Handsome Goes to College Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like this story. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.


My Gemini Adventures

The first semester was progressing nicely enough for me. The most significant differences between High School and college were: a) in college the teachers told you what the assignments were to study and it was up to you whether you did so or not. And b) you were on your own. Parents, or in my case, my mother, was at home.

I lived in an apartment, or dorm on campus. My sophomore year I would be permitted to live off-campus. I expected that to be an improvement, but it really didn’t matter. I had all the freedom I needed.

As I mentioned earlier, football took up a good deal of my time. Practice seemed to dominate my life until the season started, then as the third string quarterback, I scrimmaged almost daily and traveled with the team for the away games, but that was about it. I had always been a good, conscientious student and my grades remained in the realm of A to A+.

A week after deflowering Frannie and making another good friend in Jenny, Jenny called to invite me to a dance her fraternity was having off-campus that Saturday night.

“I’ve been talking to the girls here and they’re dying to meet you, Aubrey. Please say you’ll come.”

“Can I count on you for a blowjob?”

“Eewwe! You’re sooo fresh!”


“I guess so. But what if one of the other girls wants to service you that way?”

“Maybe I’ll make her fight you for the privilege.”

We laughed together, and she said, “You are sooo nasty!”

“Maybe, but you have to admit I can make a girl cum, can’t I?”

There was a pause on the line then Jenny admitted that I was certainly very capable in that department. I agreed to come to their dance and she provided the address and directions. I wasn’t asked to bring any other guys, and that was fine with me.

“I should warn you that if I get into the game I might be banged up and unable to, um, how can I put it delicately? I guess perform is the word I want.”

“You’ll be able to perform. We’ll see to that,” Jenny giggled. I heard other girls giggling and laughing in the background, but didn’t say anything.

“So Saturday night then. I’ll see you then, Jenny.”

“Oh, you made me sooo horny, Aubrey!”

“Grab your vibrator and play with yourself.”

“You are sooo nasty!”

She seemed to say that every other sentence, so I added, “Or have one of your fraternity girls do it for you.” That did it. I heard several girls shriek with delight and I hung up while I was ahead.


Saturday afternoon both the starting QB and his backup suffered injuries that took them out of the game with the Memphis Tigers. I ran onto the field late in the third quarter trailing 28 to 0.

I got lucky on the first play from scrimmage when the Memphis defensive end hit me after I’d released a hopeless pass. That gave us a first down at mid-field. I ran two running plays for eight yards and hit the tight-end for the first down. We were on their 41 yard line, and feeling lucky, I ignored the coaches’ call for an off-tackle run and passed, hitting the wide-receiver for a thirty yard gain.

It was now first and ten from the eleven. What could they do to me for disobeying? Put the injured quarterback back in the game? There was no fourth string that I knew off.

I tried two running plays that only netted us three yards. They called on me to pass. I would have if anyone had been open in the short time frame available. Seeing no one, in desperation, I tucked the ball under my arm and hit the small hole that opened in front of me. The tight-end came from nowhere and decked the outside linebacker. That was all I needed and I burst past the middle-linebacker and left-corner to score the touchdown.

Hot damn, my name would be in the local paper tomorrow!

That was all I accomplished for the remainder of the game. Memphis shut us down and scored another 19 points on four field goals and a late touchdown.

Coach Currey seemed satisfied with my performance, giving me a swat on the ass as I came off the field for the last time. He even knew my name. My ribs hurt from being sacked twice and tackled on the only other time I ran the ball.

But I showered and shaved, went back to my room and dressed for the dance with a blue button down shirt and tie, grey slacks and the standard dark blue blazer.

The dance was typical. Since it was no problem to get served at these events, the guys were in the bar drinking beer and the girls were by the dance floor.

Jenny must have been waiting for me, and quickly introduced four other girls whose names I quickly forgot, except for one, a blonde named, Julie. She had a great figure and a confidence that I hadn’t encountered since Hayley back in high school.

Six girls were out on the dance floor, dancing with each other. I asked Julie to dance and she quickly accepted. I was trained in kartal escort various forms of dance, including ballet. At the moment, an old Glenn Miller lindy, In the Mood, was playing and I spun Julie around while the other dancers stopped to watch.

