloons. The legs of the garment reached to just below Hannah’s knee. One might have mistaken it for a black half-slip had it not been for the split between her legs. In fact excluding the thin sexy material and hints of lace at the leg holes, one could imagine this garment as part of a basketball uniform. Larry almost laughed but then he saw the hurt in Hannah’s eyes.

“I asked you to go let me change. I didn’t want you to see me in my frumie undergarments. I have a special set of lingerie all picked out for you.” Hannah turned to go up stairs. “Let me go put…”


It was the most commanding tone of voice she had ever heard from him. It stopped her cold.

“No, please,” he said, this time more softly. “I, uh, I just never saw anything like them before.”

“I only wear them for work. The dress code is rigid and these cover me, feel good under both my pants and heavy wool skirts. They’re just every day wear.” Hannah was beginning to babble.

“It’s okay. In fact I think they’re kind of …different…sexy. Yes, they are most definitely sexy.” Larry began unbuttoning his shirt as he stepped toward her. He smiled, and then she smiled. Both smiles were wicked!

Hannah had forgotten for a moment that she was almost naked. She grabbed for his belt and began to frantically aid him in getting to an equal state. Larry had started kissing her again at the same time grappling with her bras straps, unhooking the garment and freeing her breasts. The cold air and the weighty drop of her 38 C boobs caused her nipples to harden once again. This time to hard brown buds ripe for sucking.

Larry sucked.

He also licked and nipped and swirled his tongue at amazing speed, first on the right one, the most sensitive and then on the left one, the ticklish one. Hannah giggled when she felt his mouth touch her.

She had gotten his belt undone and pulled his shirt from the waist band of his pants. Feeling very playful now, she grabbed the folds and pulled hard, popping the few remaining buttons. Larry laughed and allowed her to pull the garment off and fling it across the room. He had not imagined Hannah acting with such abandon.

His pants dropped to the floor with a thud and he managed to step out of them and his shoes without relinquishing his mouth hold on her breasts. His cock was tenting his boxer briefs and Hannah was fumbling with the waist band to free the restrained prisoner.

“Ah, here he comes,” she squealed. “Have you missed, Mommy?”

Who is that person? What am I saying?

Larry picked Hannah up and carried her to the couch. Placing her there he positioned her as one might a doll. She was left sitting upright, spread and the black nylon of the pantaloon garment stretched tight across her crotch. A dark spot about the size of a quarter had already formed there and the scent of sex was now obvious.

Larry knelt before her and pulled her down closer to him. He leaned in and she could hear him inhale her scent before his tongue creased the nylon where it covered her slit. The material was just thin enough to allow her to feel the pressure as his tongue met her clit.

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