I kept it simple, not knowing how proficient my partner was. I should have known better, it turned out that Julie had had even more dance experience than me, and as soon I realized it, we added to our movements, imitating Fred and Ginger, finishing the number to great applause.

We remained on the dance floor for the next number, a slow ballad. I kept my hand low on her waist, enjoying the feel of her buttocks moving to the music.

Halfway through the number she pressed her groin into mine looking for signs of my excited state. I didn’t disappoint her, poking back at her from the moment she made contact.

“I like the way you dance,” she whispered.

“I like the way you look and feel,” I countered. That got me a low laugh and firmer thrust of her pelvis into mine.

“They’ll be telling us to get a room,” Julie laughed again.

“We can do that,” I replied. She made no answer, but remained close as the number ended and we made our way off the floor to her table, where I was invited to join the other girls.

I made sure to sit next to Julie, with Jenny sitting on my other side. Sitting next to Jenny was a guy named Eric and after a few beers, we got to talking about pickup lines.

Eric: “You know guys are caught up in the folklore of the pickup line. I mean, they think they can magically trigger the female mating response if they’re armed with the perfect routines.”

Me: “I know, that type of gamesmanship usually backfires and they’re are left feeling anxious over what ought to be a perfectly natural thing. They start to freeze up in the presence of women.”

Julie: “Wow, you guys are deep!” I didn’t know if she was serious or putting us on.

Eric: “Hey, women are just as interested in being approached as men are in approaching them.

Julie: “That’s right! We are, aren’t we, Jen?”

Jenny: I guess so.” I realized that Jenny was somewhat intimidated by the turn of this conversation. I knew she liked me, we had fucked after all, but did she have a thing for Eric too?

Me: “And girls are just as full of shit as most guys are. You start talking to them and it doesn’t matter if they like you or not, they’ll give you a fake name, a phoney number, or tell you they’re lesbians…”

Eric: “But at the same time you might get asked to dance, or actually meet the girl you’ll marry.”

Julie: Right! That’s right!

Me: “I say, take it a step further. Stop worrying about what you’re going to get out of each encounter with the opposite sex and learn to enjoy the encounter itself.

Eric: “I took a Dale Carnegie course once. He discovered a secret; a key to getting what you want out of relationships. Do you know what the secret is? Well, I’ll tell you. Take a genuine interest in people. People want to be appreciated every bit as much as you do, and for the same reasons. Even hot babes feel this way.

Julie: “He’s so right!”

If Julie hadn’t had a great pair of tits, and a knockout ass along with her good looks, I’d probably have said something that would have really pissed her off. But her sexy charms over rode my inclination to chase her off. And that would prove rewarding in the end. Maybe Eric had something after all.

Jenny: It’s funny how often we all forget the basics. Talking is as easy as opening your mouth and letting words tumble out; listening as easy as shutting up long enough for someone else to get a word in. Try it some time, open your mouth and say something; shut up and listen and then respond. Do it often enough and you might even get good at it.”

Eric: That was fucking profound.”

Julie: And you’re profane!” That said, she stood up and made to leave.

I jumped up, gave Eric a withering glance, and quickly followed Julie out the door with Jenny and Eric trailing. I caught up with Julie and went into my usual speil, and calmed her down.

In a few minutes I had her backed up against a short wall, kissing her and eliciting a hot response from her. I had her stradling my right leg, which was bent at the knee. One might say she was fucking my leg, some might say she was only doing it to keep me pinnioned to the spot. HA! You can guess what I thought.

Eric and Jenny were only a few feet away, making out. I thought she had his dick in her hand, but couldn’t be sure in the dim lighting. Eventually we decided to take it indoors and followed Jenny and Eric over to his place.

I was surprised in that as soon as we entered his place, which wasn’t all that bad, and in general, clean, we followed Jenny’s lead and removed all our clothing. The four of us sat naked on the couch, playing touchie feelie and kissing inapropriate body parts just to get the others to cry out in shock.

After a time we gave it up and Julie and I sat on the right side of the maltepe escort bayan couch with her jerking me off, while Jenny had her face buried in Eric’s lap, slowly sucking him off.

Eric was leaning back against the armrest, his right arm extended over the back of the couch, his head bent down, looking down at Jenny’s head servicing his fat cock; watching her lips slide over his cock-eyed cock head. Yeah, I should mention it. Eric’s dick was bent at almost a 45 degree angle. He told us girls said he reached parts no one else had.

The next day I looked Jenny up and asked her if it were true. “He was a decent lay,” she remarked, “that’s all, a decent lay.”

Meanwhile Julie continued masturbating me while I played with her full, hanging breasts. She looked at me as if to gauge my reaction to her body, and then said, “They embarrass me.”

“But I like them,” I say.

“You do?”

“Yes, I do. They are so malleable!”

“You think?”

“Yes, I do.”

“My sister says it’s a curse, and that they’ll be hanging down to our waist when we’re forty.”

“Wait a minute. You have a sister whose tits are like yours?”

“Yes, silly. I’m a twin!”

Jenny chose that moment to end her blow job and straddled Eric’s lap while inserting him into her twat.

“Let’s fuck, Julie,” I said to disguise my surprise at finding there was another one just like her at home.

“Okay,” she chirped and turned to her head lay on the arm of the couch. I knelt between her legs with my heels pressed against Jenny’s thigh. I fingered Julie for a short time, but she was pretty wet and I didn’t wait too long before I slammed it home. I took it nice and easy, even had her holding her tits up for me to suck as we went at it. Behind me, Jenny was grunting with regularity as Eric pumped crazily while basically lying on his back.

One reason I think Jenny was sort of blasé about him was that he came and I kept going and going. I was in no particular rush, and asked several questions about Julia’s twin.

Her name was Jane. Julia was older by three minutes. They had lost their virginity the same night in the backseat; well Julie was in the back, Jane up front, to two guys named Nick and Brad respectively. They never saw either guy after that night, but they decided they liked fucking, and had been at it regularly ever since.

She had no compunction in telling me I was the thirty-second guy to fuck her. “You’re a delightful little slut, you know?” I said as I began to pick up my pace.

“You’re a good fuck too. I’ve cum twice already and getting ready to do it again. You’re not gonna cum right yet, are you?”

“No, ma’am, I’ll wait for you.”

“Goodie! I think Jane would like to do you. Wanna meet her?”


“Lordy no! She’s probably full of cum by now.”

“You know this… how?”

“She told me she couldn’t come to the dance because she’d made this … arrangement with some guys for a gangbang. She loves gangbangs.”

“And you, do you love them too?”

“They’re all right, but I’d stick with two guys if I had my druthers.”

I decided to press her a little. “Ever make a movie or video?”

“No, but only because they guys never had the stuff.”

“You mean the equipment?”

“Yeah, didn’t I say that?”

“Not exactly,” I whispered in her ear, “Are you and Janie identical twins?”

“Oh, don’t ever call her Janie. That really pisses her off. Yes, we’re identical twins, ain’t that cool?”

“I have the equipment …”

“You sure have!”

“No, I meant I have the video equipment to make a movie.”

“Wow, that’s super cool!”

“You think Janie … I mean, Jane would be interested?”

“For sure! How many guys?”

“I don’t know yet. Do you two do girls as well?”

“Um, maybe. It would depend on the girls.”

“How about anal?”

“Jane loves it. She walks around with a butt plug in her ass half the time.”

“I’m getting ready to cum, Julie!”

“Super! Let me have it!”

I did, and she joined me and came hard. When I pulled out, Jenny dropped her face into my lap and cleaned my dick off. I thought that was nice of her. When she finished with me, I asked her to play with Julie’s tits. She was glad to do it and Julie didn’t seem to mind.

I drove Julie home, (did I mention she and her sister were high school seniors?) and in her driveway we made out for twenty minutes or so. Finally I had to ask, “You think your sister is home yet?”

“What time is it?”

“About one-thirty.”

“She’ll be here any minute. She’s very punctual. So am I.”

“Get your periods the same day?”

“You’re so funny,” she giggled and didn’t bother to answer me. Before I could ask again, a car pulled up behind me.

“That her?”

“Yeah, that’s my Jane,” she said, and jumped out of my car to call to her sister. “Jane, come on over, there’s someone you gotta meet!”

Jane said goodnight to the two guys in the car, and a moment later they roared off. The sisters escort pendik chatted briefly, and I could swear I heard one of them, I suspect it was Jane, but they really were identical twins, say, “But keep it quick, my cunt’s already leaking cum.”

They skipped back to my car and I got out to meet Jane. “Hi, you must be the twin Julie can’t stop talking about.”

“And I’ve already heard about you, Mr. Orgasm Maker!”

I bowed to her, and she giggled. Her giggle was distinctly different from her sister’s.

“Have a good little orgy, Jane?” I asked, not wanting to beat around any old bush. She tried to shock me, saying, “I did, you know, a little sucking, a little humping and a little take it up the old ass.”

“How was it up the ass?” I asked. To my surprise, she shot right back, “”It felt okay. But, afterwards I felt as if I had to shit continuously. But, all in all, I enjoyed it. But, I’d rather do something else!”

“I really enjoyed being sucked, myself,” I replied.

She glanced at the house, no lights were evident. “If you can get it up, get back in the car and we’ll see what we can do for you.”

“Julie?” I said, hoping there were no petty jealousies between them.

There weren’t. She went down on me in the front seat. I hoped neither of us honked the damn horn. It had happened to a friend of mine and I didn’t want a repeat performance with both parents running out and keeping me there until the police came.

I watched her blonde silhouetted head as she give me a first-class blow job. Then Julie pushed her aside and her sluttish mouth tugged enthusiastically at my knob. They seemed to have a routine worked out, and I made a mental note to have them perform again when we were filming. It would be a sensation.

I closed my eyes and listened to the crickets, to the slurping of both sets of hot velvet lips as they munched away on my pride and joy. I came, and to my surprise, saw Jane spit my ejaculate into the palm of her hand.

“You don’t swallow?”

“Oh, yeah … usually, but its Sunday morning, we’ve got church in the morning.”

“You’re Catholic?”

“Lutheran and we’re very serious about church and Sunday school.”

“We teach the kiddies,” Julie all but sang out.

“Well, I want to tell you, you two give great head. Julie will tell you about a proposition I have for both of you. I think you’ll find it interesting. Maybe you can mull it over in church tomorrow. I mean this, morning.”

“We will!” Julie sang out. But we better get out little asses inside before Poppa comes out with his shotgun.

“Um, one last thing, just how old are you two?”

“We turned eighteen last week, isn’t that nice for you?”

“You have a good night now. Julie, you have my number, don’t lose it. I want to see the two of you again. I’m not bullshitting you. Call me!”

My New Best Friend

The twins called me two days later, wanting very much to get together again. I knew they’d said they had turned eighteen the week before, but I needed proof that I could show the authorities should it come to that. I called them and asked that they bring proof such as a driver’s license they next time we met, and they quickly agreed. That night my aunt called me telling me she’d sent me a plane ticket to attend her wedding. I would be gone a week or more.

“You don’t want us!” the twins howled in tandem after showing me their almost identical driver’s licenses.

“That’s nonsense!” I replied sounding wounded. “I want the both of you, repeatedly and then some!”

That seemed to perk them up. “Really?” One of them said, and I assured her I meant what I said. “I want to film the two of you with me,” I said, hoping they would rise to the bait.

“Really, you want us in a ménage a trois?”

“I certainly do. Maybe I’ll have some other college guys drop by.”

“A gang bang, you want to tape us being gang banged?”

“Why not?”

“When, when, when?” they shouted in sync.

“How about Wednesday?” That was the day after I’d be back from the wedding.

“Perfect!” they agreed together. And we left it like that. Now all I had to do was to find a camera and a cameraman. But fate was about to step in and lend a helping hand.


It was a typical Friday night beer party with plenty of girls to go around. I had a pert blonde named Cheyenne sitting on my lap kissing me off and on while I nursed my beer.

She appealed to me mainly because she was dressed in the famous Mick Jagger long tongued T-shirt and a pair of baggy overalls.

But I realized that I was more interested in this tall, lean guy whose name I later learned was Dan DeLeon or Dandy to most people, conversing with two girls that I had admired earlier but had not met.

It was the ease with which he commanded their rapt attention and persuaded them to follow him upstairs that caused me to give him a five minute head start before taking Cheyenne by the hand, and telling her we were going to be using the bathroom upstairs for a while. Here again, I took it for granted that Cheyenne would come with me.

When we reached the top of the landing I paused to listen. I heard the muffled sounds that I expected to hear coming from the second bedroom, which happened to be directly across the hall from the bathroom.

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